tagIncest/TabooAnne's Submissive Brothers

Anne's Submissive Brothers


It's fun being an older sister to two younger brothers. At least I've enjoyed it, being as domineering and aggressive as I am. I always had them doing stuff for me when we were young. And they knew they were to obey, otherwise they'd be punished. I loved forcing them to do things for me, even embarrassing and humiliating them sometimes. It all seemed so natural to us. I guess I was born with a dominant streak, and they sure took to submitting to me. Pretty soon I had them completely under my thumb, doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Then I grew older and lost interest in that for awhile. Now I had boyfriends whom I could boss around!

Years had passed and all three of us had gone to college. Now I was living in L.A., and Greg, the younger of my two brothers, and the more submissive of the two, had recently moved to L.A. too. We started hanging around together. Greg had turned out to be gay and now, still playing the part of the dominating older sister, I forced Greg to tell me about all the things he did with his boyfriends, even though it made him blush terribly to have to confess this to me. As I would have expected, Greg turned out to be the passive one in his relationships, the 'bottom' as they say in the gay world. He'd be the one sucking cock and taking it up the ass. Once I even forced Greg to let me watch as his rough, leather boyfriend put him though the paces. The stud thought it was really kinky, having the sister watch as he fucked the shit out of her brother. I was a good spectator too, encouraging the stud, cheering him on as he slammed his thick slab of hard meat up my brother's tender young ass.

Then I got a call from my other brother, Joe, telling me he'd be in town for a couple of days. Joe had lived overseas for years and returned to the States only rarely. I could see that Joe had turned out very differently from Greg. He didn't any longer seem to have much of that passive, submissive streak he had when he was young. Obviously he had grown out of it. He was a tall, rugged, virile-looking stud. And I appreciated that, even though there was still part of me that wanted to treat him as my little slave, doing my bidding along with his brother. It's hard to get over roles and relationships developed long ago. Nor did I want to!

One night the three of us had dinner at my place, catching up on what had been going on in our lives.

"Hey Joe, do you know Greg has turned out to be a queer? Just last week I watched this really hung stud slam his dick all the way up your brother's ass," I said. "You should've seen your him down on all fours, sticking out that ass of his like a real slut, begging for some cock, squirming and groaning. Begging the guy to fuck him. To fuck his ass really hard and deep. At first it kind of bothered him that I was there watching but soon he didn't care. All he cared about was that big cock. That big cock the stud was hammering up your brother's ass. Isn't that right, Greg?"

"Uh huh, sis," he barely mumbled, averting our gazes but bushing deeply, in his utterly submissive way. I knew he strangely enjoyed hearing me tell his brother all this, being exposed like that, even liked feeling embarrassed and a little humiliated. Joe seemed intrigued, no doubt thinking back to the times when I forced both of them to strip naked, bend over, and to hold their cheeks wide open for me so that I, 'playing nurse,' could examine their assholes.

I now reminded them how the three of us used to do that and they both laughed, reminiscing about those early 'games.'

Suddenly I was feeling wicked. Here I was, with my two brothers, telling one about how I had recently the watched the other get fucked, talking about the way I used to treat them when we were young. It sure was stirring up ideas and desires in my head!

"Hey guys?" I said. "How about we bring back some of those good old times. Except let's do it adult-style now."

They didn't say anything, milling it over in their heads. But now, together in the presence of their sister I could see I still had that hold over them, it was deeply programmed into their psyches. Soon they both just nodded submissively, the way they did when they were young. With that nod, I asked them to stand up and to pull down their pants which they did, obediently.

I had recently seen plenty of Greg's ass, nice and tight and trim, but it had been at least ten years or more since I had seen Joe's. Joe, unlike Greg, who was slim and still boy-like, was hard and muscled. He looked like he worked out.

"Take off your briefs," I insisted. "Then reach back and spread `em! Spread 'em wide for your big, nasty sister."

Here were my two brothers, bending over, reaching back and holding open their buttocks, showing off their open bottoms to their bossy, older sister.

"Look at the two of you, spreading wide and showing off your assholes to me like a pair of sluts," I teased mockingly, "I know Greg's a fag, Joe. I bet I could turn you into a fag too, a fag on demand, loving cock whenever your bitchy big sister told you to fuckin' love it. Now spread wider!"

They pulled their ass cheeks apart even more.

