It was a typical neighborhood joint. It had a U-shaped bar with stools at the sides and standing room in the middle. There was a small dance floor that was seldom used except on weekend nights. There were perhaps twenty tables and a few booths around the dance floor.

The music leaned towards the oldies and so did the clientele. The Bee Gees triggered a swarm of people to the dance floor. It was a perfect fit for me.

The place also featured a spectacular bartender named Andrea. She was a tall redhead with large tits and an athletic body. On most nights she was easily the best looking woman in the place. She was also as cold as ice.

She was very efficient, able to remember what everyone drank after a couple of orders but she never chatted with customers and seldom smiled. On busy weekend nights she had two very fine looking young ladies behind the bar with her. Sitting at the bar and watching them work was more than enough entertainment for me.

I chose the last stool on the right side for my home base. It allowed me to see the entrance and half of the dance floor. The problem was that I felt that I was in someone's seat so I moved over to the next stool.

I ordered a beer and settled in to people watch. During the evening I chatted with a few people, watched the ebb and flow of the crowd and enjoyed the music. That was to become my pattern most evenings.

After a few weeks I could tell who were the players, the posers, the desperate. I had a feel for who to avoid and whom I would like to get to know better. Andrea was at the top of the last list and I was making some headway on that front. I treated her politely, never tried to get her attention when she was busy, I allowed her all the time she needed to decide about me.

I was at the bar an average of three nights a week. I usually arrived before the big crowds did and left as the crowd reached its peak. I had a self-imposed three-beer limit.

Within a couple of weeks Andrea would have my beer at the bar before I was much past the entrance. Within a month I had a tab running before I got around to securing it with a credit card. Within two months I noticed I was not paying for every drink. A cup of coffee would appear at my spot as soon as my third beer was consumed.

When I first started frequenting the place Andrea worked the standing room end of the bar. She had switched to my side of the bar somewhere along the way. I hoped it was for my benefit but sincerely doubted it.

On slow nights Andrea would come over to my end to relax. Sometimes I would ask her about a particular patron and she seemed to know everyone's secrets. I was pleased to see that she chatted with me.

One night a patron that was picking up some drinks from her told me that I was barking up the wrong tree, (meaning Andrea). I answered that it was the right tree since all I wanted was the shade.

That amazingly bad line took me into Andrea's inner circle.

She smiled and laughed for me. She steered me in the direction of easy fucks and steered me away from the head cases and the married ones. On the days that I was extra early I would take her a flower. She actually blushed the first time I did that. I also got my first kiss from her. We became good friends.

After six or seven months, however, I had not asked for her phone number, never waited for her at closing. Something told me she was not ready.

There was also a mystery to be solved. The stool next to me, the one I thought was occupied on my first night there, was always empty. Some people would sit in it briefly but soon moved on. Even on the most crowded nights it stayed unoccupied. One slow night I asked Andrea about it and she startled me by saying it was haunted.

She said, "Carla used to sit there. She was a regular for about three years. Very pretty little bubbly blonde. Every one loved her. She was a close friend of mine. I worried about her choice in men and her occasional choice of women. She took many chances. Sometimes she would just ask a guy if he wanted to fuck, go to the parking lot with him and fuck him in her car. The guy usually went home but she would come back and tell me all about it. She was very open, very bold.

Last Halloween she went out with a guy in a Batman costume. She was wearing a Cat Woman costume. She did not come back in to tell me about the tryst and I worried about her but was too busy to go look for her.

Next thing I know the cops and the paramedics were all over the parking lot. She and Batman were killed by a single shot that went through him and into her. They were in the middle of a fuck. A couple that had stepped out to fuck too found them.

The cops interviewed everyone here, me twice. It was seven AM before I could close. Someone said they thought they saw a woman speeding out of the parking lot. The killer was never found.

The first night we re-opened after the murders the regulars avoided her stool in deference to Carla. After all, many of the men and a few of the women had fucked Carla in the parking lot themselves. Carla had a piece of many hearts.

