tagSci-Fi & FantasyBattle of the Star Beast Ch. 04

Battle of the Star Beast Ch. 04


In the kitchen Sara leaned her head against the cabinet above her head. She could see that having two handsome, virile men in her house was going to be a challenge. She could feel the energy flowing between the two of them. They were unconsciously vying for position and she was sure they each wanted her. She was sure that even Derek with his hundreds of years of experience didn't realize that he was acting like a young boy. It was very good that she removed the spell on him or the tension might have gotten out of hand. Derek was a good friend but Sara knew that no matter how much he loved his wife he would always want the heart of every woman he ever made love to.

And why not, they had been lovers for a long time before Loranna had shown up on the scene. She wasn't sure how she was going to deal with them but she knew she would have to. Derek was here for a reason and last night wasn't it. It was a nice bonus but if sex was all he was after he wouldn't have returned this morning. That meant that something big was going down. Her talents would be needed again.

The last time Derek showed up he dragged her into the aftermath of a great battle. She spent everything inside herself to heal the elves of Loranna's land. There had been a terrible battle and she couldn't save many but with Derek's help more had survived than had a chance to if she hadn't been there. She wondered if Jake was as good at channeling as the elf was. Now that would be an interesting competition. Seeing who could feed her the most energy during a crises. She would love that. The distraction they were right now wouldn't matter during some crises.

She couldn't help but wonder just what it would have been like to have Jake in her bed last night instead of Derek. She stood daydreaming for a few minutes before she realized just how far her thoughts had gone. She didn't even know the man and here she was contemplating jumping him in her living room. Derek would certainly not stop her if she did. He'd either cheer them on or join in. Pulling her thoughts back she vowed to take a long cold shower after dealing with a healthy body in a healing trance. All that sexual energy she released from Derek was going to cause some strange reactions by her body if she wasn't careful. She didn't want to wake up in the middle of a pile of naked bodies. No matter how good it sounded now.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sara got her breakfast and brought it into the next room so she could talk with the men. She had just put down her plate when the phone rang. With a sigh Sara got up to answer it. It wasn't as if she could ignore it, neither of the guys knew how to use the damn thing. If it hadn't been for her breeding stable she would have it yanked out six months ago. Looking over at them and placing a finger to her lips she picked up the receiver. "White Mountain Stables, Sara Milton here."

"Sarey, its Joe Blesden. I had some visitors this morning I think you should know about."

"OK, spill it."

"I had a visit by both the FBI and the Air Force special investigations. Seems they tracked a bogie down on your property. They wanted a map on how to get out to your place. I gave 'em directions. They left about ten minutes ago. Should make it to your place in about an hour. So if you've got any 'visitors' there tell them to clear out, OK?"

"What do you mean? 'Visitors'?" She teased. Joe was in on the fact that Sara had visitors who weren't quite human. He had been visiting the last time an elf had shown up needing Sara's healing touch. He had dealt with it much better than his redneck he-man exterior led you to believe. He always gave her notice if anyone was coming up her way. Just so her friends could go out and hide or whatever. "Thanks for the call Joe, I was just out working on the stock. Look they can come up here but I haven't seen anything. Did they tell you what their bogie was?"

"No, just that some piece of space junk had come down last night. Well, just letting you know your going to have company. See you at the church potluck next week?"

"We'll see. I've got to go. If I'm going to have company I'll need to put my beauties out to pasture before they get here. I'll talk to you later chief, give my love to Phyllis and the kids. Bye."

She hung up the phone and turned to her to guests. "It seems we are to have company. Jake your ship was spotted coming down. We've got to hide it somehow. We don't need the military here camped on my doorstep." Looking up at Derek, "got any ideas?"

Before Derek could respond Jake spoke. "That won't be necessary. My ship carries a chameleon field. If anyone tries to scan it in any way it will show up as a natural formation."

"Does this include visual scanning?"

"Of course."

"Why could I see it then?"

"Because I was still inside the ship. It snaps on as I leave. Don't worry about it." Jake stood up and walked toward Sara. "Why is this a problem at all? My mission was to contact unaligned worlds and try to get them to join to Alliance." He rested his hand on her shoulder and could feel the tension filling her. Why? He asked in confusion, "Is there some problem?"

