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Backdoor Bang


Copyright Neonurotic, August 2011

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


Late Sunday afternoon at my Lake Peate camp in the bogs, I sat in a deck chair watching her below, sunning herself on the dock. I'd been downing icy-cold Mexican beer without the lime one after the other. Without limes, because I couldn't be bothered with them even though I had them on the cutting board. That's right; I was that lazy and it was all because it had been one mother of a hot day. It was going to be a ball-sticking sweltering night too. Summers in the bogs were always like that, a person had to be born here in order not to boil red like crayfish in a pot.

The beer drinking hadn't been the only thing occupying my mind; the girl on the dock with the longest, sexiest tawny legs I've ever seen kept me half-mast in the shorts all day with every subtle move. While she baked face down in the sun, I could see that those stems reached high to a tight, little, round ass. It kept me mesmerized as she flexed occasionally and relaxed. Though I coveted the back view, her front inspired a stone hard erection as well, with those legs leading to flared hips, a narrow waist then natural round tits that were larger than a mouthful. I hated fake tits; I'd rather smaller ones than silicon any day. Her tan lines would be obvious since I never saw her un-tie her bikini straps the entire time she was toasting.


Stark white lines were hotter than an all-over tan–or so I thought, as my imagination had licked every sexy inch of her. With hooded eyes, I stared then unexpectedly; she sat up, looked over to me, and flashed a brilliant smile. She removed her large brimmed hat and let red hair spill out where it cascaded down her shoulders in a flaming wave. I swallowed. Nice asses and redheads were my weakness.

"You're Dylan, right?" she asked.

Taken aback that she knew my name, I choked on my beer because I thought I'd been sly with my peeping. "That's right." I managed to say, hoping that I didn't look like a total moron. "Hmm, you know me, so who are you?"

"Why baby, I thought you knew me inside-out by now, the way you were staring, burnin' holes into me!"

I grinned; not remotely embarrassed now that she caught me ogling her. "Well, all that skin gave me reason, y'know. Wanna come on up?" I indicated the deck I was on, trying to be smooth, playing like I could care less if she did or not. "I've got a few more long necks. I'll cut you a lime and that's something for me to offer since I don't like em' myself."

"Then why do you have the limes then, silly?"

Shrugging, I sipped my beer, "Haven't the foggiest."

The redhead was obviously a local with her accent, though I hadn't seen her around. If I had, I'd been all over her. I wondered where she'd been hiding in the bogs, she must have been visiting family, living in the city since I knew everyone and everyone's business–not that I was a nosy bastard or anything, it was just that small of a community. Wherever she was from, I thought I was lucky to have found myself in the company of such a fine-ass looking girl. She got up from her towel and rinsed her toes in the lake, gathered her things and came up the steps. I tried to stand, but sat right back down hard in the chair. It turned out that I was drunker than I originally thought. She laughed at my clumsiness.

"Hmmm," she gave me a sexy lopsided grin. "I best not let you mess with that lime cuttin'. You're likely to slice your thumb clean off."

The redhead put her things down, and walked past me. The smell of exotic coconuts floated in her wake. She cut her own lime, opened the beer, and shoved it down the neck of the bottle with her thumb and turned over the bottle to get the limejuice to mingle with the Mexican beer. She flipped the bottle upright again, spraying both her and me a little. She smirked and took a long swallow. I realized she still hadn't told me her name, not that it was really important.

"Mmm, yummy," she eyed me rather than the beer and swiped the beer spill off her chest with a finger, which she popped into my mouth. "Delish?"

An aroused kick bumped the fly of my shorts, as I tasted beer, salt and coconuts then lastly her skin, which had me groaning. I couldn't wait to bite into her ass as I knew how this scene was going to play out. She took off her bikini top and finally revealed her amazing natural tits I'd being gawking at all day. They were heavy with dark pink, puffy nipples and they caused me pain, as I was torn between sinking my teeth into them or her delicious bubble butt.

"Dylan, just what were you thinkin' about when you were staring at me, huh? Something dirty, eh? Got you horny, didn't I?

The redhead sat down on my lap facing me. She was bold and I liked that because reality was turning out to be much better than any of the drunken fantasies I had of her earlier. I leaned forward to kiss her, but she pushed me back into my chair with her body pressed to mine. She kissed me hot and hard, invaded my mouth and I thrust back, aching for something more than tongues as she had me so damned turned on that my cock pounded.

