tagFetishCamping Ch. 01

Camping Ch. 01


My friends and I decided to go camping last summer. To save some money we all stayed in one big tent. There was Me and Dai in one side of the tent, Zoe, Rachel and Cara in the other and all our bags chucked in the middle.

The first day was usual, picking a spot setting up and having some beers, chilling in the sun.

The campsite we were staying on had its own club and entertainment so we didn't get two drunk in the afternoon. Around 6 I decided that it was time to get changed into my party clothes for that evening and went in the tent, got out my clothes and went into my compartment to get changed, I didn't realize that I had drunk so much and when I laid on my air bed I fell asleep.

Next thing I remember is the tent zip going and waking me up, I heard movement in the main tent compartment, Rachel had walked in and not knowing I was in the tent, started to get changed to go to the club, but unlike me she was striping in the main area thinking she was the only one in there. I started unzipping the compartment door and about to say something when I seen her - Rachel is about 5'2" blond hair and a nice peach shape arse and 34 DD breasts (I found this out later) she was bending over getting stuff out of her bag just wearing her knickers and bra, id always fancied her but never though id see her like this, keeping quiet I watched her undress fully.

Her breasts were firm and perky like her and as she turned around I could see she was shaven below, I was hard instantly but too nervous to make a sound incase she saw me. She put on fresh knickers and bra and put on a summer dress with displayed her assets wonderfully she slipped on some sandals and out the tent she went. I was stunned.

Next I hear Zoe ask Rachel where I am. Rachel replies that i'm not in the tent must be having a shower! Next thing I know Zoe walks in the tent and she too starts getting changed - Zoe is same height as Rachel but slimmer as I watch her undress she too strips I couldn't believe my luck! she is also blond with a tight ass but smaller 32 B breasts, watching from where i'm hiding I can see that she has a neat trimmed bush she slips into a thong and strapless bra and pulls on some jeans and vest top and walks out the tent.

I couldn't believe it two of my friends naked thought id never see it I was starting to get up and dressed and try and fit my erection back in my pants when Cara came in. - Cara was an ex-girlfriend of mine she's 5'2" 34 C with a big arse she would do anything when I was with her but were just friends now but as I watched her undress I remembered all the good times which made my cock spring forth again, staying still I watched her peel off her bra and bend over showing me her big rump, the same rump I had fucked many times before she put on a different bra and pulled on a dress and left.

Finally I could leave, but as I left the compartment still aroused I tripped over one of the girls bags looking down I saw that it was Rachel's and on top was a pair of her worn knickers, I couldn't stop myself the beer and the show I just lost all sense I picked them up and they smelt amazing, her musky sent still in my nose I almost cum in my pants looking down again I could see a pair of her socks poking out the side of her bag.

I love girls feet and I love cumming on girls feet wearing socks cant beat it. I quickly snatch up the pair scurry back in my compartment still smelling her knickers I roll one over my cock and put my balls where her heel would be and quite quickly empty my load into them and it was huge I could see the damp patch start to spread as I was taking it off and it was heavy, I quickly rolled them back up and put them back in her bag along with her knickers as they were and walked out the tent.

As I exited the girls looked at me "sorry guys, was I sleeping long" I asked, I could see their faces relax as I spoke,

"Na Mate" Dai said "we were just about to go down the club."

"No probs" I replied "I'm ready to rock."

So we went down the club for a couple hours of drinking and dancing before all returning to the tent all well and truly sloshed and went to bed.

The next day I heard voices in the morning through my hangover, the girls were getting up as I lay there with my throbbing head I hear Rachel exclaim "ah! What the?"

"What's the matter Hun?" Zoe asks

"My socks their soaking!"

"Must be the tent leaking last night" Zoes says

"Oh yeah could be" Rachel says.

I grin to myself and roll back over and go to sleep.

I wake up later feeling a bit better get dressed and leave the tent. the day is spent sitting around talking drinking beer, all the time I'm grinning to myself knowing Rachel is wearing my cum in her socks and on her toes.

