tagNovels and NovellasAnarchy of the Heart Pt. 06

Anarchy of the Heart Pt. 06


Leo woke slowly the next morning, fending off odd dreams that were mostly vague blends of his lust and fear, memories of his recent experiences and even a few glimpses that he suspected were past girlfriends, before Caitlyn.

One brief strand had Caitlyn crying and telling him she couldn't marry him any more, but even while having them, he knew they were dreams.

Nevertheless, by the time he did open his eyes fully, the bright sunlight was flooding through thin curtains that were clearly inadequate for the job, and Leo felt a little confused.

For a moment, he couldn't quite tell what had been dreams and what had been reality in his recent memory.

Had he really slept with a blonde girl last night?

The bed was empty as he pulled himself up, still feeling half asleep. Caitlyn had obviously gotten up early again with the sunrise, while he was keeping to East Coast time.

He wandered into the bathroom to relieve himself, and then caught the whiff of fresh coffee from the kitchen, and now felt a craving for a cup. But as he was finishing up washing his hands, he noticed some toiletries by the sink that he did not recognize as Caitlyn's.

Spanish products, not American.

His heart turned over inside his chest and began heating up. Sofia. He really had slept with the beautiful French girl last night. And Caitlyn had been down in a hotel on the seafront, sleeping with a Spanish guy named Marco.


What a bizarre turn their vacation had taken.

Leo went back to the bedroom and found a pair of swim trunks and a t-shirt to put on. His iPhone said 11:05, and looking at it reminded him of his promise to call Caitlyn. Was she going to be pissed that he'd left it so late to call her?

He dialed the number, a little nervous as the other end of the line started ringing.

"Hey!" he turned to find Sofia, a radiant picture of beauty wandering in with a fresh cup of coffee for him. She was wearing her bra and panties from the previous day as though it were a bathing suit.

"You're a lifesaver," he said, taking the hot cup from her.

She smiled. "You sleep late, like Marco. I thought maybe like him, you need something to pick you up when you do wake."

He gave the French girl a grateful look as the sound of his fiancée now came through the phone.

"Caitlyn, hi, it's me - checking in," he said, watching Sofia sashay down the corridor and out to offer their neighbors the dazzling sight of her in her underwear.

"Hey, sweetie! Wake up late again?"

"Yeah. I guess I'm still on Eastern Standard Time."

"I think Marco's on Pacific. He's still crashed out. I got up at six again with the sun."

"Funny - I'm not sure jet-lag's supposed to work that way. What you been up to?"

"Oh you know, this and that. I took a walk along the promenade, had some breakfast at a little place down the street. Just relaxing, really."

Leo felt his heart jump a beat as his next question even began forming in his mind.

He said, trying to keep his voice sounding light and airy: "So how did it go last night with you guys?"

"Oh, we had a really nice time..." Caitlyn said, but seemed reluctant to share details. Perhaps she was concerned about how he might feel now, by the cold light of the sober morning. "How about you? I bet you had a great time with Sofia?"

"I did," he said. Now he was a little worried that this sudden awkwardness between them on the phone might mean Caitlyn was having second thoughts. He probed a little further: "I guess we just took things kinda slow..."

"You always did take things kinda slow, Sweetie," she said. "But I always did love that about you. I bet she loved it too."

"I think she had a good time," he said.

"Don't you think she's beautiful?"

"She is beautiful."

"Marco definitely isn't the kind of guy to take things slowly," his fiancée said, and he felt the tension in her voice melting a little, which actually came as some relief.

"It sounded as though he was ready to mount you as soon as I put the phone down," Leo said with a slight chuckle in his voice.

"I guess he kind of did..." Caitlyn said now, a touch warily.

Having so recently come from a firm background in monogamy, with the idea of Caitlyn being with someone else causing such a strong mix of emotions, it now felt a little peculiar to have this compulsion to reassure her that it was okay to sleep with Marco, acceptable to fuck someone else.

But Leo knew if it was one thing that depressed his fiancée, it was the idea that she'd made a wrong decision. If there was one thing that depressed Leo, it was when Caitlyn was upset.

"Did it feel good?" he asked. "Was it weird being with someone else after all this time with me?"

His casual-sounding questions appeared to set her at ease a little. "It was good," she said. "Definitely weird. It was... different. I guess it was pretty exciting, just being different."

