tagNovels and NovellasAnarchy of the Heart Pt. 07

Anarchy of the Heart Pt. 07


Leo sat down opposite his fiancée, feeling as though his stomach was attempting to prove chaos theory by itself, possibly using an experiment involving several thousand butterflies.

Caitlyn was wearing a striped halter top and blue miniskirt, with fishnet stockings that Leo had never seen before, and make-up that enhanced her pretty face.

And to top it off, her cheeks were just showing a trace of pink.

She was stunning, yet for a few deathly moments after they were left alone in that restaurant, she just looked at him with a neutral expression on her face.

"Hey, how are you doing?" he asked, feeling terror clutching at his heart.

Was she going to dump him there and then? Scream at him for cheating on her? Castigate him for not being up to Marco's standards in bed?

Then she said: "Are you going to give me a kiss, then?"

He looked at her, horrified, realizing he hadn't really said 'hello' to her properly.

Then after a beat, her face melted into a broad, beaming smile, and she leaned forward clearly demanding her kiss. He met her in the middle of the table, and touched his lips against hers, now feeling her hands pulling him in before she slipped him a little tongue, the kiss turning passionate.

They were both breathless when at last she allowed him to sit.

Leo felt as though someone had lit him on fire.

"Uh... can I get you a drink to begin?" the waiter asked in English, a little bemused at the scene before him.

"Thanks," Leo said, and asked for a bottle of rosé, two glasses.

Caitlyn was now looking like the picture of happiness, and it warmed Leo considerably that she was so pleased to see him.

She said: "Did you have a good time with Sofia today?"

"It was really nice," he said, not quite knowing what to say. It was clear his fiancée wasn't displeased he'd been with another woman.

She picked out a breadstick to nibble on. "What did you get up to?"

"Today? Oh, nothing much. You know... woke up pretty late, had some brunch, chilled round the pool, sunbathing and so on."

"You like spending time with her?"

"She's nice. It was a very relaxing day," he said, as though emphasizing that not much happened.

"Well, I hope you reserved some energy for tonight," Caitlyn said, flashing her eyes suggestively. Leo had this warm, treacly feeling in his chest at the suspicion that his fiancée was picturing him up to all kinds of misdeeds with the golden-haired beauty.

"I think I should be okay," he said, though he was getting the feeling that everyone knew exactly what was planned for this evening except him. He said: "So how about you, sweetheart? How was your day?"

She had the devil in her eyes as she looked back at him. "Oh we did some sunbathing too, on the beach," she said. "And a little shopping. And then we fucked like rabbits."

Leo took a deep breath as the waiter chose a good moment to return with their wine, their conversation suspended as he slowly uncorked the bottle, poured a trace for Leo to taste and approve, and then dole out a glass for Caitlyn and a glass for Leo.

Leo leaned forward and whispered loud enough for only her to hear: "Tell me you didn't fuck like rabbits on the beach?"

She gave him an eye-roll. "Of course not! He did try some subtle reaching-under-my-swimsuit maneuvers, but there were definitely too many people around for any of that."

"So you had a good time?"

Leo felt it was distinctly odd that they should be talking so flippantly about each other's adultery, and yet since it was all so above board and both were accepting in it all, there didn't seem to be even the slightest bit of awkwardness between them.

Very strange.

Taking a big gulp of wine, she said: "I'm having the best time - isn't it great, taking a vacation from everything? Just hanging out, having a good time?"

"Sure is," Leo said, taking a modest sip of his own drink. It wasn't bad - on the fruity side, but refreshing. It was better quality than the stuff Uncle Silas had back at the villa, and almost as good as the wine Sofia had picked out the other day.

Caitlyn glanced at his wine and said: "You can have as much as you like to drink tonight, sweetie - I think the plan is to spend the night down here."

"Oh, it is?"

"Doesn't that sound like a good idea? We can all crash at Marco and Sofia's tonight after... well, you know. Did Sofia like the view from the villa?"

Leo was taking a suitably enormous sip of wine now, then answered: "She loved it. Loved the pool, too."

"And I'll bet she loved the company, as well."

They ordered food, with Caitlyn opting for duck in a rich gravy while Leo opted for some kind of beef he suspected was tenderloin, with bearnaise sauce, and as they waited for the meals to arrive, his fiancée was talking about various places that Marco had suggested they visit during the remainder of their vacation.

