Cindy & Paul


"Ohhhh, yesssss. I'd love to feel you cum all over me, baby. Someday I want to feel your cum covering my pussy, and my tits, and my ass. But not tonight ..." Cindy replied as she summoned all the strength she had and quickly rolled Paul and herself over so she was on top. "... tonight I want to feel your cock inside of me, fucking me." Without missing a beat Cindy slid forward and then back catching Paul's hard cock within her aroused pussy lips. Sitting up she began to descend on his shaft feeling it spread her as it slid deeper and deeper into her womanhood until it was buried in her core. "Oh, fuck!! I can feel your cock in places that I've never felt a cock before. I can feel it pressing against the bottom of my pussy, right against my womb."

Paul had to concentrate on something, anything, else to avoid cumming. The feeling of Cindy's hot, wet, velvety pussy was almost more than he could stand and so he began to recite facts from Cindy's class to take his mind off the marvelous feeling. Yet even that didn't stop his hands from instinctively reaching down to clasp Cindy's waist when she leaned forward and slowly began to glide up and down his cock. "God, this feels so fucking good, Cindy. I never knew that it would feel this great. Your pussy is so hot and wet, but I can feel it pulling and holding onto my cock when you slide up and down like that. I love the feel of your pussy wrapped around my cock fucking me."

"I'm glad because I plan on fucking you all night long," Cindy sighed as she bent over rubbing her clit hard against Paul. She knew that she was close to cumming but wanted to hold off as long as possible as she slid up and down Paul's cock.

Mesmerized, Paul watched Cindy's tits swaying back and forth before him as Cindy slid up and down on his cock until suddenly he lifted his head and clamped into her left nipple.

The sensation was more than Cindy could control and her orgasm started deep within her. "Ohhhhhh, my godddddd. That's ... it ... baby ... suck ... my ... tit. Bite ... my ... nipple ... if ... you ... want. Ohhhhhh, yessss. That's ... it, baby. I'm ... gonna ... ... OHHHHHHH ... Godddddddd. Augggghhhhhhh ... aughhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... I'm ... cummmmmmiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg." Cindy screamed as her orgasm flooded over her. Her body quivered and trembled from head to toe as the sensation coursed through her causing her pussy juices to flood from her and run across Paul's balls before pooling under him.

Paul lay there and continued to gently tease Cindy's the nipple with his tongue until her orgasm began to lessen, only releasing it as she settled down on his body to recuperate. "Mmmmmmm, God that felt good. That was the most fucking fantastic orgasm I've ever had. I have NEVER cum that hard in my life. It felt like every nerve in my body was exploding at one time. Right now I feel like every part of my body is made of rubber, but I can feel how hard you still are, so I want you to fuck me anyway you want. I want to give you the same pleasure that you just gave me, so how do you want me? Do you want to keep going like this, or do you want to try "doggy-style", or do you want to be on top and bury your cock all the way to my cervix?"

Paul didn't wait to answer but rolled Cindy onto her back and slid into her, burying himself deep inside of her pussy in a single thrust. Amazed, he felt her inner muscles rippling from bottom to top drawing him into her and holding him there.

Finally, he started sliding in and out of her. Gone was the animal lust and passion that had driven them, replaced with the tender touches and embraces of lovers. Instinctively, her legs wrapped themselves around Paul as she began to respond and lift her aroused womanhood to meet his thrusts. They developed an easy natural rhythm with each other, matching each other thrust for thrust. There lovemaking seemed to go on for hours, both content to make their coupling last as long as humanly possible.

Ever so slowly, their thrusting began to increase, faster and faster Paul's cock slid in and out of her. Paul's strokes becoming longer each time, almost pulling all the way out before slamming back in, hitting bottom, and then withdrawing again. Cindy's pussy walls responded by grasping and holding his cock as he pulled out and then relaxing as he thrust into the depths of her.

"Cindy ... I'm gonna cum soon. I can feel my balls filling. If I don't stop and pull out now I'm gonna fill your pussy with my cum. Agghhhhh ... agghhhhhh ," Paul whispered as he pulled back from her.

Instead of releasing him, Cindy wrapped her legs tighter and pulled herself against him. "Don't pull out, Paul. Please. I want you to cum in me. Fuck me hard!! COME ON, shove that big, hard cock into me. Let me feel it slamming against my womb. Make me cum and fill me with your cock juices. Shoot your cum in me, Paul! Put your hot cum deep in my pussy!!! Give me your cum and get me pregnant!!! Fuck me with that baby-maker of yours. That's right, baby. That's the third surprise for the night. I want to be a mother and I want you to give me a baby!!!

"Ohhhhh ... Cindy. If ... that's ... what ... you ... want ... then ... hold ... on ... because ... I ... can ... feel ... it ... cumming ... now!!! AAAAAuuuughhhhh. Paul moaned as thick, white ropes of cum shot for his cock deep inside of Cindy.

The feel of Paul's hot cum splashing against the walls of her aroused pussy instantly triggered another orgasm within Cindy. Though not as intense as the previous one Cindy could feel it spread from her womanhood to every part of her body like a warm wave. Wrapping her arms around Paul, she pulled him close as his orgasm ended and whispered into his ear. "Thank you, darling. That was exactly what I needed. I can feel how much you've filled me and I love it. In fact, I ... ahmmmm ... well ... I think ... I hope I don't scare you, but I think I'm in love with you. I've watched you every day in class and fantasized what it would be like to be together like this and now that it has happened I want it to happen again and again for the rest of my life."

Paul froze at the words he was hearing. Could it be true?? Could this beautiful woman truly want him??

Cindy hesitated when Paul didn't respond and began to fear that she had said the wrong thing. "I'm sorry, Paul. I guess this is too fast."

Paul moved so he could look into Cindy's eyes and smiled. "Not too fast ... not too fast at all. I've thought about you all semester too and now that I know how you feel I only have one other thing I want to know right now."

"What's that?"

Seeing what he was looking for, Paul lifted up Cindy's hips as he slid a pillow under her, "Is it true that woman are more likely to get pregnant when they are in this position and the cum drains down into them?"

"Yesssssssssss" was all Cindy was able to reply as Paul pushed deep into her again.

Paul and Cindy remained forbidden lovers until she graduated and they moved in together. She was three months pregnant at the time.

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