tagLesbian SexBrenda Gets to Know Tina

Brenda Gets to Know Tina


Brenda could feel her pussy throbbing. Tina was making her incredibly hot. She'd always had a thing for brunettes, but Tina topped them all! Every night Brenda would put in her head phones and listen to her favourite music until she fell asleep. This had become a necessity after her last roommate, who was the worlds loudest snorer.

One night Brenda's battery died, but she was so close to sleep she couldn't be bothered to get up and deal with it. Tina, her new roommate, was breathing deeply. Brenda silently cursed her for being able to sleep so easily. Suddenly Brenda heard a low buzzing sound along with a sharp inhale. Surely this wasn't happening. Tina was a straight edge cheerleader. She always went to class, only went to parties after games, and she never stayed long. Hell, she'd only ever had sex with one boy and that was her high school sweetheart whom she'd been with for six years!

Brenda was not an idiot; she knew Tina must masturbate. She'd broken up with Trevor two years ago and hadn't hooked up with anyone since. But to think that she owned a vibrator was something Brenda had been sure Little Miss Perfect would never have the guts to buy. Add to that the fact that Tina was brazen enough to use it with Brenda a mere three feet away?! She must be seriously horny.

Despite Brenda's earlier sleepiness, she was now wide awake. She started getting that pleasant down low tickle as Tina's breath quickened. Brenda desperately wanted to look over at Tina, but was afraid Tina would see, stop, and never do it when she was here again.

Brenda felt herself getting wet. She'd began imagining what Tina looked like. She wondered if she was naked. She envisioned Tina with her cute night shorts and underwear around he ankles.

Brenda's body started to warm. She wondered if Tina put the vibrator only on her clit or if she buried it deep inside her sticky wet pussy.

Brenda's breathing began to deepen as she wondered if Tina had taken off her tight little white tank top. She wondered if Tina pinched her nipples until they hurt. She imagined pushing them together, licking them, biting them.

Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted as Tina began moaning. Then she began to whisper, "Oh! Oh! Oh God!!" Her whispers grew louder, "Oh! Fuck! Fuck! I want it so bad! Make me cum! I'm so fucking wet!"

It was the hottest thing Brenda had ever heard. Tina began moaning again and her bed started shaking violently. Brenda could hear muffled screams. Oh God, she must be biting her pillow!

Brenda's hips had begun involuntarily gyrating her bed. Tina's orgasm was still shaking her bed. The vibrator turned to high. Brenda wanted nothing more than to lick Tina's pussy clean. But alas, she stayed in bed pretending to be asleep.

The vibrator shut off. Brenda was sad it was over, but ready to get some sleep. Then she heard distinctive slipping, sucking, slapping noises that could only mean one thing; Tina was now using the vibrator in her sopping wet pussy, as a dildo. The room smelled heavily of Tina's sex. Brenda's vagina twitched. It was in dire need of attention, but it'd have to wait. The slurping, slapping noises continued for what felt like half an hour. The whole time Tina's breathing was deep and raspy.

Finally the noise stopped. Brenda heard Tina get out of bed. The smell of sex became very strong as Tina stood between their two beds. She was sure Tina was close enough she could reach her tongue out and lick her dripping pussy.

Tina went over to Brenda's side of the room. What was she doing? Breanda heard a soft rustling coming from her closet. Was Tina stealing her clothes? Brenda chanced opening her eyes with the hope of being able to see Tina reflected in the mirror. And see she did! She saw the back of Tina with her long curly dark brown hair reaching just above her butt crack. Tina was sitting on Brenda's giant stuffed tiger.

Brenda had bet some random guy that he couldn't win it for her. She told him if he did she'd blow him in the ally and let him come on her anywhere he wanted. Now she had a massive plush tiger that she had no idea what to do with. Tina, on the other hand, seemed to know exactly what to do with it.

She watched Tina's reflection. She watched as Tina's butt clenched and released. Her neck moving sensually in the same rhythm, her curls gently swaying and brushing against her bare back and shoulders. Her moves became exaggerated and faster - she was really riding that thing! Tina hunched over, her ass sped up, he movements became shorter. She began moaning.

