tagRomanceCat and Mouse

Cat and Mouse


I had been there on business when I saw them. They were sitting at one of the booths. The man was about twenty two or twenty three, and the blond was about the same. There was also a chunky mousy haired girl about nineteen or maybe twenty.

The guy and the blond were having a pretty good time. She was about five foot eight, thin, pretty verging on beautiful, long shiny blond hair, short skirt and legs that went all the way up. Then there were the three inch heals that gave her calves that long look and her ass that said bend me over and ram it in. The guy was about six two or three, and he was a long tall drink of water, with a swagger you could see even when he was sitting down. He was handsome and he knew it. He was dressed very well; he spared no expense on himself.

The other one, well we should talk a little about her. She was maybe five foot tall if she was on a ladder. She weighed about one thirty and was a little butter ball. She was definitely a little mouse of a thing. She had huge tits that hung down and there were a few wet spots on her not too stylish blouse. That was it, her tits were leaking, but I don't think she realized it. She had mousy brown hair to go with her mousy look. Actually it was a pretty sad look.

The blond wore no wedding rings but the tall stud muffin did and they matched the set the mouse wore. He got up and danced with the blond, leaving the mouse alone and even sadder. Stud muffin and the blond were laughing and holding hands when they got back to the table, but this time they sat next to each other, and moved the mouse over so she now sat at an end, alone.

Even I, a devoted people watcher, was not prepared for what happened next. I could hear the talk at the table and stud muffin and the blond just decided to go away for the weekend and they got up and left the mouse there with her mouth open and a tear in her eye. Then they were gone. What could I do, I pounced like a cat playing with a mouse!

I just sat down at the table and asked if she would like to dance. Get the fuck away from me old man she responded to my question. Well that was a good sign, anger instead of self pity this was getting even better. Come on what do you have to lose at least no one will see the wet spot on your blouse if we are dancing close. "Oh shit" she said looking down and almost started crying. "I have to go" she said starting to rise when my arm prevented it. "How are you going to go anyplace, he took your car, you have not paid the bill, and I bet you don't have any money. I have a deal for you. You give me a few dances, your bill will be paid and I will give you enough money for a cab home."

Now I am not old, but compared to her I am. I am thirty eight, five foot eight, and about one eighty. I do like to run but usually on a tread mill, maybe five to ten miles a day, five days a week. I am not a gym rat, but I hit it two or three times a week. Ok lets be fair, I lost fifty pounds since about a year ago. I was fat and out of shape, but not anymore. Still I don't date at all. I am not bad looking, educated, dress well but not fancy, and most people think I am a nice guy.

She looks down and gives that little yes nod, signaling acceptance but not really any voluntary assent, grudging assent would be more like it. I took her by the hand and gently helped her rise. She did not look up at me. She was self conscious about the wet spots and held her arms around herself to cover them. I was wearing an over shirt, plaid, I like plaid, and I took it off and gently pulling her arms away from her put them into the sleeves, which were a little long for her, then I rolled them up. I buttoned a few of the middle buttons and lead her out onto the floor. She rolled her head to the side and had a questioning look but I said nothing, I did smile and for a brief second she smiled back too.

The songs were slow and so I got to hold her in my arms. She felt good to me. As a matter of fact she felt great. I loved the way her soft body molded to mine even though she did not want it to. I decided that the dripping tits and the weight meant that she had a baby recently, maybe a few months ago, and she was breast feeding. When we danced I could actually smell baby on her, so I was right. Little mouse and I danced a few and then I lead her back to the table.

She wanted to go but I told her no, and she was a little upset but held it in. I asked for the waiter and had them bring us two more drinks, no alcohol for either of us I said. She did not say anything. I ordered some potato skins, calamari, and a shrimp cocktail. I can't send you home hungry you are still eating for two.