Now a wet the middle finger of each hand in my mouth and slid one finger up Greg's asshole and the other finger up Joe's. The one up Greg's went in nice and smooth. After all, Greg was used to having much more than fingers up that butt of his! But Joe was real tight, and his sphincter pressed on my finger as I forced it inside.

"Greg? You feel like you take it up the ass all the time, which I know you do, like a real ass whore. But Joe, you're real tight. Too tight; we're gonna have to stretch out that ass of yours before the night is over."

Then I gave them both a spanking, the way I used to years ago, but much harder this time. After all, they were men now. Their smooth, muscled cheeks turned red and they winced when the palm of my hand came down sharply on their bare butts. But I knew they still loved it, as they loved it when I spanked them when we were all younger, the older sister punishing her brothers. God, that used to turn me on so much! Pulling down their jeans and their briefs, getting them to bend over or down on all fours, exposing their bare butts and then spanking them nice and hard. Sometimes I'd even use a belt.

"Okay, guys. Turn around," I told them.

Both cocks stood up, hard and thick, just the way they used to after I spanked them when we were younger. I had admired Greg's cock recently and it was nice and big. But it had been quite a while since I last laid my eyes on Joe's cock, and he had at least an inch on his brother, and he was thicker.

"Stroke `em, you sluts!" I hissed sharply at them as I slowly and seductively took off all my clothes. They gazed at my very adult and mature body now, Joe clearly aroused. And Greg, even though he was gay, also looking mesmerized by his sister's sleek and sexy form. They reached down to obediently stroke their hard penises in front of their big sister, as they had when they were younger.

"Now get down on your knees, Greg, and let me see you suck your brother's cock!" I demanded.

"But, Anne-- Joe's my brother," he protested. I may've forced them to strip naked for me, and spanked them, and commanded them to stroke their cocks and jerk off for me when we had been together like his, intimately, in the past. But I had never asked one of them to suck, or even stroke the other. That's what I meant by now engaging in the 'adult' version of our earlier sibling games.

"So what! Get down there and suck it!" I ordered insistently.

Without another word, and rather enthusiastically, Greg dropped to his knees and wrapped his mouth around his brother's thick shaft. I watched him suck it, excited beyond belief by the sight, my fingers digging into my heated, clammy pussy. He blushed as he clamped his lips around the thick, rigid shaft, but I knew he was loving it. The queer was such a cock slut. And Joe sure wasn't resisting, With most guys, all inhibitions vanish when they find they get a chance to have their hard cocks sucked, Now I dropped to my knees in front of Joe too. I wanted a taste of that big, beautiful cock as well, and why shouldn't I. It was one thing for me to order Greg to suck his brother's cock; it was another thing for me to greedily suck it myself, for the sheer pleasure of tasting it, feeling its thick hardness between my lips.

"Let me have a taste of that you greedy, cocksucking slut!" I growled at Greg as I ripped Joe's cock out of his hand and out of his mouth. "You can get behind him and eat his ass, bitch!"

Man, looking at that cock of Joe's you could see how big it was. But now, having it stuffed in my mouth, comparing it to the many other cocks I had sucked, I could really sense just how big and thick Joe was, and how rock hard too. As I sucked Joe I reached around to hold his cheeks open so his brother could snake his tongue into his crack and rim his ass. I'd seen how eagerly Greg had rimmed that leather stud's asshole a few weeks ago, so I knew my baby brother was a keen ass-eater. Finally I pulled my lips away from Joe and got behind him, forcefully holding Greg's head in place and pushing his face into Joe's ass.

"Uh huh, you ass-rimming whore, lick his ass!" I hissed nastily in his ear, loving this part I had played for years, loving the part of the commanding older sister who told my brothers just what to do. And shit, did I ever luck out that one of my brothers turned out to be a queer only too happy to suck his brother's cock and lick his ass. Soon, as I well knew and planned in my head, Greg would be thrilled to feel that cock of his brother's worked up his ass to fuck him!

I watched him slurp away, lap away at his brother's ass for a while longer, and then told him to stop and suck Joe's cock some more. Now, as he dropped to his knees in front of Joe and started sucking his dick again I took a quick detour to my bathroom, opened my medicine cabinet, and got a tube of lubricating jelly. I'm one of those girls who always likes to keep lube like that around in case an opportunity for a good ass fuck comes my way, or if I just want to masturbate with one of my super thick dildos and need a little help getting it into one of my two fuckholes nice and smooth and easy.

