tagLesbian SexCammy and Kris

Cammy and Kris


Please not, the following story has graphic sexual content. If you are younger than 18, please do not read any further. Copyright by the author.


Cammy and Kris were up late again. They sat together on Kris's bed. The house was quiet. Kris's parent's were away and wouldn't be back for a few days.

Cammy sat close to Kris, and it seemed that Kris might be asleep. She wore her little glasses, and her eyes were closed and she was breathing slowly. Cammy loved looking at Kris, and this was a wonderful chance to stare.

Kris was lying on her back wearing a red tank top, her arms over her head. She had on sweatpants and bare feet. Her black hair was messy on the pillow, and her arms over her head.

Cammy focused on her armpits, she couldn't help it. Kris didn't shave her underarms. Neither of them did, and that was all Cammy's doing. Cammy had convinced her not to, because she was so impressed by the thickness of Kris's underarm hair. Cammy's was hair was soft and sparse, and she envied her friend.

Cammy carefully reached over with a finger toward Kris's armpit, just enough to touch the delicate hair. Cammy whispered, "Oh Kris."

Kris flinched and squealed, "Stop it!"

"You're so worried about being ticklish," Cammy stated.

"Oh, you know why, I'll pee in my pants." Answered Kris.

"I know, you say that all the time."

"It makes me nervous," said Kris. Cammy had heard plenty of times, and she would tease Kris because of it, and she enjoyed it.

Cammy said, "Well, I used to wet the bed. And that was really embarrassing. But, the only time I worry about it is when I'm sleeping somewhere else."

"Like here, in my bedroom?"

"Actually, I would probably enjoy peeing in here..."


"Really, I mean it, you're so nervous about peeing, I should pee right here, right in front of you, it might do you some good."

Kris was surprised that Cammy would be so bold, and she actually smiled a little before saying, "Oh stop it!"

"Seriously, the way to get over your pee phobia is to embrace it, we should both pee ourselves, right now."

"Cammy! You sound like you'd like it!" Said Kris. Cammy had talked about this before; it was something she could fixate on.

"C'mon, we could sit here and just go for it!"

"I never know when you're kidding."

"Don't worry - I'll help you wash the sheets."

That comment sounded so much like something a lover would say that Kris stayed silent. It was worse because Cammy seemed so genuine and eager to follow up on her proposal.

"We can't." Kris said.

"Oh please, let's do it," Said Cammy, "You know, some women pee uncontrollably during an orgasm, this might be good practice."

Kris couldn't say anything to that. It was a mean thing for Cammy to say because she knew Kris had never had an orgasm.

But Cammy wouldn't stop, she whispered, "We should pee on each other."

Cammy could tell Kris was upset. But Cammy was totally thrilled by the images. For some reason, the thought of Kris peeing in her pants was truly exciting to Cammy.

Finally Cammy said, "Oh Kris, don't listen to me, I'm sorry."

"I'm glad you said that - I mean, you just sound so excited about this kind of stuff..." Kris said nervously.

"Yeah, I have some odd ideas about fun, don't I."

They sat for a while in silence, then Cammy got up and said, "I need to pee."

In the bathroom, Cammy pulled her pajamas down and sat on the toilet. But, even though she wanted to pee, she felt tense and couldn't.

She stood up to look at herself in the mirror. She was small and thin with short blond hair. She had on a white T-shirt and pajama bottoms. Her shirt was snug, and it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. Her breasts were small, and she thought they looked pretty. And so did Kris, more than once she had said Cammy's little breasts were cute. Plus, she would often tell her how much she envied the fact that Cammy didn't need a bra. Cammy loved this, and had been tempted many times to lift her shirt for Kris.

Cammy has always been smitten by Kris's full figure and stature, she was tall and strong.

Kris constantly said she wanted an ass like Cammy's and Cammy wanted Kris's. They would play this same game when they talked about each other's breasts. Cammy would describe Kris's breasts with words like beautiful and delicious, and Kris loved it.

Sometimes Cammy would look directly at Kris's breasts, and she wouldn't stop. This happened a lot, and Kris would let it go on for a while and then she's say, "Cammy - you're staring at my breasts." And Cammy would usually just laugh. But it was obvious that Cammy loved to look at them. And Kris never really seemed to mind.

Cammy enjoyed teasing Kris, who could get very submissive as a result. Sometimes Kris would talk in a quiet baby voice, that was a signal for Cammy, and she would really push hard to get her to act more like a baby. And it usually worked, especially when the topic was their bodies. Cammy loved it, and so did Kris. They could talk endlessly about the hair under their arms, their bottoms, their tummies and especially their breasts.