"Yes!" She turned into his touch. There was a look of concealed fear in her eyes. "These men would not let you get a word out past the fact that you weren't from earth. You would be grabbed up and taken away to some super secret base and have tests run on you. They would pump you for everything your worth and then terminate you as a security risk after they knew everything about you and your Alliance. They'd be sure to think of them as enemies." She placed her hand over his and squeezed. Jake knew that she believed her words. He looked over to Derek; did he believe this too? Derek nodded.

Jake looked amazed. His people, human also, met the first alien races with the open arms of brothers. Why wouldn't this planet's government do the same? Surely they could see the advantage of having modern space travel and the other things space civilization could give them. Shaking his head, he spoke quietly, "I don't believe it. What type of people are your world leaders?"

"World leaders?" Derek responded. He thought a moment and laughed. "You, my friend, have a lot to learn. This world is still divided into clans."

"Derek! We are not." Sara stood up quickly and stepped over to Derek. She spoke right up into his face. "We are divided into nations. Nations encompass much more than mere clans."

Derek pushed her gently back. "Come on Sara. You know what I mean. The mind set is still the same as that of the differing clans of your ancestors. They quibble over land and resources, the color of their skin and religion. I'm sure that Jake's people gave up most of that long ago."

Jake looked back and forth from one to the other. Did they really mean that? Wars over the color of someone's skin or their religion. He didn't understand. What did religion have to do with war? "Do your people fight over skin color and religions?"

"Not every nation. Religion is fought over mostly just by those in the Middle East. Religion has been a big item of debate there. The US is mostly made up of the same religion, Christians."

"Sara come on." Interrupted Derek. "There's the war in Ireland and in the old Czech republics and what about the Compound?" Derek reminded her.

Sara looked disgusted. She didn't want to talk about that idiocy. She hadn't been a Christian for many years and didn't understand the divisions within the so-called "Church of America". The government really should have stayed out of there. If people wanted to live like an armed camp and think they were the only chosen people fine; as long as they lived far away and kept to themselves. She really stayed out of the lives of most people.

"Sara, what is Derek talking about?" Jake only looked more confused. She took pity on him. She took his arm and guided him to a seat.

"All right." she sighed as she seated Jake and took as seat next to him on the couch. "Last year there was a group of religious far right living in a compound somewhere in the mid-west. I forget where." Sara gestured in dismissal. Derek snorted. Sara shot him a disgusted look. "Fine, they lived in Texas. They broke off from the Church of America and decided that they were God's chosen people. There were about 600 hundred of them. They moved onto this old commune site and set up their own schools and homes. It was much like the so-called gated communities springing up in Florida. They taught their form of hatred in the schools and the Church of America convinced people in the government that they were breaking a bunch of laws. The government sent some of their stooges into the compound and they were caught. It started a real flashfire of turmoil. The country divided over whether they had the right to arm their people and if they had the right to teach hatred in their schools. Well to make a long story short the government attacked and a lot of people were killed. Derek and his friends had to pull out the innocent children from the destruction. They now live with his people."

"Had to pull out the children? How? Surely your government didn't fire on children?"

Derek and Sara both placed their faces in their hands. Jake was surely very innocent. Didn't his people ever put children in danger?

"Yes, they did. That and more. Children can't vote. Therefore, they are expendable."

"That's. . . . . . .That's barbaric!"


"Where did you take them and how did you get them out past the men with guns? Your people aren't advanced enough to have some type of translocation device are you?

Derek answered that. "The humans don't no." He looked straight at Jake. "And it's not a device."

Jake wasn't sure how to take that so he when on with his questions. "What else goes on here?"

Derek and Sara proceeded to fill Jake in quickly on what a lousy government would do. America had one of the best in the world but it still had many faults. Things that Jake couldn't understand. He could understand evil and fighting it. He could just understand the beings that preyed on the weaker. Those they still had. No matter how good the government and life was there would always be those who preferred to not work for what they had. Those who needed to control others. Usually they were cleaned up quickly. They were definitely not in the numbers that seemed to be running rampant here and not in any real positions of power. Usually they never made it past the lower levels of government. For those who were put in the position of authority over innocent people to do the things he had been told of . . .. It was insane. What were they thinking? Didn't the people check out these 'leaders' before giving them their authority?