Leo did his best to listen, and add his thoughts, but at the same time, he was a little nervous about what was being planned for after dinner, and also a little bemused by the change that had come over his fiancée in such a short space of time.

Over dinner, she was positively radiant. Full of energy, full of smiles, she flirted with Leo like she hadn't for years, looking at him with wide attentive eyes that appeared to appreciate and admire him as though they were on a first date.

She was so animated as she spoke, constantly tucking her rusty-brown hair behind her ears, from where it often escaped.

She told him about the possibility of visiting Monte Carlo, of crossing over the border to see Milan or even taking the night train over to see Venice.

During the meal, Leo found himself lightening up, even relaxing into the jubilant atmosphere that Caitlyn exuded, no doubt assisted by the alcohol.

He began to see the situation with her and Marco and Sofia in a different light - it was about generating that irresistible sense of elation in his fiancée, provoking that wonderful blush of hers.

She was dazzling when she was happy like this, her white teeth flashing, her eyes lit up, her voice so light and carefree. God, if someone had told him that allowing her a casual vacation fling would put her in this frame of mind, he'd have suggested it before.

They didn't rush, but after splitting a huge ice cream sundae, and ordering two coffees to seal the meal, Leo found himself growing a little anxious again about what was to come.

"So we're supposed to be deciding if everything's okay," Caitlyn said once the little foam-topped cappuccinos arrived.


"You know, between us, with Marco and Sofia... remember?" she smiled.

"Oh. Of course."

"So, everything is okay, isn't it?" she asked. "I mean, you don't feel we're rushing into things..."

"No," he said, "I'm having a good time. You?"

"I'm having a great time!" She said, but then her face turned into the picture of concern as she said: "You know that I love you, don't you, Leo?"

"Of course. And I love you."

"And nothing will ever change that. This is just fun, that's all. Good innocent - or not-so-innnocent - fun."

"We're just taking a vacation," he smiled.

She nodded. Then she said: "So, are you ready to join Marco and Sofia again? Maybe try something really crazy?"

Leo took a deep breath. "I think I might have a shot of something a little stronger before we go."

They were both nervous as they stepped inside the hotel, ventured through the lobby and after a brief wait for an elevator, ascended towards the 10th floor with Leo clutching a bottle of Champagne purchased on the way.

It was a nice enough hotel - relatively basic and without the trappings that try-hard hotels might attempt in the States, but what it lacked in luxury it appeared to make up in minimalistic style.

Up on the 10th floor, Leo followed Caitlyn to room 1008 feeling as though he were walking through the line enclosure at a theme park, on the way to some extreme rollercoaster ride.

At the door, Caitlyn gave him one last glance, and a silent look passed between both of them that asked the same question: are you sure?

Caitlyn knocked on the door.


The door opened, and there was Marco, and it felt to both Caitlyn and Leo that it was too late to back out now.

"Hello, hello!" the Spaniard seemed enthusiastic, perhaps because they'd showed up at all. "You brought Champagne! Very nice."

Leo handed their host the bubbly, and turned to close the front door, and Caitlyn was already stepping up to greet the dark-haired Spaniard with a quick kiss on the lips.

"Beautiful Caitlyn," Marco said. "How was your dinner?"

"Very nice."

"You had a nice talk with your handsome fiancé, yes?"

"Yes," she smiled, and stole another kiss from the Spaniard. "He was saying what a great time he had with Sofia today."

"Well, it is not finished yet," Marco beamed, then shook Leo's hand, his bearing distinctly warm, open, welcoming. "Leo, nice to see you again."

"Hey Marco, good to see you, too."

The guy had charm, Leo could appreciate that, and it did certainly set him more at ease. The Spaniard's whole demeanor said: look, this is just a bit of fun, nothing heavy, nothing serious.

Leo concentrated on hiding the awkward feeling that was creeping back.

Was he really just going to hand over his fiancée to this guy and watch? This was going to be very different from fooling around on the telephone.

Caitlyn was positively luminous, however, reacting to Marco as though he were some wild comedian, and she a fan with a crush. It made Leo smile, though, to see how she was blushing, revealing her excitement and perhaps her nerves.

"Take off your shoes if you like," their host said, and went through to fetch some glasses as they did just that.

Caitlyn nervously tucked a strand of her russet hair around her ear, and flashed Leo an anxious yet thrilled glance. That faint pink flush in her face was not going away. So cute.

