Cindy's Awakening - Couples Ch. 01


Paul took the hand out from beneath Cindy's top and unzipped his trousers. He pulled his erection through the fly in his boxers and his trousers. "Let me see your thong," he whispered quietly in Cindy's ear.

Cindy fished it out of her purse and handed it to him, never breaking the contact between her pussy and Paul's hand. Paul place the crotch of the thong over his raging hard on, then grabbed Cindy's hand and placed it back on his dick. She jumped slightly when she felt the bare skin of his hard cock, but then eagerly wrapped her hand around his pole.

"Come on, baby," Paul moaned. "Please, just come up for a while, O.K.?"

"No," Cindy said as she began to run her hand up and down his dick. Dan looked around the bar to make sure nobody could see what was going on. The bartender was busy taking care of a large room order request, and the waitress had left to deliver room orders. Seeing the coast was clear, Dan put his hand up Cindy's top and stroked the unoccupied breast. Now Cindy had two different men fondling her breasts while one of them was masturbating her, and at the same time she was pumping the dick of a man she had never met an hour ago.

Paul's dick was thick and hard. Cindy squeezed it tightly as she pulled it, then eased her grip as she went back down, over and over. Her head was beginning to swim as Paul relentlessly rubbed her needy button. Suddenly she realized that she was going to cum, right there in that bar. She felt an instant of panic, but before she could even open her eyes she felt that warmth begin to permeate her entire body. She stifled the urge to moan, and the men could hear only the barest of whimpers as she shuddered, hunching even more of her weight onto the bar and Paul's hand, and off of her feet. Paul adjusted the fabric of the thong as he began to spurt onto it. He soaked the thong with his cum, but it wasn't absorbent enough to hold it all, and much of it dribbled onto his slacks. He took some of the bar napkins, wiped himself up as much as possible, and tucked his now softening dick inside his pants. Cindy wrapped her thong in a few napkins and stuffed it in the pocket of her coat.

He pressed Dan and Cindy for their phone number, but they declined. He tried to get them to agree to come back to the bar while he was in town, but they refused that as well. Resigning himself to the fact that this was a one time event, he said, "Well, I enjoyed meeting you. I better go call my family before the kids are in bed. Good night." And with that, he paid his bill and left, but not before giving them his card, in case they changed their mind. Cindy put on her coat and they left.

They were like a couple of excited school kids as they drove home, laughing and talking about their night. Dan thought it had gone perfectly. He had gotten to live his fantasy, without having Cindy actually cheat on him. They both played that scene in their minds many times over the next few days, as they made love or masturbated.

The next time Cindy went out in that outfit was to a dance club, where her skimpy outfit was far less conspicuous. The club was packed with twenty and thirty somethings. She was constantly being groped, but it wasn't nearly as exciting as the initial experience with Paul had been. Since you couldn't really talk in the loud dance club, it was hard to really meet anybody. It just didn't seem to be as conducive to what they were looking for, but Cindy didn't want to go back to a hotel bar, where she would stick out like a sore thumb. Dan decided to look on Craigslist for couples who were looking for other couples. Cindy was against it. She was afraid of scammers, or flakes, or people not being discrete. Besides, she didn't want things to go any further than they already had. A little touching, but that's it. But Dan said, "it doesn't hurt to look. Let's just see what's there."

They looked at the Dallas/Ft. Worth ads. DFW was close enough to drive for a day or a weekend, but they didn't have to worry about running into people they knew. And it was a big enough city that there were plenty of couples looking for other couples. Many of the couples were looking for "full swap", and Cindy absolutely drew the line there. There were several who said they were just looking to meet other couples, and see where it went. That sounded more reasonable, so Dan sent an email to several of those couples who were in the same general age group. He had created a gmail address for the occasion, so he could keep his real email address private. The email said:

Hello, I saw your ad on Craigslist. I'm 34 and my wife is 32. We've been married six years, no kids. We're both in good physical condition and my wife is very petite and cute. We work during the week, but have weekends to get together.

We know that we don't want "full swap", but we're not sure what we would be comfortable doing. My wife is very nervous, and we wanted to find out how this works before sending pictures or exchanging names and addresses. We've experimented with having my wife dress up in skimpy outfits and going out in public, and even some touching. Can you tell us more about how this works? Have you done this long, or with very many couples? Thanks in advance for your response.