Brenda couldn't take it anymore. She stuffed her hand down her shorts and started rubbing her throbbing pussy through her cotton panties. Her panties were soaked all the way through, coating her fingers with her juices in a matter of seconds. She took her left hand and moved the crotch of her panties to the side, stuffing three fingers of her right hand inside her hot cunt all the way. She pumped them in and out to the same rhythm Tina was using on the plush tiger. She gave up holding her underwear to the side, instead using her left hand to rub her clit.

Tina was so fucking gorgeous. She had perfect olive skin. The best scooped back that led into that ample ass. Every inch of her was immaculately toned thanks to her years of cheerleading dedication. And let's not forget those perky enormous breasts. Brenda had listened to Tina complain about them being too big for cheerleading enough to know that they were indeed, a 36 DDD. Despite Tina's dislike, Brenda - and dozens of hot guy and girls- LOVED them!! They were so full, soft, and surprisingly perky. If only Brenda could see them now.

Tina's pace had quickened even more. Hearing her scream, 'Oh! Oh! Oh!' over and over lit a fire in Brenda's drenched pussy. Brenda's fingers had began making slopping noises, but she doubted Tina could hear over her own quickly coming climax. Brenda removed her three fingers with a loud 'pop!' and immediately began rubbing her clit with her wet, pruney fingers. Again using her left hand to pull her panties out of the way. She smeared her juices all over her pussy and onto her thighs. She dipped her fingers back in her tight hole to wet them before returning them to her engorged clit. Her hips had taken on a life of their own, grinding against her hand with such force it was like they couldn't get close enough. Her hips began lifting off the bed, until she was practically in a back bend. Her body began to shudder. She fought back the urge to moan, to scream! Even though Tina was shouting, 'Oh fuck! Fuck! I'll ride your fucking brains out!!'

This was the push that Brenda needed. As she watched Tina's reflection's hips bucking wildly out of control she was rubbing her clit with extreme force and speed. Her body was spasming, and she kept rubbing as her pussy gushed her sticky sweetness. She felt it run down her ass crack and a little onto her back, before she lowered her hips back to the mattress.

Brenda never stopped watching while Tina orgasmed in her closet. Tina was now hunched over the plush tiger so all Brenda could see was her ass muscles contracting as her orgasm died out.

Brenda quickly took her pruney fingers to her face. She inhaled deeply and rubbed them all over her lips and under her nose, before sticking them in her mouth and sucking them clean.

She saw Tina getting up and immediately shut her eyes. She heard Tina open the windows, spray something-but all Brenda could smell was her sweet musky sex under her nose. Then she heard a match light, this must be why Brenda never awoke to the smell of sex. She then heard some drawers being opened and shut, and then she heard the door open and close. Tina had gone to shower.

Brenda wasted no time. She hopped out of bed and went to her plush tiger. There was a very clear large wet patch. Brenda licked it. The taste made her want to eat out her roommate even more. She tore her bottoms off and hopped on the plush tiger. The feel of her own wet pussy touching Tina's left over come made her shiver with excitement. She began riding as she'd seen Tina do. She lasted less than two minutes before her pussy began to clench and spasm. She grabbed her breasts under her shirt and squeezed them hard as her orgasm took control. She could never have imagined the intensity of riding a plush toy.

She hurried off the toy, and dressed in her come soaked panties. She needed to hurry as she wanted to find where Tina hides her own toys. Unfortunately she heard the floorboards outside their door creak and only had enough time to jump in bed and get her earbuds in, before the door opened and Tina walked through.

Brenda was exhausted. She began to drift off relishing the smell and taste of her own sex as she licked her lips. Loving the feel of her sticky cum soaked panties on her still throbbing pussy.

Ever since that night, Brenda only pretended to listen to her music. And every night her roommate would jerk off for hours, in the most creative of ways. Brenda was still too frightened to look so she set up video cameras around the room. She told Tina about them, saying they were for a project to document what happens in a dorm room during the day. Tina had to sign a release. The only loophole was the release said nothing about not filming at night, and Brenda hadn't mentioned that to Tina. She felt guilty about deceiving her roommate, but she just HAD to see exactly what Tina was doing nightly. No one else would ever see it.