"Oh honey, I violated you all right," I croaked, fumbling with my fly. "A thousand times upside-down and side-ways."

"Uh-huh, let me help you with that," she unzipped me.

Not likely to be ignored any longer; my cock sprang out from the confines of rough cotton shorts to smooth female thighs. She pushed back a side of the crotch of her bikini and inserted a finger inside of her then swiped her girly juice across my lips and pushed her finger into my mouth. I sucked on her finger, curling my tongue around her and groaned at her flavor–musky with a hint of sweet. Her hand wrapped around my dick and her small fist pumped up and down while her other hand wandered down between us then cupped my balls. She lightly rolled and fondled them at first but as my breathing became jerky, she handled me rougher.

Breathing hard, I sent my thoughts elsewhere as her hand job had me close to blowing my load before I was ready. Thankfully, she relented, or so I thought, and raised herself onto my dick easily as she was slick as I was hard. She gave a long sigh, rolled and ground her hips, drawing me into her deeply. She slid up and down my cock, making guttural sounds, which only made it more difficult to keep in control. Red hair flew back and forth; as she whipped her head around, turning more furious each time, she banged her ass against my thighs. I didn't have to do a damn thing as she was bent on achieving her goal and quickly too.

"Put the brakes on, dumbass... not yet," I bit my lip as I reached around and tugged on my scrotum, a technique that did in fact slam the brakes. "Oh, ya. Not done with you yet, honey."

The redhead sounded more animalistic than human. She panted, squealed, pushed her tits into my face and a dark pink nipple into my mouth and demanded that I bite it.

"Oh god, bite harder!"

I obliged and her girl juices gushed as soon as I did. I livened up then, I wasn't about to get off yet. No longer in my drunken haze, I stood up with her legs wrapped around my waist. With a sweep of my arm, I cleared the table of the many emptied beer bottles, knocking them to the ground with a loud clatter. Amazingly enough, they didn't shatter. The table threatened to give way as I nearly slammed her body on top with the momentum of me standing and my horny adrenaline jacked up. I didn't care if our public fucking was visible to onlookers in the dusky light; neither did she, grunting her approval of my roughness.

Mashing my hips against hers, I crushed our pelvis hard enough that it made her teeth click together. I hiked her ass high, slipped in deep and out, deliberately rubbing that infamous, elusive G-spot. She had an arm slung over her pretty, euphoric-distorted face that had imminent orgasm written all over it. She bit her own arm in crazy passion, kept saying my name over and over again.

Funny, I still didn't know hers, but frankly, I didn't care by now as long as I was doing her.

The bump and grind on the sensitive area inside of her had her squealing, though she was so slippery by now I was nearly numb to the sensation. I turned her over to get the view I really wanted. She had a tight ass that mesmerized me. Sweat gleamed on her back and quickly made a pool the base of her spine. I leaned over and licked her and grazed teeth across a peach-fuzzed butt cheek.

"Can I fuck you in the ass?" I croaked, my throat lust glazed.

"Gah ... dayum," she thrust her ass, making it a bigger, rounder target. "You can do whatever you want to me now."

"Oh, yaaa." I said under my breath, rubbing her excited slickness from her thrashed slit and twisted into her puckered hole. "Hell, that's nice. Real nice." I slid the head of my cock along the crack of her ass, where it drooled its lubricant.

The redhead hissed, "Oh fuck me in the ass, Dylan, do it now. Please, please... oh god."

With the combination of her wetness and my own oozing with each draw along her split, I got her ready. Her hole was ready for more than my thumb; it clamped down while I was busy working it, cranking it around, adding a finger. She pushed back, wanting more of what I was giving her.

The greedy slut hunched her hips; butt-fucking herself with my hand. "More, give me more!"

I removed my fingers. "More you say?" I poked an inch of my girth into her then out before I curled an arm around her slim waist and thrust all the way. "There's more, you filthy little slut. How's that?"

"Uh-uh, uh. . .ya, ya," she gave me a little piggy grunt, squealing with each upswing. "Oh, that's it baby. Just like that!"

The redhead had some great ass, much tighter than her over punished slit. It felt like a muscled sheath that throttled my dick with every drive. I was fascinated at how incredible she felt. To increase the power of my ass thrashing, I grabbed her two-handed, digging fingers into her hips and pulled her onto my erection.