Within a couple of hours, they had heard from several couples. Two of the couples sent graphic, nude photos, and Cindy ruled them out. One of the couples didn't look very hot, so they ruled them out as well. Finally, they decided on a couple that looked and sounded just right. Ken and Julie were 42 and 38, respectively, and judging by the pictures they sent they were clean and normal. Their email read:


Thanks for your response to our ad. I hope your response was legit, you sound perfect to us. We've gotten so many flaky responses from our ad that we have to be cautious. At some point, if you want to meet, we'll have the girls talk to voice verify.

We're not into anything crazy. We just like to spice things up a bit. We're happy to go as slowly as you wish, respecting each other's boundaries. We've met with a few couples before, but only hit it off with one. We got together with them for a couple of months, but they decided they wanted to go further than we were comfortable with. We had sex with our own partners in the same room once, that's as far as we went. The experience was very positive while it lasted, and it really kicked up our sex lives. We want to find another relationship like that.

As our ad said, neither of us smoke or use drugs, and aren't interested in a couple that does. Before getting together we would insist on a current STD test for all four of us. I suggest for our first meeting to simply have lunch together and see if we click. Let us know if that works for you.

After Cindy and Dan decided that they would be the ones they'd meet with, they sent photos to them. The photos weren't nude, but she was wearing a tight enough t-shirt that Ken could see she didn't have big breasts. No use driving to Dallas if Ken was a breast man. They made plans to get together in Dallas for lunch the following Saturday. They packed a bag, just in case they decided to stay over in a motel. The restaurant had a nice shady patio, so they agreed to meet outside. Both couples had agreed that today was lunch only, no exceptions. That way, if one couple wanted to go forward but the other didn't, it wouldn't be awkward. They would have time to think it over and respond by email.

Ken and Julie were already there. They hugged as they met and sat down. They were all a little nervous, so the conversation dragged a bit. They pretended to be absorbed in the menus. After they placed their orders, Ken said, "You guys are even better looking than your photos. I hope you aren't disappointed. We've got a few years on you."

"Not at all," Cindy said. "We saw your picture before agreeing to come, remember." They really were nice looking, even though a few years older. Ken had dark features, which Cindy found very sexy. He had the kind of eyes that could see right into you, and make you do what he wanted you to do. Julie was slim, with short brunette hair and nice sized breasts. She had nicely shaped legs and she had a nice tan. Cindy was certain that Dan would love having a chance to see, and maybe even touch those breasts. She flushed slightly as she thought about seeing Dan play with another woman's body.

From the moment they met until the time they left the restaurant, they enjoyed every moment of each other's company. In the parking lot, Dan said, "So now what? We're new at this. Where do we go from here?"

Ken said, "First, each couple will talk among ourselves and decide if we want to go forward. If so, we'll just make another date whenever it works for all of us. If we want to take it slow, we can go to a Ranger's game or go to the park or have lunch again. Somewhere in a public place. Or, when we decide we're comfortable, we can meet at one of our houses. Maybe invite you over for dinner, or drinks. After you've had a chance to talk, send us an email and we'll do the same, O.K.?"

As they got in the car, Cindy and Dan both agreed that the match was a good one. Cindy liked the fact that they were a little older and more experienced, yet didn't want things to go too far. She was very comfortable with them. Dan definitely was interested in seeing more of Julie, especially her tits. So they logged into gmail on Dan's phone and sent them an email, letting them know that they were interested in getting together again. Since the day was early, they decided to do some sightseeing. Dan drove over to Ft. Worth, and they strolled through downtown. Checking his phone, he already had a response from Ken and Julie, letting them know that they were looking forward to their next meeting. Cindy felt a rush of excitement. She pictured Ken's intense eyes, softened by the crinkles in them when he smiled.

"Why don't we stay in town tonight and go dancing at Billy Bob's?" Dan said. "Maybe Ken and Julie will meet us."

Cindy loved to two step, though they weren't real good at it, so she quickly agreed. They went into the Worthington to check hotel rates. They got a great rate, being the weekend, and checked in right then and there. Dan emailed from the room.


