tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBig Ball Billionaire Ch. 02

Big Ball Billionaire Ch. 02


I was sitting at a coffee shop at a local shopping mall. My home base is the Pacific Northwest (at least during the pleasant summers.) Today I had staked out one of the shopping malls so that I could pursue my hobby of having sex with women that would not normally even think about giving their bodies to a stranger.

You wouldn't have thought twice if you saw me sitting at the cafe. I am late middle aged. I was a working stiff until a few years ago when I won one of the Super Ball lotteries. The few hundred million I won has grown through wise investments to well over a Billion dollars. That's a Billion with a capital b. Put simply I offer housewives, baristas, clerks, basically anyone woman that strikes my fancy $50,000 to spend two hours with me, doing whatever I am in the mood for. You would be amazed, well over ninety percent go for it.

I had conferred with my assistant, Catherine about what I was in the mood for today. Catherine was basically the propositioner. After I had spotted the woman, Catherine would approach and use a variation of a story that I was a philanthropic eccentric that wanted to help out women. Catherine had an amazing ability to convince these women to follow her to the car where she would further convince them to basically do anything I wanted them to do.

I called her Catherine even though Catherine wasn't her real name. She bore a stunning resemblance to Catherine Zeta Jones. She had the same dark looks with long brunette hair. Her breasts were not very large but well-shaped along with a great looking ass. She really looked like Catherine Zeta Jones so much that I called her that from the first time I saw her. Besides her persuasive abilities, she also could change her appearance to fit the role she should play for bringing the women to me. She could be a early middle aged house wife, a regal grandmother, an account executive, a teacher, etc. I found a great assistant for my hobby and on top of that, I got to fuck her too whenever I wanted.

Back to my pick of the day, she had gotten out of a SUV with the family stick figures on the back. You probably have seen them before – dad, mom, kid stick figures with a dog or a cat. She had the dad, mom, a boy, a girl and a dog. She had blond, shoulder length hair parted just off to one side. I guessed her age to be early thirties. Her figure was exactly what I was in the mood for that particular day. Large, long breasts which stretched out the dark, sort of leopard print pullover shirt she wore. She had a dark light jacket and gray Capri style pants. She carried a little belly but not large with a well round ass that looked like two large cantaloupes squeezed together.

I headed back to the extended limousine we had for the adventure today. I got in the back and waited for Catherine to bring the woman to the limo to go through the pitch. The back of the limousine had a large leather chair that I would sit in with compartments along the side for whatever I might need. The rest was carpeted with a few footstools for the women to sit on...at least at the beginning.

After I got settled, Catherine brought the woman to the front of the limo. I could watch either through the one way glass that divided the driver's section from the back or through a closed circuit camera and microphone that was in the front. The rest of the glass was also one way. It is quite a trip to be banging a woman hard inside the limo with crowds walking by on the outside. By the way, the rest of the limo is wired with cameras and mics too.

Catherine went through the pitch. She asked the woman her name and a little about her family and job status. The woman's name was Angie and as her car displayed, she was married with two children. She worked part time at a local bank branch. Her take home pay as about $24,000 a year.

"Well Angie, you have attracted the attention of a very wealthy man. He would like to spend a little bit of time with you."

"What do I have to do?" she asked.

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to do." Catherine soothingly replied. "If you spend the full two hours with him and he is happy, you get the full $50,000. If you want to leave at any time, you get $500 for your time." That's fair isn't it?"

Catherine gently led her through the objections Angie brought up always going back to what $50,000 would mean to her husband and children. After a short time, Angie swallowed and agreed. Catherine had her sign a contract that while looking innocuous really allowed me to do anything I wanted and said that she agreed to it. There was a very clear provision about being allowed to video tape her. Whenever the woman objected to it, Catherine just explained it was to record her signing the contract. She just didn't mention, we also taped all of the action about to happen in the back. I knew several other very wealthy men who are too scared to do what I do, but love to watch it.

Contract signed, Catherine guided Angie to the doors to the back of the limo and had her enter. I was seated in the chair in the back. I had a drink in my hand with a friendly smile. I wanted her to be put at ease. She couldn't quite stand up straight and walked/crawled up to a footstool that I motioned to her to sit on.

