tagSci-Fi & FantasyBattle of the Star Beast Ch. 02

Battle of the Star Beast Ch. 02


Life was too much to carry on. Too lonely, too heavy and too painful to carry on alone. Sara leaned back against the tree she had chosen. It was the biggest tree for five states. Sara felt as if she was floating on a cloud. All the pain had washed away. She had trouble even remembering why she was here now. She just thought about being with her babies again and her husband. Just as the world started to go black she heard a loud voice in her head. "Just what do you think your doing child!"

Sara lifted her head slowly. She had no choice. The voice was compelling and she had to look up. It took all of her remaining concentration to look up. Before her stood a beguiling sight. There standing with her feet not touching the ground and surrounded by a nimbus of light was a woman of elder years. She had to be eighty, at a minimum. She was dressed in clothes out of the last century. Her hair was white as snow and flowed down her back to her knees. "Oh wow, are you a ghost?"

"No! I am a guide! Now listen closely to me."

Sara yawned and replied, "I don't think so. Right now all I want to do is sleep. Talk to me later"

"Sara! Listen! Listen! You must listen to me. Pull energy from the earth Sara. Please, it's not your time yet."

"Why...... I don't want to."

"Sara Jane Milton you listen to me right now!" Sara just mumbled. The elderly woman reached out and pushed. This push rocked Sara's head like a slap. She kept up the push-slaps until Sara became more alert. Then she whispered in Sara's ear a continuous stream words and somehow got the young woman to access the power around her and to wash the drugs out of her system. She then allowed the woman to fall into a natural sleep.

"You can come out now, she's asleep."

Out of one the surrounding trees stepped a tall thin figure. He was dressed in a tunic and a flowing pair of pants. "Mother are you sure this is a good idea. What if she isn't the one foretold?"

"Then we'll just have to kept looking. Don't worry she's the one."

"How do you know?"

"Her aura is the one we've been watching for."

He crouched down next to the young woman. Reaching out he brushed her hair back from her brow and concentrated. After a moment he looked back up at his mistress, "You're right as usual. This young one needs to be trained in her gift. I just hope that you can prepare her for her destiny."

"You do your job and I will do mine, elf."

Grabbing Sara's arms he hoisted her over his shoulder and walked back into the trees.


Opening her eyes Sara expected to see the stucco ceiling over her bed. Instead she saw a low wavy ceiling of wood. This was obviously not her bedroom. "Think Sara," she said to herself. "Just where are you and how did you get here. Hmm, lets see. I remember taking the pills and then what? Some woman's voice. What did she say to me? Better yet what did she do? This certainly doesn't look like the afterlife."

Sara sat up and looked around. She felt the bed beneath her and the material of the clothing she was dressed in. In fact she took a good look at the outfit she was wearing. These were not the clothes she had been wearing when she had decided to end it all. Then she had been wearing an old pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. Now she was wearing a long flowing dress made out of some soft cottony like material. Someone had changed her clothing while she was sleeping. In fact, someone had pumped her stomach. Now how had that happened? There shouldn't have been anyone within miles of her home. Funny, she now noticed that the empty feeling she had inside for the past five months was gone. All she felt was a mild sadness and a strong curiosity. Just who had saved her and why? Getting up off the bed she walked toward the doorway. As she exited the room she walked into another person. She looked up and up at one of the tallest men she had ever seen. He had tanned skin and long black hair. His eyes were the color of the sea and he could sell anything to any woman. He looked like a super model. And then she looked closer, this was not a man. This looked to be an elf. But how could it be an elf? They don't exist. They're just fairy tales. Here he was though and God, he was gorgeous. "Hello?"

"Ah, you're up. Mother Tina asked me to look in on you. How are you feeling this day Sara?"

"Um, I'm feeling fine. Just where am I?"

He stood back and gestured down the hall outside her room. "If you will just come this way, everything will be explained to you."

Sara stepped past the elf into the hall. "Just where am I going?"

