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Birthday Rapists


* I in no way condone rape so please don't take this story as my way of accepting or approving it in any way. Fantasy and reality are two different things (duh, I know!) and rape role plays can be a lot of fun when done with the consent of both parties and done with someone you trust explicitly. That being said... happy reading! *

I was in quite the mood. I had been a lot lately! I had been working late and it was already dark in the parking lot when I finally got to my car. It was my birthday and I wasn't even going to make it home in time to spend any time with my fiancé. What a day it had turned out to be! As I fumbled around in my purse I thought I heard a faint rustling in the bushes behind me. I quickly turned to look and all of the sudden, SWOOSH! Someone had quickly slipped a hood over my head. Before I could react I felt his arms wrap around me in a very tight grip, so tight that I can't move my arms or upper body.

Instinctively I tried to kick but he quickly turned so that he was on my side and he pulled me towards himself. I couldn't reach him. As I struggled I heard a CLICK and I felt the tip of his knife on my breast.

"Don't make a sound bitch because if you do you'll loose your tit."

I gasped. My body was paralyzed with fear. I know that I should have tried to run or tried to scream but I knew that no one was around to help me and with the hood over my head I had no idea where I would run to or how I would get out of his grip without him making real on his threat. I trembled in fear, unable to move, unable to make a single sound.

Every time I tried to push away from him, he tightened his grip on me. I could hardly breathe through the hood and through my overwhelming fear. I whispered the words aloud, my voice hitched with the fear that was cascading through my body, those words that kept running through my mind... "What are you going to do to me?"

He just chuckled. "Let's see what we have got here."

He took his free hand and gave each of my nipples a pinch. "I'm going to have fun with these and so will you, won't you, you little slut?"

He turned me around and tied the draw string on the hood. "Don't make a sound! Just come with me, do you understand?"

"Yes," I answer.

"Yes what?"

"Yes Sir."

He took my hand and led me over to his van that was parked nearby. He opened the side door and led me to it. "Get in!" He moved me to the door and once I was inside he placed hand cuffs on my wrists and ankles and then to a ring on the floor of the van. I remained quiet except for my crying.

He closed the door and walked around to the driver's side. He got in, started the vehicle, and drove away. He checked to make sure that I was not causing any problems and he saw that I was just laying there crying. He smiled slightly in anticipation of what he was going to do to me.

"I haven't had a good fuck in a long time", he said to me as we drove out of the city, "and you're going to provide me with just that bitch."

I resigned myself to the facts. There was nothing I could do but sob. My tears spilled forth even more when I realized that my pussy started to get wet when this man pinched my nipples. That thought alone made me sick to my stomach. I lay in silence, my inaudible sobs shaking my body. I wished for the drive to never end so I never needed to face what I knew was coming. My wish was in vain as the inevitable happened... The van came to a halt. I heard the smile in his voice as he announced, "Bitch, we are here."

We arrived at an old house way out in the country, secluded in a thicket of woods. He turned in and drove down the winding road. We arrived and he pulled into the garage, pushed the button on the remote, and closed the overhead door. He got out and opened the side door and removed the cuffs from the ring on the floor of the van. He took my arm and pulled me over to the door. "Okay slut, get out!"

I managed to get out of the van and tried to walk and almost fell down; my ankles were still cuffed together. "Wait a minute."

He took the key and removed the handcuffs from one of my ankles. He laced his arm through mine and led me into the house. He turned on the lights and closed the door. He led me down some stairs and into the basement. He turned on the basement lights and turned to me. He spread apart my blazer and blouse so he could get a look at my tits. "Hmmm." He lifted my skirt and pulled my thong down to reveal my pussy. "Yeah, I'm going to enjoy this," he said to me as he rubbed his large hand on my pussy and leaned over and nibbled my ear through the hood.

He threw me face down on the bed and I tried to turn over but he spanked me hard across my ass. I whimpered out. He grabbed me by the hips and pulled me back so that my ass stuck out. Then he parted my knees slightly and I tried to close them but he spanked me again and I could feel my ass stinging with the force of the smack. I whimpered out again. He yelled at me, "Stop whining, bitch." I started to sob silently again. If I had known how much he was enjoying the fact that I was struggling I would have stopped and maybe he would have left me alone. My fear started to choke me up again when I felt his hands going to the zipper on my skirt.

