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Christmas Cums Early


If I hadn't just masturbated, I don't know if I could tell this story. Cumming always helps me clear my mind.

I can't believe this all happened just a few days ago. Every time I think about it, though, I get absolutely soaked! I won't give my name and have changed the names of others to protect them. Telling it is going to make me so horny, but I need to tell someone.

I'm just glad this is online and anonymous. You probably wouldn't believe it anyway. I may be remembering some of the dialogue wrong, but you'll still get the picture.

I was on my way to a family Christmas get-together with my "cousin," Maria. Maria isn't really my cousin. She was a foster kid of my aunt's from the age of 11, and my aunt ended up adopting her. We became really close, so close that we ended up getting a place together in another city when Maria found a job there. On this trip, however, we got so much closer, and I don't know if anything will ever be the same again.

Driving down the highway, we ended up having car trouble... some kind of belt thingy problem I think. I don't know anything about cars.

We were stranded and not getting cell phone reception, not knowing what to do, and still several hours from where we needed to be. The car had gone off of the road and into a snow embankment. We couldn't get it unstuck and thought we might freeze to death. We waited and waited for someone to come along, but hardly anyone ever did, and most that did just drove on by like we weren't there. Maria said maybe we should flash the drivers to get their attention, but I told her I wasn't about to do that, especially not in barely above zero degree weather.

We finally got back into the car and curled up to each other. It was just our luck that Maria's heater stopped working. We thought this might be the end. It was kinda funny that as we were curled up to each other, I could feel Maria's heaving chest rubbing on me a little and started to get turned on. This was my cousin or almost cousin or whatever you want to call her. Plus, I'd only ever done something with another woman a couple of times in my life, and both times, I'd been drinking. I didn't think of women that way, so why was I getting aroused, I wondered.

Evil thoughts started to creep into my head, but at least I wasn't thinking about the cold anymore. I began to think maybe I could convince Maria to let me put my hands under her shirt to warm them up.... or maybe even somewhere else.

I hated myself for having these thoughts. After a long while of that, a really bright light started shining right into the rearview mirror. I turned around and saw that a really big pickup truck was parked a little way behind us, blinding us with its lights.

No sooner than Maria said, "Hey, asshole, stop shining your fucking lights at us like that," there was a knock on the driver's side window. I was just about to get out and see if the person would help us, at least until the knock. We both jumped really hard. Maria turned the car on just enough to open her window a crack.

A man in coveralls and a stocking cap leaned down, looking in with a flashlight, again blinding us. Maria, never one to back down or take shit from anyone, gave the guy a piece of her mind, to which the man replied, "I'm real sorry, ma'am. I noticed you two was stuck in the snow and thought I might be able to help ya. I got me a chain I can hook up to your car and drag ya out."

Maria, still startled and now a bit confused, sheepishly told him, "Oh... ummm... ok. Sorry for yelling at you. You just scared me is all. I'd appreciate the help a lot. But there's somethin' wrong with the car. I don't know what it is cuz I'm not good at that stuff."

The man gave Maria's car a quick once-over and came back with, "Ok. Well, I don't reckon I can do a whole lot for ya out here in the blowin' snow, but if I get ya out and get ya to my house, I can put your car up in my garage and take a good look at it and maybe get ya back on your way real fast. Except there's supposed to be a hell of a lot more snow comin' this way, so maybe you two'd be better off waitin' out the weather."

Maria turned to me and asked me what we should do. I told her that we couldn't be any worse off trusting this guy, that at least we wouldn't freeze to death. Maria reminded me that it might just mean we'd die warm, but I figured it'd be worth a shot.

The stranger, who I soon found out was named Danny, got us hooked up and out of the embankment in no time. He then pulled his truck in front of the car and hooked the chain back up, dragging us to his house where he backed it into his garage and unhooked it.

Danny took us inside to warm up and get us something hot to drink. I took some cocoa, but Maria asked if he had anything stronger. She said she needed something to take the edge off. Danny said he had eggnog he'd just made that day with some rum in it, which Maria happily accepted. After my cocoa, I figured what the hell and had some, too. Soon, we were giggling and having a really good time. Danny came back in and told us that we had a bad belt or something and that everywhere nearby that sold new ones was closed but maybe he could get us one the next day, Christmas Eve.