She seemed to balk at the reminder and the sadness returned to her eyes. "My name is Frank Donald I said, why don't you tell me your name little mouse and if you want I would love to hear about your baby." She again did that side head tilt that comes with a question that told me it was ok to call her little mouse but then said her name is Sandy. She has a daughter, Gina Marie and she is two months old. Gina likes to smile and still refuses to sleep through the night. Gina feels better when little mouse sleeps with her but she can't sleep with that rat of a husband and her baby at the same time, so she sleeps with Gina in the spare bedroom. Gina is going to be really tall for a girl and has blond hair and blue eyes, but they might change color like all babies do. She is with her grandparents tonight, this was to be a weekend out with her husband, then she stopped and sadness once again overtook her. She stifled a sob and tried to smile. I am leaking because Gina is not here to keep me milked.

Then the food arrived and we ate, sharing everything. She really liked the shrimp so I told her to eat it up and I only had one of them so she would not feel embarrassed about eating so many. The rest went as food does when friends have pleasant conversation and eat. It was back to cat and mouse.

I think I should go she said with a pleading look that accompanied the statement. She was sad but this time I think it was in the going and not anything else. We had a pretty nice time together. "If I call you a cab, then you will have to give me my shirt back and will have to go back home all embarrassed, but if I drive you, then you can wear the shirt and take it off once you get inside you home." Ok, I would have let her keep the damn shirt, but I wanted to go home with her.

She opted for the "we will see" and gave me that sexy kind of look that a woman can give that makes you think about her and only her but does not actually promise anything. We walked out and headed for the curb to see if any cabs were around, I already knew they did not have any, but I played along. On the way she walked up to a car and you could there were two people in it making out even from a distance. She looked inside and anger swept across her face she turned to me and said "drive me home." She was still angry as I went up to her door, and she told me to come inside. Taking me by the hand she lead me into her bedroom, and when she turned I pounced. I kissed her, not too hard but enough to let her know I wanted her. I kissed all over her face and nibbled everything in sight. I started to take the shirt off as well as the wet shirt. By the time I had that off she had my pants and shirt undone. I was half dressed with a hard cock sticking out and she had those leaking udders out, her skirt pulled up and my hand tearing her panties in the middle.

We did not make love, we rutted like two wild beasts. There was no love, just sex, good hard sex. Neither one of us lasted long, desire ruled us, and then I felt her cum and just to help her along I tried to empty those fat leaking tits by sucking them dry. Damn that was the best milk I ever had. Neither of us lasted long but it was still good. We had, if I understood what she said earlier, all night and the next day too.

We rested as we panted, I was still on top of her but holding myself up. I did the one arm one leg undressing exercise, getting the pants off only after it dawned on me to kick my shoes off too. I literally tore the rest of her clothes off of her. She wanted to get up and said she was leaking on the bed. I told her to leak all over the fucking thing; it served her asshole of a husband right. She let her head fall back in resignation and I lifted her ass and removed the torn panties and skirt. Of course I had to lift her legs and accidently opened them in so doing. Ok I did it on purpose.

Her pussy still had only a little hair on it from the birthing shave she got. Her pussy was puffy and red even after just a little work, but there was going to be more and she was going to be red as hell. I could not stop myself I had to taste us together and I dove in. She tried to push me away, but only at first. I ate that cum filled pussy to two orgasms before the little guy was ready to play. Then I moved up and went for her mouth. She tried to move her face away, she did not want a mouth full of pussy juice and cum and that was what she was going to get if she kissed me. "Do you think I'm some sort of slut" she demanded to know. With a mouth full of cream she should not have asked me anything but being a gentleman I answered her. Hold her head still, forcing my lips to open onto hers, spreading our tastes and scent over each other, I responded, "not yet but with the right teacher and constant practice I think you can be." Then my hard cock found its mark and I slid gently into a very wet pussy.

