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Anima: The 3rd Deadly


Copyright Neonurotic, March 2012

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

Much thanks to RedMonkeyButt for the help on editing.


Impermissum Libidinis: Forbidden Lust

Chapter Eleven

"Love begins with an image; lust with a sensation."

―Mason Cooley

Silently, Trinity slipped into Ezra's suite, listening for his even breathing. Instead, he snored loudly. Even better, she thought, grinning as she tiptoed to the end of his king-sized bed. Her anima eyes adjusted to the darkened room and saw that he lay spread-eagle on his back with a sheet covering him up to his waist. She appraised his impressive body with tight, strong arms and shoulders.

"Mmm, as a man should be...sexy. " Wetness spread from her sweetest core then dripped down her inner thigh.

At the end of the bed, she grabbed the sheet, pulled it loose, and ducked underneath. Snaking along his body, his heady male scent mingled with rosewood and enveloped her. Slowly, she licked him from ankle to crotch, where she nudged him and gave him a fleeting kiss on the end of his already hard cock.

"Dirty boy's having naughty dreams, " she giggled and resumed her travels until she rested her full length on top of him and blew on his eyelids. His eyes opened, glowing cobalt blue, signaling that she had awakened his demonic half.

"Happy birthday," she purred as she moved her hips against his. "My immortal womb mate."

"Same to you." He moved his hips against her.

"How do you want your present?"

"This is fine for right now."

"Oh, is that so?" She grinned, gave him a languid lick on the chin. "Good, I've wanted sex with you for a few months now." Snuffling at his neck, she breathed him in, sighing as he stirred the horny nymph in her like no other. "I want you on your back, me on top."

"Trin, you know you don't have to wait that long," he chuckled. "And you always want the top."

"I know and yes, on top of you in more ways than one." She said sitting up, laughing and straddling his narrow hips. "Holding off for a few months builds up the anticipation of having you and makes the birthday fucking so much hotter."

Amused, he rolled his eyes at her. "As if that were possible."

Trinity positioned herself above his huge erection and teased the head with a light brushing of her pussy. "What were you dreaming of―or should I ask who you were dreaming about because honey, your dick was rock hard long before I got here."

"Just dreaming." Impatient, he flexed his hips so that his cock could touch more than her puffy labia.

"Hmm, I'll say. Must be Lana or Sabina, but knowing you babe, it was both."

"I don't want to talk about them."

"No? You have troubles in your harem?"

"I said I didn't want to talk about them." He gave her a moody look. "Do you want to fuck or not?"

Though somewhat stung by his words, she smiled, knowing his caustic attitude was due to still hurting from Lana's betrayal in having Mathias' child along with his. The pack admired the alpha's strength, yet it was his grace and compassion that made him the amazing pack leader he was. One day she knew her alpha would lead them all. He would be the Imperator, the commander for the entire anima race. She felt his pain and saw that it was no character flaw; she loved him all the more for being almost human.

"You want a rough and tumble?" She let the head of his cock into her pussy.

Ezra grinned, "Enough of your teasing." He grabbed her waist and pulled her off of him and brought her up to his lips. "I want to taste your pussy now." He buried his long incubus tongue.

* * * *

Amused, Simon grinned hearing the howling and banging in the next suite over, it's Ezra's, and Trinity's birthday, he remembered and laughed aloud.

"What is that?" Becca, his mistress asked, staring at the wall and raising an eyebrow.

"That my dear, quite literally, is a couple of horny beasts celebrating their brains out."

"Who?" Alex asked as he came out of the bathroom over to them at the bed.

"Ezra and Trinity, it's their birthday." Simon took Alex's hand and put it on Becca's round ass, indicating he wanted his male lover who was also bisexual to take a turn with his mistress. "They've been celebrating it by having all day, non-stop sex for nearly two hundred years."

"By themselves? No others to wish them well and give them their presents," smiled Becca, suggestively.

She let Alex position himself behind her, waggling her ass side to side. Alex stroked his stiffening cock along the curve of her butt cheek and down her thigh, leaving a shiny trail of his desire.

"Of course they get other presents." Simon stressed the 'other presents' with a wicked wink. He stroked his own cock while watching Alex penetrate Becca from behind.

