tagIncest/TabooCabin Snow In

Cabin Snow In


Far into the woods in Maine a blizzard has overtaken the forest. Deep within it is a winter cabin. The cabins windows glow yellow from the fire within; it is quite the spectacle, hiding beneath the white wind and behind the snow giants that were once trees. Inside are three boys and their mother.

They drove out for a nice weekend away during the boys college winter break. The family hadn't been together in months. Now they had been together for seven days, snow poured in making the one room cabin a cosy prison. This had been quite a problem for all four of them. See there physical descriptions are to follow but they share one trait uniformly, horniness.

The boys, Ethan, Langdon, and Aaron, all looked similar. They had varying levels of messy hair, not too short or long with chiseled faces. Each were also built similarly. They were all tall and thin but defined. Each had a six pack. They all also shared a common family male trait, long, thick shlongs. They came from good genes.

Their mother, Kristin but Kris for short, was just as attractive. She was a bit shorter then them with a small C for breast and they held a perfect, full shape in any outfit. Her stomach was toned and her long legs too. Her legs led up to her favorite asset, her perky, bouncy butt which filled out every pair of jeans she owned. It had such shape that she could have easily been an underwear model. She loved her ass so much that she wore a thong or g-string everyday so it would always be showcased properly. When down to her skivvies she had always instinctively modeled, standing on her toes to give her butt a better angle and holding her breath in her chest so her breasts looked ready to pop out from her bra. Here in lies the catalyst to the story.

The boys got increasingly horny as the week went on and talked about it with one another. They exchanged stories about the sex they had had well away at college and how they weren't use to not getting any release for such a long duration. Ethan talked about how he was dying to get deep throated by his girlfriend, Langdon said he had routinely been having two girls from across the hall blow him together, and Aaron said he got blowjobs from just about everyone on campus and planned to do just that the day he got back (being the best looking of the three).

Kris had overheard these conversations and couldn't help but think of her own desires. She loved giving head and couldn't wait to return home and give head to all the men in her neighborhood. She had become the neighborhood blowjob giver. She fantasized that when she got back she'd go to a christmas party and sneak every guy, one by one, to the bathroom so she could suck their cock and feel a dic pulsate in her throat as it shot warm sperm into her.

Then one night, all their fantasies changed.

Aaron got a bit cold lying in bed and threw some extra logs on the fire. About a minute later Ethan, also cold, took a break from making dinner and threw a few logs on the fire. About ten minutes later they all sat down to eat but were sweating.

"Whew, its hot a hell itself in here you guys. What'd you do?" Kris exclaimed.

They figured out their error but had no way of turning it down, within minutes they were red in the face and dripping from the heat.

"I'm sorry boys but I'm shedding some layers here before I faint!" Kris said, pulling her sweater over her head.

The boys followed suit and shed their clothing down to their t-shirts. Kris only had a tank top on now. They continued eating but the boys now looked over and couldn't help but take notice of their mothers breasts. Their testosterone levels were peaking and each was practically staring as sweat dripping down her neck into her cleavage.

She didn't seem to notice, she sighed miserably. A few minutes later she suddenly says "I can't take this guys, I'm sorry but I say, we're all family here, I can't keep all these cloths on!" With that she stood up and began shedding her pajama pants. Without thinking, she did it how she always does in front of men. She turned her back toward them, tucked her thumbs in her waistband, and inched her pants over her ass, revealing a g-string, then bending over as she took them off completely. She tossed them to the side and then turned to face them and pulled her tank top over her head. Then sat back down.

Everyone of the boys was now sporting a hard on, not on purpose but they couldn't help themselves. They all wanted her tits in their mouths. They weren't thinking of her as a mother anymore, they just saw great tits and a great ass and wanted squeeze them all.

"Come on boys, just loose your pajamas, don't be miserable. I feel ten times better." None of them responded. "Guys! Quit being a bunch of wimps."

They each hesitated but after a moment they all got up from there seats and drop pants. When they did, they revealed that not even one wore boxers! Each stood there with a massive hard-on sticking out. Kris was stunned, she just looked from one to the next, their dics were all amazing! Her hand instantly dropped to her pussy while simultaneously biting down on her lip. She palmed the entirety of her cunt, with a single finger tip pushing into her pussy. Within a matter of seconds she came, silently, on her hand. The boys never knew. They didn't look at each other or Kris for a good minute. They just stood, big heavy penises dangling for a short while and then they just sat back down and started eating nervously.

After cumming Kris immediately put her hand back up in plain site. She was shocked but now even hornier than before. The cocks hanging off her guys looked so suckable to her, so hott. She had gone from staring at one to the other, just wanting to drop to her knees, put her hands around one of their asses and suck their big cock into her mouth. She still sat, with this exact thought in her head. She tried to think about something else but couldn't shake her imagining her blowing one of her hott, well hung sons. She was building to an even hornier state than before.

"Mom aren't you going to eat?" Ethan asked. "Mom?"

