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Carriage Ride


"How do I look?" Brittany asked Trevor as she spun in front of him.

"Marvelous," he answered.

"Good enough to pick up a few guys at the party?" she asked, giving him a wink.

"You won't be able to fight them off," he replied.

She changed back into her street clothes, paid for the dress and they left the store. The best friends walked arm in arm down the mall's main corridor taking in the holiday bustle.

"Thanks for coming with me tonight," said Trevor. "I owe you one."

"Do I get extra points for seducing your boss?" Brittany asked, playfully.

"Only if you get me a promotion," he quipped back.

Brittany stopped and pushed him back onto a bench. She started dancing in front of him, slowly slipping off her coat. "I could make you Vice President," she said in a low, sultry voice.

Trevor laughed and gave her a shove. He rose off bench and they continued on. When she paused for a moment to look at a display and he turned to adjust the erection that resulted from the simulated lap dance. "Think cold shower," he told himself.

Brittany had always been that good female friend that bore no hope for a relationship. Trevor had tried to stop fantasizing about her. They spent quite a bit of time together doing everything from shopping to hiking to simply watching television. Unfortunately, every time he thought he could handle the sight of her gorgeous body without mentally undressing her, she would pull a stunt like that little dance. Her games would always send his mind reeling and his member rising. He became helpless against his hormones when he was with her.

As they continued through the mall, Brittany's nose caught a delicious whiff of vanilla and nutmeg. Before Trevor knew it, he was being towed into a line for an espresso stand advertising eggnog lattés.

"They're my favorite part of the holidays," cooed Brittany. "Don't you just love them?"

"Only if they have enough rum," Trevor replied.

That earned him a playful punch on the arm and a pouty-face from Brittany that once again caused a stirring in his loins. He bought her the latté and a mocha for himself. They settled into a booth to sip their drinks and watch the crowd. Despite the lack of alcohol, Brittany's drink had enough warmth to prompt the removal of her coat. Trevor gazed longingly at the cleavage formed by the plump natural tits that peaked out over the neckline of her blouse. A hint of black lace formed a border between soft skin and fabric. He imagined himself cupping each breast in his hand, caressing it gently, feeling its softness and warmth. He longed to take each nipple in his mouth and suck it gently.

Brittany's giggle broke his daze. He followed her gaze and saw a mall Santa looking very disgruntled while a toddler sat bawling on his lap.

"I miss sitting on Santa's lap," she commented. "I wish I were that child."

"I bet Santa wouldn't mind one bit," Trevor remarked, prompting a kick under the table.

They finished their drinks in silence, each pondering what the other could be thinking. When the lattés were finished, they arose and started towards the front of the mall. Brittany buttoned up her coat, much to the disappointment of Trevor. She made up for it, though, by putting her arm in his and pulling him close as they walked to the door.

As they exited the mall, they were greeted with the perfect holiday scene. Snow fell softly on the sidewalks. Christmas lights sparkled in the fog. "Deck the halls" was playing from a nearby store and horse-drawn carriages were lined up on the street, waiting for riders. Children ran gleefully through the drifts, throwing snowballs at each other as parents rushed to catch them. Brittany pulled Trevor towards one of the waiting carriages.

"Take me for a ride," she begged.

Trevor looked worriedly at his watch. The office party would start in a few hours. Any absence would be noticed by his boss. Then again, when he showed up with Brittany on his arm, that would be noticed as well.

"Anything for you my dear," he relented.

Trevor pulled a ten dollar bill out of his wallet and handed it to the driver, who opened the ornately decorated door of the white carriage for them. Once in the carriage, Brittany snuggled up against Trevor, laying her head on his chest. He took off his overcoat and laid it over them like a blanket. His intentions were to hide his returning erection, but luckily she perceived it as a chivalry and responded with a peck on his cheek. His arm encircled her waist and he pulled her close as they were whisked down the street.

As they made their way through the park, they passed the gazebo where a choir was singing carols. The muffled clop-clop of horseshoes in the snow kept a rhythm in time with the songs and the snowflakes seemed to dance around them.