Our combined tastes and smells and my cock now firmly wedged in its proper place she opened her mouth wide and accepted my tongue and we began dueling for everything the other had. This time it was going to be slow. I was rocking into her with a practiced touch, looking for something inside her and not stopping until I found it, her G spot. That was my target and my cock spent a lot of time working it. I felt her pussy tighten and spasm in another orgasm. I left her mouth and drank from a wet tit. Then I saw it, on the nightstand, oil! I grabbed at it and opening without missing a stroke, actually I probably went deeper as I reached I poured some on her fat baby belly. Now I was sitting up, both hands oiling her belly and tits, stroking my cock in and out and occasionally leaning over and drinking all of that fresh milk. "Waste not want not", as the saying goes. I kept stroking and rubbing and massaging until I watcher her almost unconscious body reach for and catch another orgasm and then another. She fell into a constant state of arousal as I rubbed her stomach and her tits. The nipples were about two inches across and in great need of attention. Despite a big cum at the beginning I needed another one right now and I shot another load into her. Now that was making love and I wanted a lot more and I hoped she did too.

We had spent about an hour and a half at it and I was tired. "We need a rest little mouse" I said but she said I had to go. Well every couple has to have a first fight. I told her no, I was spending the night and I intended to be there in the morning. She said she was tired and "I was ok" but I had to go. Again I said no, that she was not OK she was the best I ever had and I was not going anywhere until I got a rest and got a change to make more slow passionate love to her. As I was talking I was using that oil women use to eliminate stretch marks by rubbing her ass and tits and stomach. I was also sucking on those tits and making sure they did not get too full. She told me this was an accident, she was not like this, but she was hurt and angry because the car we walked past when we left the club has her husband and the blond were making out in it. She was sorry but I had to go. I told her I would help her not be sorry by not going anywhere. Anyway, all this rubbing and stuff just ended up getting me hard again so I rolled her over on her back and did the slow horizontal mambo with her. This time there was no rush, no talking, and no holding back. This was pure love making and I am sure she knew it. She had her legs around mine, my cock was balls deep and her clit was rubbing my pelvis, her arms were around me and our mouths were glued together. We rocked back and forth, my cock not moving more than an inch in and out until she was so wet she sloshed when we moved. I could feel her pussy gripping my cock and another orgasm hit us. Now I did not have much juice left but it still felt good when my cock expanded and shot out what little was left.

"Give me an hour or two little mouse." I asked. "Take as long as you need old man this was the best I have had since my little girl was created." she smiled. But I should clean the sheets she said. "Fuck the sheets, let that piece of shit you are married to come home to another mans cum all over his bed", I said.

She snuggled up to me and we talked for a long time and then we went to sleep in each others arms. It was not even light when I woke up and she had her back to me and I was spooning her. It appears that junior woke up before I did and went exploring. I woke as she raised her leg and moved his head to her hole and I pushed up with slight pressure to find a new home. I was against her ass too and I just reached over and started squeezing. I heard a giggle and she told me she was leaking. Well I knew how to handle that one I said. I pulled out, rolled onto my back pulled her over, lined up junior and before long she was impaled on me, her tits in my face and I played milkman with my mouth as her pussy played milk woman with my cock. I never realized how women could actually reach an orgasm by getting milked, but little mouse did. I drained her tits for her as she rode me to paradise. I was still hard after she finally calmed down.

Now I needed a little something else so I told her to suck me off. She balked again. "I'm no slut" she said. "Well you are on your way to being my slut, I laughed now suck me off and don't forget to swallow. And don't make me remind you again, I have manners and I don't intend to talk with my mouth full." With that I pulled her off my cock, spun her around, buried my face into her wet hole, slid a finger into her ass, and licked and sucked for all I was worth, taking special care of her clit and all the meaty parts around her hole. I was a damn good pussy eater and went hard and fast and soft and slow until she was going to explode. The next thing I knew she giggled, moaned and started making a meal of my slimy cock, and kept at it until I came in her mouth. This time when she came she really let go, the contractions were so big she forced everything out and into my mouth. Well two could play at that game and I gave as good as I got, forcing her mouth open and dueling until she had just as much in her mouth as I had in mine. "God what a slut" I laughed and moaned "but you're my slut and no one else. Your next lesson will be how to get ass fucked little mouse." "You are a nasty and dirty old man she laughed and I think I will keep you. I need more of that old man stuff you do better than I have ever had. Now get your ass up we have to shower and get my daughter."