I returned to the two of them and knelt down behind Greg who was kneeling in front of Joe, wolfing down his dick. I took hold of his cute little ass cheeks and spread them wide open, peeking at his puckered hole.

"Look at that, your little cunt, your tight little fuckhole" I sneered mockingly, gazing at the puckered asshole I'd seen so solidly fucked once before, "the little boy cunt that loves to be filled with cock so goddamned much."

Joe looked down at me and actually cracked a smile. I think he was liking this role, still doing his sister's bidding but definitely the top dog here to his brother's bottom. I squeezed out some of the jelly right out of the tube onto my brother's asshole and rubbed it in, spreading it around and finally working it up his ass with my fingers.

"See, I can be good to you two guys," I said to my brothers, "sucking your cock, Joe, and lubing your ass, Greg. I'm not just a demanding bitch!"

My little brother Greg was such a whore, pushing back against my greasy fingers with his ass even though I was a woman, his sister, and he was a fag. But he was so fucking hot to have his ass worked that he'd probably welcome anyone and anything back there.

Finally I wiped off my slick fingers and smacked Greg's ass, then smacked it again, harder this time.

"That's enough, Greg!" I sneered, smacking his butt one more time, "stop sucking that dick and stand up now. I know what a hungry cocksucking slut you can be, but now it's time for something else."

Greg stood, springing up obediently, leaving his brother standing there, big erect cock sticking out of his washboard stomach, glistening from his brother's mouth

"Plant those feet wide apart and bend over that fucking table!" I ordered, pointing to my dining room table, smacking Greg's ass hard again three or four more times for good measure, Joe watching closely, horny as shit now from all this attention his cock was getting.

"Oh god, sis," Greg groaned, feet wide apart, bending over the table, ass sticking out, exposed and vulnerable, "you are such a mean bitch."

"And you fuckin' love it, you little queer," I sneered as I looked over at my other brother. "Okay now, Joe, get the fuck back here next to me so I can work your big dick up your queer little brother's greased asshole."

Joe stepped right up as I wrapped my hand around his big erect shaft, rubbing the tip teasingly over his brother's slick hole.

"Ready to take it up the ass, faggot?" I hissed.

"Uh huh, sis," Greg whispered, pure eager submissiveness to his voice.

"Fuck him, Joe, fuck your brother up the ass," I whispered in his ear with an insistent but teasingly kittenish tone, letting go of the shaft as Joe took hold of his brother's hips and slowly drove that big, beautiful cock inside Greg.

Greg sighed, then moaned, then panted, then groaned as his brother got more and more of his big cock inside him. I held Greg's cheeks open now, marveling at how his violated, helpless asshole, obscenely stretched, was clamped around his own brother's cock!

"What a pair of sluts my two brothers are, huh? One fucking the other one up the ass so their big sister can enjoy a nice nasty show!" I cackled. And that's how it felt to me, like my two brothers were nothing more than two performing male animals ready and eager to do my bidding, whatever it was, ready to please me and perform for me just as I demanded.

I walked up to look my brother Greg in the face, my lips curled in a lewd snarl, mockery in my voice.

"You like having your big sister tell you to take your brother's cock up your ass, you little cock-loving faggot?"

"Uh huh, I do," Greg replied.

"Uh huh, what!?" I sneered, giving his face a playful slap as Joe pumped away.

"I like having you tell Joe to force his cock up my ass, sis. Thank you for telling him to fuck my ass, thank you so much," he murmured as he pushed back happily against Joe's deep, smooth thrusts.

"Good boy," I chuckled, giving his cheek another playful slap.

Now I moved back a little to get an overview, hands on my hips, the big sister lording it over her ass-fucking brothers! I looked down to eyeball Joe's smooth, hard muscled butt, the sinews etched as he thrust into his brother. It was gay brother Greg who was taking it up the ass, courtesy of straight brother Joe, Greg the bottom, Joe the top. I smiled to myself, smiled wickedly. It was time to try something else soon, time for Joe to expand his experience and to 'expand' his asshole.

So I reached for the tube of lubricating jelly, squeezed a dab out onto my fingers, and jammed those fingers into Joe's crack, greasing his hole now as I had greased his brother's.