"We're just going down to the main hall. There you will meet the clan."

Sara looked around as she walked. This hall was heavily carved. The carvings were of animals and plants. Images that she wished she could take a longer look at but the elf just kept going. Sara saw many doors to each side of the hallway. Some were closed but others were open. Some of the open doors were to hallways, others opened into rooms. As she walked past she could see people moving about, living their secret lives.

As they reached the end of the hallway Sara stepped into a great hall. It was a massive room. The ceiling vaulted up out of sight. Sara could see groups of beings conversing intensely. She saw many different species of people. There were elves, dwarves, trolls, giants and other species. Every legend she remembered from her childhood or had read about. Moving into the hall she was met by the woman of her dream. She was even more ethereal in person than she was in Sara's dream. "Why Sara, you are looking much better today. How do you like your accommodations?"

"They were just fine. Where am I by the way?" Sara couldn't believe how calm she was. Here she was standing next to a ghost and surrounded by legends.

"You are in your new home, Sara. My name is Mother Tina, the gentleman who brought you here is Derek Brightleaf. He will be your first guide in the training center." She turned and gestured for Sara to follow her as she walked. "You are probably very confused right now. I know that your last memory was of taking an overdose of painkillers." Looking up at Sara she turned serious for a moment, "Don't ever do that again, Sara. I know you felt that there was no reason to live but you must. You are very important for the future of many people." She then went on to explain that this hall was outside the time-space continuum. It was the place that the other races of earth went to when mankind's population exploded. Now they only went into the world to pick up humans with magic potential. Those who would be mages and healers if properly trained. Every being in this great hall was here to train some ability they had. Sara was to be introduced into a very select group of healers being trained in combat healing techniques. She then told Sara about the prophecy.

The prophecy stated that the saviors of Earth would be a woman with the hands that ease and a man from beyond. They would save the humans from themselves and the threat beyond all imaging. That peace would rein only if the Star Beast was neutralized. Somehow Sara was involved in the prophecy.

Derek spoke in his deep voice to Grandmother Tina in a language that sounded like birds singing. Sara just stood there and soaked in the music of his voice. She was so confused. Why would they want to save a childless widow in the north country of New Hampshire. These people should be living in Europe.


"And I returned from my training to find that no time had past. I was still under the tree, where it had all started. I convinced myself that it was all a dream. Life had given me a second chance so I started classes at the nearby local college and working out to rebuild the muscles and strength that I had lost during my recovery. I bought the unclaimed land next to my property and started the land reclamation project. In the five years I've lived here we have reclaimed One hundred and forty five acres of forest. Six months after I started taking classes one of the other students injured herself during a self-defense class. I didn't understand why at the time but I was drawn to her. She had mis-timed her strike and tripped, landing on her wrist. Everyone in class could hear the snap. I rushed over and took her hand in my own. Next thing I knew I had dropped into a trance and was pushing a wave of energy from myself into her wrist. Later after they took the girl to the hospital and X-rayed her wrist but they found nothing wrong with her. Everyone was amazed. But then you should have seen that in my memories."

"Some of it. The healing of the girl yes, but the rest....it's like you blanked it out of your conscious mind. That's interesting."

"Yes, it's very interesting. You would think that the snippet would give her memories more credence." This came from a third voice. Turning together Sara and Jake saw Mother Tina sitting on the rocking chair Sara had set up by the bay window in her living room.

Sara stood and leaped across the room to give her guide a warm hug and kiss. "I've missed you, Mother. It has been a long six months without your wisdom."

"Yes, child, I've missed you too." Releasing Sara from her embrace she turned her face to Jake. "Hello, visitor, it is about time you came. We were worried you would not make it here in time to fofill your part of the prophecy. Come here and let me look at you."

Jake stood up and walked slightly unsteadily toward the older woman. He wasn't sure why he felt compelled to kneel in front of this woman but he did so. "Gracious lady, I am at your service." Again Jake felt something outside himself dictating his actions. He wasn't sure he liked the feeling. Mother Tina placed her hand on his head in benediction.

