tagSci-Fi & FantasyBecca's Story Ch. 01

Becca's Story Ch. 01


"Becca, how do you stay in such good shape?" Marcelle asked.

"Girl, you know ever since I got that insanity workout dvd and started riding a bike." Becca replied.

"You're like a lesbians wet dream or something. You don't think you went a tad too far?" Marcelle asked.

"I found out obesity runs in my family. I am not gonna be some fatty. I think that shit is an excuse to be lazy and eat all the time," replied Becca. "I mean look at those people. Those are Lane Bryant people. We are Forever 21."

"Girl, you are something else." Marcelle laughed.

"There should be like a weight limit law or something. It's bad enough that there are sexy clothes for these people, it's like they are being encouraged. I mean come one! There's no excuse for it!" Becca explained.

"Becca, that's not fair. They can't help it." Marcelle said.

"Yes they can. They can stop eating so fuckin much. Exercise. You know I was in a drive thru yesterday and some fat ass was in front of me in a scooter that he probably needs a special license to drive. Then again I wonder if it could fit in the door." Becca claimed.

"Okay Becca. Finish your coffee." Marcelle said.

Becca; five foot seven, red head and Marcelle; five foot eight, raven black hair, are sitting at Starbucks in the St. Vincent's mall people watching.

"They need to stop making clothes so damn big. Maybe if there was nothing to wear, they wouldn't be so big." Becca said.

"Some places health insurance won't cover them if they are too heavy" Marcelle said.

"See, that's a start. " Becca replied.

"How can you say stuff like that? I mean You've never really been fat to know. My point was even that isn't working." Marcelle said.

"Because I could be fat. I'm doing what I can to stop it. Why can't they?" Becca said.

"Okay. I'm done with this conversation." Marcelle said.

Becca and Marcelle continue on through the mall, making they're way back to the car. As they make their way through Dillard's, Becca spots some heavysat woman looking through the earring racks.

"Oops, sorry." She said as she bumped in to one rack knocking down a few pairs.

"It's okay, ma'am. I got it." Said an employee.

"See that," exclaimed Becca. "If your ass wasn't so fat you wouldn't be destroying displays."

"Excuse me?" The woman asked.

"If your not careful, you might dent more than a display rack. Like your food budget." Becca replied.

"I'm so sorry about my friend, she's on her period." Marcelle claimed trying to pull her away.

"I don't care what she's having, the skinny bitch needs to shut up." The woman said.

"Skinny?! Look here fat bitch, I am toned. I don't need food to be my friend." Becca stated.

"Come on Becca!" Marcelle pleaded, pulling her away.

"Young lady, you need to pick better friends!" The lady said.

"And you need to be strapped to a stair climber! Moo bitch!" Becca said being pulled off.

"Why do you hate over-weight people so much?" Marcelle asked.

"I have to admit I was fat once. I started trying to loose it in seventh grade when no boy would even look at me." Becca said.

"Okay, that doesn't mean you need to hassle everybody else. I'm kinda chubby myself, it's not cool." Marcelle said.

"Gurl, you are thick and sexy, not a moo bitch, muah!" Becca laughed.

"Becca..." Marcelle called.

"Okay, okay. It's just fun," Becca said unlocking the doors. "You goin to the concert tomorrow night?"

"Frozen Heart? Yeah, you know it. Plus Stryfe is gonna be there, damn he's fine." Marcelle said.

"I can't believe my baby is gonna open for this shit! This has got to have all the record labels on their balls. Desolate Angel's Kiss is gonna be the next dark fusion," Becca explained. "I'm going to their practice, wanna come?"

"I gotta finish this outfit today. I'm already two days late on it." Marcelle answered.

"They're practicing two new songs," Becca said. "One of them is a duet with Sora Delencio."

"Isn't she a pop star?" Marcelle asked.

"That's what makes it awesome. It fits the song just right." Becca said.

Later on at Jetts loft band practice takes place. Becca is waiting for them to start on the new songs. The band is talking about the photoshoot for the album cover and a possible music video for the song Ill-Fated Love.

"When is Sora going to be here?" Becca whined.

"She'll be here, is that the only reason you're here is for her?" Jett asked.

"No, but she's like famous and you got her to work with you." Becca said.

"Yeah, we've been cool since I helped her setup that thing with that pedo-janitor." Jett replied.

"Dude, let's just start with Thieves Creed till she gets here." Brendon said.

"Alright, let's do it. She should be here soon though." Jett said.

"Hey, Becca. Hows that fat friend of yours, how come she didn't come?" Brendon asked.

"She's not fat and she had something to do." Becca replied.

"She's not fat-fat, but she's fat." Brendon laughed.

"Stop being a jerk, Bren-done!" Becca yelled.