After a while I noticed that new patrons moved away from it just as you did. They all said the same thing; they expected someone to return to that seat momentarily. The regulars are positive it is haunted."

As she told her story I saw that she was working hard to keep her composure. I could also see that she was holding back information.

A customer down the bar called her and while she was dealing with him I had a chance to think about the whole story. I did not believe in ghosts and did not think Andrea did either.

I had often bought drinks for ladies who struck my fancy, many times with no intention of making a move on them. Several times I even asked Andrea not to tell the lady who bought her the drink. Andrea thought that was weird of me.

When she returned to my spot I asked her what Carla usually drank.

"Margarita on the rocks with two extra slices of lime on the side." She said.

"I need one more beer and bring Carla a drink too," I said.

For a second I thought I saw a tear form in Andrea's eye but she turned and quickly brought me my beer. After placing the beer on the bar she paused and looked at me. I nodded confirmation and she went to fix Carla her drink.

When she returned she carefully laid out two napkins, placed the drink on one and two slices of lime on the other. She fussed with the placement for a bit then suddenly jumped halfway over the bar, grabbed me by the ears and gave me a fierce kiss. As she walked away tears were streaming from her eyes.

That would become the second most talked about incident at the bar. From that night on people assumed I was Andrea's guy and could not get laid at all.

On my next trip to the bar Andrea brought my beer as usual and waited expectantly for a word from me. I nodded and she brought Carla her drink. That became the routine. I did eventually notice that only Carla's drinks appeared on my tab.

Halloween approached. A costume contest was announced. Andrea seemed more and more subdued as the date approached.

In answer to my question " are you working that night?' she answered, "Yes, have to. I own the joint". I had suspected that but I had never asked and she had not volunteered the information until then.

Halloween night I dressed as Zorro. Soon after I arrived I took the mask off and transformed myself into an amiable vampire. Andrea was dressed as a bad science fiction movie space girl. She was stunning.

After my first beer Andrea called for me to follow her to a quiet table. I had been conned into being a judge for the costume contest and my two fellow judges and I needed to go over the procedures. It was pretty simple; we picked six regardless of gender and the audience voted on the best. After the meeting I walked around the bar making some preliminary notes on the best costumes and then made my way back to my stool.

I had already sat down before I noticed a lady in a Zorro-type outfit occupied the first stool. I made a remark to her about how we matched and signaled Andrea for a beer.

The lady next to me said, "actually I am Cat Woman and you are Zorro, but you are right, it is the same costume. By the way thanks for all the drinks."

I was reaching for my beer when I saw the look on Andreas face as she stared at the lady. Absolutely stunned would not do justice to her expression.

I thought to myself "she looks like she's seen a..."

What the lady had just said to me finally filtered into my brain. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end. I had to force myself to look back at her.

"Carla?" I asked.

She said, "Hi. I like you. Lets fuck. We can do it here, nobody will mind."

With that she moved silently and effortlessly onto my lap, her legs straddling mine. I had not even the slightest clue of a hard-on. She leaned her chest towards me and whispered, "Its OK, I can take care of it."

With that I felt my dick rise and enter a pussy.

She sighed. "You know, I did not get to cum that last night. It is so bad to spend eternity on the edge of cumming but never getting there. Tonight you get to help me fix that."

Carla was not moving, I was not moving, but my dick was furiously fucking something. I felt her cum. She radiated heat and I felt wetness on my crotch. Apparently I had cum. Suddenly she was on her stool, sipping her drink.

"Thanks" she said to me. "I really needed that. And don't worry; she won't have you shot too. She loves you."

The uncomprehending expression on my face made her laugh

"Hey, that asshole ex-husband of hers needed killing. Unfortunately we did not know a fucking thing about guns. We never expected the bullet to go through him and into me, did we baby?"

The last she said to Andrea who now seemed more irritated than anything else.

"I love you Carla. Shut the fuck up Carla" Andrea said.