"Oh!" Becca giggled in surprise as Alex sent her flat. "Sounds like fun. I want to tell them happy birthday now."

Simon laughed. "No, not you, you nasty nymph," he tickled her while he lay beside her, planting slobbery kisses on the back of her neck and masturbating in time with Alec's fucking. "You just want to join in!"

"Hmm, yes. Simon you know me all too well."

"How about you two shut it while I'm fucking this dirty slut? Your chatter is distracting." Alex panted. "Or better yet, why don't you join us Simon?" He poked his ass out temptingly.

In the next room over, Trinity's lascivious wails were noisy enough it seemed as if she were in bed with them. Highly aroused, Simon's eyes emitted demon blue while moving toward Alex, grinning a sharp-toothed smile―both his human lovers enticed the werewolf half out of him.

* * * *

"It's as you suspected." Faith began. "You are his mother and I've already informed Mathias about it, too. He asks that you keep your word by continuing to keep silent about this."

Sabina stared at Faith, the genealogist for the pack, who she loathed. She wasn't surprised in what the female anima had to say. "No worries there, I won't say anything."

Shivering, Sabina thought of that horrid Azrael, who tricked her, made her human and impregnated her. He had left her alone to fend for herself as a mortal in a world full of immortals. Her own kind had ostracized her, but in the end, her coven took the newborn anima-vampire infant from her and banished her from the coven. Since then, by choice, she remained without a coven.

"So, how are you doing?" Faith coughed uncomfortably, staring at Sabina's stomach. "Since you're now mortal you can become pregnant and maybe you are right now."

"Mortal yes, but I still have my vampire abilities." Sabina said pointedly, giving Faith's neck a once over to make the anima nervous. "The blood is not so much a nourishment, but the taste of it is not easily forgotten―I'm not fully de-fanged." She forced a smile. "As for being pregnant, I don't know. I've forgotten what it felt like to be pregnant...or about emotions in general. And now, thanks to Ezra, it's all quite possible once again."

"Yes," Faith absent-absentmindedly rubbed her neck as if Sabina would jump all over her and suck her dry. "I guess so." She smiled, realizing that Sabina would do nothing of the sort. "So what are you going to do? Are you going to leave the pack house?"

"No, I promised Ezra that I would stay."

Sabina thought about the spat she'd had with him. She was full of malice, bitter that he had soul injected her yet that didn't change the fact that she found herself in love with him. Maybe she had been when she was immortal―she wasn't sure now. As a vampire, the feelings of love were different from mortal ones, but the idea remained the same.

"I'll have quarters downstairs and will remain until I decide what to do. Being pregnant will have great bearing on what I decide...so now I am one of his many mistresses." She frowned, leaving the great room and missing the hard mean smile that Faith wore.

* * * *

Ezra wondered how many times he'd had sex with Trinity throughout his lifetime. Countless times and not all out of pleasure, either. He had many children with her and truly cared for her, but he knew he didn't love her. Not like he did Lana and Sabina.

A twinge of guilt and sadness lit into him. He had interrogated Lana about Mathias for which she confirmed that she'd had an affair with the vile anima. The result of the affair was Pashan, who looked exactly like his father, Mathias. That revelation tarnished the birth of his son, Christan. Anger got the better of him and he'd fought with her bitterly, raging about how much she'd hurt him. That pain and the inability to bottle it up made him feel vulnerable. Lashing out at her was only a cover to save face. He had not visited her in a few days and he now felt guilty about the quarrel.

The guilt only doubled when he'd owned up to soul injecting Sabina. Even though she was now human, she still possessed much of her vampire strength and yes, her callousness, too. They had fought horribly, however, more physically on Sabina's part since the vampire with a soul had put him through a wall. Initially, he'd given her a soul out of envy. He wanted her to feel emotions like the ones she mocked him with, but also found he wanted to share himself with her in the most intimate way he knew, with soul twinning.

"Hey, are you going to be in there all day?" Trinity called from the bedroom.

"No," He said, letting the now cold water from the shower head spray onto to his face to bring him out of his misery. "I'm not nearly done with you yet." He shut off the water and left the shower, drying off quickly with a towel. "It's only past noon." He went into the bedroom, knelt on the bed, and shook his head―flinging water drops onto Trinity's naked body. "We still have―"

A long wolf howl rang through the room from the suite next door. Both he and Trinity laughed, knowing the werewolf Simon had just made his presence known.