"Who decides who gets to be in authority here?"

"The Government, who else? We supposedly vote for them but it seems that the people who get into the offices of power here are just the ones you wouldn't want. In other countries they take power or they inherit it. Plus if you have enough money you can do anything you want." She looked close at Jake. He was starting to overload. She decided to try a different tact. "Don't you have problems with military minded fools trying to control what will and will not be believed in your world. We may have space travel but it is limited to just to the Moon. Very few other countries have even that ability. I think there are maybe four other countries. The rest just can't afford to send up space shots. This is a very crowded world. Crowd too many people in one place and you will get people fighting over just about anything. The paranoids still run much of this planet. Nothing will shake their view of a universe out to get them and a super military with secrets they could use to control the rest of this planet would make them drip with drool."

"Super military? What super military?"

"Sara means your space force or what ever you call it. Space is controlled by the Military here. Personally I have never understood the pull of space. Land is much more pleasant."

Jake sat back for a few minutes. He had to think. He had been sent out to look for other races. Races ready for contact with other species. This planet seemed to be very backwards in many ways. They would surely be no use in the problems the Alliance was having. Any new race in the Alliance had to be told of the Dark Empire and the danger it represented. Jake knew that he was selling them short. Surely there were people here who could lend their abilities to the Alliance. His teacher had said that Sara was important. And the memories he had picked up from Sara had shown that there were other people who where more concerned about destiny and the fate of innocents than in their own power. Was this planet to become a battlefield? The competing sides of the racial personalities were fighting to control the world. Which side would win? Would this world belong with the Alliance or with the dark Empire?

"There are many other races on this world Jake," interjected Derek. "They are in hiding now but I'm sure they would be willing to speak with you. They know of the prophecy and the part you are destined to play. Your alliance will have to do with out your services for a while, my young new friend."

Jake started to question that statement when Sara broke in. "We have gotten quite far off the path, guys. Derek, we can tell Jake about the prophecy and the other races of Earth after we deal with our soon to be arriving visitors." She turned to face Jake and placed a small hand on his arm. "I know we have much to talk about but do you think you could follow my lead on this? If you don't we could have lots of trouble and you would never get the explanations that you need."

Jake took a breath and looked at Sara. She was right. They had gotten far off the field. "All right Sara, I will keep my mouth shut about my mission but I expect a fuller explanation about this place I accidentally landed on." Looking at Sara was very nice. He paused to admire her lovely hair a moment, then he blinked bringing his attention back to their predicament. He thought a moment and he added, "I should be able to pass as one of you." Turning to Derek, "but I don't think our friend here would pass for a human. He is just a bit too exotic. Didn't you say that your people believe only humans live here?"

Derek just smiled. As Jake watched the pointed ears and flowing hair disappeared to be replaced by a human seeming. He made a very handsome human. "No problem."

Jake's jaw dropped. The only being he had seen who could do that was his master. Derek must be a master. How had that gotten past him? His mind powers were strong but Derek's must go well beyond his own. Derek chuckled at Jake's expression. "I'll explain later my friend. There are more things to this world than you know, young one."

Sara smiled at Jake's reaction to being called young one by someone who looked a decade younger than he did. Those two would be playing wise one back and forth if she let them. "We'll, that's taken care of, now we've got to get this place neatened up and the horses." Sara smacked her head with her palm. "Shadow, gees. I forgot all about him. The poor baby has been out all night in need of a good grooming."

Derek smiled again. "Don't worry about your horse, Sara. Rhea came out last night and took care of him and the others. She knew that you would be busy, so she decided to do you a little favor."

"How did she know?" Sara started to respond. "Wait a minute! Rhea wanted to do me a favor? She never does anyone a favor."

Derek looked a bit sheepish. "Well, you see she really wanted a good look at your stock. She's been drooling over your stock for months now. She just wasn't sure how to contact you for a look-see. You two didn't part on good terms on your last meeting. So I told her of would be visiting soon and she came right over."