"Bound to be."

"And Marco... well, he's just like a big sex toy really," she even giggled a little.

Leo laughed too at that. "I don't know whether he'd take that as a complement or not."

"I don't mean it in a bad way!" she insisted. "It's just... you know, you can kind of switch him on at the touch of a button, and then he's just all energy, right up until you switch him off again."

"I think I can understand what you mean..."

"But there's no... there's no build-up like there is with you. You know, the playing around, the touching, the kissing. So it's different, that's all."

"You like it that way?"

"I think I do for a vacation fling, you know? It still leaves me craving you," she said. "But I love a good hard seeing to sometimes, and Marco is definitely great for that."

She was suddenly silent a moment, as though she was suddenly afraid she'd gone too far, that she'd offended him.



"What are you thinking... when I'm with Marco? How do you feel... knowing what he's doing with me? Honestly?"

Leo took a deep breath. "Honestly," he said, trying to be calm, "I think of you with him, with someone else, and... I guess it is actually quite a turn-on."

"It is?"

"It's hard for me to explain..." he said, and he could almost feel the gears cranking up in his head. "I think I was wrong before when I said I had no fear - it's definitely there, but I know there's nothing to it. It's just instinct or something like that."

"Right, I think I get that."

"But I think how beautiful you are and how much I love it when you're happy and turned on, and it makes me feel good to think you're down there somewhere, having so much fun."

"Leo, you're the sweetest, you know that?"

"But you know, I think of how you are when you're turned on... and I guess that turns me on, and even imagining someone else is doing that to you, it just makes me buzz," he said.

It wasn't that he was lying at all, it was just that he was downplaying the anxiety he felt at the same time. She didn't need to know about that, that served no purpose.

She said, "Do you think you could handle it being with me... while he..."

Leo felt his pace suddenly accelerate. Well, wasn't that what Sofia had meant when she said they were planning on a party? He said: "I think so."

"Marco was talking about us all getting together soon... maybe even this evening, if you and Sofia feel up to it."


"You know, it might be fun? We could all probably have plenty to drink, and then just go with the flow."

"Sounds good."

"But you know, you'd be okay actually being there, watching if Marco wants to..."

"Fuck you while I watch?"

"Something like that. I guess Sofia would be there, too."

He breathed deeply. "It's kind of hot, isn't it?" he said. "I could look into your eyes while he's taking you. I bet you'd look so beautiful."

"Oh, Leo..." she sighed, making him suddenly wonder if she was touching herself while he spoke to her, wherever she was while Marco was sleeping.

"Did I ever tell you that you get this little blush when you're really excited?" he said. "It's different from when you're hot or you're exercising. It makes you look so gorgeous, it makes me so hard."

She only moaned now, and it was obvious what she was doing.

"I think if I was watching you with Marco, you'd look like that, and I'd find it irresistible as he was sliding his big cock inside you."

"You... you would?"

"You'd be looking into my eyes as you felt him holding onto your butt with those strong hands, filling your pussy with his huge erection..."

He heard her catch her breath as he said the word 'pussy', and wished that he could see her right now. Chances were that sexy little blush of hers was back.

"Are you touching yourself, sweetheart?" he asked softly.

"Yes," she said a touch out of breath. "You're making me so wet, sweetie."

"You like thinking about me watching you when Marco is pounding his hard cock inside your hot little pussy?" he asked.

"Oh God..." she was breathing so loudly, Leo wondered if she would actually wake the Spaniard. Assuming she was back at the hotel.

"You can see me in front of you, I'm so hard as I watch him pushing into you, you can see how much it turns me on."

"Oh God..."

Leo suddenly looked up to find Sofia standing in the doorway - or actually, more like leaning up against the doorway, one hand dipping down between her legs, the other massaging a breast. How long had she been there? No doubt wondering what he was up to, why the phone call was taking so long when he was only checking up on his fiancée.

He was turning on two girls at once, for the first time in his life, and he loved it.

"Does it feel good to have your fiancé watching you, sweetheart?" he asked Caitlyn. "As that other guy is pounding into you? He's shaking your whole body as he fucks you from behind, and you're looking me in the eye..."

For a moment, Leo's eyes connected with Sofia's, and she gave him a half-apologetic, half seductive look in return.

"...you're crying out as he shoves that big hard cock into you. Does he feel good inside you?"