Trinity smirked. "I'm getting a piece of that wolf later and then presents from my little toys downstairs," she said, indicating the studs she kept on the second floor of the penthouse. "Extra special attention from them, so one more time from you and then my treats from them."

"Sure," he crooned, closing his eyes as her hand swept over the length of his cock. "Yes." The moist heat of her mouth touched him. Her feminine wiles were all due to being half siren and she could do some amazing things. Her tongue, much like a succubus was long, so long that she could wrap it around his shaft twice and jerk him off with it. She constricted her tongue like a snake.

"Oh, yeah, oh yeahaa... that's it." He said, running his hands through her long hair.

Trinity laughed huskily then tightened the grip she had on him. She moved her coiled tongue up and down, lightning quick. His balls went hard like rocks, throbbing until he couldn't hold back any longer.

"I'm coming now," he warned as he pulled on her hair.

She inserted his cock head into her mouth, slurped as she pumped her hand along the shaft until he came. He spurt his seed into her mouth and she greedily swallowed it. The hot immortal minx continued to jerk and suck him until it became painful.

"Stop," he said while panting, trying to pull away from her grasp. The pain turned into pleasure as she persistently kept her cock sucking in an even rhythm he liked. "Hell yesss," he hissed, sweat pouring off him."Damn, baby, you do that good."

Trinity pulled back, to where his dick made an audible plop out of her mouth. "Yes?" She asked knowingly and then, lying back, raised her legs until she nearly bent in half. "Good, now give it to me until I scream."

Not needing any more encouragement other than her words and the sight of her dripping slit. He moved, shoving his erection into her.

"That's it baby, real deeeep. Make me feel like you're splitting me in two." She grunted.

While bucking his hips, driving into her hard, he crashed against her so that she could feel all of him at once. Her pussy enveloped him like a rich, wet, velvet sleeve. Drenched in sweaty bliss, her black hair with the white stripe much like his own, though to the right of her crown, stuck to her damp face. She was lovely. He always thought so. No human, anima, demon, or angel could resist her.

"Mmm, yes Ezra... Ooh, my fucking hell!"

Sounds of their otherworldly passion filled the room. He penetrated her thoroughly, ramming his cock into her sopping slit harder and faster. He caressed her ample, heavy breasts and thumbed the dark pink nipples. She screamed, shuddered and still, he continued his onslaught as his birthday present was going to be the best she had of the day.

* * * *

"What was it with anima? Fornicating as if their lives depended on it, "Jael thought, silently watching them copulate. Jael's spying on him was something she'd done on many occasions because she found him so captivating, handsome and yes, very desirable. Unknowingly, he had a voyeuristic angel that masturbated while she peeped at him and she'd been doing so for nearly two centuries.

The angel Jael didn't partake in Ultimate Sin, although many of her kind had taken demon lovers out of jealousy for humans. Not her, she adored the humans. In fact, she desired them. Yes, even though she had stayed innocent of Ultimate Sin, she had lusted from afar. Those salacious wants from the past only intensified each day after Ezra Malachi came to being. It was a sin to want him, she knew that, but Ellohim rarely paid attention anymore, especially when they had punished the angels and demons with the animas. Ellohim never saw her, nor would he ever, she believed.

The female's slutty cries, along with his grunts and growls, made hot erotic licks light up between her thighs. Still under the cloak of invisibility, she wandered closer and opened her robes. Jael slipped a hand down to touch the source of her aroused heat. First small ovals around the little nub until it stiffened, then she plucked at it between forefinger and thumb until she was so wet that she couldn't get a grip on her clit. Two fingers found the slick entrance and thrust in sync. She watched his expressions, as they were the most telling of all in his passion, and not the sounds he made. The moment his drives quickened, she increased the speed of her finger. His face contorted in ecstasy and so did hers.

Jael came when he did with such force it made her legs weak and tremble. She swiftly reached out with her dripping cum covered fingers and painted his lips. He jerked back in surprise, but tasted her honey. She had done that many times and she got the same reaction from him each time, followed by a wicked, bemused smile. He didn't know where the perverted gesture came from, but knew that the being that did this to him was ethereal. Jael giggled to herself. She disappeared out the window, spreading her wings and flying above, with designs on giving Ezra her own present face-to-face soon enough―with no fear of damnation.