Shoes off, Leo followed Caitlyn round the corner, where they found Sofia, dressed in a skirt half the size of Caitlyn's own short skirt, and a thin strappy top that hugged close to her slender figure.

"Hello," she was smiling as she kissed Caitlyn on the cheek, and then approached Leo, kissing him on the cheeks as well, though a little more slowly and flirtatiously than she had with Caitlyn, her hands seeking out Leo's as she pressed herself forward and up to him.

"Hi, Sofia," he said, as he inhaled her rich, sweet scent. He felt stirrings between his thighs as he wondered if this night would really see him taking that final step to actually make love to this golden-haired French beauty - right in front of his fiancée.

"Okay, okay, you two," Marco joked, parting the two of them as he attempted to open the Champagne, ushering everyone to take seats on the two couches laid around the corner of the suite outside its bedroom. "We have plenty of time for that, no?"

Caitlyn gave Leo another little look that he interpreted as praising him for being brave, while also expressing her sense of amusement that this whole thing was completely nuts.

"I'll get a knife," Marco said, handing the bottle of Champagne to Leo, having failed to open it himself. "I have no fingernails at the moment."

"I can probably get it," Leo said, urging his host to forget it, to sit down and relax himself.

The suite was not huge by American standards, but at least offered a separate lounge area complete with two couches and a couple of coffee tables, as well as the separate little bedroom.

Marco sat between Sofia and Caitlyn on the larger of the two couches, Sofia scooching over to almost sit on his lap, Caitlyn leaning over the armrest away from the Spaniard, seeming a little tentative about it all now they were all together.

Leo thought it funny that she seemed to be so self-conscious now, having been fine about being with Marco before, and even while she'd been on the phone with Leo.

But now he was here in the flesh, they were all together, the dynamics had changed a little. Leo had spent so long bonding with Sofia, but there again, he felt a slight edge between them now, since Marco was around as well.

And what was the protocol when there was four of you together?

Sitting at the closest end of the other couch to the others, Leo was left as the odd man out, but he actually felt it was the best place for him. He could look upon the three of them sitting there, and figure things out a little in his head.

If all of this went horribly wrong, they could still disappear and never see Marco or Sofia again. But there seemed little judgement within the European couple, and that put Leo at ease.

"You guys look amazing," Marco was saying, and Sofia agreeing with him, though Leo was a little buried in his own thoughts while focused on peeling back the foil on the Champagne without looking like an idiot.

"Sorry we were probably a little longer about dinner than we were expecting," Caitlyn was saying.

"Hey, it's no problem - you are here now, right?" the Spaniard said.

"Everything is okay, is it?" Sofia asked them.

"Oh yes," Caitlyn nodded.

"We just had to try their ice cream," Leo explained, leaning over to gently pat his fiancée's knee. "And I guess we had to finish our wine."

"We did have quite a bit of wine," Caitlyn agreed.

Leo's heart was pounding like a military drum. It was strange seeing Caitlyn so close to Marco, to think what had happened between them, and what was going to happen. His fiancée's blue miniskirt was so short he could see a glimpse of her red panties between her thighs now.

Sofia's skirt, on the other hand, was so short it looked like a belt, showing almost all of her pink cotton panties. Leo felt his cock thickening further inside his pants.

At last, the cork popped off the Champagne bottle. Leo picked up the glasses from the table in the corner one by one, pouring and then passing over the drink to Caitlyn to feed along to Sophia and then Marco before herself.

On the table was a small bowl full of condoms, which gave Leo a start. Jesus. It made this thing seem so serious all of a sudden, so real. Was he really going to let another guy peel one of these over his cock and then slide his cock inside his fiancée?

Silence, other than a few appreciative noises sampling the Champagne, as the three others watched Leo pouring, and Leo tried to hold it together as he poured.

"So, you feel up to it, Caitlyn?" Marco said, as Leo was doling his own glass of bubbly.

Leo saw Caitlyn leaning even further away from Marco, smiling broadly yet looking at the tanned, dark-haired local with startled eyes. She said, "I guess so."

Sofia was smiling as she saw how nervous Caitlyn was, and Leo was reminded that she must have seen this situation before a few times, though perhaps never with a couple so inexperienced.

