A smile graces my lips as I step out of the glass doors into the golden sun. The chill of the air conditioning disappears as the warmth of the sun seeps into my barely covered skin. I glance around the pool, briefly pausing at each person to find you. Across the pool, our eyes meet. My smile gets bigger just before I pull my bottom lip between my teeth. I watch as your eyes travel down my body. From my eyes to my lips. Down my neck to my perky breasts barely covered in a bikini top. Down the smooth expanse of my stomach. Over my hips to my thighs. Down to my stiletto shoes. And back up just as slowly, but stopping at the v between my thighs covered by the same silky material my breasts are. I suck in a breath as I watch your eyes dilate with lust for me. In that moment I know you are appreciating my body. Our eyes collide again and before I can stop myself I am moving towards you, ignoring the calls from my friends. Each step on the pavement jars my body, making me painfully aware that every single inch of my skin is sensitive. I can feel eyes of other men appreciate my appearance. I see you look around, eyes filled with lightening as you send evil looks at them. My smile reappears as I step in front of you.

Hi there, I whisper as I slip my arms around your neck. Your hands slip just as easily around my body, pulling me perfect against you body as if I was made to fit flush against you. The warmth of your clothes feels chilly against my hot skin, but the friction against my almost naked skin sends a wave of longing to my thighs. I grind against you and gasp in surprise. Your hard cock is pushing against my stomach through your jeans. I glance down then up to your face. I cock my eyebrow at you and you give me a grin. "I can't help it." I can't help but giggle before kissing you deeply, my body humming with want. My mind starts trying to find a way to get you alone in the middle of all these people. Pulling back slightly, I whisper against your lips that I want you. Turning I take two steps away from you. I glance over my shoulder and give you a sexy look, mouthing, follow me, before walking forward. My mind is racing as I take each step.

I slip underneath the shade of one of the cabanas. I turn slightly and see you step in behind me. I watch as you untie the curtains. A fresh wave of wetness pools between my legs as I watch the curtains flutter closed. I smile when I see they aren't closed completely. There is a three inch gap, leaving what we are about to do viewable by anyone passing close by. I bite my lip as you step up to me, pulling me roughly against you. I moan softly as your lips descend on mine. Possessively and roughly you kiss me as your hands slide around me. One traveling down to cup my ass. The other up to untie the strings of my bikini. I moan against your lips as I feel the silk slide off my breasts. Your mouth slips from my mouth to my throat. I close my eyes and let my head fall back, giving you more access to my neck. The moment your lips touch my weak spot, just below my ear, your hand closes around my breast. "Oh yes," I whisper trying so hard to be quiet, knowing there are at least twenty people within ear shot of us. My hand curls around your head holding you in place. "Please Josh!" Your hand roughly squeezes my breast. The contrast, soft flesh to rough hands, creates a delicious friction that causes my cunt to clench with want.

Your mouth descends to my nipple. I suck in a breath, a soft hiss, as I feel the heat of your mouth close around my pierced nipple. I arch my back pushing myself further into your mouth. Each swirl of your tongue brings another ache. Each pull of your mouth brings me closer to release. I look down and watch as a soft pop releases my nipple from your mouth and you blow a soft breath across the hardness. "Yes! Like that." You continue to my other nipple and give it the same kind of treatment, torturing me in the way only you know how. Your hand slides down my stomach, caressing small circles. Slowly, you move further as you move back to my other nipple. I shift slightly, spreading my legs just a little further apart giving you the access you want. Your hand dips into my bikini bottoms, a finger grazes my clit. A moan louder than I want slips out of my mouth. Just one flick and you make my knees. "Josh!" I moan as you flick my clit again. Once. Twice, then a third time before slipping your finger into my wet cunt.

I pull your mouth off my nipple and up to my mouth. Kissing you deeply, we move against each other. Your finger in and out of my pussy. Your thumb rubbing my clit with each thrust in of your finger. Me pushing myself down onto your finger, trying to get deeper and harder. Your tongue invades my mouth making me dizzy with lust. It becomes hard to concentrate on just your finger sliding in and out of my pussy. I try my hardest to slow the approach of my release but I can't. It isn't possible. My body tenses and I arch my back. Kissing you hard, I muffle my moan just slightly before you pull away. You watch the flush I feel slide across my skin. You feel my pussy spasm around your finger. Listen to my breath catching and my moan of pleasure as you continue to fuck me with your finger.

