tagLoving WivesCindy's Awakening - Couples Ch. 01

Cindy's Awakening - Couples Ch. 01


READER'S NOTE: The charactors in this story are from a previous series entitled "Private Sex Parties" that was originally posted in the Group Sex category. If you didn't read the original series, you can see a recap of the series below. In the original series, Cindy blossomed from an extremely shy, demure housewife into a sensual creature. In this continuation of the original series, we'll follow Cindy as she begins to explore her sexuality further. Can Dan hold her back, now that he's gotten her going? Can he even keep up? We'll see.


Chapter 1 – Cindy and Dan get invited by friends to a private party where the attendees take turns performing sex acts for others to watch. Every couple gets to attend three parties, then they will have to perform at the fourth. Each time a couple performs, they are allowed to invite another couple to attend. Cindy enjoys watching at the party, but knows that they'll only get to go to three, since there's no way she'll ever perform in front of people.

Chapter 2 – Cindy & Dan attend their second party. Cindy meets dominatrix mistress Nancy and her husband Bob, who practice a lifestyle of male chastity and tease and denial. Cindy is intrigued, and begins to follow Nancy and Bob's blog detailing their unusual lifestyle.

Chapter 3 – Nancy invites Cindy to Bunko night with her friends and their male submissives. Cindy thinks that the men are only there to drive the women home, and don't get to play or drink, so Dan doesn't go. What Cindy doesn't know is that the husband of whoever wins each round gets to remove an article of clothing, and the one who gets naked first gets to remove his chastity device and cum in front of the clothed women. Lisa's husband, Larry, is the lucky male. He is 6'5" and a former competitive body builder with a beautiful body and a huge dick that is larger than any of the girls have ever seen. Cindy, mesmerized by his beautiful body and huge package, can't help herself despite knowing that it's wrong, and touches it along with the other girls as Larry shoots his load.

Chapter 4 – Cindy & Dan attend their third party, knowing that it will be their last unless they agree to perform in front of the group at their next party. This party is unlike others, in that no first timers are invited and also the attendees will vote on a "Naughty Nightie Contest". Dan buys Cindy a very skimpy outfit that's sheer enough to see through. The top three winners, Cindy among them, must play the classic game Twister to determine the final winner, who will get a card excusing them from one required performance. Cindy wants to win so she can attend three more parties without performing. The kicker is, if you fall or touch a knee or elbow, you can get back in the game, but you have to remove an article of clothing to do so. Cindy winds up removing her bottoms, but that's as far as she goes. Then Barbara, the host, brings out a Sybian and demonstrates it. She allows any lady who wants to try it to do so. All the girls get so worked up watching the incredible orgasm that Barbara has that they all want to try it. Finally, even Cindy gets so aroused she tries it in front of the group and has two intense orgasms. Now Dan's not so sure that the parties have to end. Maybe Cindy is finally opening up.

Chapter 5 – Anxious to get invited to future parties, Cindy is actually considering performing. Dan and Cindy exchange a list of their innermost fantasies, hoping to get an idea of what to do in their performance. They decide to role play her fantasy about being ravished by a group of men. They set up a massage table at the party, with Cindy naked and blindfolded on it, and allow a group of men to fondle her (and be fondled by her). It ends with a mass orgasm. It seems Cindy has finally broken out of her shell.

After their experience at the party, Dan and Cindy's sex life took off. Before, it had been about Dan having an orgasm and Cindy wiping him off of her. Now Cindy participated fully, having mutual orgasms virtually every time. Not only that, for the first time in her life she was taking things into her own hands, using her fingers or her newly purchased vibrators to bring herself off whenever she felt the urge. She no longer felt ashamed of her fantasies. While she was reluctant to talk about them to Dan, she spent a lot of time "daydreaming". Her fantasies were extremely graphic and lewd. In some of them, she was continuously taken against her will by evil men. In others, she was naively duped by more sophisticated cads to break her vows to Dan. Sometimes she was the aggressor. In these fantasies, she would have power over a big, strong, attractive man through some device, such as blackmail, employment or whatever, and would unscrupulously use that power to force the man to perform sex acts on her.