Whenever Tina was out cheering at games and after parties, Brenda would watch the footage. Here she learned where Tina keeps her vibrator along with an assortment of toys, in a box under her bed. Tina was definitely not the prude Brenda had originally thought. She even had a strap on, a magic wand, a remote controlled vibrator and a double ended dildo.

Brenda would use Tina's toys while she watched the footage. She got so hot thinking about how they had the same toy inside both of them. Her orgasms had never been stronger. But eventually she knew the videos were not enough to satisfy her. She wanted Tina, she wanted to do things to Tina and have Tina do things to her. She wanted Tina to know that she knew just want Tina gets up to at night.

Brenda decided tonight was the night. There was a game so Tina would be in her cheer uniform and wouldn't change out of it for bed. The cheerleader fantasy is so cliche, but it was a huge turn on for Brenda. She'd even witnessed Tina using her pom-poms as a makeshift dildo once on the video tapes. The girl was insatiable!

Brenda stripped off her top and bra, tossing them haphazardly, her bra landing on Tina's bed. She slid her jean shorts and underwear down to her ankles. She threw the blanket over herself, but left key parts showing. She left one of her c-cup tits out, even pulling on the nipple to get it to stand out a bit. She had a knee out and her feet and ankles were showing. She'd spent the whole day fucking herself so the room smelled of her sweet musky sex. She'd also turned the temperature up uncomfortably high. The heat made her extremely horny and lowered inhibitions. She casually rubbed herself, in the dark, keeping herself aroused. When she heard the roar of co-eds returning home she plunged her fingers in her waiting hole and began rubbing her clit fast and hard. She allowed herself to moan tonight.

She got caught up in thinking about all the things Tina does to herself that she truly didn't notice the door open and close.

"Brenda? I need to turn on the light - I can't see. I didn't think you'd be in bed yet. It's so hot in here and it smel--" The lights come on Brenda freezes, opening her eyes her hand still in her pussy.

Tina is frozen. "Oh my God... I... I..." she stammers. She's flustered. Brenda can see a sheen of sweat on her brow, can see her gulp as her eyes take in what she's seeing. Normally she'd advert her eyes and apologize profusely, but she was incredibly turned on. It'd been over two years since she'd fucked another person, she couldn't stop staring.

Brenda moved the blanket off her body revealing the fingers knuckle deep in her dripping pussy. Tina inhaled sharply. Brenda began slowly pumping her fingers in and out of her wet hole, staring at Tina the whole time. Brenda watched as Tina bites and sucks on her bottom lip, her eyes never leaving Brenda's pussy. Brenda removed her fingers with that beautiful 'pop'. She trailed them up her torso leaving a wet sheen on her skin. Finally finding her mouth, she sucked her fingers as if they were the most delicious thing in the entire world. She got up from the bed stepping out of her shorts. She walked over to Tina, leaned into her ear and whispered, "Play with me?" While taking her left hand and rubbing Tina's pussy through her spankies. Tina moaned.

Brenda began kissing Tina's ear, her jaw, her neck-all while rubbing Tina. Tina fell against the door breathing heavy. Brenda licked Tina's neck, rewarded with a shiver of pleasure.

Brenda removed herself from Tina. Tina gave a small whimper. Brenda took Tina by the hand and laid her on her bed. She removed Tina's spankies and flung them across the room. Finally after months of longing, Brenda will finally be allowed to eat Tina out.

Brenda grabbed Tina's thighs and began liking and kissing her way up to Tina's damp waiting pussy. Finally she arrived, taking her forefinger and sliding it up and down -ever so lightly- Tina's crack. Tina shivered. Her breathing getting heavier. "Please. Please Brenda. Please."

At that Brenda used her fingers to spread Tina's pussy lips. She leaned in with her face, licked Tina's slit and took her clit lightly in her teeth, pulling just enough. Tina squirmed and moaned, "Oh God! Oh God! Brenda! Brenda fuck me!"

