tagIncest/TabooAnne's Surprise

Anne's Surprise


I had been divorced just a few months, when a friend pretty much told me I had to go to this party with her. My friend had thought I was staying in way too much, and she wanted to get me out a bit.

My divorce had been straightforward legally, but tough on me emotionally. My ex-husband had been like a father figure almost, and I felt I had lost a best friend. Just the same, he had cheated more than once, and I realized he wasn't going to change.

My friend told me I needed to try dating a younger guy, and this party was supposed to have some, she said. I made myself get out and go with her. The truth was that my self esteem had diminished. I had lost a feeling of confidence and attractiveness. As the party approached, I did feel some anticipation at getting back into the mix. Little did I know what I was in for.

It was a Saturday night, and the drinks and wine were flowing. I had gone so far as to wear a favorite black halter dress. I had liked getting ready and going. It felt good to get back out.

The house we were at was packed. There was a mix of people, and yes even some younger guys. One of those younger guys came up behind me and surprised me when he turned me around to him.

It turned out to be Ben, one of my ex-husband's sons. His sons were already in college when we were married, so I'd never spent a lot of time around them on a day to day basis, but still I knew them well. It seemed only somewhat awkward at first running into him, but that soon dissipated when he acted as more of an old friend than anything else.

It was good to see him again after what had been a while. We laughed and talked freely. He even went and got us more drinks a couple of times. I tried to get him not to feel like he had to hang around me, letting him know I was sure that he could be talking up several, much younger women who were there.

He sweetly let me know that that was not what he wanted. I was very flattered, as I am sure I let on. I had not dated or interacted socially much as a single woman in some time, so I felt sort of raw. For some reason, I felt like telling him so, and I did. He told me candidly that he was glad for that.

I asked him why that was. The alcohol and the different setting for us both had to have affected things, and he openly flirted with me. He told me he wanted me 'raw' with him. I just looked at him with what must have been a puzzled look, but it was probably an intrigued look as well.

Ben was attractive, athletic and indeed much younger. The fact that he was showing this kind of interest and appeared to be 'coming on' to me, made me feel desirable and excited. I worried myself with the way I started catching myself thinking of him, so I decided to give myself a break.

I excused myself and told him I was going to find the restroom. He actually led me to it, and he gave me a much too appreciative smile as he watched me walk in. I used the bathroom, and I checked myself and my makeup in the mirror. I felt a giddiness I hadn't in a while, but I also chided myself for letting myself get carried away with flirting with Ben. I took a deep breath and headed back out.

As I opened the door, I was taken back by finding Ben standing right in the doorway. He looked down at me intensely, and I grinned looking up at him. Then, the moment changed as he took a step forward. I instinctively stepped back, and he came inside the bathroom with me. I was still looking in his eyes, as I heard him close the door behind himself.

I started shaking my head and saying we couldn't when he cupped my face in his hands. He brought his face towards mine and I was stunned. I told him no, but I didn't move as he kissed me. His lips felt soft and tender, and I relished how he felt. He kissed me several short times and then, his mouth was on mine fully.

I felt myself get dizzy at the sensation of his mouth working against mine. His tongue worked into my mouth and I responded with closing my mouth further onto his and sucking on his tongue. He felt very sensuous. We kissed passionately and he pulled me against him.

The intensity and the wantonness of it thrilled me. He felt very strong, and I liked how he was clutching me to him. I found myself moving against him as we twisted together with me in his arms.

His face moved to my neck, and I felt him kiss and suck at my soft skin there. I again told him we couldn't, but I didn't stop him. He put a hand on one of mine, and he brought my hand to his jeans. He placed my palm on his thigh, but he dragged it upward to where he was placing me on a hard bulge. I pulled back astonished, but he put it right back. He brought his mouth back to mine once more and his tongue was in my mouth again. With this urgent kiss, I felt my hand grip at him there this time.

He groaned into my mouth when he felt me squeeze him, and I knew I should stop. Just as I was thinking of how best to disengage him, he pulled off my mouth. He turned me to where my back was to the bathroom door and he lowered himself some, but still brought himself towards me.

I was thrown by his movement at first, and I gave a quick yelp as if startled. I felt his hands reach under my skirt, and he lifted me. He had positioned himself between my legs, and he'd pressed me to the door. My legs were at his sides.

I looked down to my feet and saw my black heels tuck reflexively behind his upper legs. I was propped up against the door. I felt panicked as I could feel his hands work at his jeans. I grunted "no" weakly, but he feverishly continued. It didn't seem real to me that this could be happening, but yet I was feeling myself react inside, too.

He brought his mouth back to mine and my face tilted down to find his lips and tongue kiss at mine yet again. His tongue prodded deep into my mouth, as I felt him seemingly finish at his jeans. I clenched my eyes and grunted into his mouth at what I next felt.

Under my skirt, he brought a hand from where he'd held my hip to instead pull at my panties there. He pulled the thin satin to the side, and he kept the satin to where I was left exposed. I tried to pull my mouth from his but he didn't let me.

I shrieked as I felt his hands position my hips and I then knew what was happening. He was bringing me to him and at the same time he was jabbing to me. I felt a couple of blunt contacts at my bottom, and I shook my head.

I then felt him impale me and I screamed into his mouth. He had only wedged there, but it was full. I was yielding to him, and I was gripping him tightly there. He pushed up into me, and this time my mouth did come off of his because I was opening it so widely. My head wouldn't tilt far back, but I did move it against the door, as I arched my back at the feel of him. I held tightly to his large shoulders.

He felt like he was plunging me wide, and I felt a surge of an orgasm rush over me. He was incredibly thick and I shook on him. He moved me up and down, and I grunted like I never had. It was like he was stuffing himself into me, and I already felt filled by him.

I held onto his shoulders and I cried out. I jerked my face forward, and I felt my hair swoop into his face. He had me bobbing up and down on him, and I orgasmed again at the power of how he was taking me. My back slid up and down against the door and he pumped at me. I tried to brace myself some, but it felt like it wasn't any use. Ben was thrusting into me hard.

I started panting and groaning to where it was like I was hearing someone else. My legs tried to stay tight to him. I was scared to lose any grip of him. Soon, he was grunting as well, and I could tell he was close. He gave a few hard thrusts and then he held me to him. I sensed his hips quivering and I could feel a kicking of him deep inside of me. The thought of Ben releasing into me sent me over the edge yet again. I moaned and clung to him.

For a couple of moments, we just panted in each other's arms. I was still propped to the door and he was holding me upward. I felt him kissing at my neck, and I brought my mouth to where he could kiss me directly.

He slowly eased me down, and he withdrew from me. I felt wetness and slickness coat between my legs and inch down my thighs. I nervously adjusted my panties from the bunch on one side to where they would cover me there again. My skirt looked irreparable.

We tried to compose ourselves, but it was like we both knew we had been inside the small bathroom much too long. He opened the door and he walked us out. A small gathering of people had collected right outside, and they openly stared at us as we came out. I felt mortified. He took me by the hand and led me away.

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