Upon turning a corner, they were met with an icy gust of wind. Brittany turned her face away from it, nuzzling up against Trevor's neck. He responded by bringing his hand up to protect her face, lightly caressing it as he did. When she didn't object, he began to run his fingers through her hair. Her nose traced a cold line across his cheek as her lips rose to meet his. They embraced, holding the kiss for several seconds, neither wanting it to end.

When they finally broke the kiss, Brittany looked worriedly into Trevor's eyes. He held her gaze for a moment, unsure how to proceed. All of his dreams seemed to be coming true. The risks he had been unwilling to take for years were being forced upon him and his feelings were a turmoil of thrill and fear. She took the initiative and leaned in for another kiss. After their lips pressed together for what seemed an eternity, her lips parted and her tongue caressed his lips. His tongue darted out to meet hers and he pulled her closer, holding her tight. She tasted wonderful. She felt wonderful. He could feel her warmth as her soft body pressed against his. It hit him like a drug.

When they broke the second kiss, they were both breathing hard. Her hand that had been on his chest dropped to his lap. She felt his crotch underneath the overcoat, gently caressing his erect shaft through his jeans. His eyes widened and his breathing grew quicker. He moved his hand from her waist to her rump, giving it a squeeze. She grinned and did the same to the lump in his pants.

Before they could go any further, the carriage jolted to a halt. The driver jumped down and opened the door, offering his hand to Brittany. They climbed out and waited while Trevor buttoned his overcoat. They walked hand in hand across the parking lot, Trevor doing his best to walk upright and hide his erection. When they arrived at his car, She pushed him back against the door and wrapped him in another warm embrace.

Her lips grazed his ear as she whispered softly: "Take me home."

Trevor wasted no time driving to Brittany's house. They ran up the walk to her door and she fumbled with her keys, dropping them in the snow. He picked them up and she pointed out the right one. As soon as the door began to open, she pushed him violently inside. The door slammed behind them with a swirl of snow.

Their coats were on the floor in seconds. Brittany's cold hands did nothing to ease Trevor's erection as she unbuttoned his pants and grasped his throbing cock. He ran his hands up under her shirt as their lips locked together for another kiss. He fumbled with the clasps of her bra and finally succeeded in unhooking it and pulling off.

Brittany pushed him backwards through the room until they collapsed on the couch, frantically tugging at each other's pants. Once the disrobing was successful, she straddled him, grinding her hot, wet pussy lips against his hard shaft. This new stimulus seemed to electrify his dick. It pressed foreward against her clit as if it was begging to be let into the paradise that lay beyond it.

Brittany reacted with a gasp and ground her hips against him harder. He grabbed her legs with both hands and pulled her upwards. She didn't resist and the head of his penis was soon enveloped in a velvety warmth that aroused every sexual instinct within him. She slid down over his shaft, impaling herself in a wave of desire. They held that pose for a brief moment, then began to move together in a rhythm so perfect it was as if they had practiced for years. She began to moan as each thrust of his hips sent his member deeper and deeper into her. She braced her hands against his chest, digging her nails into his pecks. He grasped her butt, squeezing her cheeks as her gluteal muscles pulsed in time with their rhythm.

They moved together, perfectly synchronized. Their moans of pleasure, perfectly harmonized, grew in volume to a thrilling climax. Her leg muscles tightened and she froze for a moment in climax. This sent Trevor into one of the most intense orgasms he had ever experienced. Years of suppressed lust burst out of him in a white hot fountain. The warmth Brittany felt shooting into her sent her into a second orgasm more intense than the first. At their peak, their gazes met and a searing connection was forged that would never be broken.

Brittany collapsed into Trevor's arms. They lay in warm embrace, gasping for breath. After a while, Brittany gathered the energy to prop herself up on an elbow.

"I think we missed your party," she said with a grin.

"Screw the party," replied Trevor as their lips met for another kiss.

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