Leo just grinned, and gestured to show Sofia it was all right, he didn't mind her listening in. To his mild surprise, the stunning blonde then took his gesture a slightly different way than he was intending.

She licked her lips and wondered over.

"Oh it feels so good..." Caitlyn was breathing into the phone, into Leo's ear as Sofia knelt on the floor in front of him now, encouraging him to lift his hips so she could slide down his shorts.

"But how would you feel if you saw Sofia come sit between my legs, taking my hard cock in her hands while I was watching you?"

As if by magic, Sofia was doing exactly that, of course, one hand taking hold of the root of his shaft while the other slipped underneath her to continue touching herself.

"I would love it," Caitlyn breathed into Leo's ear. "She's so pretty..."

"She's licking me, slow and long, all the way from the bottom to the tip of my big hard cock," Leo said, now merely commentating on what the French girl was actually doing.

Caitlyn let out a long, deep moan.

Leo gave a little moan himself as Sofia took his cock inside her hot mouth now, sliding down on him to engulf him in her heat.

"How do you feel knowing she's taking me inside her mouth?" he asked his fiancée. "She's sucking on my cock, sliding it in and out of her face, her lips stretched around me..."

"She's so beautiful..." Caitlyn sighed. "I love that she's making you feel so good..."

"Is it turning you on to think that she's licking my cock like a popsicle right now? Slipping it back inside her mouth?"

"Oh yes, I wish I could see it..."

Caitlyn's breathing had been getting steadily out of control, but suddenly she gasped, and seemed to stop. She said: "I think I woke Marco up."

"Maybe we should hang up?" he suggested, feeling now that even if they were to end the call, there was no way he and Sofia were going to just stop along with it.

"No," Caitlyn said, "he's coming over. Something tells me he quite likes the sight of me sitting here talking to you on the phone with my hand inside my panties."

Sofia looked up at him with a smile, although her mouth was full of hard cock, as she felt him throb a little as his fiancée revealed how she was really looking at that moment.

"What's he doing?" he asked her, as Sofia started to pump his shaft with her hand while her mouth focussed on sucking the tip of his cock.

"He's... Oh... He's burying his face between my legs..."

"I'll bet he loves how you taste."

"He's pushing aside my panties, and now he's kissing me there... oh God..."

"Do you like it now? Having your pussy licked?"

"Oh yes... Marco was saying... last night... how much he likes it, so..."

"So are you going to let me in future?"

"I... I guess so..."

In the background, he could hear movement, hear a quiet but deep moan, muffled but audible, that told him Caitlyn was not merely imagining that the Spaniard was awake and lapping at her pussy.

"How would you feel if I told you I was licking Sofia's pussy for a long while last night?" he asked his fiancée.

"Mmm... Oh that would turn me on..."

"I know I loved every minute," Leo said. "And when she was sucking my cock while I was licking her..."

Caitlyn's groaning was becoming so insistent now, but somehow she reigned it in for a moment to ask: "Sweetie, are you really okay if he slides his cock inside me?"

"Of course," he replied, and such were the sensations flowing through his body, and perhaps the growing acceptance of everything that was happening, that he did genuinely feel okay with it now, even thrilled at the thought that it might happen while he was actually talking to his fiancée.

"He wants to now, doesn't he?"

"Yes. His cock is so hard... he's rolling another rubber onto it..."

For some reason her use of the word 'another' was like a blow to his chest, but he felt some kind of masochistic need for more, for whatever pain that might be left from the potential transgression of her flesh to knock out the lingering uncertainty that encircled it.

He said: "Do it. Let him fuck you, sweetheart."

It felt like there were drums beating in the distance, though it was only his pulse. If he had had any doubts before that his fiancée had been well and truly penetrated the previous night, Leo was about to get full verification that it was happening right now.

There was that unmistakable soprano sigh from his fiancée as though in penetrating her, the Spaniard's hardness was displacing air from her chest.

Then, in the background, he could hear a low, deeper groan as the Spaniard also responded, his obscene staff now do doubt sinking into the American girl's pretty pink sex.

Caitlyn inhaled a sharp intake of breath as Marco filled her, and gave another soft sigh as he withdrew.

And she was moaning, with Marco now breathing heavily, the Spaniard's mouth now clearly very close to the phone.