Pay attention, young man. You have been brought here to insure that Sara places her part in an age old prophecy. You are to be the protector. I know that your Telia told you that you had a great destiny ahead of you. He was correct. Your destiny is by Sara's side. You will protect her until she must make the decision on which hinges the fate of two worlds. She has much to work through and many challenges to overcome. In the process you each will grow into your full potential. If you both live that is.

Madame what is this prophecy? My master never told me about it. He only told me that I would someday meet the woman for who I was born. Is this woman Sara?

Nodding to Jake, Mother Tina spoke aloud."I know you are confused, young man, but in time all will become clear to you. Just stay close to your savior here. She has a destiny that no matter how much she denies it, is very important. You are part of her destiny and she is part of yours." With that piece of confusion imparted she faded from sight. Sara and Jake looked at each other and then away. It was very confusing and in Sara's case very infuriating. She had no wish to be involved in the destiny of two worlds. She just wished to live her life, breed horses and save the woodlands. And maybe get to know this handsome stranger.

By this time it was getting late. Sara stood up, smoothing her jeans. "Are you hungry?" Pause, "I'm not sure what to feed you."

Jake stood up slowly. He was still stiff from his newly repaired injuries. Also he was a bit stunned by the touch of Mother Tina. He didn't know what to do with the information she had imparted to him telepathically during her "benediction". "I believe I can eat what ever you do. Don't do anything special." He seemed about to say something else but he subsided. He followed Sara out of the living room into the house's rustic kitchen. Sitting down at the table he asked Sara if there was anything he could do to help.

Poking her head into the refrigerator Sara rummaged around pulling out a series of containers. Handing these to Jake she told him to open them as she got out plates. Placing the contents on the plates she microwaved each plate. Jake's stomach rumbled at the enticing but unfamiliar odors he could smell. Sara continued to putter about the kitchen taking out placemats, glasses and flatware and arranging them on the table. Humming quietly to herself she pulled their dinner out of the microwave. "I hope poultry won't harm you."


"You know, bird."

For the first time Sara realized that English was probably not Jake's first language. He seemed to understand everything so far so she just went on as if he was born here. "Umm... Jake are you speaking your own language?"

Tilting his head, he grinned. Sara obviously was a bit nervous with her guest. "Your language is very close to that I speak. There seems to be some words you have that I don't. Probably just language drift. Most human races speak a variation of the same language out in space. With my translator, " he tapped behind his ear, "I can easily understand you."

Tasting a bite of the meal he smiled and nodded his appreciation of the subtle flavors.

Sara was glad that she had someone to eat with. It had been a long time since she had company for dinner. Especially a handsome male dinner companion.

"So tell me about your family Jake. You know more about mine than I do about yours."

Jake took a deep breath and launched into a series of funny stories about his friends and family members. He was the youngest of a large family group. Although orphaned at a very young age, he had been adopted into a large clan. In this family he had grown up surrounded by love and energy. Only he hadn't quite fit into his adopted family. Where they were people of the land, he longed for the stars. As soon as he was old enough he ran away to the Star Academy. There he made many friends and found and aptitude for flying the small long range scout ships. He liked to spend time alone. Something that was never in abundance at his home. He quickly rose through the ranks of the Space Rangers, reaching the rank of Captain at the unheard of age of 23. Soon after reaching that rank he was given a month's leave to visit his family. It was on this leave that he met his Telia. His teacher. Jake had been lazing about a lakeside when he met the strangest being. A tiny, little man. They struck up a conversion and talked into the night. By the following morning Jake had accepted that he would be training with this man. He took a leave of absence from the Rangers and settled in for serious training. He had three years of training with his master before the old man past on.

He returned to the Rangers and took what ever missions that were sent his way. Now two years after his Telia's death he was eating dinner with a beautiful young woman on a planet that did not yet have serious space travel.