The complexity and detail of these dreams continually escalated, until she had built a library of mental images she could call on at a moment's notice to help her achieve orgasm. She even had a collection of faces and bodies, some imaginary and some real, that she could insert into these fantasies. Often she would daydream in places where relief was impossible, like at work, and would work herself into a frenzy before she was able to get home and care for herself. At thirty two she was peaking sexually and her needs had never been as urgent as they now were. On those occasions when she raced home to take care of herself, only to find out that Dan had arrived home early, she literally tore his clothes off and jumped on his dick.

Dan, for his part, had never been happier with his sex life. He still had a rich fantasy life, and still masturbated often, but he was having sex with Cindy more than ever before, three or four times every week. And, it was more fulfilling than ever before. He pressed her to share her naughty thoughts, and she was finally opening up at least a bit. He kept at her, encouraging her to tell him more and more about her fantasy life. When she was really horny, she would sometimes share a little more detail than she thought she ought to share with her husband, but Dan ate it up.

Her favorite time to dwell in her fantasies was in the morning, after she hit the snooze bar. This time of year her room was cool and dark, and she luxuriated in snuggling in her bed with all her pillows, half asleep and half awake. Dan got up before her, and this particular morning had already left the house by the time her alarm went off. These half waking fantasies were the most detailed and real. Today, Cindy was the naïve little girl with the unscrupulous doctor. She slipped a hand under her panties and squeezed her mound as she began to put faces and bodies to the fantasy. Doctor Phillips always had his female assistant in the room when consulting with female patients to make sure his patients felt as comfortable as possible. His nurse, Gail, came in first and gave Cindy a gown to put on, instructing her to remove everything, and that she would be back with the doctor soon. Cindy took off the t-shirt and panties that she slept in and tossed them on the floor.

The doctor examined her breasts first, gently kneading them as she lay on the examining table. "Are your nipples always this sensitive, Cindy?" he asked her. "Gail, please note in the records that the patient has very responsive nipples." He put one of her tits in his mouth and began sucking it, flicking the nipple with his tongue. He put on a latex examining glove and lifted Cindy's gown. "Please spread your legs, Cindy."

Cindy opened her nightstand drawer and got out her lotion and a couple of vibrators. She oiled up one of them and began inserting it in her pussy. Doctor Phillips put some lubricant on his gloved hands and began probing her pussy. "Gail, please note that the vaginal opening seems to be smaller than is normal. Please help me disrobe." Gail helped the doctor remove his examining coat, hanging it on a hook. He wasn't wearing a shirt under it, and his body was extremely muscular. Cindy gasped. She suddenly recognized Doctor Phillips was Larry, who Cindy had met at Nancy's bunko party. Larry had been a competitive body builder at one time, and still had a gorgeous, muscular body. He had had all the hair on his body removed by laser. Gail helped him remove his pants. He had a huge member, which was already totally erect. His sac was the size of a grapefruit.

"Cindy, please stand and lean over the table. I'm going to see if there are any obstructions that may need attention." Cindy did as she was told, and the doctor tried to mount her from behind. He was too large, and she was too small. He tried rubbing extra lubrication on her pussy, and continued rubbing it on her clit. As he rubbed her clit, with each stroke he managed to insert himself a bit deeper. By the time Cindy was fully impaled on his huge dick, she shuddered in orgasm. An intense warmth spread from her groin throughout her body. She switch off the vibrator and got out of bed. More and more often, Larry seemed to be creeping into her fantasy life.

Ever since Cindy had shared her innermost fantasies with Dan, he constantly pressed her to talk about them. He wanted her to describe her fantasies in detail, and he wanted to role play them with her. He pestered her non-stop about it. He knew that her fantasies involved stripping in front of other men, and even having sex with other men. Dan also fantasized about watching her with other men. While he didn't necessarily want it to go all the way, he was always thinking of ways they could experiment. He began taking Cindy shopping, encouraging her to buy revealing clothing. She resisted, knowing that it would be a waste of money, since she could never wear them in public. However, just trying the clothes on and modeling them for Dan was a turn on.

One night Dan brought her a present. It turned out to be one of the outfits that she had tried on. Dan had gone back to the store and bought it without her knowledge. "Dan, you know I'm never going to wear this in public. Why did you buy it?"

"It wasn't that expensive, and I like to see you in it. Try it on."