* * * *

Annoyance mounted with each minute that passed as Mathias held Pashan. Lana could tell he took more pleasure in her anger rather than holding his son. He had asked her to bring her newborn to see him in the great room in the main living quarters―leaving Christan behind as he had only wanted to see his own son. Since the boys were fraternal twins, they were close and relied on each other for comfort. By taking Pashan away from Christan it caused both boys great anxiety for which Pashan cried the entire visit.

The room that she stood in now was the room where it all began. This was where she saw Ezra with another woman. She had since learned that the woman was anima and the highest ranking female of the pack. Trinity would be next in line to be leader because Ezra didn't have a sibling to take his place.

"I think Pashan is prettier than Christan." He clucked his tongue at the infant who cried and cried. "Well, he is for a mix race child. Then again, he is mine," he handed the baby back to the nurse maid who stood nearby. "So that makes it better in my eyes."

Lana quickly moved to pull the baby's blue blanket a little more snugly around him, and eyed the nurse wryly. "Okay, Mathias," she scoffed at him. "But be reminded that he will always be half human."

The nurse smiled and twittered at Lana's words.

"And his brother is Ezra's son," Lana patted the maid, indicating that she wanted her to take Pashan down to the second floor, which she did immediately. Now alone with Mathias, the contained revulsion she felt for him was released. "I want to make this clear to you―you disgust me and the connection we have for life is Pashan. There's nothing more and nothing less. Do not think that there will be anything else between us. Furthermore, do not summon me again like you did today. I am not your wife. The nurse will allow you to visit your son with his brother in their suite."

* * * *

The anger came off her in hot waves and as much as Mathias loathed admitting it, she turned him on. She insulted him by reminding him Ezra's son was a blood brother to his own son. That gibe made him look at the mixed breed child with even more disdain than he initially had. It would be a long time again before he set eyes on Pashan. He was more interested in his mother. He would pretend and take interest in his son, even though he felt nothing. It was clear to him if he didn't that the alpha would oust him from the pack before he had the chance ruin Ezra Malachi. If he had to play the loving father to get what he wanted then so be it.

"In the meanwhile, " he thought. "I can entertain myself elsewhere. "

"You still want me don't you Lana?" He asked her. She looked at him as though he were insane. He sidled close to her, pulled her into his arms and held her tight. He smelled her fear and yes, a hint of arousal. "Admit it."

"What?" She asked incredulously, trying to squirm out of his hold. "You're without a doubt the most disturbed person I've ever met."

"Wrong," he kissed her hard as she struggled, but allowed his tongue to flirt between her lips momentarily. He pulled back, grinning. She hated him. "You forget I'm no mortal." Unzipping his pants, he forced her to touch and stroke his hardening cock. "I'm every inch anima male."

"I'll say," said an unfamiliar female voice.

Mathias let Lana go and she ran out of the room, sobbing in embarrassment. He stuffed his cock back into his pants and glared at the intruding female. The blazing blue eyes staring back at him told him that she was anima, but it was her platinum blonde hair and sensuous dark carmine lips that gave away who she was. Trinity's and the alpha's daughter grinned.

"Rachel?" He asked and she nodded that she was. "I'm Mathias."

"I'd like to test out every inch of you, but can't at the moment." She smiled suggestively with eyes that ate him alive. "Mummy and daddy would be upset if I didn't say hello to them first―I'm sure they're celebrating their birthday, right?"

"Birthday? Yes, you're right, it is." Mathias remembered that indeed it was their birthday, then remembering it was his the next day. He'd been so busy planning his brother's downfall that it slipped his mind. "Celebrating? I haven't heard anything about that. Do they normally have a party?"

Rachel leaned close, purring, "No Mathias...they fuck all day."

Chapter Twelve

"Lust's passion will be served; it demands,

it militates, it tyrannizes."

─Marquis de Sade

Rachel's words, "No Mathias...they fuck all day" echoed as the slinky anima female licked Mathias' cheek with a long, wet swipe of her tongue. His cock twitched, causing him to swallow against the cottonmouth lust that formed as he caught her bewitching pheromones.

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