We're both excited to get to know you better. We're planning on going dancing tonight at Billy Bob's. Do you have any interest in joining us? We understand if you're busy on such short notice.

They quickly got a response back that Ken and Julie would be delighted to come over, and they agreed to meet at 6:30, before the club started collecting a cover charge. That would allow them to dance to a DJ for an hour or more before the band started and it got crazy crowded. Then they could have a late dinner downtown. This was going to be a really fun weekend. Cindy dressed in jeans and a tank top, with an unbuttoned shirt over it. She didn't have boots with her, but she had some stylish shoes that would do.

Ken and Julie had really cute western outfits and nice western boots. They were very good dancers. They switched partners for the first dance, and Cindy suggested they stay that way so Dan and Cindy could learn from the pros. Ken made Cindy a better dancer than she otherwise was, and he was a great partner. After about thirty minutes, they grabbed a table and plopped down in their chairs, hot and tired from all the dancing. They ordered beers and sipped them for a while, then got up and resumed their dancing.

At around 8:00, Ken asked them, "Have you guys eaten yet?"

"No, not since lunch. I'm famished," Cindy said.

"Have you been to Joe T.'s?"

"Never heard of it," Dan said.

"It's a landmark here in Ft. Worth, and right around the corner. There'll be a wait, but we can have a margarita while we wait."

Joe T. Garcia's turned out to be a beautiful place, with a very pleasant, if crowded, patio that they could sit at and talk as they munched some of the best nachos they had ever had. Julie was especially interested in hearing more about Cindy's experiences dressing in skimpy outfits and going out in public, which Dan had mentioned in the initial email. Cindy told her about their experience at the Holiday Inn with Paul. Both Ken and Julie looked flabbergasted. Cindy looked like a kid, she could have passed for a teenager almost. But this shy, demure housewife was obviously more sophisticated than she looked.

"Wow, that is so hot!" Julie said. "You've got to tell me all the details. What was the outfit like? What did Dan do when he started touching you? Start at the beginning and don't leave out anything."

As they recounted the story, Ken and Julie got more aroused in hearing it than Cindy did in telling it. When she was finished, both of the guys had big erections in their jeans.

"What made you decide to do that?" Julie asked.

Then Dan told them about the list of fantasies that they had shared with each other, which led to them telling about the sex parties they had attended, which led to them telling about what they did when it was their turn to perform. Ken and Julie couldn't believe what they were hearing. They almost literally didn't believe it was true. Cindy looked like such an innocent, girl next door type. She was so young looking she looked almost more like a child than a woman.

"You guys were acting like we were the older and more experienced," Julie said. "But I feel like a rookie compared to what you guys have experienced. Do me a favor, Cindy. Promise me you'll detail all your experience in emails and send them to me. Those stories are so sexy."

"O.K.," Cindy said. "But you've got to promise you'll do the same about the experiences you've had with other couples."

"O.K.," Julie said, "but I've got the better end of the deal on that one. My stories aren't nearly as hot as yours. Cindy, how would you like to go shopping tomorrow when the mall opens, and see if you can find me something really sexy to tease guys in?"

Cindy asked Dan what time they needed to leave. Dan said they weren't in any hurry, so Julie made plans to pick Cindy up at the hotel at eleven, and they would go shopping and eat lunch together.

Then Julie said, "Listen, my parents are watching my kids. We've got to go get them and drive them home, it's getting late for them."

Julie gave Dan a big hug, and Cindy did the same for Ken, then they left. Both couples tore each others clothes off that night as soon as they got alone in their bedrooms. The next day, Julie picked up Cindy and they went to the mall. They had a nice lunch and went shopping. They picked out sexy clothes for each other and tried them on in the dressing rooms, modeling them for each other. They were giggling like schoolgirls and having a lot of fun. They were really getting aroused trying on these skimpy outfits, and thinking about wearing them in public. Finally Julie settled on a ultra short dress that looked like what Wilma Flintstone wore. It was very short and made her long, beautiful legs look even better. It had one strap and showed off her ample cleavage. It had a built in bra so she didn't have to wear one with it. Cindy picked out another micro skirt and a halter top. She modeled it without a bra. You could just make out her little tits bouncing and her nipples poking through the fabric.