"Hello, you are a very beautiful woman." I told her. "I am very happy you decided to spend some time with me."

She looked very nervous. "What do you want me to do."

"Nothing you don't want to do. Do you understand the arrangement?"

"Yes, she replied. " I get $50,000 for spending two hours with you."

"...and if you want to go or I want you to leave early, you get $500. Right?" I reminded her.

She nodded.

I offered her a drink. She shook her head no. I liked the way her breasts swayed in her blouse. Might as well get started.

"Take off your shirt," I told her.

"What are you going to do," she asked again.

"Listen, this is really simple. You do what I say and at the end you get $50,000 or you can leave now and I give you $500."

To accentuate my point, I reached into a side compartment and pulled out the five stacks of $10,000 in twenties. Then very slowly, I reached into the same compartment and pulled out five $100 bills and laid them in a pile next to the $50,000.

Her greed took over. She pulled the leopard print shirt over her head. She was wearing a black bra that held her very large breasts.

"Nice, raise your hands behind your head so I can enjoy this a bit."

She put her hands behind her head and I had her twist to the right and to the left. You have ease into what you have planned and get them used to obeying commands. Her barriers were slowly breaking down.

"Now, take the bra off."

She hesitated. I didn't say anything. I just looked her in the eye and then slowly looked over at the pile of $50,000 and pile of $500 off to the side. Her gaze followed mine and her eyes became fixed on the money.

"Take your bra off," I said with more command in my voice.

This startled her and broke her fixation on the money. She looked down as she reached behind her back and unclasped the bra. I took it out of her hand and threw it off to one side. I mentioned her to move closer so that she was kneeling almost between my legs.

She had absolutely excellent large, long breasts. They hung down to her little belly. The areolas were probably three inches round and her nipples were hard poking out almost a half inch.

I took her chin in my hand and raised her head so that her blue eyes looked into my face. I wanted to see her eyes.

"You have great breasts. That is one reason I chose you," I told her as I looked into her eyes.

She blushed. I reached down and traced the outline of the breasts with my fingertips. I could feel her shudder.

"I think you are enjoying this. Your nipples are hard."

She gave me a brave smile and nodded, "A little."

I picked them up in my hands gently squeezing them. I motioned her back a bit and pushed the back of her head down so that she was on her hands and knees. Her tits just brushed the floor, they were that long. With her still on her hands and knees facing me, I slid my shoes and socks off and then my pants and underwear. I saw her eyes get wide.

"Angie, don't worry. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do." I reminded her. "I really love the look of your breasts, just come closer and slide your breasts up and down on my cock.'

I saw her calculating in her head. This didn't seem too bad. Just tit fuck the dude and be done. I smiled quietly to myself. The greed always gets them.

She positioned herself between my legs and wrapped her breasts around my dick. I guess she expected me to start thrusting, but I grabbed her hands and moved them up and down showing her what to do.

My dick was rock hard. She bounced off her knees, moving her breasts up and down. I leaned back and watched this with satisfaction. Here was someone's wife, a young MILF that I had taken off the street and was already half naked, serving my cock.

I can last as long as I want and wanted her to work a bit at it. After a few minutes of vigorous tit fucking me, the sweat was running down her face. Her blond hair was damp and I could tell she was tiring out. I decided to give her some help.

I grabbed a nipple with the fingers in each hand. She stopped.

"Don't stop. Keep going," I told her.

She started again. Her hand pressed her breasts against my cock. Each time she raised up on her knees her breasts would be fully stretched out by my holding her nipples. It was a great feeling – fucking her huge tits and seeing them stretch out under my control. I could tell it was painful for her, but also saw that look of determination, just finish the guy off, get the money and get out. At least that was what she thought.

Finally I decided that she had had enough. I let my cum start to bubble inside of me. When I knew it was almost there, I grabbed the back of her head and held her face as I unloaded. The first ropey stream caught her in the eye. The second went up her nose as I moved her head slightly. Finally my last shot caught her right above the mouth and then dribbled over her lips.