Cammy could also get Kris to play along with her peeing talk. It seemed to make Kris nervous, but she would never really stop Cammy from going on about it. It was a relief for Cammy, because she really enjoyed talking about it.

Whatever their funny game was, and what they would talk about, it always had a limit. Cammy would push a little, but never too much. Kris would always let her do whatever Cammy wanted. Actually, Cammy couldn't remember Kris ever stopping her from doing anything.

And now, tonight, Cammy wanted to push it even farther.

Cammy was pretty sure she knew what she was going to do. She had known Kris for long enough to knew that she wouldn't stop anything she started.

Cammy filled a big glass of water and then drank it, then another. And then a third. She walked back to the bedroom, with another full glass of water.

Something was different. While Cammy was in the bathroom, Kris had turned off the overhead light. Now the bedside lamp lit the room. It had an orange shade, and it created a soft warm light. Kris was lying on her stomach, her hands under her pillow, she looked nervous.

Cammy held the glass of water out for Kris. For a long moment Kris just looked at the glass, and then to Cammy. Neither needed to say anything. Kris sat up, took the glass and drank it.

Cammy sat down near Kris's legs and asked, "You okay?"

Kris said, "Oh, you just love to talk about that peeing stuff." Cammy wasn't sure, but she thought Kris spoke in that baby voice. "I mean, I think of you peeing yourself, and you could do it, and I bet you could really enjoy it. I mean, if you wet your pants you could be so cute about it."

Cammy said, "Oh, you'd be cute too!"

"No way, I would just sit here with wet pants and my great big butt." She did it. This was the signal. Now Cammy had the go-ahead to tell her that her butt was beautiful.

Cammy poked Kris's ass.

"Oh stop it. Looking at you I feel like I have such a huge butt."

Cammy laughed, and Kris said, "Don't laugh!"

Cammy patted her hand on Kris's pants, right on her butt and said, "Be quiet, your ass is fabulous."

Kris twitched a little, and said, "It just feels so big. I hate it!"

Cammy didn't move. She kept her hand on Kris's ass, this was the first time, besides some playful poking, she had ever really touched it. Cammy noticed her heart was beating a little faster. Kris was a strong young woman, she was tall with dark hair and a full chest and a round bottom. Cammy rubbed it nicely, gave it a little squeeze and said, "This is NOT big."

She kept her hand there, wondering if Kris would tell her to stop. Nothing happened. Then, she rubbed a little more. Kris was silent.

She kept on rubbing, gentle and slow. She could easily see the panty line under the fabric of Kris's pants. It went on like this for a long time. It was dreamlike for Cammy, Kris's bottom felt warm and smooth.

Finally - almost in a whisper, Kris said, "You don't think it's... it's - too soft?"

I replied, in a way that was almost stern, "Kris - Please, you have a beautiful bottom, and a beautiful body. I tell you all the time, believe me - it's true."

"Are you sure?" Asked Kris in a quiet submissive voice.

"Yes - I'm sure." I said.

Cammy gently rubbed and massaged Kris, along her back and neck. Even around her bottom. Kris seemed relaxed and she content. This went on for a long time, and finally Cammy eased in and snuggled up close to Kris. She was wondering if Kris had fallen asleep.

Then Kris broke the silence, "Why are you so fascinated by the whole peeing thing - I mean, it's sorta weird."

"I'm not sure."

"You bring it up all the time."

"I know I do."

"Well, what is it?"

"I've never told anyone - you can't tell any of our friends."

"No, of course I won't" And Kris perked up, and sounded really excited.

"I - I read this thing once, it was sort of a medical thing, it's wasn't very long. But, it explained how some women - uhhm, how some women..."

"Go on. Please."

"Some women will squirt fluid during their orgasm, it's not like they are peeing, I mean, well - it is, sorta..."

"Go on..."

"Well, I thought it was really interesting - and I was, well - when I read it I was..."

"It's okay, go on"

"I was - really envious."


"Uhhm - Kris, can I ask - do you ever, I mean - have you ever had an orgasm?"

"Yes," Kris whispered. Cammy could tell it was a lot for her to admit to, and she sounded a little embarrassed.

"Well, I've tried - I mean really tried, and - Oh god, this is embarrassing..." said Cammy. She sounded nervous and worried, in a way she rarely sounds.

"It's okay, really..." said Kris, as kind as she could.

"Well - I can't - I mean, it's never happened for me."

"Oh Cammy - it will, someday - I know it will..." Kris sounded really emotional and supportive.

"Yeah, maybe. But - I mean, the peeing thing. I guess that's my little pretend orgasm."

"Really?" said Kris, genuinely surprised.

