tagSci-Fi & FantasyBecca's Story Ch. 02

Becca's Story Ch. 02


"Tonight's the night!" Becca yelled.

"Yeah, tonight's the night, baby." Jett replied.

Becca sits on the back of her CUV-400 Agilitrak as the band loads up Jetts Vandetta. There's always something extra she needs to carry.

"So we get to open with a few songs, I got a call from Stryfe and he said he wants us to back him on a freestyle. There's gonna be record producers, we could get major known." Jett said.

"Dude, think of the tail!" Brendon said.

"Think of how much we'll get after doing a song with Sora and Stryfe." Drake stated.

"Awe shit!" Brendon said.

"I'm still trying to get Becca to do a song with us." Jett said.

"Babe, not gonna happen." Becca said.

"Okay, Roadie chick. You get to carry the turntables and records and extra sound equipment and merch." Jett stated.

"You sure he doesn't just want you around for your truck, Becca." Marcelle wondered.

"No and it's not a truck, it's a coupe utility vehicle." Becca corrected.

Becca is in the back of the concert with Marcelle selling the merchandise. Desolate Angel's Kiss has just finished the song with Sora and is setting up with Stryfe.

"Can you handle the booth real quick I wanna talk to Jett?" Becca asked.

"Yeah, sure. Go ahead." Marcelle replied.

Becca makes her way through the crowd as Drake and Brendon start a bass battle and the crowd starts up again. Just before she makes it to the stage she gets hit in the face by some pagan woman dancing with friends.

"Oh my bad, I didn't see you, I'm so sorry." She exclaimed.

"Watch where you're flapping those things." Becca said.

"Hey, I said I was sorry, okay." She replied.

"You need to watch where you swing that fat before you hurt somebody. I should get you thrown out. I mean aren't there a fire marshal law about how many fat people can be in a crowd or something?" Becca retorted.

"What do you have something against fat people?" She asked.

"Well, if you were skinny like I am, maybe it wouldn't have hurt so much. Fucking fat ass emo bitch, go cut some fat off." Becca growled.

"Just let her go, Nikol. She's a nobody." Said one of her friends.

"I'm with D.A.K. I am somebody." Becca said.

"I'll show you fat!" Nikol said digging in her satchel. "And I'm not emo, I'm Pagan."

She grabs some crushed dried holly berries, wolfs-bane, sugar, and dried crushed hemlock leaves out of their individual baggies and with a short poem started the spell. She tossed the mixture at Becca and time started to stand still, everything grew dark around them. Nikol gave off a purple orange glow.

"Though skinny, thin or fit. Fat is what you seek. Bring the inner ugly out and without a doubt for when you are in the most gracious or insatiable of moments is when you'll change, be what you hate the most. Learn respect or grow worse and worse." Nikol chanted as if this was a day to day thing.

"What the fuck? Are you serious?" Becca wondered.

She received a splitting migraine followed by pain shooting through all of her joints. Her body tingled, her muscles weakened causing her to almost fall. Her stomach growled and released pains as of hungry and full at the same moment. Then it all ceased.

"I don't give a fuck about your opinion on heavy-sat people. I am going to teach you a lesson and this isn't some third rate Rob Schneider movie either; acceptance won't get rid of it. Only I can lift it and I honestly will probably never lift it even if you turned you life in to one big fat happy world. I want you to suffer. Your eyes jaded will only see the fat inside you. Just to make it interesting when you eat, you'll get fat, there's two surprises you'll find out." Nikol explained.

"You're full of it, girl. You think I'm gonna believe that shit?" Becca retorted.

"Believe it or not, you are cursed my friend. As the day is a brilliant blue and the night is a starry eyed surprise." Nikol replied with the most devilish laughter.

Becca was returned to the concert. All the light- of what there is, the noise, the people all returned in an instant.

"You just pissed off one of the most powerful practitioners in this city." Said one of her friends.

"Your friend is a crazy fat moo cow bitch." Becca replied walking towards the stage.

"Hey baby, how's the merch sellin?" Jett asked.

"Fine, just fine. I wanted to make sure everything was goin well. I wanted to see you." Becca said.

"Wonderful so far. Even better if we can score a record deal." Jett answered.

"Yo, Jett my man. You ready for this?" Stryfe asked walking up.

"Fuck yeah dude, let's make people think about sad things and stuff." Jett replied.