Carla turned to me and said, "take Andrea home with you tonight. She is more than ready to fuck you but she also wants you to make love to her. She hopes you will be her last lover instead of me."

A fanfare over the sound system announced the start of the costume contest. I welcomed the opportunity to move away and get a chance to think.

I quickly picked two contestants for the finals, the two ladies with the most flesh exposed. The guys in the audience gave me an ovation. As soon as the proceedings moved to the audience vote part I headed back to my corner.

I saw Andrea and Carla in a passionate embrace. The closer I got to them the less solid Carla's body looked. By the time I arrived Carla had become a play of lights. I felt a kiss on a cheek. I thought I heard a goodbye.

Andrea was shaking, on the verge of tears. She called the other bartenders and said she needed to leave. They were to close up. I waited for her at the door to the office in the back. When she came outs she was a bit more composed. I took her to my house.

We were drinking coffee in my kitchen as Andrea completed the story.

"Carla and I were lovers. Fucking guys in the parking lot was her way of proclaiming her independence from me. Not that it mattered; we depended on each other completely. She just liked to fuck and I got off on the stories anyway.

My husband was presumed dead when a plane full of drugs he was flying crashed in the jungles of Panama. It turned out the bastard had stolen the drugs from the cartel and staged the crash so they would not come looking for him. For eight years he lived the good life from the money he made off the drugs. Then the money ran out.

He had a new identity by then and managed to come back here. I had used the insurance money from his "accidental" death to buy the bar. I love my bar, but he wanted part of it. He threatened to reveal to the insurance company that he was alive and that I would loose the bar. I knew that he could not really do that because if the cartel knew he was alive it would not be for long.

Then we caught him selling drugs at the bar.

Carla wanted to kill him herself. Instead I hired an old drunk that was a regular at the place to do the job. His fondest wish was to go to his old country to die. I bought him a plane ticket and gave him spending money so he could do just that.

We had it all set up. Carla was going to lure my ex outside with the promise of a fuck; the old man would shoot him while he had his pants down. Carla was going to wait a few minutes then start screaming bloody murder. By then the old man would be on his way to the airport, never to be seen again.

The mistake was with the gun. It was too powerful at close range. It killed Carla too. The old man would not have known since Carla was supposed to stay quiet for a while.

I did not know until I heard someone say there were two dead. I almost died that night too."

"Are we going to see Carla again? " I asked.

"Funny, she said she had been there every single night since that Halloween, Andrea answered. "That corner really was haunted. She loved that you bought her a drink every night you were there. She likes you a lot.

She wondered why you and I did not realize we were in love with each other.

Carla somehow knew that she would be visible tonight starting with the time she died, (about 11 PM), and ending at midnight. She wanted you to meet her. And true to her nature she wanted to fuck you before I did. She wanted to make love to me one last time and say goodbye. She did that too.

I guess it's possible we will see her again, maybe on Halloween.

Now you know my biggest secrets. What happens now?"

I knew she was thinking about whether I going to turn her in to the cops. I was thinking of the line where Carla said we were in love with each other.

"Well", I said, "we both need to take a shower. Fortunately my shower is big enough for both of us. Come here and let me help you get the costume off."

We made it into the shower before losing control. One powerful kiss under the spray of hot water and Andrea turned her back to me, leaned forward placing her hands on the shower wall and growled "fuck me now".

I grabbed her hips and slowly penetrated her from behind. I had every intention of going slow; I wanted the fuck to last, but there was no chance of that. It was a furious fuck, I rammed into her as hard I as I could, and she thrust back as hard as she could. Just as I worried that I would not last long enough for her she came hard and loud.

I managed to hold back and quickly spun her around. I pinned her back against the wall, lifted one of her long legs up at the knee, and again penetrated her full force. I was fucking her like a maniac. She was holding on for dear life when another climax hit her. That triggered my own and our combined groans echoed in the bathroom.

I released her leg so she could put it down but Andrea kept it elevated until my slowly shrinking dick slid out of her pussy. We kissed and held each other so tightly that the water could not get between us.