Deeply saddened that we wouldn't see our family for a while and would have to stay the night at a stranger's house, we tried to make the best of things. We kept drinking the eggnog, not realizing that we were getting quite tipsy and maybe too friendly with Danny. We asked him to join us, but it turned out that we'd drank most of it, so Danny had to make more.

After another hour, we'd all had a lot more to drink and were all laughing like idiots. We got friendlier and friendlier as time passed. Maria grabbed my thigh and rubbed it gently. I pretended to slip and rub one of her breasts. Still tipsy and laughing like crazy, we both acted like it was no big deal.

Danny, on the other hand, was clearly getting horny. He was biting his lips and sometimes licking them a little. I started to see that other than having a scruffy, short beard, Danny was actually really hot. He was pretty well built, had a sexy voice, great hair, and I imagined, a great big dick. I couldn't help myself. I was already a little horny before we got there. Now, I was curious what Danny was packing.

I suggested we play truth or dare for a while, that it'd be fun and take our minds off of things. Danny and Maria both agreed, and the game was on!

It all started out pretty mild, everybody being asked about their first time having sex, if they'd ever done anything with someone of the same sex, who they fantasized about, stuff like that. We were all having a good time and laughing hard. Finally, Maria got gutsy and was the first to take a dare. I dared her to take off her shirt and throw it at Danny. Maria said that was "kid shit" but obliged. She asked for her shirt back, though, and Danny told her no way.

Danny, I guess taking a cue from Maria, also took a dare. Maria dared him to whip out his cock. Danny gave a look of shock but slowly did what he was dared. He was rock hard, and it was pretty impressive, maybe not quite as big as I expected but still pretty good.

I tried to take truth, but both Maria and Danny said I had to step up and join in. Danny dared me to suck on one of Maria's nipples, but I said I wasn't about to, that Maria was my cousin. Maria, feeling her alcohol courage, said not to worry, that it wasn't like we were blood relatives. I reluctantly agreed (though Maria really turned me on) and lifted up Maria's bra to reveal her right breast that I have to admit was fan fucking tastic! Maria is pretty dark and has the most gorgeous brown nipples. I couldn't believe what I was about to do, though.

I knew I couldn't back off and dove in. I sucked hard on Maria's nipple, causing Maria to run her fingers through my hair while she lifted her head back and moaned. I figured after a while that I'd done it long enough and stopped. Maria shot me a look that said she wanted more.

We agreed that the game would now just be dare. Now having the chance to dare someone else, I dared Maria to grab Danny's cock and stroke it a few times. Maria walked over to Danny as if what she was about to do was nothing and began to stroke so hard that Danny's eyes rolled in the back of his head. Maria, obviously seeing the reaction she was getting, kneeled down and began to suck the cock she'd just stroked.

Maybe I was just being a party pooper, or maybe it was because I was scared we might end up fucking this guy that we'd just met, but I couldn't help myself from shouting, "Hey! I said stroke, not suck!"

Maria walked back to the couch and sat down, seeming a little huffy. I think she wanted to get back at me because her next dare was for Danny to kiss my pussy under the mistletoe. Danny said he didn't have any mistletoe but had broccoli. Maria said ok, and bringing the broccoli back, Danny knelt and pulled my pants down before I could say anything. Danny casually spread my pussy and kissed it. I couldn't help but wish he'd do a lot more. He got up off of the floor and walked back to his seat. Frustrated and horny, I pulled my pants up.

Danny, perhaps not wanting to make us mad, kept things kind of mild. He dared me to strip naked and run outside in the snow for 15 seconds. Knowing I had to agree, I did as I was dared. I came back in freezing and shivering. Maria laughed at me, which pissed me off. I wanted to get revenge at both of them now. As I started to put my clothes back on, Maria grabbed my pants from me and said, "Uh uh. No pants for you. You've been a naughty girl. Santa is gonna punish you now."