"Yeah, when I pee, actually - every time I pee. I think to myself - I imagine that it's my own little squirting orgasm."

"Do you - I mean, so you enjoy peeing?" asked Kris.

"Oh god yes!" said Cammy, "I mean, it's a really fun thing for me - I mean, it feels so good, y'know - I mean, does that make sense?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"I can't believe I just told you all that..." said Cammy in a nervous voice.

"It's okay - I understand - Peeing does feel pretty good sometimes." Kris whispered.

"Yeah, it really does," replied Cammy.

"Oh Cammy, thank you for sharing that."

Kris thought to herself how this explained so much about her friend - her best friend. Now the peeing thing was so easy to understand. She always thought it was just some way for Cammy to act perverted or something. but now, after hearing Cammy talk, she felt a lot of sympathy - a lot of closeness.

Cammy gave Kris a big hug, and whispered "Thank you." right up close into her ear.

Kris felt so close to Cammy, and so emotional. She quietly said, "I guess I'll never think of peeing the same way again."

Cammy giggled and said, "Good for you." And she sat up a little and rubbed Kris's back.

Cammy carefully traced the outline of Kris's bra strap under her tight shirt. Cammy traced the outline as best she could, along the entire bra. With Kris on her stomach, she had to stop when she reached the edge of the bed.

Kris asked, "So, do you like my bra?"

And Cammy giggled and answered, "I've never seen your bra - but I'm sure it's beautiful - and I 'm sure your panties are pretty too."

Then it happened, Cammy was starting to feel the need to pee.

Oh my god - Cammy thought to herself, it's happening.

Cammy stopped rubbing, she took a deep breath. There was a long pause, and she tried to come to terms with what she was feeling. She was nervous, and excited.

She looked at Kris, her best friend. In all the time they've know each other Kris hadn't ever told Cammy to stop doing anything. Then Cammy reached down and started to pull Kris's sweat pants off her legs.

Kris whispered nervously, "Cammy?"

"Shhhhh..." Cammy said, and she pulled the pants off past Kris's bare feet, and let them fall to the floor.

Kris stayed silent, and didn't move.

Cammy put her hands on Kris's panties, and whispered, "They are pretty - I knew it." They were simple and white, and they looked wonderful on Kris.

Cammy carefully rubbed Kris on her butt, and then slid her hands across her back and smoothly down her sides. Cammy could feel Kris melt, her face pressed down on the bed. Cammy was carefully running her fingers along her tight red shirt.

Kris was relaxed and still.

Cammy pushed herself snug against Kris, then she moved her hand further along Kris's shirt. Kris was wearing a bra, and her large breasts where pressed down against the bed. Cammy reached - and gently let her fingers touch Kris's delicate armpit hairs.

In a slightly mean way, Cammy asked, "Kris, are you ticklish - here?"

Kris replied, "W-what?"

Suddenly, Cammy started grabbing and tickling, and instantly Kris started squirming.

They began to wrestle and laugh. Kris got on top and sat directly on Cammy. Her white panties pressed against her belly. They struggled, but Kris grabbed her arms. Then Cammy was stuck, with Kris sitting right on her belly.

"I can't believe you did that!" Kris said, laughing.

Cammy answered, "I had to try..."

Kris was holding Cammy's arms down against the bed. Then - she let go.

Immediately Cammy reached up and put her hands into Kris's hairy armpits, and tickled as hard as she could.

It happened quick, and Cammy held on.

Kris involuntarily jerked. She shrieked a little, and laughed for just a moment, but then said, "Stop!" But Cammy tickled harder. Kris tried to crawl away, but Cammy wouldn't let go, and Kris squealed and laughed.

Cammy got really forceful, and then Kris whimpered, "No - Cammy, no stop..."

Kris was convulsing and twitching, with her panties pressed firm against Cammy's belly.

And suddenly, they both froze.

Cammy knew what happened, she felt it.

Kris stammered, "Oh n-no, I just..."

But Cammy was absolutely thrilled. "Kris - You... you peed?"

"Oh god - I'm sorry." said Kris.

Kris was on top of Cammy, frozen in an awkward pose. Cammy sat up to see. Kris's thin white panties were wet, her curly black pubic hair was easy to see under the damp fabric. There was another small spot on Cammy's white shirt.

Cammy smiled and touched her own shirt, then whispered, "It's so warm."

Kris pulled away and said, "I'm sorry." She moved to the head of the bed, away from Cammy.

"Don't you dare be sorry." said Cammy. "I wanted this, I wanted it so bad."

"But, I - I..." Kris whispered. She was sitting on her knees, looking ashamed.