Eventually we made it to my bed. Our emotional night and the power fuck left us drained. We fell asleep almost instantly.

The next morning I found myself alone in bed. I was on the verge of panic when the smell of coffee and bacon reached my nostrils. I let out a sigh of relief. Andrea was still here.

I quickly took a piss and brushed my teeth, noting that my toothbrush had just been used.

She was pouring two cups of coffee when I joined her in the kitchen. She was nude. By the time I got to the coffee cup I had a hard-on. She noticed.

"Good morning to both of you" she said. "Good morning to all of you" I answered.

We drank our coffee in silence and ignored the bacon. When we had each drained our cup we silently returned to the bed. She lay on her back, legs spread. I climbed between them and lowered my body to hers. She guided my dick to the entrance of her pussy and I slowly sank all the way in. I held my position and kissed her.

I started the long slow fuck I intended to do the previous night. I brought her to the edge a couple of times then slowed down, prolonging her pleasure and mine.

Then, in a quest for variety, I gave her three strong deep thrusts in succession. She came hard. I gave her time to enjoy and pulled out.

I slowly resumed kissing her as I moved myself down her body. When I arrived at her breast I worshipped them just as I had hoped to worship them all those months. She really like having her tits mauled and had a small cum from that.

In time I resumed my journey down her body. I nuzzled against her red pubic hair. I kissed her pussy lips and both thighs over and over. Her pussy was wide open. My dick had just been in there. A very pleasant thought.

Then I suddenly lost it. I devoured her pussy. Andrea reacted as if a thousand volts coursed through her body and a loud continuous wail escaped her lips. Climax after climax sent her body into spasms. I could not get enough. I was famished.

She stopped me by clamping her thighs against my head. I could just hear her begging, "No more please, no more."

I gently kissed my way back up to her and draped myself to her side. She was breathing heavily. Her big tits looked like they were in the midst on an earthquake.

Finally she said, "That was intense. It has been a long time since I had that happen. Do you always eat pussy like that?"

"No", I answered. I am more of a tease. I don't know what came over me."

Andrea said, 'It has been over a year since I had an experience like that and..."

We both arrived at the same suspicion at the same time. In unison we said "Carla?" We thought we heard giggles.

Carla was right, Andrea and I both needed to fuck each other's brains out and we needed to spend time loving each other. In time we knew we just simply needed each other.

I eventually accepted that I was in love with the accomplice to a murder. We were married at the bar the following Halloween. We started the ceremony at 11 PM in the hope Carla could make it. The program listed Carla as the Maid of Honor.

Shortly after the start of the wedding Carla appeared at the spot reserved for her. She beamed at us throughout the ceremony. It was obvious to me that Andrea and I were the only ones that could see her but several of our favorite regulars told us they knew she was there.

We had little chance to visit with Carla. Just before midnight she swooped to our spot and kissed us. Andrea started to apologize for not having much time to spend with her to which Carla replied, "don't' worry, I'll see on the honeymoon"

Her essence faded into giggles as Andrea replied, "you wouldn't dare."

Eventually Andrea stopped working behind the bar and concentrated on the paperwork. She wanted more normal hours. She wanted to get pregnant. I did my best.

I cashed in my investments, took early retirement and became the bars ex officio manager. I painted, repaired, replaced and updated whatever needed it. I tried to keep the staff happy. I let loose an artistic bent I did not know I had. I found that I could draw portraits of people and began to cover the walls with paintings of music legends.

Carla would make her presence known at times, most often when Andrea and I were in the middle of sex. We sometimes found ourselves as part of a threesome. She was always welcomed.

We only saw her for fifty-nine minutes on Halloween but could feel her presence in our bed about once a month, on the nights of a full moon. Her bar stool remained haunted.

My most important job was to always, at the start of every evening, remind whoever was working behind the bar to place a margarita on the rocks with two slices of lime on the side at Carla's spot, the one next to the wall with the painting of Carla as Cat Woman.

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