tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlackmailed into Sex and More Ch. 01

Blackmailed into Sex and More Ch. 01


I stood shaking, the envelope quivering in my hand. Inside were a DVD and a note. I knew what was in both. The DVD contained a sexual video I made for fun a few years back -- it had to be.

I slid it into my computer and it booted up. I closed my eyes slowly. There I stood in front of a camera on a tripod. I was at my peak here, 21 years old, 5'9, my body athletically muscular from frequent visits to the gym. And I stood in a parking lot. My clothes came off until I was completely naked. The next twenty minutes followed me running around in public naked, jacking off as people passed by unknowing. It ended with me cumming on myself, the cum dripping from my stomach. I was a secret exhibitionist and made this film for myself, but lost my camera soon after before I had a chance to transfer and delete it from the camera. That's what I get for being lazy. I opened the note next. It read;

"In order to stop this video from going to any future employers and family and friends, you will submit to my demands. But first, a package is here. Go get it naked, then come back and finish reading".

My heart was pounding. I went to the door and looked outside to my front yard. Sure enough, a box sat by the fence. Nothing else stirred. Was I really going to do this?

My hands were already moving, shirt coming off over my head. My pants hit the ground and I stepped out. With a deep breath, the underwear followed. My feet clenched on the hard wood floor.

It was 30 feet. I could do this. I never questioned anything else.

Easing the door open I stepped out into the cold morning. Staying low I walked to the box and picked it up. A car engine suddenly sounded around the corner. I dove behind a bush as the car passed by, the sound fading into the distance. Sweat glistened on my forehead.

"Hey Aaron," A deep voice said. "Lose something?"

I looked over to see my neighbor Harry standing on his deck, eyes leering at me. Harry was disgusting, 200 pounds of fat. He had been creepy since I moved in, standing in his window watching me and always making rude comments in passing. He was the last person I wanted to see me now, of all times. But it had happened and I just needed to get back inside.

"Hi Harry, it's just a dare. Sorry!" Covering my privates I raced back to my door.

"I would tear that ass up, Aaron. Tear it up." His eyes followed me the whole way back to the door.

"Well you never will big guy!" I yelled as I ran inside. Throwing the big box on the table I came to a stop. My computer was open on the table, an email notification on the screen. An email from someone named Master.

I opened it with trepidation.

"Good. I knew you would listen easily, you're not stupid. You are now my slave. You will collect 5 tokens and I will release you, and promise to never show your video to anyone. That is my deal. The first token is in the public library, handicap stall. Open the first box. Have the contents on when you're in the stall. Nothing else. You have twenty minutes. Your Master".

I opened the box quickly. Inside was a blindfold and hand cuffs -- with no key. I had fifteen minutes left to get there. I had no time to think, I just left. I drove to the public library. My eyes were glued to the ground as I made a straight line to the bathroom and went to the very back where the handicap stall was. I went inside. No one else was in the bathroom.

My watch said I had two minutes left. I threw off my clothes, folding them quickly next to the toilet. The blindfold went around my eyes, plunging the world into darkness. I fumbled with the handcuffs, clicking the first one easily, the second one trickier behind my back. It clicked and I sealed my fate. My arms were tight, unable to move. I knelt on the cold ground waiting.

Time seemed to crawl by. Second thoughts crowded in my head. What was I doing? Naked in a public bathroom stall?

Then the door swung open. Heavy footsteps came down to my stall. Panic filled me. What if this was just a random person and they didn't see my feet and just came in? How would they react? Maybe they would stop before my stall -- but already the door was opened. It was quietly closed again.


My ass stung as the hand struck again and again. I whimpered and fell forward. Strong hands pulled me back up. The spanking continued, every hit stinging more and more. Finally it stopped and I was left gasping. I thought for sure the noise would bring someone. But no one came. It was just me and this unknown person.

I heard fumbling and then a belt struck my ass. I moaned in pain. A deep chuckle followed with pants hitting the floor. My mouth was forced open and boxers were stuffed in. I nearly choked on the smell of sweat. My body was pushed forward so my chest was on the soliet seat, my head just above the stinking water. Cold liquid fell along my ass, dripping down the crack. Lube.

No, no no no no no.

I had never put anything in my ass. That was about to change. Something big pushed against my tight asshole and forced it's way deep inside me. I tried to arch my back, but strong hands kept me down. My ass felt stretched and full. The big man grunted, thrusting in and out. It felt like it went on forever. His cock came out with a wet POP.

The gag was removed. I was turned around and the cock was shoved into my mouth. He shoved it to the back of my throat, hair filling my nose. I wanted to gag. The door opened again and the man kept going. Footsteps neared the stall.

"Hello? Is everything ok?" The big man pushed his cock as far into my mouth as he could. I choked, tears sliding out from the blindfold.

"I could use your help". He said in a gruff voice. The door swung open and I heard a gasp.

"You're doing this in a public library?" The man must have nodded. I struggled to pull my mouth from the cock but he held me fast. "That's hot". I heard the door close again and moaned around the cock.

Pants hit the ground again and a new cock teases the entrance to my ass again. This one is thinner and longer. He fumbles for a moment, then it slides into my ass. The cock in my mouth goes faster and faster. I was being roasted. I heard a clicking noise but couldn't focus on it as the cock in my ass suddenly spruts warm liquid, the new man gasping, falling over my back. His scent covered me. The cock in my mouth moved quicker and the man moaned, cum spraying into my mouth. The cock finally withdrew. I choked but he held my mouth shut until the salty mixture slid down my throat. I laid on the ground, unmoving and exhausted.

"Thank you" the newcomer said and I heard him pull on his pants and leave. The first man got dressed as well. He removed one hand cuff -- finally, freedom -- and then closed it around the handicap bar. NO!

"I told you I would get that ass" I froze. I knew that voice. The blindfold was removed and the world was blinding for a moment. Then my worst fear was realized. Harry stood in front of me. His belly jiggled as he laughed. "I was told by your master to give you this." He holds up a small package. "Your ass was amazing. He held up his phone again and snapped another picture. That explained the clicking. There I was, hand cuffed in a public restroom, cum driping down my chin, with the most disgusting man taking pictures of me.

"That'll teach you to be nicer to your neighbors. I was happy to oblige when your master contacted me. See you at home"

He held up the key to the hand cuffs, setting it on the ground by the door. Then he turned and left. The door closed and everything was quiet. I reached for the key with my foot, but it was too far away.

I tried for what felt like an hour as people came in and out. Finally I got the courage to ask the next person. They went to the urinal and I heard their stream come to an end.

"Excuse me?" I said meekly. No answer. "Can you help me?" Their feet came over to the door.

"You need toilet paper or something?"

"No no, there's a key by the door." I said.

"I see it"

"Can you kick it towards the toilet?"

"Why do you need a ke-" He tried the door and it opened. The man was a nice looking individual, greying hair set over a strong face. He stood there, holding the door open, not entering the stall.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Aaron" I said. He waited. "Aaron Hemsworth.

"Aaron Hemsworth? Do you have an interview at DCM tomorrow?" My heart froze. DCM was my dream job and after two years I had finally gotten an interview. I nodded meekly. The stranger smiled. "I'm the manager there. Let's consider this a pre-interview..."

The door slowly closed and locked.

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