Cindy took the bags to her bathroom, and took off her clothes. She replaced her panties with the thong that Dan had bought her. She had always wondered how women could wear these things. They looked uncomfortable, but they actually weren't so bad. Of course, sitting in them might be a different matter. She tried sitting; they weren't something she would want to work out in, but they actually weren't too bad. She turned around and looked at the reflection of her butt in the mirror. There was a lot more skin than fabric, for sure. She looked pretty hot.

Next, she put on the skirt. It was a very short, tan, denim skirt. It was cut very low to ride low on her hips. Nobody could get away with it unless they had an absolutely flat tummy, which Cindy did. It was barely long enough to cover her thong. She turned around and bent over to see how it looked. She could barely move without exposing her butt. She put the crop top on. It was a white, sleeveless top with spaghetti straps that left her midriff bare. It was loose fitting, and whenever she raised her arms or leaned over, her chest was exposed through the armholes or down the front. She couldn't imagine anyone ever actually wearing something like this in public. She topped it off with a pair of wedge sandals. They completed the look perfectly.

When she came out of the bathroom, Dan whistled. She pranced in front of him, bending over at the waist to let him see the pink thong. He grabbed her waist and rubbed his crotch against her, slipping his hands up her top and fondling her breasts. "Grab your coat and let's go out for a drink," Dan said.

"No way, not in this outfit. I'll get arrested. Or raped."

Dan laughed. "Don't worry, I'll bail you out. Get you coat."

"You're serious, aren't you?" Cindy asked.

"Dead serious. Let's go."

"Where would you suggest going in this outfit?"

"We'll go get a drink at one of the airport hotels. Lots of old businessmen hang out there. They'd probably appreciate a treat like you."

"I don't think that's a good idea," Cindy said.

"Come on, let's go," Dan insisted.

Cindy grabbed her trench coat and they left. Dan drove to the Holiday Inn Airport location and they strolled into the bar. It was a Tuesday night, so there was no entertainment, and no local customers. Just the usual out of town businessmen getting stoned out of sheer boredom, alone away from their families. There were three groups of two or three men at tables, and a couple of guys at the bar talking to the bartender as they drank.

They went to the bar. Dan took a stool, while Cindy just stood. Dan ordered a beer. Cindy didn't often drink, but she ordered a vodka and tonic. When she took off her coat and lay it on a chair, the bartender raised an eyebrow and said something to the waitress. Soon, a man in a suit came in and approached them.

"Excuse me, I'm the hotel manager. Are you two staying with us?'

"No, we live here in town. Is that O.K.?" Dan asked.

"Depends on your business. This is a respectable establishment."

Dan took Cindy's left hand with his left hand and held them up for the manager to see their wedding rings. "This is my wife. We just came in for a drink, that's all."

"O.K., enjoy your evening," the manager said as he excused himself. "Sorry to have troubled you."

"No problem, dickhead," Dan said in a low voice as the man left.

"Dan, I told you this was a bad idea," Cindy whispered. "Let's leave."

"Relax," Dan said, taking a swallow of his beer.

It was obvious that all the men were sneaking peeks at Cindy. She felt very uncomfortable and embarrassed. Soon two guys walked in. The shorter one took one look at Cindy and sat on the stool next to her and ordered two drinks. They seemed to be in their early forties. The guy next to Cindy wasn't really hiding the fact that he was ogling her as he talked to the bartender or his friend. Soon he introduced himself.

"Hi'ya, kids. I'm Paul, and this is Will. Where are you guys from?"

He spoke fast, and kind of loud. He had a nice smile on his face and a constant twinkle in his eyes. They were in town from New Jersey, which explained his accent. He was very gregarious and outgoing.

"We live around here," Dan said. "We just came in for a drink. I'm Dan, and this is my wife Cindy."

Paul set up court, entertaining them with his jokes, card tricks and stories. As he did so, he constantly touched Cindy. He was very handsy, touching her on the arm often as he talked. Cindy was beginning to feel much more comfortable. She was actually beginning to enjoy the attention that all the men were paying to her. She didn't say much, but when she did, Paul listened intently, boring into her with his dark eyes. He had dark features, including dark hair and eyebrows, with a sprinkling of gray. Paul bought them all another round, after which Will excused himself to go back to his room.