"I don't see why she won't let me get some of that." Brendon said.

"Because you're nasty little man-hoe who loves the fatties." Jett retorted.

Before Becca could let him have it Sora walked in and everybody greeted her.

"Boy's, boy's please. Let's just get this practice done. Maybe then you'll get famous too," laughed Sora.

After practice was over, Jett convinced her to sign his and the other band members CD cases of her new CD. They sat around and talked for a while. They told the story of how they tricked one of the janitors in to picking her up for sex and then they beat the shit out of him and left him laying in his van. Sora was trying to convince Stryfe to do a song on her next album so they could get more coverage. Pretty soon it was just Becca and Jett alone in his loft.

"Baby, when are you gonna do a track with us?" Jett asked.

"You know I do all my singing in the shower." Becca stated.

"But you have an awesome voice. We can write you a song, it can be all you." Jett said.

"I don't know. I just sing for fun." Becca said.

"How about we shower up and work on those vocals in my office?" Jett asked. "You sly dog you." Becca said.

Jett lead Becca in to the shower, stopping to take a good look at her; her perky double dee's, flat abs and nice apple bottom with thick nearly muscular thighs. Once the curtain was closed, the kissing started. He rested his hands just above her ass as they kissed. Seems like the showers a little hotter than usual. They're bodies pressed together, he moves her in the shower heads range as he licked on her nipples. She let out a sigh,as that was his que, he started sucking them. They reached an erotic erect height of an inch and three fourths, he rubbed and squeezed her soft plump ass as he did so. Not wanting to give up her tits from his mouth. He knelt down and spread her lips flicking his tongue at her clit, sticking his tongue in as far as he could, she placed a leg on the edge of the tub as he ate. Before she knew it, he had her pinned on the wall giving her the dick. Holding her legs, he pressed his body to hers as the shower blasted them with heated water and steam. She held his back and released on good orgasm.

Once she was let down, Becca grabbed a washcloth and got it soaped up, slowly running it down his chest, across his six pack, leading in to a hand job. She took great care and detail around his dick and balls, as he choked the neck of the shower head and grabbed some wall. She ran the cloth down his legs and back up. Back together she washed his back and ran over his butt. Once the cloth was in his possession, he carefully caressed her tits and her still hardened nipples causing her to moan from the sensation. He turned her around and kissed her neck as he ran the cloth over her stomach and just outside of her vagina. He runs the thing up and down her arms, across her waist and her ass. He changes the setting on the shower head so they can rinse off. She grabs a towel for her burning hair.

"Babe, I hope you never leave me." Becca said sitting on the bed.

"You know it wouldn't be the same." Jett stated as he spread her legs and went back for seconds.

He licked her clit once more, dropping the rest of her on the bed. He went to suck on her labia and run his tongue on the outside of her hole. She moaned and groaned as he went to town, getting wetter and wetter. She closes her legs around his head as she has an orgasm. He stands up to climb on the bed, she stops him as she grabs his dick and places it in her mouth. She takes the whole thing down, no problem. She squeezes his dick in her mouth as she pulls back, kissing the head. Jett grabs it and taps her on the forehead, dragging it down her face and wiping it across her mouth where she catches it and resumes sucking. She speeds up, getting it all wet, making his knees go weak. He stops her and pulls her on top as he sat beside her. She places it in and grinds on his dick, squeaking at the feeling of it inside. They kiss as she rides. Her eye's close and her head goes back and she cums hard. They scoot back on the bed, not loosing connection. She lays back, he does the same, propped up crab-walk style, he rams it in out, in out, watching as his dick run back and forth pulling a little bit of her tight little pussy with it in out, in out. She turns and lays on her front as he mounts, placing his dick back in, humps as her plump ass is pressed against his crotch. He slides his arms under her as he pounds harder.

"Don't cum in me, please. Not this time." Becca pleaded as she gasped for air.

"Don't worry, I'm not close yet." Jett said.

"Oh fuck! Fuck me harder! Yes, I'm gonna cum!" Becca screamed.

"That's right, my pussy." Jett growled.

He flipped her over and lifted her legs, went back in without missing a beat. She did cum and pushed him out on the outstroke, squirting.

"Oh, shit! Didn't know you could do that!" Jett exclaimed.

He went back in and pounded on her some more, Getting close to cumming himself. He pulled out dick throbbing and placed it between her tits as she rubbed him out. Becca opened her mouth as he shot her in the face and hair. She swallowed the small pool that was in her mouth.

"Fuck, you're a good fuck." Becca said.

"You my girl, I gotta be there." Jett said.

Becca walked to the bathroom and wiped her face off before returning to bed. Jett put his arm around her and they watched TV.

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