Well that was how our day started out. She had to be at her parent's home at noon so it was decided I would drive her over. I put on my pants and shirt and went to my car to bring in my emergency over night kit. She stopped me when I came back in and asked what if the neighbors saw me half dressed getting into a car for clothes. That was an easy one, "they would think your cheating no good husband was out fucking around again and you finally got smart and got a lover of your own."

She shook her head, smiled, and we took a shower together. Her attitude had changed 180 degrees and I was pretty happy about it. She was like a bird set free. We need a bigger water heater, we ran out of hot water. After we got dressed she was going to clean the bedding but I told her to leave it, and not to open the windows, let the place smell like sex. I could see that she was questioning what she had gotten into, but she left it as it was.

She told me again that she did not know why she did what she did. She only had a few partners in her life and there was just something about me. About my eyes, and my voice, it made her think back to another time, a happier time. It was like she had known me for years. I told her I felt the same thing.

She gave me the address and I put it into the GPS and off we went. Little mouse gave better directions than the GPS did. As we were driving she said that she did not realize what a nice car I had, and I thanked her. She asked who made it and I said it was foreign and it was a Bentley. She just said oh and let it go. It was not important to her, damn I loved this woman.

We got to her parents house and they expected to see asshole instead they got me. I introduced myself as Frank Donald and got looks from mom and dad. Now mom was about my age and looked like an older version of little mouse. Dad was about twenty years older, this was his second marriage he had a couple of older sons from his first and six from this one. Maybe it was like mother like daughter, we will see. Little mouse asked for her daughter first off and she went like a laser to her. It was a warm scene you could tell that my little mouse was a loving mother. I went off to watch it and touched Gina with a loving caress. Little mouse just looked at me with some wonder in her eyes. Gina, now mini mouse in my mind, smiled at my caress, like babies do. Better and better I thought.

They asked about asshole and I said that when last observed he was making out with a tall titless blond in the back of his car after saying he was gone for the weekend. Little mouse looked over with her mouth open mom and dad did the same. "What" I said. "That is where we last saw him."

Then I could tell that mini mouse was a little fussy so I took about five steps over to her and picked her up and rubbed her back and there was just this little burp that came out. Then I did all the cooing stuff we are now told not to do and I held her until I felt her fall asleep as I walked around in circles talking to an incredulous family. I went to set her down but she started to fuss so I continued to hold her. She went back to sleep. I talked to the parents and asked "little mouse can I get a glass of water?" and she went off to get it for me. We talked and I drank and the parents just sort of stared and tried to figure out what was going on. I think that little mouse was questioning too. I was beginning to really love this cat and mouse game.

Then dad spoke up, "so you took her home and then got her this morning; that is pretty nice of you." I could feel little mouse cringe because she knew what I was going to say, but I have to give it to her, she jumped right in. "Not exactly dad, he did take me home and he did bring me here but he spent the night with me. And before you ask, it was not in the spare bedroom, he slept with me, well part of the time he slept."

Dad was about to jump in my shit but then out of the corner of my eye I saw mom reach over and touch his arm and he calmed down. "So what exactly is going on between you?" Again little mouse answered. "I decided that Frank would be my lover. My husband does not seem to want me and I need someone to love and to love me back so I decided that this old man would do for now." Now it was my turn to look askance at little mouse and caught her sly happy smile at me. Oups, who was the cat and who was the mouse I thought.

It was time to eat so mini mouse went to bed and then the other five, yes five, kids came into the house and got ready to eat. At first they did not seem to notice me, probably thinking I was asshole. But there were glances back and forth at me. Then it happened, mini mouse woke up and little mouse had to go feed her. She was a little upset, probably more about what I might say in her absence than having to feel mini. As she left I took the food I had and mixed it with hers on one plate. I cut everything that could be cut making it into mouthfuls and then excusing myself took a fork and napkins and her drink said I would be back, and I left.

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