tagSci-Fi & FantasyBattle of the Star Beast Ch. 03

Battle of the Star Beast Ch. 03


Sara rushed into her bedroom and closed the door. How could Jake have done that? Kissing her and then sending her out like some type of lord and his servant. "Well, I'll just show him. In the morning he can get his own breakfast and then I'll just tell him to sleep out in his ship."

Sara, your being a bit childish, aren't you?

Sara spun around. She gasped as she saw who it was. "Derek what are you doing here?" she whispered fiercely. "I haven't seen you in over a year."

Mind send little sister, we don't want to disturb your house guest now do we?

Why not! The nerve of him, kissing me like that!

Well, what did you expect. Standing there, thinking about his body. He must have picked up your thoughts all the way in the bathroom. Really Sara, I thought I trained you better than that.

Feeling ashamed Sara nodded. I know guider, but I have been alone for quite awhile. I forgot to shield my thoughts.

No harm done, little one. He is, after all, the one destined to be your mate.


Oh, didn't we tell you? He lifted a slanted brow. If you and this Jake Starfox complete your duty, you two will live together in love and trust. He pontificated.

Your kidding! My future lifemate is to be some Spaceman and I have no say in the matter!

"You have all the say in the matter. Jake has been told by his Telia that he must follow your lead. Be careful with this one Mylia. He is a very special being. He has the power to destroy the Eater of Worlds. He will protect you with his very being. Do not let him to spend it. He is necessary to the prophecy and to your future happiness." She looked down stubbornly. She hated being told the future and didn't want to know her part in it. Life was difficult enough without knowing that you would have to be a part of saving the world. I know it is hard to believe now but you will grow to care for each other very quickly. You are very much alike. Derek sent with a mental caress. He didn't want his favorite student to shy away from her destiny. He knew just how deerlike her responses could be. She had shied away from almost every test if she was given time to think. She was best in those times when she must do without a chance to debate.

Sara had calmed down during Derek's speech. She realized that the reason she responded so harshly to what he was saying was because she wanted it to be true. It had been too long since she had been with a man. A year was a long dry spell. Derek himself had been her last lover. If he was telling her that Jake was her destiny she should believe him. He was her teacher and a good friend. His people knew all about destiny and destined lovers. Derek had found his destined love.

Her name was Loranna Silverspear. She was a fighter of great renown, beautiful and caring. She had showed up on Earth just after Derek had gone on his great quest. She had appeared in Sara's living room with Derek slung over her shoulder. She brought him to be healed by the strongest healer in the distance she could 'port. Now she was one of Sara's best friends.

I understand, guider. She nodded, keeping her eyes down. You are right, as usual. I'm being just a bit of a bitch aren't I?

It's understandable. He took a good look at his friend, she was very tense. You need some release, love. Derek walked up and put his arms around Sara. Have you had any loving at all, Mylia, since I left you? When she shook her head he tilted her chin up and kissed her deeply. Sara pushed at his chest with a deep breath.

Carmia, you have Loranna now. You shouldn't be making time with her best friend.

Well, He chuckled, Loranna is the one who sent me to you. She wanted to have me bring you this. Derek released Sara and turned toward the window. Reaching into the air he pulled out a crystal. Sara was surprised. She had not known that Derek had mastered translocation. He turned back to Sara and handed the crystal to her. You activate it by breathing on it, he told her.

Sara brought the rare elven message crystal to her face and breathed on it. Just above the crystal formed an image of the perfect female elfin warrior. Sara felt sadness at the time that had past since she had last seen her friend. Then the image spoke.

"Hello, my friend. It has been too long since we last spoke. I have sent Derek with this crystal to let you know our news. I'm not sure how to tell you this, after your history." The figure paused in indecision, chewing her lip. It took a deep breath and started again. "Derek has told me it would be best to just blurt it out. So here goes. Derek and I will become parents next year." Sara gasped with pleasure and looked up at Derek to confirm what she had heard. Derek smiled and nodded. "I'm not sure just how much about elves you know but Derek tells me that you may not know this." The image went on to tell Sara that Loranna was returning to her home world to bear and deliver her child. She could not carry a child safely to term in the continuum that Sara had lived in with her. So, you know my Derek and you know the elven birth customs. Please let Derek stay with you. I know that you to have been lovers in the past and I wish you to use Derek in any way you need to. Time will bring you a new love. This I know but my sight shows you in Derek's arms again before you can be with your new love. Work out all of your problems on Derek. I really think that he needs your touch to settle down to fatherhood. I ask you to fill in as my sister would at this time. For it will be along time before I can take him to my bed again and you know how randy he is. I love and miss you. Please take care of my love and let him take care of you. Good-bye dear Mylia and I will see you at the christening of my child. May the winds carry you home." With the traditional parting Loranna's image faded.