He slid my skirt off of me and he opened my blouse and with his knife he cut off my thong and bra and spread my legs a bit more. "Don't you dare move bitch! I'm going to pour myself a drink and just look at you for awhile and savor the moment."

After a few minutes, he returned with a drink and a big bag and took a seat where he could watch me, but he chose to leave the hood on me for the moment. His cell phone rang and he answered it, spoke to the party on the other end in low tones for a moment and hung up. He finished his drink, got up, puts a camera on a tripod and came over to me." Okay bitch it's time."

He walked me over to a small table and bent me over it face down. He took the handcuffs and cuffed my ankles to the two nearest legs then he stretched out my arms and cuffed them to the two legs on the other side of the table. He took the hood off my head and grabbed me by the hair and lifted my head and said, "Listen you little bitch this is going to be up to you, the better you cooperate with me the better it will be for you. So are you going to cooperate or do I have to show you how sharp my knife is?"

"Please don't hurt me," I cried, "I'll do as you want."

"Do as you want what?"

"I'll do as you want Sir."

I heard a rustling and the sound of a belt buckle. I knew he was getting undressed. I cringed at the thought but my pussy betrayed me. I felt my nipples harden. Then I felt his naked body pressed up against me from behind. I felt his very erect cock pressing into the crack of my ass, his hand reaching around to cup my tits squeezing roughly as he rolled both nipples between his thumb and forefinger. I cried out in startled pain trying to pull away. He pressed his hard cock deeper into the crack of my ass. "Umm nice."

He backed away and circled my trembling form. He was like a kid in a candy store. It all looked so good he didn't know where to start. "Shall I fuck these tits as I bend and take a nipple in my mouth sucking hard and scraping my teeth on it? Or fuck this tight ass?" He said slapping it hard and grabbing a handful. "Or maybe... Fuck this sweet cunt of yours?" He reached down and roughly shoves first one then two fingers into my pussy. I was trembling. I was breathing heavily as I tried to breathe and fight my arousal. When he slid those two fingers out of my wet pussy he pinched my clit between them. A moan escaped my lips despite myself.

"Oh I think my little slut likes this. Your pussy is soaked you little slut! C'mon ride my fingers. Fuck yourself on my fingers. Now bitch! Get off on my fingers or get cut. Your choice." Slowly I began to move up and down on his hand. He could feel my pussy gush a little at his harsh words. "Yeah you like that don't you my little whore? Wait a minute, there's one hole I haven't considered. Get on your knees cunt!"

I felt him pushing me to my knees. With my hands cuffed behind my back I had little choice. I sank to my knees. I knew the implications of his words. His cock was going to be in my mouth and there was not a damn thing I could do about it.

My eyes adjusted and I saw a huge cock inches from my face. "Yeah bitch I want you to give me a tongue bath. I want you to lick my balls then my cock. I want your tongue on the underside licking from base to tip. Now!!"

I had no choice. I stuck out my tongue and started sucking and licking his balls. Then as instructed I licked his cock up and down and all over. I found myself getting into it in spite of myself, getting lost in the act dispelled some of my fears but it also sparked a growing heat between my legs. I began to moan. He pulled away slapping my face with his hard dick as I unconsciously tried to chase his retreating cock. "Now bitch you can suck me."

He shoved his throbbing cock into my mouth and I could taste the precum coating it as he began to fuck my face. Grabbing the back of my head he used me for his pleasure, the feeling building relentlessly towards release. I was revolted but excited...mixed emotions swirled in my head as I anticipated being forced to swallow his impending load. I trembled but my nipples hardened. Ragged breathing, I could tell he was getting close.

I felt his cock being jerked from my mouth and he caught it all in his hand as he came hard. I felt relieved but disappointed, almost robbed. All of that to be denied the finish?

Before I could sort out my confusion he reached around behind him and wiped the cum filled hand all over his ass. "Here sweetie a cum sandwich just for you." He turned his back to me as he shoved his cum covered ass into my face. "Lick it up my little whore every last drop of it."

His ass cheeks cradled my face; I was practically smothered in cum. It was all over my face, in my nose, and eyes. I was resigned to my fate. I stuck out my tongue and started licking his cum covered ass. "Oh yeah baby your tongue feels so good on my ass. C'mon my little cum slut lick up all that creamy cum. " He heard me moan as I licked up the last of the cum from his ass. "Hey look here my little cock starved whore I'm hard again already. Lucky you."