"The guys will love these outfits," Julie said as she paid for their purchases. She wouldn't allow Cindy to pay, even though they were outrageously expensive. Cindy suspected that they had a lot more money than her and Dan, especially considering the new Cadillac Escalade she drove.

"Do you think Ken is disappointed?" Cindy asked. "After all, I don't have much of a figure compared to you."

"Don't be silly, he's crazy about you. You're really hot. You have nothing to worry about. Dan's probably the one feeling cheated, having to look at an old woman."

"No, Dan definitely isn't disappointed. I don't know why he married me. He really is a breast man at heart."

Dan showed up on schedule to pick up Cindy, and they left for home. Cindy was good to her word, documenting her exploits at the sex parties in emails that she sent to Julie. Ken and Julie read the emails together, getting themselves so worked up that they had frantic sex together after reading them. Julie sent regular correspondence detailing the experiences that she and Ken had had with other couples, getting Dan and Cindy worked up. Over the next few weeks, both couples enjoyed telling, and hearing about each other's exploits. Dan couldn't get Julie's body out of his mind. She had legs that went forever and a gorgeous rack. Cindy couldn't help but think about Ken's strong body spinning her around the dance floor, or his penetrating eyes that crinkled on the sides when he smiled.

Over the next three months they got together often and became very close. They connected constantly by email or phone. Cindy loved talking to Julie. It was like having an older sister to talk to. Every time they got together the girls modeled their skimpy outfits for the boys. Ken begged Cindy to send photos of herself wearing her sexy outfits. Dan took pictures of her wearing them and sent them to Ken. Ken returned the favor, taking pictures of Julie in her outfit. He even sent some pictures of Julie in sexy bras and panties. Both couples were kept at a fever pitch. When they were together, they all stayed horny every second, touching and caressing each other's spouses.

Dan sent an email one day asking Ken if they'd like to take a weekend vacation at the beach. They arranged to rent two adjoining rooms in a beachfront hotel at Corpus Christi. Ken and Julie made plane reservations. Dan and Cindy planned to drive, and offered to pick them up at the airport and take them to the hotel. This felt like taking things to the next level, so the anticipation was high. Cindy and Dan checked in at the hotel, and asked for rooms on the top floor with a superior view. They got the corner room and the one next to it. They took both keys and checked out the rooms. The corner room had a very private balcony that was only visible to the room next door, which they also had. So they would be able to have total privacy, with nobody above or next to them.

There was a palpable edge in the atmosphere as they drove back from the airport, and they all experienced the same nervousness they had felt when they first met. They got to the hotel before 4:00, and the sun was still high in the sky, so they decided to put on their suits and get some sun.

Ken said, "Hey, let's switch partners to get ready. Cindy, you bring your stuff in our room, and Julie, you get ready in Dan's room. Then we'll meet on the patio and catch up."

Cindy was unsure about this, but everybody else seemed O.K. with it, so she took her bags into Julie and Ken's room. Ken hung up his clothes and put his overnight kit in the bathroom, then took Cindy and gave her a big hug. "It's good to see you again," he said. Then, playfully slapping her bottom, he said, "Now get your clothes off."

Cindy took her suit into the bathroom. She had brought her skimpiest bikini, one that she normally would never wear in public. The bottom was cut very high on the side, and the top barely covered her nipples. She pulled and tugged at in the bathroom mirror, trying to get it to fit just right. Finally she came out. Ken said, "Wow, that's nice."

In the other room, Julie dropped her stuff on the bed and fell into Dan's waiting arms. They hugged and kissed on the lips. "Nice to see you again," Dan said. Dan turned around as he dropped his pants and put on his swimsuit. Julie smiled at his modesty as she slowly removed her clothes. Dan snuck a peek in the mirror, where he could see the side of one of her breasts. When she pulled off her pants he could see her naked butt in the mirror. He turned around and grabbed her from behind, cupping her breasts. She turned her head and kissed him on the lips as he pushed his groin against her bare butt. His cock was getting hard. She reached behind her, grabbing his cock and giving it a squeeze. Letting go of him, she picked up her suit and put it on as Dan watched.

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