"Omigod, harder," panting, she turned to look at me. "I'm going come any second, do me harder, I really want to feel it!"

"I'll give you a pounding all right," I barked a laugh, though it was difficult, with the air I dragged into my lungs scorching my throat with every breath.

Smirking wickedly, I gave one cheek an open-palm slap and fucked frantically, almost pushing her off the table. She didn't complain, she liked it and squealed as she met my battering. Several spank-thrusts later, she was flaming hot.

"Oooh, I'm gonna–" The redhead's ass contracted hard, as she moaned something unintelligible.

The heat off her ass came in waves against my stomach as I leaned over her back. "Dammit, me too." I bit her on one shoulder blade. She bucked and twisted beneath me, allowing different angles of her incredible ass.

The redhead didn't quite hear me, but she moaned in agreement. So close to orgasm, I buried deeper and lifted her with each forward draw. She made it harder on me too by flexing her super toned ass. The more she contracted, the more force I put into fucking her fine ass. Then suddenly, the pleasure's intensity hit its peak. The evil slut reached back with one hand and lightly teased my balls with her fingernails. We fucked like mad for a minute more until crazy babble burst out of me.

"Ahh, jeezus fuck, ya..."

With that tickling trick of hers, I pulled back suddenly and spurt over her plump, peachy rump. My load came in jerky spurts and with the last spasm; I knocked her flat onto the table, which, unable to take our combined weight, finally collapsed beneath us in loud, sharp snap that echoed through the bog. We both laughed as I rolled over onto my back and saw stars in the literal sense. We had been going at it, not noticing the moon had risen, and long enough that I was no longer drunk. I lay there, pleasantly pulsing, dick wet, catching a cool breeze that made me shiver out of refreshing delight and I dried with crusty ejaculate.

"Are you still alive?" I nudged her.

"Mmm," she turned over slightly wincing, rubbing her ass from my fucking and the sharp edges of the broken table. "Still deciding."

I got up and helped her too. Finding my legs were difficult from the excellent fucking and I fell back into my lounger, heavily breathing, heart thumping, and cock still throbbing. I smiled a sly smile as she grabbed her towel and wiped my spunk off her ass. She slipped back into her little cotton dress.

"Thanks Dylan," she coyly smiled, "You were magnificent, and the first great straight lay I've had in a long while."

The comment she made of the 'straight lay' did not fall on deaf ears, thinking to myself that my roommate, a lipstick lesbian, would take great pleasure in her also, "Bi? My roommate and you would get along just as well as we did." I chuckled, finding a beer on the deck rail and polished off the remainder of her drink with lime.

"Funny, that's what she said about you." she laughed.

"H-huh, wh-what?" I stupidly sputtered.

Leaning over to me, she whispered into my ear, "That's how I knew your name, silly," she licked the outer edge of my ear. "Alisha knows I am bi and she knew you couldn't resist me, that you'd get off on the bisexual-lesbian twist."

I was taken a bit off kilter, but was rather amused by my roomy's and her girlfriend's idea of fun with me. "Ya, something of a fetish slash obsession of mine to fuck a girl that Alisha, a.k.a, Lish the Dish has done."

We both shared a dirty little laugh at that. She picked up her stuff, gave me a quick kiss, pressed a card into my hand, and disappeared into the night. Soon after she left, my mobile phone rang. I answered, already knowing who it was before even hearing her voice.

"Hey there." Lish knowingly purred.

"I liked her, Lish." I said with an audible smile plastered across my mug.

"I knew you would because you can't resist a leggy chick with a tight ass anymore than I can."

"You know me all too well. Thanks for sharing."

"That's the first and last time I'll share. Dylan, you do know that it was a joke don't you?" She paused, "I won't be sharing again."

"Oh really." I stated, not really asking.

"Well yes," her confidence wavered.

I looked at the card the girl had given me before she left. Her name was Abby and I now had her phone number as well as an address to continue this sharing joke of Lish's.

Grinning, I said, "Abby left me her calling card."

Lish inhaled sharply, sounding shocked at the other end of the line. 'Grrr' is all she replied in response.

Lish didn't have to say anything more. I could tell I wasn't supposed to even know Abby's name. "I'll be home in a couple more days. If you want to know where your girl is, just call over here."

I pushed 'end' on my mobile, smiled, satisfied with myself and went into the cabin for a good night's sleep, sure to dream of Abby, a little tasty something-something from my roomy.


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