She heard him but still couldn't shake her sexual thoughts. She was now almost slightly grinding her pussy against her chair. She began rocking her ass back and forth, imagining now that she was riding one of those big pieces of meat while sucking another.

"Mom, are you going to eat?"

Finally she broke her daze. "Yes, I am." She said matter-a-factly. Then she stood up, reached back and unhooked her bra and let her perky boobs fall free, bouncing slightly before settling. She walked over, in front of Ethan and dropped to her knees. Her naked tits swayed, smacking against his calves as her hands landed on his knees, she was face to face with a thick, heavy, 8 inch cock standing at full attention. She opened her mouth slightly and moved her head into his lap. Inch by inch his penis entered his mothers horny mouth, until she finally got close to the base, closed, and sucked harder than he knew girls could.

"Mom.." he gasped. His hands went to the sides of her head, gently taking her skull into his hands. He pulled his mother's hair back and help guide her head back to the very tip of his dic. She looked up at him and smiled happily, he smiled back before she closed her eyes and he helped guide her head back down the length of his cock. She took his full length into his mouth, she could feel his massive head push deep into the back of her mouth, she slowly pushed her head harder toward his lap and she felt the reward of his head entering her throat. She had never felt so erotic in her life, her son's large, sexy shaft stretched out through her mouth and down into her throat while she sucked as hard as she could. Her hands were on her son's naked thighs, her bottom lip now pressing against his ball sack. Kris pulled back letting her son's dichead slide back into her mouth, clamping down and sucking hard on it. Then she let it pop from her mouth.

"Baby, you taste so good. Are you enjoying your Mom's dic sucking?"

"Mmmmm, please don't stop Mom, I really really need this."

"Sorry baby, but Mom's got to take care of your two well hung brothers too! Do you want to fuck me instead, while I suck one of their dics?"

"Yeah I do."

She stood up and turn around revealing her g-string clad ass Ethan's hand shot up and immedietly started rubbing his Mom's ass. As she bent down and grabbed his dic to guide it to her pussy he pulled her butt into his face and started eating out her ass. His face was buried in between her cheeks, sucking and licking away.

"Mmmmm, Ethan you really know how to dig into an ass!! Eat my butt and make me cum! Langdon, Aaron, what are you waiting for? Come around here and put those dics in front of my face! I can't suck them from across the table!"

Almost instantaneously both her boys massive endowments were hanging in front of her face. She reached out and started rubbing both, one hand each. She was in heaven. These were the biggest dics she had ever got to play with. She took her time rubbing both of them, the she took Aaron's head into her mouth, gave it a quick suck and switched to Langdon's. She couldn't get enough of them. She rubbed Aaron's penis all over her face as she sucked Langdon. She even tried sucking them both. She let Langdon pop from her mouth, pushed their dics together and squeezed them with both hands into one another and tried to get her mouth around both. She couldn't but got even wetter at the sight of her boy's beautiful cocks rubbing against one another.

As he Ethan's brother had their cocks squeezed together, licked, and sucked on by their Mom, Ethan moved down to her pussy and sucked and licked it from the back to make sure that she was nice and wet. In fact, she was soaking wet.

"Mom, I think its time I got to feel how good your pussy is."

Aaron's cock popped from his mothers mouth. "You wanna fuck your Mommy's pussy Ethan? Ask your Mommy to sit on your meaty cock and I will."

"Mom, please ride me, I want to see your hot body sliding up and down my dic."

With that she grabbed his cock and sat down on it. Her pussy had engulfed her son's entire penis. Her ass looked amazing sitting in her son's naked lap. She started sliding back and forth with Ethan's cock fully in her. Her ass looked like a pornstar's perfect ass, with perfect rhythm as she rode him.

"God Ethan, you penis feels so good. We should have done this years ago, you feel so good. Boys, I'm going to suck your cocks to the day that I die, your all so fucking hott. Anytime you boys want a hott piece of ass to stick your dic into, fuck my brains out not some dumb little college slut.

Langdon, who is now sucking, kissing, and squeezing Kris' right tit replies "Mom, you've got the hottest body I've ever seen and I'm been hooking up with a lot of good looking girls at college. I could spend a week just sucking and squeezing this tit.

Aaron let his Mom's left tit fall from his mouth and started squeezing her nipple. "Langdon man, you're totally right. These tits are crazy, I just want to suck on them on day. I could spend a lifetime worshipping this body. I can't wait to bury my face in your pussy."

"Your going to get to put your face and your penis where ever you want from now on Aaron."

They foursome continued fucking all night til each one of her boys took a turn shooting cum all over her body. She gave them quite the show as did an erotica dance while rubbing in the cum.

For the next couples day Kris sucked on her three sons, occasionally letting her mouth go empty only to be sucked on by all three of them at once. They loved sucking both her tits and her pussy at once, she'd almost pass out from the pleasure. When they finally decided to call for help, Aaron was sucking Kris' pussy as she talked to the police.

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