"Cheers!" Marco held up his glass so that they could all touch theirs to his, echoing his toast themselves.

Leo took a big swig, and then a second, willing the alcohol to absorb into his bloodstream so that he might relax a little.

Then Marco, somehow, managed to spill half of his on his designer t-shirt, and cursing in Spanish, said something that certainly amused Sophia. The blonde leaned over her boyfriend, stretching up to help him pull his soaked t-shirt up and off his wash-board of a chest.

Leo was a little startled at the open display of her underwear as she tilted her hips towards them that he didn't even remotely think to feel threatened or envious of Marco's athletic physique.

"I'm such an idiot," the guy was saying, though to Leo and no doubt Caitlyn this seemed a trifle staged, to start the ball rolling, break the ice.

The plan for the evening, after all, was not to spend a few casual hours drinking and chatting, before possibly starting something a little more risqué. It was already quite late now. The plan was to get straight in to fooling around.

They'd had all day to get the drinking and pleasantries in. Now was a milestone to get through for the vacation.

"Oh, feels good, actually," Marco was saying, as Sofia sprawled all over him to get the shirt up over his head, the blonde laughing at her boyfriend.

Caitlyn handed Leo Marco's almost-empty glass, but she was keenly watching as Marco stripped off his shirt, admiring his tanned, well-defined upper body, though still looking at the European couple with unbelieving eyes, and the expression that said: are you really doing this? Are we really doing this?

Her occasional smile suggested she thought Marco and Sofia sweet together.

"Hey, some more Champagne?" Marco asked once the shirt was gone, with his girlfriend now picking up her glass again from the side table.

"Can you be trusted?" Caitlyn joked as she returned the remains of his drink to him.

"Of course!" Marco drained the glass, then handed it straight back to the brunette. He said something to Sofia in Spanish, then in English: "It feels too warm for a shirt anyway."

"You are so clumsy," Sofia said, then she was leaning in to him, kissing him, and somehow it suddenly seemed very PDA with Caitlyn and Leo looking awkwardly on.

Leo was draining another glass of Champagne as he felt Caitlyn's knee pressing into his. He put a hand on her warm thigh, and saw that she was watching the Spanish couple again with that self-conscious, unsure manner that was just Caitlyn through-and-through.

Her expression made Leo remember why he'd been so surprised she'd been pushing in this direction ever since her first encounter Marco and Sofia.

"We're only young once," she'd said at the time, and other logical points to support the idea, like: "We'll be able to say we tried everything before we got married - no regrets, you know? And it's not like we'd be breaking any wedding vows."

This, from the same girl that in the early stages of their relationship had wanted him to lose contact with all his old ex-girlfriends, because she didn't like the idea of him ever having been with someone else.

And now, Marco and Sofia were breaking apart, and Marco's hand was gently but rather overtly sprawling all over Caitlyn's leg.

"You're a good looking couple," their host was saying. "I can't believe you've never done anything like this before."

Caitlyn bashfully smirking, nervously laughing, blushing away even as she smiled as though it was her birthday and someone had just brought her an enormous birthday cake. Saying: "It's not really the normal kind of thing in the States."

Sofia was stroking Marco's belt, almost in time to her boyfriend's caresses along Caitlyn's leg. She said with a giggle: "I don't know if it is entirely 'normal' for here, either."

Marco kissing her shoulder, saying: "The people around here are mostly old, Catholic - how do you say... 'conservative'. The men have mistresses, but all in secret, and it's only ever just two together. Not three or four."

Now Sofia seemed to feel the onus was on her to break the ice, to move forward, and she leaned back, very determinately unfastening Marco's belt, and then unfastening his fly.

Caitlyn's smile was losing the battle slightly to her sense of wonder and shock at the boldness of their hosts. What had she expected? Had she expected they would all drink a lot more before any of this actually took place?

It was more than slightly abrupt.

Leo, who had never even been to a strip club before, felt himself a little flushed as well, watching in silence with his hand stuck fast on his fiancée's thigh as they both watched the blonde girl start pulling her boyfriend's jeans down, right in front of them.

Sofia's own bright pink panties were so boldly on show themselves since her teeny skirt had ridden up so high, and she didn't seem to care that the others could see.

"This one can never be patient," Marco said, making Sofia laugh as she decided against allowing him to keep on his underwear, dragging the gray boxer shorts off her boyfriend along with his jeans.

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