tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured & Re-educated Ch. 01

Captured & Re-educated Ch. 01


There isn't any good hot sex in the start of this... I promise it's coming though. This sets up the story, the dynamic between Bri and her Captor and gives the background of what will come. Thanks and I appreciate any and all feedback!


I wake up, my head throbbing. 'Ugh, what a nightmare' I think to myself as I try to shake the sleep and cobwebs from my mind. My head splitting with a headache, it starts to register that something doesn't feel right. 'It was just a dream Bri...' I tell myself as I think about the nightmare I had... being drugged in a club, falling in and out of consciousness, only catching glimpses of what was surrounding me. The backseat of a car, my wrists tied with rope behind my back and a gag pushed in my mouth, being hauled over someones shoulder, a glowing red keypad, being bathed...

I brought my hands up to my eyes to wipe the sleep away and realize it wasn't just a bad dream. Around by wrist is a band of steel, almost like a bracelet, mirrored on the other wrist. These aren't mine. I suddenly realize I'm naked, and not at home. Recognition coming in waves as my headache subsides and I drink in the realities surrounding me. I am on a bed, a fairly comfortable one at that I noted, with soft sheets caressing my naked skin. The room, if it could be called that, was plain, institutional looking. I move my limbs and feel the weight around my ankle and slide it out from under the covers to see the chain locked to the cuff on my right. I grab the chain, checking what it's attached to, and see if firmly locked not just around my ankle, but the other end to a ring attached to a very cold looking floor.

I take in my surroundings, noting two doors off my room. One had an actual door, with a glass window and a slot where things could be fed through. I assumed this was my way in, and my way out. The other door was really just an opening in the wall. I would have to see what was beyond that in a minute when my head stopped spinning. I continued to look around and noticed a small chest of drawers, an orchid placed on top. There were no windows, only soft recessed lighting in the ceiling, which was much too high for me to reach, even if I were to stand atop the bed. I noticed in the corner a camera. I was being watched, and behind a pane of glass, a mounted tv, recessed into the wall.

'What the hell happened last night?' I thought to myself. 'Where am I? Why am I here?'

I sat up in the bed and noticed an intercom next to the entrance of my... Cell? That is certainly what it seemed like. I gauged the length of the chain fastened to my ankle and realized it was long enough to allow me some room to walk. I got up to see what was past the other opening, and found a bathroom much to my relief. It had a nice sized tub, a shower, a toilet and vanity which seemed well stocked. Again, very institutional with white walls and no decorations, but also better than plenty of bathrooms I had where I had lived. I used the facilities and continued to look around. The room was kept warm enough that my nakedness wasn't uncomfortable, but I was curious as to what was in the drawers of the dresser.

To my surprise, I found... well, nothing. There was nothing in any of the drawers, though I'm not sure what I had expected. I smelled the flowers on the dresser and decided it was time I figured out what the hell was going on. I wasn't sure how I felt yet, a mix of anger, some fear, and sheer curiosity really coursing through me. I figured if someone wanted me dead, well, I wouldn't be here. There obviously would have been plenty of time to do that while I was drugged. Beyond that, I really had no clue what to expect, the cell feeling more institutional than scary really. I went to the main entrance, realizing it took the entire length of my chain to get there. I was too short and the chain wasn't long enough for me to be able to see out the window of my door. The floor was cold under my feet, but not terribly so, and I hit the red button on the intercom.

"Hello? Is any body there? Where am I? What is going on here?"

No Answer.

"God damn it! You can't just keep me here! I have rights you know! Who the hell are you? Why am I here?"