"Okay babe. I need to eat anyway." Becca stated.

"Hold on. I need a good luck kiss." Jett said.

They had a brief make out session, before Becca went back to the booth.

"Now where you goin?" Marcelle asked.

"I'm getting something to eat, want something?" Becca replied.

"Yeah, bring me back a burger and a Jausta or Coke if they don't have it." Marcelle said.

Becca went over to one of the concession stands, ordered two cheese burgers and two cups of Coke. As she walked back she started to eat her's.

"Hey, where's my food?" Marcelle asked.

"Huh, I guess I ate it. I ate mine and was still kinda hungry. I'm sorry." Becca said.

"How did you eat- what did you have?" Marcelle asked.

"The same thing you did, a cheese burger and large Coke." Becca replied.

"The food stand is like not even a hundred feet from here. How did you eat two cheese burgers and two large Cokes that quick?" Marcelle asked most annoyed.

"I don't know. I didn't even know I could eat that much. I'm sorry Marcelle." Becca pleaded.

"You stay and I'll go get my own food." Marcelle ordered.

"Hey, could you get me some fries? I'm kinda still hungry." Becca begged.

"Yeah, sure." Marcelle sighed.

She returned with a new burger and new drink, and Beccas fries. "Here."

"Thanks. I don't know why I'm so hungry. I know it couldn't have been that on weird chick." Becca said.

"What weird chick?" Marcelle asked.

"Well," started Becca finishing her fries. "I got smacked in the face by some fat pagan chick who was dancing and when I told her off she tossed some incense on me and said a poem, claiming it was a curse. That she'd never take it off."

"I swear there's some weird ass people that come to these things. You're lucky she didn't try ad fight you." Marcelle stated.

"Please, with Tai-Chi and kickboxing, I wish she would've tried something." Becca said.

"That's why you need to leave us fat people alone." Marcelle stated.

"You're not fat." Becca said.

"I'm not fat-fat, but I'm fat. Fat enough to be offended by your fat-hating." Marcelle stated.

"Are you gonna finish that?" Becca asked.

"Yes!" Marcelle yelled.

Later on after the concert, the group was in the green room with a record producer. Jett was anxious to hear what he had to say.

You guy's hoping to make it big time, huh?" Mark the lead for Frozen Heart, asked.

"If not, we have fun with this shit. I would be nice though." Jett replied playing it off.

"Yeah well, it's even more fun getting paid to have the same fun." Mark laughed.

"You must be Jett. I'm Randall, I run Deception Records." Randall introduced.

"Yeah, man. I'm Jett. That's Brendon, he play's bass, Drake, he plays drums and bass, Luke, he runs the turntables, any guitar and the rapper." Jett introduced.

"What about her over there?" Randall asked.

"Dude, I know you know who Sora DeLencio is." Jett stated.

"Quite well, actually. Through my daughter. I mean the woman she's talking to." Randall corrected.

"Oh, that's my girlfriend. She can sing but she doesn't like to...how can I put this, she sings but doesn't want to be known for it, I guess." Jett explained.

"I think I could convince her. Look I have a contract right here to sign, but I need to explain something. It's a temporary ordeal. I want to make a small LP with you guys and play Shallow Love on the radio. If that works out we'll rework the contract and you might get as big as those goofballs over there." Randall explained.

"I think that sounds fair. Like a test run." Jett said.

"Exactly. I am curious to one thing, how do you pull those eerie rifts on your guitar?" Randall wondered.

"My guitar is held together with wood glue. I found the thing in a dumpster and the neck was split, the knobs part had broken off. I glued and clamped it together, replaced the fret's and when I played normal chords, it did something different. The sound stuck." Jett explained.

Later on, they all went to Pizza Pizazz to celebrate the new contract.

"We are moving to the big time!" Jett yelled.

"That's like your fifth slice of pizza, are you pregnant or something?" Marcelle asked.

"No, I'm just hungry." Becca replied.

"Well save some for the rest of us." Brendon demanded.

"That's really not like you, Becca." Jett stated.

"I know, I don't know whats wrong with me." Becca said.

"Maybe it's the curse." Marcelle teased.

"Oh ha ha." Becca retorted.

"What curse?" Brendon asked.

"Supposedly after she mouthed off to some fat pagan chick, she put a curse on her." Marcelle explained.