Sara realized that she had here the best type of dinner guest. The funny and articulate type. They continued to talk into the wee hours of the morning. It was nearing 3:00 A.M. when Sara ran out of things to say. She found herself yawning more and more. Looking at the clock she was surprised to see it was so late. Usually she was in bed by Midnight the latest. Suddenly she was self-conscious again. It was time to go to sleep. Rising from the table she asked Jake if he was tired.

"Now that you mention it I am." He smiled up at Sara's nervousness. "Why don't you make up that bed you had me on earlier. It was very comfortable. Unless of course that is your bed. I can sleep on the floor just as easily."

Blushing, Sara giggled. "No, I sleep in the bedroom. If you'll just gift me a few minutes I'll get you some bedding. If you'll follow me I'll show you were you can wash up."

Jake followed Sara through the living room into the bedroom. This room was furnished much like the rest of the house. The colors were in shades of blue, brown and green. All the furniture seemed to be made of wood. Jake was amazed at just how expensive these furnishings would be on his home planet. Here wood must be more plentiful. Sara showed him how to operate the shower and left towels and a robe out for him. Leaving him to get cleaned up she got sheets, blankets and a pillow out of her linen closet and made up the day bed. She wasn't sure just how comfortable she would be having a very cute guy sleeping on her couch. She blushed when she realized that Jake would have nothing to wear to bed. Maybe she should have left out a pair of her sweats for him.

While she was daydreaming about his fine body and the possibilities of having a man around again Jake came out of her room toweling his hair. Luckily for Sara's sense of mind he had put the robe on before leaving the bathroom. He smiled as he saw her blushing. He was a healthy young male and could easily figure out what was running through Sara's mind. Lucky for her that he was also a gentleman and would not take advantage of the situation he was in. "That bed looks very comfortable. Thanks. See you in the morning." He quickly decided that since she had been thinking the way she obviously was that he would take advantage, just a little. He stepped forward and planted a light kiss on Sara's lips. Turning he swept his arm out to gesture for her to leave. Sara gasped and rushed into her bedroom. Jake chuckled. It looked as if he may just have a good time after all. He lay down and relaxed himself in preparation for sleep. He entered into the trance he used to record everything in his mind of the past day and to enter the overworld. As easy as breathing he stepped out of his body. Here he found his Telia.

Master, Jake said kneeling before the elderly being. It has been too long since I last talked with you.

Yes my son, I have missed you too. Tell me about this place you find yourself. Jake explained everything that had happened to him on this day. With a little trepidation he told his master about Mother Tina and his actions just before going to bed.

Mother Tina is known to us here. She is a monitor. Though she is tied to the world you are now on she has much power. I have talked to her in the past and will talk to her again when I am done with you tonight. On the matter of the young woman. Know this, she is the one I told you would come. Protect her and in time you may find that your relationship will grow. Just go gently with her. She has closed herself off to close relationships. She has a great fear of loving and losing again but it is necessary for her to learn to love if she is to fill her destiny. He paused and placed a hand on Jake's arm. You will teach her this and she will teach you in turn. Go slowly and gently with her. If you 'blow' this the fate of more than her world is at stake.

So, she is the one I have been waiting for. Jake looked down, rubbing his chin. Master, am I really ready for this? Sara is a delicate creature. I tend to be bit casual with my lovers. I don't wish to hurt her. Pausing Jake looked up and his jaw firmed. In fact, I feel like protecting her already. He looked at his master searchingly. Is this your doing, Master?

No, my son, this is the doing of your heart. It knows what you really need more than your mind does. Soon you will find that you have grown up. At this he chuckled. Now you must go to sleep. Tomorrow you have much work to do. With that said Jake's Telia waved his hand in the dismissal. Jake felt himself drawn back into his body. But Master,

"What work?" Jake mumbled as he settled into sleep. The morning would have to be the answer to that question.


To be continued

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