Still, silence. I pounded on the door a few times and shouted in frustration, it not making a bit of difference. I went back to the bed and sat down, trying to remember all that I could from the night before (or at least I thought it was the night before... hard to tell time when you are drugged). I was at the club, dancing with some guy. He was hansom and bought me a drink. I played coy but accepted it. He was older than me, but not 'old' per-say. You could tell he took care of himself and was in good shape with a strong face and distinguished looking salt and pepper hair. I downed the drink he offered and kept dancing. He got me another, and I figured, "Hell, I can grab a cab home, sure, why not." I slammed the second one back and started toying with the hansom stranger, dancing close to him, feeling my desire rise as the alcohol buzz increased. I remembered him trying to grab me close to him, and I pushed away. 'I'm not easy you sleeze' I remembered thinking as I toyed with him, but I obviously wanted him, and had made my mind up that I would try to sleep with him that night, though i really did need to ask his name first... and then... well, things got fuzzy, blurred, and then nothing but minor flashes. Obviously something had to have been put in my drink.

As I sat there, realizing I was hungry, the TV that was built into the wall turned on. It was me on the screen... obviously the feed from the camera I had noticed. "Hello Brianna" the voice said from some unseen place. The voice was deceptively soothing I noticed, or maybe I was still drugged, feeling a bit dreamy. "I see you are awake now. You have been asleep for quite a while..."

I shouted my questions again to no one in particular, not even sure the voice could hear me. "Who the hell are you!? Why am I here!?"

There was a little chuckle coming through now. "Firey, aren't we now? All your questions will be answered in time, but for now, there are some basic rules you need to learn. You have been use to getting your way. I could tell that when I met you in the club, that you have used men as toys for your own amusement and gratification, and now, it is time for that to change."

"Fuck you! Let me out of here you bastard!" I screamed. I recognized the voice as that from the guy at the club. He had been hansom sure and I had wanted to fuck him, but what the hell did he mean to bring me here like this, against my will. I sure as hell hadn't signed up for this.

"First lesson, and one you should learn quickly as it will serve you well... You will not speak unless you are spoken to. Then, your answers will be limited to 'Yes Master' or 'No Master' unless I give you permission to speak. First and foremost, you will always speak to me with respect."

"Screw you ass hole. No one is my fucking Master. What kind of fantasy world do you live in?!"

"Actually, from this moment forward, you live in MY 'fantasy world' as you so eloquently put it, and you will learn to obey, or suffer the consequences... and trust me, you will not like them. You have lived your life as a spoiled brat, and now, you will learn your place. I am your Master. You will learn to accept that in time, for your sake hopefully sooner than later, or you can die trying." The word 'DIE' sent a shiver down my spine as did his extremely level tone.

"Now, I have made your accommodations comfortable for you. Do not take this for granted. If I so choose, you can be in much worse conditions, so it would serve you well to quickly learn your place. You are now my property. Nothing more. The sooner you realize this, the better. No one misses you. No one is looking for you. They think you are dead, and that girl in the club IS dead. You are now mine, and that is all you need to know. It will make you life so much easier. You won't ever have to worry again, except to worry about pleasing me."

What the hell was this dick-head talking about. Pleasing him? Seriously? Let him get within a few feet of me and I'll show him what kind of "pleasing" I will be doing. NONE.

"Now, when I wish your presence, I will knock on your door. You are to IMMEDIATELY lay on the floor on your stomach, ankles crossed and wrists crossed. Do not think you can surprise me or overpower me. I am far bigger, and far stronger than you. If you try, well, let's just say you will regret it. Do my make myself clear?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes MASTER." I spit out rolling my eyes. For now, it seemed I didn't have much choice but to play this delusional idiot's game.

"Good. In time that will become natural for you. Now, I will be down in exactly one hour. You are now to shower, shave all of yourself from the neck down, lotion, and prepare your hair nicely. I want it hanging lose. There are towels under the commode for you as well as body wash, razors, etc. for you to use. You have one hour. Be ready or you will be punished."

The TV shut off and I stayed sitting on the bed for a minute before I heard "NOW BRIANNA" boom through the speakers making me jump off the bed with a start. I scrunched my face up at the camera, flicked it off, and proceeded into the bathroom. Who the hell did that guy think he was ordering me around, chaining me and locking me in a room?! He was off his damn rocker if he thought I was going to follow his stupid orders.