Wondering what might happen next, I stood there motionless. Maria shoved me onto the couch and grabbed a candy cane from Danny's Christmas tree. Without warning, she shoved it into my pussy and fucked me hard with it. I never knew a candy cane could feel so good. I was warming up, and so was my pussy. I felt myself getting wetter and wetter. Unable to hold back any longer, I let out a yelp of ecstasy, cumming so hard I thought I might collapse.

Maria removed the candy cane from my pussy and sucked it clean and then turned to Danny, slowly licking up and down the pussy cum covered treat. Danny started stroking his hard cock in front of us, which made me start to feel horny all over again. I knew I wanted to fuck him so bad.

Maria, seeing that both Danny and I were aroused, said sternly that she was gonna get me ready and then make me ride the North Pole because it needed cleaning, and I needed more punishment. Kind of confused by Maria's wording, I didn't notice her tongue inside me until I felt it wiggle. This all felt so weird and so good at the same time. My pussy hadn't been eaten for quite a while, but it was my roommate, my adoptive cousin.

I leaned back and just went with it. Maria licked me almost to another orgasm and then stopped, telling me that I didn't deserve to cum yet. Maria pointed to Danny's cock and said, "Ride it, Bitch! Fuck that dick! Take your punishment!"

I felt so awkward and a little scared, but all I knew is that I needed a hard dick to fuck me, and Danny's dick looked great. I climbed onto the chair Danny was sitting in and slowly lowered myself onto his awaiting cock. As I rode him a few strokes, I thought how lucky I was that I was on birth control.

Danny's dick felt incredible inside me. It made me wish that I'd met him sooner. He couldn't saved me from some really bad sexual experiences. I rode his dick, sliding up and down and up and down, loving every second of it, but my legs started to hurt. I asked Danny if he'd put me on the floor and fuck me doggy style, to which he agreed.

Danny pounded me so hard that I let out a scream. My pussy was gushing. I was enjoying the orgasm, as intense as it was and as sensitive as it made my pussy. I rocked onto Danny's hard cock, trying to meet his thrusts.

Maria, cheering us on, shouted, "Yeah. Fuck that slut's pussy! Give her that big hard dick of yours! Fuck it good! Punish that bitch! And when you're done fucking her, you're gonna fuck me, too!"

The last part must've been all Danny needed. I was coming down from my orgasm, but barely had I when Danny grunted and said he was going to cum. The next thing I knew, I felt his cock tense up and a really warm load of cum shoot inside my pussy. It felt great. I hoped Danny would fuck me at least a couple of more times before Maria and I left.

Danny pulled his dick out of me, and I could see its intense glistening of cum. It shimmered in the dim lighting of the Christmas tree. Maria hungrily lapped at the cock, motioning for me to help her. We licked and sucked on Danny, trying to get all of his cum. Danny, however, could't take it and fell over. That didn't stop us. Once Danny hit the floor, we went back at lavishing his cock with our tongues.

We laid there, each of us taking a place next to Danny, gently playing with his dick and his balls. Danny, panting hard, looked at Maria and then at me, smiling, unable to speak. That silence spoke volumes to us. He obviously enjoyed the fuck and the cleaning.

Soon, Danny was hard again, and Maria, rubbing her pussy, said, "My turn!"

Maria didn't even wait for Danny to get up off of the flood. She climbed onto his dick and rode it like she was riding a bull. She rode Danny with skills I didn't even know she had or that anybody had. Maria looked like a pro, like she belonged in porn.

Maria rode Danny for what seemed like forever. Danny kept his hands on Maria's tits the entire time, squeezing, pinching, massaging. I honestly thought that Maria would claw Danny's skin off. She kept raking her long fingernails on Danny's chest. She kept Danny very focused, constantly saying things like, "Oh yeah. Fuck me, Baby, just like that! Give me that fucking dick! Fuck this fucking pussy, Baby!"

I was getting very horny from watching all of it. I played with myself furiously, cumming almost as hard as I did on Danny's cock. I slipped one finger inside and then two. I didn't even realize at first that I'd slipped in a third. I'd never been able to get in 3 fingers before.