"How did you know I would need help last night?"

"You know how, Sara." She nodded and gave him a light punch in the arm.

They each pitched in and got the place neatened up and then went outside to check over the horses. About the time they finished the cars started arriving. Sara was tense. She had never liked the government and now two branches were descending on her home. This was not going to be the most comfortable meeting she had had. She looked out the window and spotted the cars pulling up her driveway. "Well, now for the show." She quipped to Derek.

Two cars pulled directly up in front of the house and parked next to her Trooper. Both cars were big black sedans. Out of one-stepped two men in air force uniforms. An older man of about forty years and a younger man around Sara's age. Both had the look of military officers. Out of the other stepped what Sara always thought of as MIBS. The men in black. They were tall, dark and slightly nasty. She noticed that one of them seemed quite a bit younger than his partner. He smiled at her, not saying anything. She stood up straighter at the top of the steps. "Welcome to White Mountain Stables. How can I help you folks?"

The air force man spoke first. "Hello Mame. My name is Captain Sherman and this is my aide Lieutenant Jones. These other gentlemen are from the FBI. He gestured to first the man on the left, the older man, "Special agent Creline," and to the right, "Special agent Violt."

"Mrs. Milton we're here on federal business. If we could step inside?" This terse question came from Special agent Creline. He made it sound like she had no choice. He was putting out a lot of hostility. Like he expected this to be a bastion of criminals or something else dirty.

"If you gentlemen will come this way we can talk in the office." Sara led the men around to the side of the house. She had an office attached to the side of her home. She held the door as she ushered the men in. Derek and Jake flanked her, behind a bit and to each side, as if they were guarding her from her uninvited guests. She smiled at their attentiveness, then followed the men into her office.

Seating them around the long table she set up in this room to show clients the bloodlines of her beasts. She pulled her favorite chair over from the desk. Sitting down at the head of the table she laced her fingers together and placed her hands on the table. She looked at Derek and Jake and they took chairs to either side of her. This was not lost on her visitors. "Now gentlemen what are you here to see me about?"

The lead man in black looked at Derek and Jake. Tilting his head, he lifted an eyebrow. Sara looked back at him and raised hers. He shrugged. "We've come here today about a object sighting we had last night. There was a bogie spotted down in this area. We would like to ask you if you have seen anything?" Again he raised an eyebrow. He obviously expected her to tell him that she had seen what ever it was they were looking for. Or to tell some type of blatant lie.

"I don't know what are you talking about Agent Creline? I don't remember seeing anything last night but then I go to bed quite early. The Horses need care early in the morning and I have to get my rest. Maybe my guests saw something. They were up later than I was." She looked from one to the other. "Do you guys remember anything strange around here last night?" They both looked thoughtful and then shook their heads.

"Nothing new." Answered Jake with just a touch of humor in his voice.

"I was out last night and there didn't seem to be anything 'odd', just the crickets and birds." Derek added after a moment of thought.

Agent Creline didn't believe these three. They had to have seen something. The bogie came down not more that a half mile from here. There had been reports from her neighbors. At least a dozen calls of a UFO in the skies. These three had to have seen something. He knew that they hadn't left the ranch. The Sheriff in town said that Sara Milton only came to town once a month and that she came down a week ago to pick up her supplies. The taller of the two men had admitted to being outside last night. If he hadn't seen what ever it was he must have been doing something he shouldn't have been doing. Agent Creline looked again at Derek. Derek raised a brow in a silent challenge. Creline knew that something was going on. The thing that bothered him most was the sheriff had told him that she lived alone up here and that she rarely had guests. There should not have been any men here. They were giving her a confidence she would not have had if she had been alone. He knew the type, shy and mousy. She was a pretty thing but he bet she had no backbone of her own. Why else live up here all alone? He brought out a small notebook and flipped it open. His voice dripping with venom he spoke. "Ms Milton according to my sources you live alone up here. Could you tell me how long your 'friends' have been here?" He put the accent on friends and made it sound as if they were her customers or her comrades in something illegal. "Also, why are they are visiting?"

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