"That's it Sarah. Come on my finger. Come loudly so everyone can hear you." I jerk open my eyes and smile at you, knowing that's exactly what you want and I am not prepared to give you what you want just now. I want to torture you more.

I push you away from me and slid my bikini bottoms off before reaching for your shirt. A quick pull has it off and my hands grip the waist of your jeans. I lick my lips just before sucking my bottom lip into my mouth. I slowly unbutton your jeans and look into your eyes as I slip to my knees. The pavement jars my body as my knees hit but I don't mind. The hiss of a zipper takes your attention to your pants quickly before you close your eyes. I put a kiss against your stomach as I push your jeans and boxers down. I waste no time and take you in my mouth. The salty taste of pre cum slides across my tongue and a moan against your cock, sending vibrations through the sensitive flesh. It is exactly what I want. To taste you. To taste your come. I feel your hand push back my hair and I know you are watching me suck your cock. I slowly build a rhythm. Taking you fully in my mouth and pulling back slowly. Never taking you out of my mouth but twirling my tongue around the tip. Teasing you with my tongue and my mouth. The sounds you make as my tongue twirls around you and as you hit the back of my throat sends a fresh wave of wetness to my pussy. I can't stop my hand from playing with my clit. I glance up at you as your hand closes around my breast, pinching my nipple between your thumb and finger. I can't help but say mmm against your cock from the look of pure want on your face. Pure want for me.

I pull back. "Josh!" I whisper. "I need you. Please! Please take me."

You pull me up your body and kiss me desperately. "Yes baby!" Before I realize what you are doing you turn me around and push me against the lounge chair. "Get on the chair Sarah. On your knees." You say it in a hoarse whisper causing me to clench. I hastily obey and get on my knees.

I glance over my shoulder at you. "Like this? Is this how you want me Josh?"

I can see your body clench as you rein in your control. "Yes!" You say it roughly before stepping up behind me. Your hand grips my hip and I feel you rub your cock down my lips.

"Oh Josh! Please. Don't tease me. I am aching for you." Before I can take a breath, you slip into my cunt hard. Pushing yourself fully into me. So hard it causes me to jerk forward. "Yes Josh!" Your hand slips up my back caressing as you start fucking me hard.

Each stroke is rough, taking me closer and closer to release. I glance towards the gap in the curtains. I can see people outside, none that I can see glancing at the cabana and my pussy clenches around your cock. Just the thought of being caught almost takes me over. Your hand slips from my back to cup my breast. Roughly. Pinching my nipple and then kneading my breast. Switching between the two. Pairing it with your thrusts. In and out. Hard. Deep. Hard. Before I can stop my hand, it slips between my legs and circles my sensitive clit. I bite my lip hard as the sensation is too much for me to handle. Another thrust of your cock into my pussy and I can't hold back any longer. I moan loudly as I come on your cock. I feel you tense behind me and then feel you squirt come into clenching tight cunt. My body becomes so sensitive as you keep moving into my pussy. Pushing us both further. Making our orgasm last longer.

Slowly you pull from me, caressing my body as you do so. I look over my shoulder at you. Our come is slipping slowly from my cunt and I can't help but smile. One glance at the gap and I can't help but become freshly turned on. You smack my ass lightly and help me up. Pulling me against you, your hands slip into my hair and you kiss me deeply and sweetly. "Sarah! You are such a bad girl." I can't stop the giggle that slips from my mouth.

"I told you. I am a good girl." Bending over I pick up my bottoms and wiggle my behind at you. I smile back at you before I slip my bottoms back on. "We should do this more often." I whisper as I bite back a moan as the silky fabric comes in contact with my sensitive flesh. I close my eyes and moan softly. I feel you step up and pull me into your arms for another kiss. Opening my eyes I look up at you with a sweet smile on my face. You help me back into my top and step back. Quickly you pull on your clothes and then look at me.

I imagine what you see. My lips pink and swollen. A flush across every plane of my body. My eyes bright. I watch as you smile at me. The kind of smile that says you have been a bad boy. Our eyes collide and we both know I get to walk around with the chance of our come sliding down my thighs. A quick deep kiss and you walk out of the cabana. Back to the party. I sigh and try to compose myself. Stepping out into the sun I glance around and wonder who saw. Who heard me come. Slowly, I make my way back into the party.

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