"Nice." I said.

She gave me a look and scooted back and reached over to her bra that was laying on the side.

"Where do you think you are going? We aren't done yet." I said as I took the bra from her hand.

"What do you mean? I did what you wanted."

"Angie, do you think I would give you $50,000 for just a tit fuck? We have only been together for about twenty minutes."

"You can leave now, but you get only $500."

She was sitting on her knees, resting back on her feet. My cum was still running down her face and dripping onto her jutting tits. I could see her nipples were very red from my pinching. She looked at me weighing what to do.

I took one $10,000 stack, bent toward her, and slowly scrapped the cum off her face with the short end. Then very slowly I raised the goo on the edge to her lips. Her eyes blinked twice and then she flicked her tongue out until she had cleaned off the bills.

"Take of the rest of your clothes," I told her as I pulled off my shirt.

I had her lay down on her back and knelt over her face. By this time her resistance had crumpled.

"Lick under my balls."

Her tongue started licking the space between my ball and my ass. I rested my dick on her forehead while it slowly got hard again. Every once in awhile I would slide a lit forward so her tongue would go over my ass. After a couple minutes, I stayed with her mouth under my ass and let her tongue fuck my asshole. My dick very quickly got rock hard and I moved off to the side.

Angie was completely broken. She lay on the floor and waited for my next command. Her makeup had completed smeared, my cum had dried over her face. She licked her lips to get the taste of my ass off of them.

I ordered her on hands and knees. I got between her legs, kicked them apart and pulled her hips down a bit so that I had easy access. That cantaloupe shaped ass that I had seen at the coffee shop was right before me. I reached out grabbed a cheek in each hand and pulled them apart.

"Angie, this looks like a virgin asshole. Doesn't your husband ever fuck you in the ass?'

She answered with a quiet, "No, he wanted to, but I wouldn't let him."

"Well, if you tell him about this, I hope he doesn't get jealous." I chuckled.

"She jumped and started to get up. "I am not going to tell him about this," she almost cried.

I pushed her back down.

"Up to you."

At that, I spit on my hand, rubbed it on my dick and put it at the entrance to her ass.

"What's your husband's name?"

"Bill," she answered.

"Every time I push in, call me Bill and tell me how much you like it."

With that I jammed my cock deep in her ass.

She screamed. I slapped her ass hard. I didn't hear "Bill, I love you fucking my ass."

"Bill, I love you fucking my ass," she blurted out.

I made slow thrusts up her ass, only having to remind her a couple more times with well-placed smacks to tell Bill how much she liked it. Pretty soon I started to speed up, until she was almost constantly thanking Bill for fucking her ass.

Now was the time to put the little twist that I always ended the session with. While still fucking her ass, I reached under her and started rubbing her clit.

"You can stop thanking Bill. Just enjoy it," I told her.

My work on her clit was having results. Instead of grunts, when I thrust in her ass, she started moaning. I could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter. I sped up the clit rubbing until I knew she was close to the edge.

The idea is after dominating these women for close to two hours to bring them to sexual release. By doing this, it so confuses most of them they really don't know what to think about our session. In fact, many even call my assistant again and again asking for a repeat session, even for free.

Her moans got deeper and deeper and I could feel even in her ass, the contractions beginning. When she came, her pussy gushed over my hand. I let myself go, pumping, my seed deep into her bowels.

She collapsed flat on the floor of the limo. I moved up and wiped my dick off with her hair while she twitched and still spasmed with her continuing orgasm.

I pulled on my clothes and poured myself a drink and watched her as she slowly came back to her senses. She sat up. Her spermy face, matted, sweat soaked hair and dazed look gave her a totally different look than the suburban soccer mom who had walked into the mall almost two hours ago.

"Go ahead and get dressed," I told her.

She looked at me with a questioning look.

"That's it. You were a good girl."

She smiled a little pleading smile.

"Yes, you earned the money."

As she was getting out of the limo clutching the stacks of cash, I let myself have a smile. Her gray pants had a large stain on the ass and her crotch where my cum and her juices were still leaking out.

What made it even better was when she told me, "Thank you."

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