Late in the afternoon Rachel, Zoe and Dai decide to go for a swim I'm feeling a bit too drunk to go swimming so I leave them to it Cara can't be bothered either so she stays back with me.

As the others leave she turns to me,

"You dirty bastard!"

"What?" I replied a bit confused

"I know what you did, besides it didn't rain last night!"

"I'm sorry I have no idea what you're on about?"

"Rachel's wet socks! you did that to me enough time for me to know what it was."

I was a bit stunned what could I say?

"Are you going to tell her?" I asked,

"No how could I? What would I say? Hi Rach I know why your socks are wet they were full of cum! I don't think so cos then she would know that I used to wear your cum out in public also and that's something id rather people didn't know about me."

"Phew so what then?" I asked,

"Just don't do it again" she said "now I'm going for a walk to the shop do you want anything?"

"No thanks" I replied glumly

And off she walked to the shop which was about fifteen min away, fifteen min for me to deposit another load, as soon as she was out of sight I went in the tent couldn't do Rachel's again she may get suspicious and Cara would knowif hers were wet, that leaves Zoe.

Opening her back I rummage around and find a pair of her socks, the were blue with a cartoon of a ginger bread man on them and tough cookie emblazoned on them.

As I roll one down my cock and push my balls in the heel part I could feel they were well worn and smooth with Zoes dirty knickers in my other hand I start to wank my cock feeling the smoothness of the material slide on my head its not long before I can feel the dampness of the precum soaking the material when I hear movement out side.

"Shit they are back from swimming" I thought, before I could turn around Cara was entering the tent.

"I don't believe you. You are one sick bastard!"

"Ah uh uh" was all I could manage I could see her looking at me and my cock in a sock, and I though I seen a glint in her eye,

"Well you going to have to keep me quiet now ain't ya"

"What ya mean?" I asked,

"Come on your not stupid" she said and walked over to me, and to my surprise she grabbed my cock and started rubbing it for me,

"Well I didn't expect that" I said,

"Shut up and get to it!" she replied,

So I started to undress her top then bra and started sucking on her tits.

"Mm I missed that" she moaned.

I slipped my hand up the dress she was wearing and started to rub her mound it wasn't long before her knickers were soaking all the while she was wanking my cock in Zoes sock.

"Get on the floor" she ordered me and I did lying down she straddled me rubbing her self on my cock still in Zoes sock.

"This is amazing" I told her,

"Well I remember how much you like socks" she said lifting herself up a little and moving her knickers to one side and the continue to gyrate herself on me.

I could feel a new damp sensation on my cock, not only had my precum soaked the toe of Zoes sock but now Cara's juices were socking in, acting as a lubricant and letting her slip more on the soft material of the sock, I could tell by the glow in her face and her erect nipples she was enjoying this and me too.

"Uh" Cara grunted as she went a bit too far forward on her grind and the tip of my cock tried to enter her sock and all, I though "I could have her here now" and as she slid forward again I slid down and thrust up.

"AHH what you doing!"

"I'm going to fuck you thats what" I told her calmly I continued to push back and forth and could feel her wetness through the sock when I eventually slid in.

"This is tighter than I remember" I told her,

"Shut up you sick freak now it's in there put it to good use!"

Rocking in and out I could now feel the silky wet sock sliding with me, the bunched up material at the base of my cock was ribbing her clit perfectly and before long I could hear her start to breathe heavily.

"Uh I think.... uh... uh ... oh god... oh AHHHH" she moaned as she came hard I could feel her muscles clench at my cock through the sock material,

"Oh god here I come" I said exploding inside her

"That was amazing" I said after a few min she got off me taking the sock with her as my cock slid out with a slop, sitting up I pulled Zoes sock out from between her legs it was dark, dark blue now, full of my cum and covered in Cara's,

"What shall I do with this" grinning at her,

"You better put it back otherwise she may notice"

"I think she'll notice when she puts it on"

"Put it at the bottom then!" she snapped at me.

Wiping my cock in the matching sock I rolled them up and put them at the bottom of her bag

"I'm going to the shower" Cara said looking at me now with disgust rather than the lust I seen earlier.

"Ok ill see you later" I really had no time for these games.

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