Before I knew it though, I was in the shower, and realizing that for some reason, I wasn't terribly afraid, but actually excited. I had fantasized about situations similar to this for years, as I lay touching myself at night. Having someone take me against my will, make me their captive... and here I was in that very situation. As I washed and shaved, I paid extra close attention to the folds of my vagina and making sure there was no hair or stubble there. I wasn't doing it for him I told myself, but because it's how I like it, and well, it felt good to play with myself as I shaved. I got out of the shower and dried my hair, irritated at the chain around my ankle for the first time as I heard it's tin sound when it shook across the floor.

Shortly, I heard the knock on the door. "Here we go," I thought to myself and sat on the bed crossing my arms over my naked chest in defiance. Ha, punish me? I would like to see him try. No sooner had I finished that thought when he came barreling through the door, obviously pissed.

"I told you how to be waiting for me, now on your damn stomach woman!" He growled in obvious anger.

"Make me MASTER" I spit back.

Next thing I knew, his hand was roughly grabbing my hair at the base of my neck, shoving me to the floor. I flailed and fought him landing a few blows only to feel him push my neck to the floor with his knee as he grabbed my wrists and bound them securely. Obscenities spewed from my mouth and I soon felt him slap my face and I shut up. The tears stung my eyes and the ropes cut into my wrists. He wretched my ankles to him and proceeded to bind them as he had done with my wrists, no matter how hard I tried to pull them away from his grasps and kick him. Soon I was there, bound on the floor of this cell, him undoing the chain from my ankle and throwing me over his shoulder, carrying me out into a hallway which led to a series of other rooms that I didn't yet know what were for.

"You fucking ass hole!" I screamed again and felt his hand come down hard on my backside, making me scream in shock more than pain.

"You WILL learn some respect WOMAN and will learn to bite your tongue. If you don't control it yourself, you will find yourself gagged and I will control it FOR you." I heard him say through my tears. My body stung, my wrists and ankles ached against the ropes, and I felt humiliated having been tossed around like a rag doll by this stranger.

He opened a door to what was obviously some other kind of cell and dropped me to the padded floor with a thud. "You obviously need some time to think about your predicament here Nicolle. I think a few days in here will help you reevaluate your priorities" he said as he went to a side cabinet and extracted a bottle of water and some pills. Pressed against the padded floor and wall, he wrenched open my mouth with his hands and shoved the pills in. I spit them out, and he smacked me hard, twice across the face. He grabbed the pills again and this time shoved them in and immediately poured water down my throat, pushing my jaw shut forcing me to swallow the pills. I hated him, this I knew. Drugging me, manhandling me like this. I felt like I might drown as the water went down my airway and finally swallowed the pills, sputtering excess water along the way.

He smacked my face hard again and my cries turned to sobs from the pain in my throat, muscles, and the humiliation of it all. "You WILL learn to obey, be it the easy way or the hard way. It looks like you want the hard way," I heard him say. I started to feel woozy. Everything in my mind and body relaxing, getting drowsy. He let me slump to my side and lay on the padded floor of what resembled a mental-ward cell, my tears flowing freely into the mess of hair around me now. He left the room with a definitive slam of the door, and I lost track of time and space.

When I woke, my hands and ankles were no longer bound in ropes, but I was instead hugging myself in what seemed to be a straight jacket. There was no pillow under my head, and no blanket, and the lights were on only dimly. I still felt extremely hazy from whatever it was that he had given me. No single thought was able to hold itself in my mind very long. I found my hair had been put into a long braid down my back, and I guessed it was to get it out of the way. I felt strangely comfortable in the surroundings and laid there staring at nothing, thought escaping me. I barely even registered when the door opened and the stranger once again walked in. Somehow he seemed different though this time, but I figured it was just the drugs.

He came over to me with another handful of pills and a bottle of water. I tried to shake my head in protest but felt too weak. "Be a good girl now and take these without a problem, and maybe then I will bring you some food. Are you hungry?" He gently spoke to me this time and cradled my bound body against him.

"Yes" I said through my haze.

"Yes what young lady?"

I struggled to think and finally said "Yes Master" and let my head fall against his arm. I felt like I had no ability to fight, in my mind, or with my body.