Sara looked up with tears of happiness in her eyes. Oh, Carmia, how wonderful. You are to be a parent. I know how rare it is that two elves can come together and have a child. To find that you will be a parent so soon, it must be a miracle.

Wrapping his arms about Sara once more he sent gently to her, You know that it was no miracle, just your fine healing touch. You gave us the chance that so few have. Both of us care deeply about you Mylia. Please, let me show you just how much. He looked longingly into her eyes. A shiver played down Sara's spine. She remembered just how good making love to an elf could be. Never mind that Derek shared her empathic talents. Not to the same degree, just enough to make loving a total experience. We can even set up a silence shield so as not to bother your guest. Sara gazed at him for a moment and then gave in and nodded. She just couldn't find a good enough reason to deny herself the pleasure of lying in Derek's arms. She just promised herself that it would only be this one time. If everyone was right the man sleeping on her couch was to be her one true love. After this night she probably wouldn't have time for loving again. Derek's arrival always heralded lots of work.

Put up the shield, love. She smiled, she stood on her toes and reached up, pulling his head down so that she could kiss him deeply. There were times that being 5'2" was a real drag. Derek raised the privacy shield with a trained flick of the hand. Then he got down to serious business. He had found that of all his lover's before Loranna, Sara was his favorite. She was the gentlest person he knew. Loving with her was always worth the time.

Derek picked her up and laid her down on the bed. Sara stretched her arms above her head making her breasts lift and push tightly against her blouse. His eyes played over the portion of her flesh exposed as it rode up. Derek sat down next to her on the bed and reached down to unbutton her shirt.

AH, some of my favorite things. He traced a finger down her left breast to her nipple. Running the tip around in circles he took a deep breath himself. He could feel the tension in Sara as she became aroused. There was an answering tension in himself. He continued to trace designs on her torso prolonging the moment. Sara brought her arms down and laid her hand on his thigh. She held the other hand up to invite him to lie down next to her. He bent down and took her nipple into his mouth. Sara arched her body up and wrapped her fingers into his hair, pulling his head closer to her body. She slid her free hand higher up his thigh until she touched the bulge resting there. She felt him inhale and looked into his eyes as he raised his head. He was more in need of this than she was. That she couldn't understand at first. Then she remembered that Elves did not make love once they knew that a child was on the way. She also remembered when she had speeded up the naturally slow sex drive of her friends. Although Elves made love all the time for affection the drive to reproduce was low. Speeding it up must have also flowed over into his everyday life. She had planned on the urge going away when he knew he was to be a father. Well, after this evening she would fix his drives back to normal. A Derek with the drive of a human male was just too much of a good thing. But for now she was going to enjoy it.

Sara pulled his head up so that she could kiss him and then flipped him onto his back. With a growl she sat on his hips. Slowly, sexily she slid off her blouse and stretched once again. Next she grabbed the bottom of his tunic and slid it up his torso raining little bites on his stomach and chest. He sat up and allowed her to pull it over his head. Then he wrapped his arms about her and kissed her deeply once again. Their breath was coming hard and fast. Sara ground her pelvis into Derek's, rocking back and forth in a rhythm as old as time. They each fumbled at the waist of the other's pants. In time their clothing ended up on the floor and they pressed closely together, hands roving everywhere. Soon they were laying together side by side. Derek slid his hand to cup Sara's backside. He pulled her closer and turned her onto her back. Rising up he prepared to enter her slowly but Sara didn't want that and thrust her hips up, engulfing him inside herself. They rode each other to a quick climax. They continued to make love for the hours left before sunrise. Just as the sun rose they each rose into the highest peak and over the edge. They each called out a name as they did so. Sara expected Derek to call out Loranna's name but she had not expected to call out the name she did. As she fell asleep she realized that she called out Jake's name.

When she awoke six hours later, she awoke alone. Derek must have left the way he came. Sara stretched, feeling pleasantly sore from her exertions last night. She hoped that Jake was still asleep. Listening, she could hear someone moving around outside her bedroom door. Derek must have taken down the privacy shield when he left. Too bad she couldn't wake up next to him but it was for the best. Derek was always frisky in the morning. She knew that he would be back to help her with getting Jake acclimated to her world. She would have to take him aside and remove the enhancement to his sex drive.

Sara went into her bathroom and took a quick shower. After she toweled off she stepped out of the bathroom to find that Jake had come in and made her bed. She walked over and picked up a bunch of wildflowers that had been placed on her pillow. She inhaled the scent and smiled. Quickly she dressed and entered the living room carrying the flowers. "Jake, thank you for the flowers," Sara started to say. She stopped in her tracks as she saw Derek lounging on the couch. She didn't see Jake. Derek, where's Jake?

