tagAnalBrandy's First Time

Brandy's First Time


Brandy was prepared to have anal sex for the first time. She had promised her new husband that she would give her anal virginity to him on their wedding night. Though she had participated in a little anal play in her lifetime, she had never had anal sex. Because she had enjoyed the tastes of anal play that she had, she was curious about anal sex.

She was nervous that it might hurt. A friend had recommended that she get tipsy, if not drunk, in order to help her relax. She heeded that advice and had been sipping fuzzy navels all evening. That was very easy to do in Las Vegas. All she had to do was sit at a slot machine or game table and the waitress brought her a steady supply of alcohol.

Brandy and her new husband, Tom, had spent the evening playing roulette. Gambling was a new experience for them. Being responsible newlyweds looking forward to building a life together, they had set aside a certain amount of money to gamble. Once that money was gone, they wouldn't be able to gamble any more. They decided that they would spend the first evening playing roulette and allot two hours every day after that for gambling unless their gambling fund was depleted.

They were both lucky at the roulette table. They didn't win any significant money, but Tom broke even and Brandy walked away with an extra $40. Tom led her away from the roulette table after they cashed out their chips. They entered the elevator behind another couple. The couple exited the a few floors before they reached Tom and Brandy's floor. They took advantage of their few moments alone to kiss. Tom teasingly pinched Brandy's nipple before the elevator door opened.

After being in public for the last few hours, they were eager to be alone. As soon as they entered their room, they started shedding clothes. Being slightly more affected by the alcohol than she thought, she stumbled while taking off her jeans. She caught herself from falling to the floor with Tom's help. He held her arm and walked with her to the bed. He lovingly finished undressing her bestowing kisses on her soft skin.

"Well, at least you're relaxed," Tom remarked. "Lie down on your back. Just get comfortable," he said before getting a bottle of lube from the suitcase. He set the bottle on the nightstand.

Brandy parted her thighs as Tom laid between her legs. With his tongue, he parted the pink folds of her pussy. Brandy panted as Tom swirled his tongue along her pink contours. His tongue explored her. She groaned as his lips encircled her clit. He flicked her clit with his tongue.

While his tongue persistently teased her clit, she shuddered and whimpered as a gush of wetness leaked from her pussy. She felt her cum drip over her pucker.

Her body still twitched as he licked a trail down to her puckered, virgin asshole. He licked the puckered skin and began rimming Brandy. His tongue pushed against her tight pucker. Continuing to force his tongue just slightly in her pucker, he rubbed her clit.

Kneeling between her legs, Tom pushed one finger into her wet pussy. Brandy groaned as he thrust his finger into her. With his finger coated in her wetness, he gently pushed the tip of his finger into her puckered asshole. The ring of her pucker was tight, but did not make the invasion of his finger impossible. He pushed more of his finger into her tightness. He gently thrust his finger all the way into her.

When she relaxed her muscles some more, he removed his finger and coated his cock with the thick lube. He asked her to get on her hands and knees. She eagerly complied.

He pressed the head of his cock against her tight pucker. He slowly forced the head of his cock into her ass. Her anal ring squeezed around the head of Tom's cock. As he slowly introduced more of his cock to her virgin canal, he rubbed her clit and spoke softly to her.

"Just relax and enjoy it," he gently prompted.

Tom was careful not to hurt her. He was determined to make this a positive experience for her so that she would want it often. He slowly pushed more of his cock into her hot anal passage. Soon, he was almost all the way inside her ass. He paused to allow her muscles to relax again. Her muscles seemed to be squeezing and pulling at his cock. He grunted at the hot sensations. He fought the urge to pound her ass, fucking it hard.

As he slightly rocked his cock back and forth, she groaned and began begging for him.

"Oh, that feels so good! Fuck me! Fuck my ass!" she groaned.

She began pushing against his cock. He gradually increased the movement of his cock. He struggled to delay the orgasm brewing in his balls. He reveled in the hot friction and pull of her muscles. Gripping her round ass cheeks, he kept increasing the speed and depths of his thrusts until he was fucking her ass. He grunted as he came and the hot muscles milked the cum from his cock.

He rubbed her plump ass as he enjoyed the moment. After her ass pushed his cock out, he collapsed beside her on the bed. She laid down next to him. As he embraced her, he tenderly kissed her. He was exhausted and nearly drifted to sleep when Brandy broke the silence.

"When can we do it again?" she asked.

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