Right when I was about to cum, I heard Maria shout, "Oh fuck! I'm cumming, Baby! I'm fucking cumming! Fuck this pussy, Baby! Make me cum!" Maria began riding Danny even harder and faster, causing Danny, within less than a minute to inform Maria that he, too, was about to cum. Danny came so hard in Maria's pussy that I swear I heard it. It sounded like a hose being sprayed on a building, kinda.

After Maria got off of Danny, she laid on the couch, rubbing herself. She made a come here motion to me. I almost always did what Maria said so I went to her. She grabbed my face and shoved it down to her pussy and told me to clean her. Still a little freaked out, I figured it couldn't be worse than anything else I'd already done, so I did as I was told. I licked and sucked all Danny's cum from Maria's pussy, at least as much as I could get. I started to really like what I was doing. Maria had an amazing taste. I could't believe that we'd been living together for almost a year and hadn't done this yet.

Maria came hard right on my tongue, which made me happy. Her cum was as sweet as any candy I'd ever had. Maria pulled me back up and kissed me passionately, sharing her own juices with me. I looked over, and sure enough, Danny was stroking his dick again. I laughed, thinking, "Wow."

Maria and I took a shower but decided not to worry about clothes that night. We all climbed into Danny's bed and lay there awake, occasionally touching each other, Maria sometimes sucking Danny's cock for a little bit, but mostly, just talking. We all fell asleep soon after that. I woke up some time in the middle of the night and realized that Maria was riding Danny again. I didn't mind. I thought it was actually really hot. I got off again by playing with myself as I watched. I was so tired, though, that I fell back asleep soon.

I woke up with the sun shining bright through the window and realized I was still naked, only now, I was totally sober. My head hurt a little. Maria was still asleep, but Danny was jerking off once more. I asked him why he needed to do that when he had two women in his bed. He said it was just habit and he didn't want to disturb us. I knew since I already fucked him, fucking him again wouldn't matter. Plus, it'd send me off with a smile.

I asked Danny if he wanted to fuck, and of course, I got a very reassuring yes nod. I told him I didn't feel like riding him and asked if he would just bend me over the bed. Danny managed somehow to fuck me even harder than the night before, which sent an indescribable orgasm shooting through me in no time. Danny pumped me more and more and more. Even though I came hard, I didn't want him to stop... ever!

Eventually, Danny came in me again, but I didn't mind. I loved the way it felt. I didn't clean Danny up this time, though. He quickly got dressed and went to the kitchen to fix some breakfast. I decided to let Maria sleep and followed Danny.

After eating, Danny left to see if he could go get us a new belt for Maria's car. He was gone quite a while, and I got bored. I didn't know what to do, so I crawled back into bed with Maria. She opened her eyes and asked me what happened the night before. I guess she had more to drink than I did. I told her, and she couldn't believe it and apologized to me. I told her not to worry, that I'd had a blast and might even want to do it again sometime. She laughed and jumped out of bed, asking me if there was anything to eat. I told her there was food already cooked, following her to the kitchen, eating a few more bites with her.

A little while later, Danny showed back up, belt in hand. He soon had the car fixed for us. We tried to pay him for the belt and his time, but he wouldn't hear of it. He said we'd already paid him back time and time again. I told Maria that we ought to say thank you again the way we had the night before, but she said no. I knew someone needed to, though, and took Danny into a room in the garage.

I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. There was something about it at that moment that made it look even bigger than before. I devoured it, lovingly pleasing it all that I could. It didn't take too long until Danny spewed a steaming hot goo of cum into my mouth. I wouldn't normally swallow, but I thought I'd try it. It actually tasted pretty good.

I left Danny with a huge smile on his face and jumped in the car. Neither of us said a word to each other, but I knew he got that I meant thanks.

Maria never even asked what I was doing. We drove in silence for about an hour and then only talked about everyday stuff the rest of the way. We got to my parents' house and never spoke a word about what happened. We told everyone that we'd stopped for the night to be safe and left it at that.

I can't see a candy cane or a Christmas tree, or even a piece of broccoli for that matter, without thinking of Danny... and his sweet cock.

Thanks for reading. I'll let you wonder what I'm going to do now. I'll give you a hint... It involves something with a curved top and is red and white striped. It's sweet, and it's about to get very very wet.

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