"I'm here, sweetheart," Leo said, "I can hear him fucking you."

He could hear Caitlyn trying to keep a lid on her moans, remembering that her fiancé was on the other end of the line, listening to her as she was defiled by another man.

"Oh God, Leo..." she said, almost pleading.

"Does it feel good having his cock inside you?"

"Oh yes..." she was gasping and yelping as though she were in pain, so loud that Leo thought Sofia must hear her now, from down there between his thighs. Breathlessly, he heard Caitlyn calling out to him: "Do... you... still... love... me...?"

He said: "Of course I still love you. I'm here, aren't I? I love listening to you fucking him."

The sound on the other end of the line changed, quietened suddenly, Caitlyn's moans slower, her gasps more spaced out, as though they'd come to the adagio movement of their symphony of sex. The sound of kissing came close to the microphone. And then the sound stopped.

"Are you still there?" he asked.

"Mmm... we're moving to the bed," Caitlyn said, her voice calmer now, somehow self-assured. "I don't think it's going to be long before he finishes."

Leo felt a wicked, dark ripple of excitement pass through his body at the thought of what was happening. How could he feel so aroused at all this?

He heard a rustle he thought was Caitlyn relocating to the bed, sliding over the sheets to take up whatever position she had decided for it all to continue.

"Is Sofia with you right now?" she asked, her voice right in Leo's ear, sounding uncannily as though she was right there with him.

"She is."

"Does she know what's happening on the other end of the phone?"

"She does."

"What's she doing right now?"

"She has her lips around my cock."


But Sofia was standing now, Leo's description of her turning into a little white lie, for the blonde was urging him to move further onto the bed, so that she could lie over him, and resume her sucking on his cock while presenting her own sex for his delectation.

"What are you doing now, sweetheart?"

"Oh... I'm lying on my stomach... Marco is on top of me now... sliding his cock back inside me from behind..."

Now Leo heard Marco groan, as though he was watching football and a striker had just missed the goal, and it was clear he was back inside Caitlyn's welcoming pussy.

Leo guided Sofia to drop her hips a little and offer him a taste of her juices. Strange to be holding up the phone to his ear while pulling her down to his mouth so he could kiss her pussy, slip his tongue inside her soaking folds.

"What... is she doing now?" Caitlyn breathed into his ear.

"She's lying on me, taking most of my cock inside her mouth... God it feels good..." he said, hearing Caitlyn gasping again in time to Marco's thrusts, and perhaps now even detecting the beat of the Spaniard's body colliding with hers as he slammed into her.

Leo wedged his face into Sofia's sex for a moment or two, supping her juices, sucking on her lips. He took a deep breath, said into the phone: "She's lying with her pussy over my face so I can eat her while she's sucking me."

A hint of ego suddenly spurred Leo, feeling that his words might be helping to turn her on beyond Marco's own attentions. So he continued interspersing his commentary with his oral exploration of the French girl's succulent pussy.

"...she tastes wonderful, she's got a beautiful pussy..."

"...can you hear me sucking on her? She's so juicy..."

"...my cock is so hard in her mouth..."

"...sweetie, I can hear him fucking you - does it feel good? Are you getting close to coming?..."

"...I can hear him pounding your pussy..."

Almost asserting her own needs, Sofia now pressed her pussy down on him, so that his words were cut off, and if Caitlyn could hear anything at all, it was just the wet sounds of him lapping and slurping at the tangy ambrosia flowing freely from the French girl's sex.

But Caitlyn was probably too far down the path of her own fulfillment to be concerned with what might be happening on the other end of the phone. With the phone somehow wedged in between Sofia's thigh and his ear, he heard his fiancée yelling now, and then Marco crying out as well.

And then it appeared to be all over down there in that hotel room on the sea shore.

Leo rolled over so that he was side-by-side with Sofia now, and though he could still reach to kiss and lick her pussy, he could also look down her body to see her face, and share a smile with her at the notion that the four of them had just shared achieved a trial-run with a little help from modern technology.

Sofia was mouthing words to him, clearly asking him whether Caitlyn and Marco had just finished up, just come together. Leo nodded, gave her a grin to show it was all fine.

It was all fine, he felt good.

Then, as he was busy French-kissing between Sofia's thighs, Caitlyn's voice came back through the phone, which he'd somehow managed to keep crushed against his ear.

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