"Kris, you peed on me..." Cammy said excitedly.

"I'm so sorry."

"No - please, listen. I love you, really, I do. You look more beautiful right now than you ever have. Your underwear is wet, and so is my shirt. We did it, we really did it..." Cammy said, as she moved toward Kris, and gently put her hands on Kris's legs. "Thank you."

Kris let Cammy keep her hands on her bare legs.

Cammy said, "Please, lay down."

Kris sat still for a moment, and then Cammy moved around and calmly pushed Kris down onto her back.

Kris was lying there with nothing on but her red tank top and her tight wet panties. She nervously looked up at Cammy.

"Oh Kris." Cammy said, smiling. Then Cammy reached down and carefully touched Kris's wet underwear and said. "You peed, you peed all over yourself - and on me - and I loved it."

Then Cammy moved one leg over Kris and sat on top, straddling her.

Cammy was sitting right on Kris's belly, and in a quiet voice, Cammy said, "You peed on me - and now..." She paused for a breath. "please - please let me pee too."

Kris was shocked, and she lay on her back, still and quiet in disbelief. Cammy's crotch was up centered on her belly.

Cammy couldn't believe she was really doing this. There was a long silence, and finally she smiled and said, "Kris, I - I want this so bad."

Kris looked worried, so Cammy reached forward and interlocked fingers with her, firmly pinning both hands to the bed. Kris was apprehensive, wide-eyed and breathing hard, but she made absolutely no effort to fight any of this.

Kris looked up at Cammy's white t-shirt and the small area of wetness, her own pee, just below Cammy's small breasts. Cammy concentrated and slowly squeezed Kris's hands. They both got very quiet. It seemed a long moment,

"Oh, please," Cammy said, squeezing Kris's hands tighter.

Nothing was happening, Kris asked, "Is there anything... anything I can..."

"Shhhhhh!" Cammy interrupted. Kris lay there looking frightened.

She didn't want to see Kris this way. Cammy leaned forward and kissed Kris on the mouth. It was tender and filled with emotion. The kiss changed everything in Kris, she felt an enormous elation, all the fear melted away.

Cammy sat up on her knees and smiled. Then Cammy rolled off Kris's belly and onto her back, right next to her. Cammy pointed her feet in the air, and in one motion pulled off her pajama bottoms and panties, and almost as quickly rolled back on top of Kris, sitting tall on her knees.

Kris's was astonished, and stared wide-eyed. Her heart started pounding. She couldn't believe what had just happened. The sight of Cammy without her pants was breathtaking, her pubic hair was pale and delicate. Kris didn't know what to do,

Cammy looked so unbelievably lovely.

Cammy reached down and carefully pulled up Kris's red tank top, just enough to see Kris's belly button. She sat back down and repositioned herself with her groin directly on Kris's bare stomach. Cammy's soft pubic hair felt cool on Kris's skin. Then Cammy pulled the shirt up just a little more, so she could see the bottom of Kris's bra. Cammy grabbed Kris's hands again, and smiled.

Kris was joyous.

Cammy was anxious. She needed to pee badly, it just felt so difficult to hold it in, but she just couldn't let go. She closed her eyes and clenched her teeth, but it didn't help. When she opened her eyes, Kris, was smiling. She looked ecstatic, she was breathing deeply, her chest rising and falling, she was no longer nervous, she had totally given in. Seeing Kris so eager made Cammy feel entranced, like the whole world was telling her yes.

Cammy let go of Kris's hands and sat up onto her knees. She took a deep breath, and looked down at Kris, awash in anticipation. Cammy was staring, Kris looked wonderful. Her tight red shirt, the line of her bra, her big beautiful breasts, her nipples under the red fabric, and all of it moving with Kris's heavy breathing.

Cammy was looking down at Kris's chest, and Kris knew it - and it thrilled her.

Kris had been lying there motionless, with her hands still above her head, but now she reached up and awkwardly touched the wet spot on Cammy's shirt. Cammy almost pushed her hand away, but instead held it tight. Kris gently tugged on the damp fabric. Then Cammy grabbed her own shirt and pulled it over her head, and dropped it on the bed. Cammy, her back slightly arched, was finally showing Kris her small breasts.

Kris thought she was about to cry.

Cammy sat there, naked - and straddling Kris. Cammy felt an infinite power, she leaned forward and grabbed Kris's hands and held them down on the bed.

Kris tried to move her hands, she desperately wanted to touch Cammy, but Cammy wouldn't let her. Cammy's little breasts hung down, the nipples, small and erect, just above Kris's face. Kris was astounded, everything about Cammy seemed so lovely and delicate.

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