He flipped me back over onto the table. "Are you hungry bitch? You're going to get fed again only this time you're not going to lose a drop, understand you fucking slut?"

"Yes Sir" I answered.

He came around so he was in front of me and I opened my mouth without him having to tell me to. "That's good bitch, you're learning!"

He forcefully rammed his cock right down my throat and began face fucking me hard just as there was a knock on the door. There were three knocks, a pause, then a single knock. He went over to the door and opened it. Two brothers arrived and he told them to come in. "What the fuck took you so long? I've got this bitch here, the one I was telling you about. I grabbed her from the parking lot and brought her here. What you ain't going to believe is that she's loving this shit!"

They talked about me for a while and he could tell they were anxious to fuck me, but he wanted to finish fucking my mouth before he turned me over to them.

I was still trying to suppress my own arousal. It made me sick that I was enjoying this so much. His cock stretched my mouth and hit so deep in my throat that it is hard for me to breathe and I struggled not to gag. My eyes were watering and my skin was flushed. I was beginning to moan around his cock as he set a punishing rhythm. I forget about the other two men and it was only my mouth and his cock. The rest of the world disappeared. I could hear how wet his cock was as he fucked my mouth. The sloppy sounds turned me on even more and my pussy began to throb for more.

Suddenly, I screamed and his cock acted as a gag as the pain of the assault from one of the men's cocks in my ass washed over my body. I was trembling and tears began to spill down my cheeks. He was rough and I could tell that he was using my ass for his own pleasure with no thought of how it felt for me. He pulled out until just the head of his cock was in my ass and then he rammed back in. Over and over again. He was like a jack hammer. With each forceful thrust I felt my body betraying me more and more. I could feel my orgasm simmering, building. He continued to force feed me his cock and within a few more deep thrusts he emptied his cum deep in my throat and I struggled to swallow it down fast enough to make sure that I did not anger him by loosing even a single drop of it.

As his hot cum coated my throat my body finally committed its greatest betrayal as I came. I loved the taste of his cum. I couldn't fight that. As my pussy contracted with the force of my orgasm the man behind me could feel my ass clinch around his cock and it made him speed up his pace. His cock became a blur as he fucked my ass and moments later he grunted as he buried his cock balls deep in my ass and flooded my bowels with his cum. He stayed there, rigid, until his cock began to soften and then he pulled out. I could feel his cum leaking out of my ass as he pulled out and I could feel my own cum dripping down my pussy to my ass, mingling with his. I looked up at the man who abducted me knowing that he was in charge. I was not sure whether to be afraid or aroused by the look in his green eyes. He smirked and my body quivered. He wasn't done with me yet.

"I don't think you're going anywhere are you, you little bitch?"

"No sir."

He walked around and undid the handcuffs so I was unrestrained and he tossed me a towel to wipe myself off with. When I'm done he said, "Bend over bitch!" He shoved a couple of fingers into my pussy and he started to laugh. "For someone who isn't supposed to like this you sure are wet you fucking slut! Check this out guys!" They all laughed at his wet fingers. They all came over and collectively rammed their fingers into me and gave me a group finger fucking. "Wait a minute," the man in charge said. "Let's put her on her back on the table so we can get at her better." They lifted me up, put me on the table, and rammed their fingers back into me. With his free hand the man in charge started pinching my nipples and it became quite obvious that I really liked it.

"Come on dude, you haven't fucked her yet. You fuck her face and we'll continue finger fucking her." As the third man walked around the other two slid me up until my head was over the edge of the table. I got so turned on that without warning I started to squirt all over their fingers.

The third man was in front of my face. I was crying again as I had just cum harder than I had ever done before in my life. The shame and humiliation of that alone started to snap me out of my haze. He kept on trying to get his cock into my mouth but I was resisting. Without speaking, he took hold of my head and pressed his cock forward until it touched my lips. With his other hand he pinched my nose until I couldn't breathe anymore and I had to open my mouth to find some oxygen.

Sadly, my sexual libido kicked in and a torrid licentious I never knew was in me took control. I didn't think it, know it, or even realize it...but the moment his cock touched my lips was the moment I became a cock loving cumslut.