"So tight," I whispered into Joe's ear, then smirked, "but not for long."

I pulled my fingers out and wiped them. Then went into my bedroom, and into the back of my lingerie drawer to get my strap-on. You can imagine, being the dominant sort I am, that sometimes I like strapping one on and using it on guys who I can get to bend over for me, and girls too. Now it would be Joe's turn to do some bending over!

I returned to the living room where my two brothers were still rutting and showed off, the sleek sister parading around naked, a big life-like rubber cock sticking out from a harness down below. Their eyes went wide as they took in the view.

"One more cock in the room, guys, the alpha cock, big bad sis's cock!"

Now I got behind Joe and wedged my cock into his crack.

"Time for your little pussy to get fucked now, Joe," I hissed into his ear as he craned his neck to look back at me, " you must love fucking ass. I can tell from the way you're fucking your brother. But has your little ass ever been fucked?"

"Uh—no--," he stuttered.

"Well that's about to change," I smirked as I drove my rubber cock right up his ass in one vicious thrust, Joe howling in surprise, wincing as he felt it go in, as he felt his own ass getting fucked now.

"Fuck you, Joe," I growled into his ear, "Fuck you up the ass. Now you're my little pussy boy just the way your brother is yours."

I loved this, fucking one brother while he fucked the other. It gave me such a delicious feeling of power, of control over the two of them. There's no better way of having a man feel like he's under your thumb than forcing him to take it up the ass. And the two men I've always wanted and always will want to have under my thumb are my own two brothers!

All this was really turning me on, my pussy as wet as a damp sponge.

That pussy now really needed something, and what better 'something' than my brother Joe's rock hard cock! I was using his ass for my own selfish pleasure; now I wanted that cock for my pleasure.

So I pulled out of Joe's ass and told him to pull out of Greg's. I unstrapped the dildo, then got a wash cloth and wiped all the slick lube off Joe's cock, gazing down at Joe, still bending over, seeing how obscenely open and slick his asshole looked now that it been so thoroughly fucked by his brother.

Then I led my two brothers to my bedroom.

I flung myself down on the bed and spread my legs wide.

"Fuck me, Joe!" I ordered him, wagging a finger as he slid his lithe, muscled body between my open legs and worked his big beautiful cock into my pussy, fucking me now, fucking his sister the way he had just been fucking his brother. He had a big, happy grin on his face. And why shouldn't he; first he got to enjoy his brother's ass, and now his sister's cunt. But I had a big grin on my face too, because I had a surprise in mind for Joe. If he was going to get to fuck his sister, his pussy-ass was going to have to get fucked too!

Greg was standing there, watching the two of us, stroking his cock. He may've been a queer but with all that cocksucking and ass-fucking he was hard as steel and seemed to be enjoying watching the stud who had just fucked him now fuck his sister. I looked over at him with a knowing grin and winked.

As Joe kept fucking me I reached around and spread his buttocks wide open.

"Get behind your brother and stick your cock up his ass; fuck him!" I ordered Greg. Greg's may've been a bottom who liked receiving it more than giving it. But bottoms like to fuck too. In those weeks before Joe arrived I'd had Greg tell me all about some of the tight male asses he'd fucked. He got a kick out of that. I'd make him tell me about all the cocks he'd sucked, all the studs who'd fucked him, just what he expected his bossy, dominating sister to force him to confess. So when I had asked him whether he did some fucking himself, he got a charge out of that, feeling, at least momentarily, on an even keel with me, with his sister.

So now Greg got up on the bed, kneeling behind me and Joe.

"Hold on, now," he said, eyes wide, looking a little panicky. "I'm not a queer like Greg is. I don't let myself get fucked."

"Really? And what would you call what I was just doing to you?"

"That was you, sis. And that was with a dildo, not a real cock. Not by a guy!"

"Well you're going to get fucked by a guy now, by a real cock, by your brother's cock!" I sneered, my voice as firm and commanding as it had ever been, Joe seeing the hard look in my eyes, knowing he had little choice in the matter.

"Fuck him, Greg!" I ordered, looking over Joe's shoulder at my other brother, then back at Joe. "You sure looked like you enjoyed fucking your brother. In my book that makes you a bit of a queer. Now we're just going to take it a little further, bitch!"

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