By now, Paul had downed a couple of whiskeys, and his hands were beginning to slip to Cindy's waist or bottom. Cindy shifted her position to wriggle free of him a couple of times. But the hand continued to wander as he talked to Cindy and Dan. Finally, Paul commented on her clothes.

"You sure do look pretty in that outfit, Cindy. What's the occasion?"

"I just felt like dressing up," she said, looking down at her drink to escape his eyes.

"Dressing up? Is that how they do it here in Texas? I gotta come down here more often," he said with a smile, drawing a laugh out of Dan and Cindy. "How do you like her outfit, Dan?"

"I bought it for her. I love it."

"You don't think it's too revealing?"


"If a guy wasn't a gentleman, he could sneak a peek at things he shouldn't," Paul said. "That doesn't bother you?"

"No harm in looking," Dan said.

"I couldn't agree with you more," Paul said.

"Barkeep, bring another round, please."

As they sipped their drinks, Paul began to get more blatant in his flirting. He put his hand under Cindy's skirt and rubbed her ass. Cindy's cheeks burned as her face turned bright red. She couldn't believe she was allowing a strange man to feel her up in a public place. She couldn't believe Dan was allowing it, either. Paul casually stroked her bottom as he continued telling his stories, as though there was nothing unusual about it.

"I've gotta go tinkle," Cindy said, with just a bit of a slur.

"I think I'll go with you," Paul said, getting off the stool.

As they walked toward the bathrooms, Paul held her around the waist. Cindy was a little unstable on the high heeled sandals and leaned against him a bit. Dan could see him whispering in her ear, and Cindy giggle. When they entered the small hallway leading to the bathrooms, out of sight of most of the bar, Paul pulled her closer and whispered again. Cindy shook her head, and he kept whispering. One of his hands was under her skirt, and Cindy was rocking against it. Dan's heart raced as he watched another man playing with his wife's practically nude body. Finally, they broke their embrace and went to the bathroom.

When Paul came back, he grabbed his drink and Cindy's and said to Dan, "Come into my office." He walked around the corner of the bar with Dan following him and took the last two barstools. Where they were now, there were no tables behind them. Nobody would be able to see anything but the tops of their bodies, unless they were in the hallway going to the bathrooms. When Cindy came out, Paul said, "Over here, sweetie."

Paul immediately put his hand under Cindy's skirt, only to find out that she had done as he asked and removed her thong. He buried his hand in her crotch, rubbing her pussy. The second Paul asked her to remove her thong outside the bathroom, she had begun to become very aroused. Now her pussy was very moist inside. Paul's finger slipped into her pussy, then he rubbed a knuckle against her clit. His other hand went under her top and played with her nipples. She was becoming unsteady and leaned forward against the bar, closing her eyes. Dan could see the effect that Paul was having on his wife. He was hard as a rock. At the same time, his heart was racing. How far would Cindy let him go?

"Hey, kids, how about you guys come up to my room, you want to?" Paul asked. "We can have a party." He took Cindy's hand and placed it on his lap, where she could feel the outline of his stiff erection. Dan had that same sinking feeling in his gut that he had felt when he had first seen Cindy fondling another man's cock at the party they had attended recently. He was scared, and aroused at the same time.

"I don't think so," Cindy said, yet she didn't move her hand from Paul's bulge. She was trembling. Dan could see that her hips were slightly swaying to the movement of Paul's hand beneath her skirt.

"What about you, Dan, you want to come up?"

"It's up to Cindy," Dan said, though he was hoping that Cindy wouldn't want to. Part of him was excited, but most of him wanted Cindy to want only him.

Cindy didn't say anything. She just continued to rest her clit on Paul's knuckle and her hand on Paul's erection. Cindy arched her back and thrust out her butt, encouraging Paul's exploration of her pussy. Dan lifted her skirt and looked down. He hadn't realized she had removed her thong. It made him even more excited. He could see Paul's hand sawing in and out between her legs. Cindy rocked on Paul's hand, trying to get the pressure where she most needed it.

Paul put his mouth to Cindy's ear, nibbled on her lobe, and whispered, "Come on, baby. Let's go up to my room now." He had one hand under her top, playing with her titty, and the other was clamped between her legs.

Cindy shook her head and said firmly, "No Paul. I can't and I won't."

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