My lips gently kissed his cock and my jealous tongue slipped through my lips to taste it. I stopped fighting. It seemed the most natural thing in the world when he pressed forward and his cock filled my mouth. I held his cock, kissed it, rubbed its wet head all over my face, took it into my mouth, pulled it out, gazed at it with lust, and then did it all over again.

"Damn girl, your lips look so beautiful wrapped around my cock." I was really getting into it when he pulled out and the fingers that had been pumping into my pussy suddenly left me feeling empty.

The man in charge lifted me off the table and laid down on it himself. "Get up here bitch and ride me reverse cowgirl!" I climbed up on his cock and sank down on it, loving how well he stretched me. He grabbed my hips and started to thrust up into my pussy as I met him thrust for thrust. I was on the verge of another orgasm when he pulled out of my pussy and without much warning thrust his cock up my ass. I screamed at the sudden invasion. He pumped into my ass a couple of times and then held still with his cock buried in me. The second man climbed up on the table, pushed me back so that I was laying on the man in charge, and sank his cock into my pussy. I'd never felt so full in my life. It was amazing. As soon as his cock hit rock bottom I came again. They started to get a rhythm going, thrusting in time with one another so that I was always full of their cocks.

While they were fucking me the third guy walked to the side of the table, turned my head towards him, and once again he stretched my mouth with his cock. "Oh fuck," he moaned. "You have the hottest mouth I have ever fucked! Yeah baby, take it all. You are a natural." He kept moaning as he slid his cock into my throat. I was in sensory overload. I could tell my body was about to explode again. The third man took hold of the sides of my head and he began to fuck my mouth in earnest. "Yea baby! Take it all, take it all. Suck my cum you pretty mouthed bitch! Yea! What a mouth on her!" He was fucking my mouth with a frenzy and I knew he was about to fill my mouth full of his cum. I wanted to taste his cum. I wanted his trash talk almost as much as I wanted his cum. My orgasm washed over me as my pussy and ass continued to get the fucking of their lifetime. The vibrations of my scream around the third man's cock made him start to shoot his cum down my throat. I sucked his cock until it stopped shooting and then I rubbed it all over my face and kissed it and tried to take it back in my mouth.

My ass was raw from the pounding and I felt sure that these men had ruined me, that my ass would never recover from the pounding and stretching that went on and on without relief. He bent his knees to increase the pressure on the underside of his cock, stretching me even further. I cried out and moaned as the peak of ecstasy washed over me. They didn't stop though. Instead they picked up the pace. Just when I didn't think I could take it anymore he arched against me and began to shake with the strength of his orgasm. He flooded my ass with his hot cum. Just as he emptied himself into me the other man yelled out that he was cumming and I felt his cock spasm in my pussy as he gave me every last drop of his potent seed. The feeling of getting filled with cum sent me over the edge again and I screamed as yet another orgasm swept over me.

I was weak with the intensity of my orgasms. Everything was a blur for a few minutes while the three men got cleaned up. I was about to pass out from exhaustion when I heard a familiar voice. It took me a few moments to recognize it. It was my fiancé.

"Happy Birthday Babe!" I smiled at him realizing that he had gone through all this trouble to set up one of my fantasies for me. He led me to the sofa and had me get down on my hands and knees. He sat in front of me and guided my seeking mouth to his cock. I looked him in the eyes and tried to convey my gratitude and love for him in the way my mouth worked his cock.

He asked me to stand up and then he turned me around. Then he guided his wonderful cock into my ass. He began to slowly fuck my ass up and down on his cock. My pussy was wet again and every time he bottomed out in me I moaned. He pulled out of my ass, got me on my back, put my legs on his shoulders, and rammed his cock back into my ass.

Each time he pumped his cock into my ass he brought me more and more pleasure and soon I was thrusting my ass up to meet his thrusts and begging like a whore for him to fuck me harder. He started pulling almost all the way out and then thrusting his cock back into my ass. "HARDER! OHHHH FUCKKKK!" I wrapped my legs around his waist and I squirted for the second time in my life. Seeing me squirt sent my finance over the edge and I felt his cock throb in my ass as I received his load of cum. He pulled out and collapsed next to me, drawing me to him.

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