Brenda sucked a little longer on Tina's clit beofee diving in her roommates hole with her tongue. All the while, using her nose to tease Tina's clit.

Brenda reached under the bed and grabbed the vibrator. She moved her tongue up the slit making circles on Tina's clit. Then she stuffed the vibrator inside of Tina. Tina gasped loudly in surprise, but almost instantly began working her hips to match as Brenda pulled it in and out.

Brenda's nipples were rock hard and tingling with anticipation. She continueed to rub Tina's clit, while plowing her with the vibrator. Suddenly Brenda turned on the vibrator while it's deep inside of Tina. Tina's moans turned into screams of pleasure. Brenda pumped the vibrator roughly in and out of Tina's dripping hole, eventually placing it on her clit. Tina's hips darted upward as Brenda increased the pressure; they can't decide if they want to get closer or farther away from the intensity of the vibrator. Brenda didn't offer a choice. Tina's hands were everywhere roughly running over her body. Grasping, gripping, clawing at her massive breasts over her cheer top. Scratching up her exposed stomach, pulling and ripping her short pleated skirt. She began to scream, "Oh God!! Aaahhhhh!!! Mmmmhhhhhh!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT!! I'M GOING TO COME!!! MMMMMHHHHH!!!" And she's gushing! But Brenda didn't let up and Tina was coming again, and again. Finally begging Brenda to stop.

Brenda turned off the vibrator and began licking up all the juice Tina spilled and is still squeezing out. Tina reached down and grabs Brenda's head, bringing her to her lips. Tina kissed Brenda so fiercely, with so much hunger. Her tongue darting in Brenda's mouth licking her own juices off Brenda's tongue. She licked Brenda's face, cleaning herself off Brenda, desperate for more. She bit Brenda's lip and tugged hard.

They began kissing again. Tina reached down playing with Brenda's wet and ignored pussy. As they kissed deeply she slid her fingers up and down Brenda's drenched slit, occasionally stopping to pinch her clit. Brenda moaned deeply into Tina's mouth. Tina stuffed two fingers in Brenda's dripping hole. It was so ready it easily took a third. Brenda opened her eyes, they stopped kissing. She looked deeply into Tina's eyes and began riding her fingers. Up and down, up and down, over and over always gaining speed. Tina pressed on her clit with her thumb making small circles. Brenda's movements became up, out and down grinding desperately for pleasure. The entire time Brenda was riding Tina's hand she never looked away from her eyes. Even as she got close and her eyes began to glaze, her neck rolling with pleasure, with desire. As she climaxed, her hot cunt grasping at Tina's fingers, she still stared into her eyes.

Brenda pulled herself off Tina's hand, pushed her back onto the bed. She then climbed up on top on Tina, straddling her left tit. She then began riding it, just like Tina had done to the plush tiger. The boob moved with her, creating a strange sensation, but Brenda kept riding, pushing her clit into Tina's rock hard nipple. As Brenda rode Tina's breast, her own boobs swinging back and forth right over Tina's head. Tina reached up and squeezed, pinching the erect nipples. She couldn't resist any longer. Her breast was slippery now, coated in Brenda's sweet juices. Brenda began moving faster, moaning louder. She kept humping and grinding against Tina's tit. This got Tina so worked up she let go of Brenda's breasts and started rubbing her own clit quickly. She grabbed the vibrator as well, turned it on high and placed it on Brenda's clit while Brenda continued humped Tina's tit. This put Brenda over the top, screaming the loudest she'd ever screamed, gushing her sweet cum all over Tina's giant breast.

Brenda leaned down and began licking her cum off Tina's tit. Then she moved up and let Tina lick her clean. Tina placed the vibrator on her own clit as she licked Brenda, and she came moaning into Brenda's sticky sweet cunt.

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Oh my fucking god, I am cum all over the place. I can't stop rubbing my fucking clit

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Hey. Nice work here. Super hot. Would liked to have seen a more polished end. This kind of stops in mid sex. Hope you keep going.

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made me rub my myself

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