"That's rich!" Luke laughed.

"I know right." Marcelle agreed.

"Too much soda." Becca mutters getting up.

She walks in the bathroom, all that soda caught up with her. Makes her way to a stall and takes a long healthy piss, tilting her head back in relief. She finds it a little too hard to get off the toilet as if she just gained over forty pounds. She washes her hands at the sink and when she checks her make-up, a two-hundred eighty pound Becca looks back. She can even feel the pain of her reflections too small clothes. She brushes it off and leaves the bathroom.

"where'd all the pizza go? Becca asked returning to the table.

"We took the chance and ate it all before you came back." Brendon stated.

"Becca wants to be a fatty, now." Marcelle laughed.

"You tryin ta get thick for me babe?" Jett asked.

"She's becoming what she hates." Luke said spookily.

"Becca...baby, Russ is interested in your singing." Jett said.

"Maybe, just maybe she's pregnant." Drake guessed.

"Don't even joke with that, Drake." Becca scolded.

"Seriously, dude." Jett said.

"Ah don't know. I feel like I haven't ate all day." Becca said.

Suddenly a voice came to her; "You'll always be hungry to fuel the change. Never full, till fat- at least until your body gets used to it." The voice cracked in to a laugh. "If you not careful, you'll eat till you actually get fat. Then you'll just be bigger and bigger when the curse works. So keep packing the pounds in, it would be hilarious to see you actually get fat while the curse adds three fold." Again the laugh. "I talk too much." Nothing.

"I need a drink." Becca said getting up.

"Seriously, you sure you're okay?" Marcelle asked.

"I really don't know. Maybe it's all the stuff about D.A.K's record deal." Becca said.

"Just relax, okay. You act like you're in the band. I mean you could be..." Marcelle said.

Later on after the celebration, Jett drove Becca home. She had gotten a tad too drunk to drive. She was wanting her own commendatory for the deal. She was already getting horny on the way home.

"I'm am so proud of yous guys. I know yous gonna- going to get the contract." Becca slurred.

"Thanks babe. I'm sure we'll be a hit." Jett replied, eying her up and down.

"I'ma give you this pussy tonight. Drink yo babies." Becca said.

"I do love that pussy," he said reaching down her pants.

"See, I'm starting already." Becca mummbled.

"Are you...starting to get chubby?" Jett asked as he rubbed. "You seem chubby."

"Don't be silly, I am actually full now. I just need dessert." Becca piped.

Once inside, she drug him to her bedroom, instructing he get naked while she gets ready. She walks in the bathroom, and slightly freshens up. Taking a glance at the mirror, she noticed her reflection, though not as fat as earlier was indeed chubby. She shook it off, entering the bedroom with nothing but a nightie.

"You ready, Jett?" Becca asked.

"Fuck yeah." Jett said gladly. She's given him the best sex he's had in a while. Plump where she needs to be, muscular everywhere else-they can push the limits. He quickly took her embraced and opened the nightie, kissing her neck to sucking her nipples.

She can feel her whole body tingle and seem to get heavy through the passion. He lays her down to eat her pussy, setting her off. She shakes and wiggles from his fancy tongue work, she throws her legs on his shoulders and locks him down. As she reaches orgasm; he feels her pressure bare down on his shoulders, her body stings as it stretches. Her legs drastically heavy on him, "Babe cum, for me." She tries to ignore the pain as she rebuilds an orgasm. Before she knew it everything stopped on her first climax.

"I can't wait for that dick!" Becca yelled with closed eyes.

"What the fuck is this? What did you do?" Jett asked, bewildered.

"What are you talk...is that my belly?" Becca asked opening her eyes.

"How did you get fat that fucking quick?!" Jett demanded.

"It musta been that curse! There's no fucking way I could pull this shit off- it's not natural." Becca exclaimed.

"You're fucking huge!" Jett said, dick limp.

"I can't be that big." Becca stated.

"You're like five foot eleven, that puts you around three hundred- thirty pounds. I can't fuck with this. Whatever it is. You were just one forty like two minutes ago." Jett said.

"We can still fuck can't we. I'm still horny." Becca said with a soaked pussy. "I don't hate fat people, but I can't fuck one, I don't like all that flab. Damn if you wouldn't mess up my image." Jett explained.