"Open up" he said and I parted my lips and took the pills he gave me, swallowing down with the bit of water he poured into my dry mouth. He patted me on the head and said "Good girl" as I swallowed them without a fight this time. He returned to the panel in the wall and grabbed a small container of yogurt, which I was thankful for as my stomach growled under my bound arms. It was plain with no real taste, but I was thankful to have something in my mouth and stomach, and honestly wasn't sure I would have had the strength to chew something solid anyways.

"That's my good girl" he said to me as he spoon fed me, holding me much like a lover would while watching a movie on the couch. I was thankful for this soft touch instead of the pain I had earlier. He was talking to me softly though I wasn't really registering what he was saying thanks to my drugged state. I just listened to the sound of his voice and caught snippets of things along the way, him saying I would be in here for a few days till I was ready to behave on my own, that I was beautiful but needed to be reeducated, that I would make a wonderful slave when he was done with me...

I slipped into another drug induced sleep, lulled by his voice and soft touches on my cheeks and legs. I lost all concept of time when I woke again, this time covered by a soft blanket with my head on a pillow. I was confused, not just from the drugs, but by the treatment this man was giving me. I was still in the straight jacket, and was actually quite comfortable in this state. On one hand, he seemed cruel and demanding, but on the other, he seemed soft and gentle, as though he cared for me. The conflicting thoughts were more than I could stand and I settled into a soft sob, letting my tears fall on the pillow as I fell back into a state of unconsciousness.

I had no idea how long I had slept when I woke again. This time, I was risen by the man sitting me up and talking to me. He once again administered the potent cocktail to me without a fight, praising me when I remembered to say 'Master' when I thanked him after he gave me the drink of water. My internal confusion returned and I started crying again at the oddity of the situation and my conflicting feelings. I was here, a captive, and yet here I was willingly calling this man, this tormentor Master. He let me cry for a few moments, and then asked me what I was thinking about.

"I don't really know. I don't understand why you brought me here, why you decided to take me from my life," I said between sobs.

He waited a minute before responding. "I have been watching you for years Bri. You are self destructive, and to be honest, not very damn good for yourself. Here you are, this beautiful young girl who can't seem to get her head out of her ass long enough to not walk off the top of a building. You needed a change. You listen to no one, treat people like objects for your amusement, and where has it gotten you? You were deeply in debt, acting like a slut with no self respect, and really didn't care about anything but your instant gratifications. I also have watched you long enough to see you cry yourself to sleep night after night, and toss and turn at your own nightmares. Your new life with me will not be easy, but you will thank me for it one day."

I still couldn't comprehend exactly what was in store, but became resigned to the fact that I probably wasn't going to be going anywhere anytime soon. He lifted me up much like a baby and carried me out the door and to a bathroom located off of the hall so I could relieve myself. I realized that the lock on my cell wasn't a combination, but read his retinas and scanned his hand. Well, escape that way will be pretty damn difficult and probably would requiring me killing him, something I knew was really unlikely if not impossible after how he handled me like a rag doll the other day.

I was soon exhausted again and he laid me back in my cell for another time of drugged unconsciousness. The next thing I knew, I was half awake, sat up, and he was smacking my face asking me "Who is your Master?" over and over. My eyes could barely open, I was barely conscious, and finally responded "You are" so I could be allowed to go back to sleep. He asked me again, a few more times to which I continued to respond "You are" until I fell asleep and he left my cell. This half-woken dream state type of interrogation continued over the next few days in between the rounds of drugs and bland yogurt. The only time I was allowed out of my cell was to go to the bathroom, and I had no idea how long I had been in the padded room. Then, there was the day he didn't come as usual...

I laid there realizing that for the first time in days, my head seemed clear, and tried to think when the last time was that I had seen Master. I wasn't sure really... but was desperately hungry and was surprised at the feeling in my mind of not being drugged. I tried to recount the past few days, but wasn't terribly successful. I figured it had all been part of a mental conditioning but was curious as to what had all happened while I was in my drugged state. I continued to wait, wondering when Master would come, and then realized the change in how I thought of him in my head. Interesting I thought, and I filed the bit of information away to think on later.

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