"He's gone out to his vehicle to get his things. Seems he has some clothing and other equipment he needs on board." Derek got up and walked over to Sara, planting a light kiss on her forehead, he laughed at her expression.

"You talked to him? I thought you went back home. You didn't come out here and wake him up did you?" Sara looked at him suspiciously.

"No love, I didn't walk out here after you fell asleep. For one thing I was just a wee bit tired myself. I grabbed some sleep, then went home and changed. For another, I don't think it would be wise to make your future mate jealous, do you?"

"Oh, you. Don't you play with me." She slapped at the hand he snuck out to pinch her behind. "When did you show back up? And was it you who left these?"

"My, my, touchy this morning aren't you? No, it wasn't me who left you the little bouquet and I left your lovely presence about three hours ago and re-entered the house through the front door. You'll be glad to know that your Ranger friend had no trouble accepting my race. Seems there are Elves in space. You've got a good man there. We spent some time talking this morning. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders. He's a keeper." He walked over to the bay window, looking outside. "You seem to have something else on your

mind. What is it love?"

Taking a deep breath Sara said, "Derek do you remember when I supercharged you and Loranna?"


"Well, part of the spell was that it was supposed to cancel when you conceived." Looking at Derek sidelong she continued. "Last night was proof that it didn't cancel out. I need to correct that, love."

Derek looked insulted at first but then he broke out laughing. He had to admit that he was a bit surprised at the ferocity of his lovemaking last night. Usually he was a more considerate lover. Last night he surpassed himself. He could hold back his climax for hours when he put his mind to it. But last night he had real trouble with that part. He must have climaxed six times. Luckily he still had enough control to insure that Sara did also. It was an exhausting but pleasurable night.

"Go ahead lover, do your thing." Derek returned to the couch. He stretched out so that Sara could run her hands over his body. He would miss the passion of last night but he knew that he was still a good lover. He didn't need the intensity of their lovemaking last night to satisfy a woman. His technique was all he needed.

Sara kneeled down next to the couch and concentrated. Running her hands lightly over his body she released the knots of power she found tied to his sexual potency. In all this was much easier than anything else she had done. Just releasing the energy made her feel charged.

While she was in the middle of doing this Jake returned from his trip outside. He wasn't sure just how he felt see her hands on the handsome elf he met this morning. Taking a longer look at the tableau in front of him he realized that Sara was using her healing gift on the elf. Why, he had no idea. The elf seemed fine earlier. Maybe he pulled a muscle or something. Not wanting to disturb her concentration he quietly closed the door and eased his gear to the floor. After a moment Sara broke her concentration herself with a laugh and looked up into Jake's eyes. Her own eyes where sparkling with excess energy and the look she gave him could easily be interpreted as a come on. Jake quickly lowered his eyes. He knew that a healer using her gifts on a healthy person would quite often be aroused afterwards. He also knew that she was close friends with the elf. Maybe he should take a walk and let them work off the excess energy she now had. That wasn't to be. She got up from her place on the floor and walked toward him with a smile on her face.

"Hello, Jake. How'd you sleep last night?"

"Fine, thank you."

"Have you had a chance to eat yet? I feel hollow right about now."

"Actually, I ate about two hours ago. You seemed to be really out of it when I looked in on you so I went ahead and ate some of the fruit you had out on the table. I hope that was all right."

"Oh, yes, that was just fine," Sara said with a side long look at Derek. She was glad that it was only two hours ago. Earlier and he would have found Derek in her bed. That would not have been a good idea.

"Well, give me a couple of minutes to fill up, I'll show you were you can put your gear." Turning to Derek, "You, I want to stay out of trouble, OK?"

Derek bowed mockingly . "What ever you say, O divine inspired one. Your wish is my command"

Sara gave Derek a sour look and went into the kitchen to get her breakfast. The two males looked at each other and smiled. Jake picked up his gear and brought it over to the daybed. He sat down and started to go through his things. Derek smiled at the young man before him. He had caught the emotions and thoughts flowing through Jake's mind while Sara was working at releasing her spell. It was good to know that there was attraction on both sides of the matter. His job was to keep these two together and to help that attraction to grow into a firm attachment. Sara knew most of the prophecy but she did not know that the elves did not follow the commonly held belief that the prophecy stopped at the defeat of the Star Beast. Sara and Jake were to have a child who would bring the planet and it's aligned sphere's into the society of the galaxy. Well, I'll see what I can do about getting the two of them together. Just not too soon. She needed to work out a few problems she had first. She needed to learn to give her heart again. She loved people, like himself, but in a way that held back a part of herself. She never allowed anyone to get to close. You could hold her body but never her soul. It was important that she loved Jake with no reservations. Otherwise they would not have the child that all of Elf kind knew was needed.


To be continued

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