"That's not fucking fair! I love you, we've been through hell and back- this how you treat me? I told you it had to be the curse I I got at your concert. This is not fucking fair." Becca complained, struggling to get up.

"I'm sorry, I can't fuck a fat chick, I can't date a fat chick. We are probably gonna get a record deal off this, you'd fuck it up. I love you, but you need to fix this or something. I'm done." Jett said grabing his clothes.

"It's only gonna happen when I'm horny." Becca said.

"How would you know? That doesn't make it any better." Jett said.

"I can't believe you." Becca said.

He took out his phone and took a picture, "The bigger tits are nice, but it's not worth it, really. Look."

"Oh my god! Can you at least take me to get my car tomorrow?" Becca asked.

"Uhhhh...probably not." Jett said leaving.

She just sat there, frozen. She could hear the girls laugh as she examined her self. She tried to finger her self but was having trouble reaching and holding her stomach. The laughter grew louder.

"Fuck you bitch! This ain't fucking fair! I hate you!" Becca yelled.

More laughter ensued. She tried to get out of bed to reach her pack of Marlboro's but she wasn't used to the body. "At some point it won't hurt anymore. You'll get used to it. I hope you get used to it, anyway." Nikol stated. Once she calmed down and was no longer horny she started to shrink back to her toned self. She smoked a cigarette and watched television till she fell asleep. She couldn't get that image of her Jett took, out of her head.

That afternoon, she awoke to her car not being there. Once Marcelle told her Jett drove her home she sarted thinking about last night. She decided to walk over to the restaurant to get her car. She can't help but think everyone is staring at her, every reflective surface shows her about to bust through her clothes. Nikols laughter runs through her head. On the way she stops at a Rally's for a two for four Big Buford and a larger Dr. Pepper. Ever since she went back to normal her hunger returned. The walk is more taxing than anything she's ever done. She just wants to sit down and eat, but she does need to get to work.

"Ah, do you like it so far, burning so much energy you can't stop eating. Keep eating, you're really hungry. You'll get full once you're fat and horny. Besides, if you don't eat; your body will destroy itself from the lack of whatever it needs. Hey, I'm trying to help you out, I'm you're friend. I'm not bad, just vindictive." Nikol said.

She finally made it to the place...and walked inside to catch the noon to four pm buffet. Eating plate after plate stacked with four or five slices a piece. "You know what's funny, some people actually can't help being fat. In the since of the difficulty of loosing it," Nikol stated. "I can loose weight as quick as you could, have done it. How does it feel to not lose it?" She laughed. "Wait, that was too soon." She watched as tears dripped in the slice she was eating. Nothing could make her stop eating and even eating didn't solve her hunger pain. She sat there for two hours straight eating and drinking, the stares from the staff no longer bothered here. She knew it didn't matter, it was what was.

"Okay, miss. Excuse me, the buffet is closed. It's four o'clock." The manager spoke.

"But, I'm still hungry. It hurts so bad. I've sat here and ate nonstop and I'm still hungry, I can't get full. Isn't that weird?" Becca replied.

"It doesn't seem humanly possible. We've watched you the whole time and maybe you need to go to a doctor or something. We do need you to leave or actually buy a pizza, though." The manager explained.

"But I'm not done. Don't close it yet." Becca whined.

"Look, the buffet is closed. I can give you a to-go box- that's it." He said.

"It's not fair! I can't stop eating! Some pagan emo bitch put a curse on me and I can't stop." Becca cried.

"We can call a cab, if that'll help. Otherwise we'll call the police." He offered.

"No! My cars outside, we left it here last night. I'm sorry, it's just...I don't think you'd really understand, I don't want to burden you." Becca said getting up.

"Oooooo-hooo-hooo! It get's worse, you just don't know!" Nikol laughed.

Becca drove over to a Krispy Kreme and got two dozen doughnuts, stopping by a gas station and getting a gallon of milk before going to work.

"Looks like somebody is having a little party in her office." Eddy said.

She nearly keels over from hunger pains running to her office. She breaks open the first box and cracks open the milk. She thinks to herself, she's in her gym- eating pastries. She doesn't even leave her office, she sits around on the internet and doubled over in pain between food deliveries. She decided to leave at nine and close the place early. Not before canceling Jetts membership. She stopped at a store and got a few bottles of Jagermeister, sat in the bed of her car and drank.

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