Cindy's Awakening - Couples Ch. 01


Meeting on the balcony of the corner room, they had total privacy. The large balcony had two chaise loungers and a table with four chairs. The girls lay back on the chaises and the guys sat on chairs next to each other's wife. Ken grabbed some sunscreen and said, "Here, I'll do you Cindy." He squeezed some of the lotion on his hand and handed the bottle to Dan. He started rubbing the lotion onto Cindy's body. He started at the bottom of her legs and slowly worked his way up, getting more lotion as needed. Dan did the same on Julie. When Ken had gotten to Cindy's crotch, he spread her legs and rubbed it all over. He never entered her private area, but he got so close that Cindy was breathing hard by the time he started on her tummy. He rubbed lotion on every exposed part of her body, and by the time he was finished he was hard as a rock. Dan was mesmerized as he rubbed Julie's cleavage. She had more breast exposed than Cindy had in total. Finally, the guys sat back and they chatted as they enjoyed the sun.

"Hey," Ken said. "Why don't we split the couples up for the weekend. Cindy, you can be my roommate, and my date for the weekend. And Julie can be Dan's."

"Depends," Julie said. "What are the ground rules?"

"You girls decide," Ken said. "O.K. with you, Dan?"

"Whatever the girls think," Dan said, never taking his eyes off Julie's chest.

"We'll think about it and let you know," Julie said. "We might just decide to stay together and let you boys chill together."

At six, they decided to get dressed and go eat. Cindy and Ken went into one room to clean up and dress, while Dan and Julie went in the other. Cindy was shy and unsure as the virile older man followed her near naked body with his laser beam eyes. She could barely keep her knees from buckling, as she could sense his sexuality.

Julie took her shower first and came out wrapped in a towel. "Your turn," she said. Dan quickly showered, his hard dick aching for him to soap it up and rub it. But he refrained, not knowing what the evening would bring. By the time he came out, Julie was mostly dressed. He dropped his towel and put on his boxers, knowing that Julie could get a look if she wanted.

Ken came up behind Cindy and hugged her, cupping his hands over her bikini top. "You want to take a shower first?' he asked. "Or do you want to save water and take one together?"

"I'll go first," she said, shoving him playfully aside.

She came out in a towel and stepped aside as Ken entered the bathroom. He dropped his shorts without closing the door, and she could see his large, uncircumcised dick. It stood out at about a forty five degree angle from his body, bobbing as he walked. She looked up from his crotch to see Ken staring at her with those eyes, which seemed to look right into her soul. Shuddering, she quickly turned away.

At the restaurant, the girls excused themselves to the restroom and had a talk. When they came out, Julie said, "O.K., boys, we'll switch for the weekend. But here's the rules. No penetration. No orgasms. No oral. No nothing. You've gotta agree, or no switching. Agreed?"

"No orgasms?" Ken said. "How does that work? What if it's accidental? A guy can't help it sometimes."

"We'll think about it and get back to you," Julie said. Of course, Ken was right. Letting these guys sleep with each other's wives with a loaded gun, so to speak, was bound to be problematic. They'd have to come up with something. "I know," Julie said. "We'll get you guys worked up, then you can see your own wife to take care of you before bedtime. That should do the trick."

That seemed a reasonable idea, so they agreed to it and enjoyed their meal. Afterward, they went back to the hotel and spent the rest of the evening on the patio, enjoying the balmy breeze and each other's company. When the guys went in to refresh everyone's drink, the girls conspired together. When the guys came back out, the girls excused themselves and went back in, putting on the skimpy bikinis they had been wearing earlier. When they went back out, they caught the guys by surprise. "Wow," they both said together. The girls rubbed up against each other's husband. They all began rubbing and kissing. Cindy grabbed a bottle of Aloe Vera and said, "Ken, I got a lot of sun today. Would you mind rubbing this lotion on me?"

"No problem, sweetie," he said. "Why don't you lie on the bed." Cindy went inside and lay on the bed on her tummy while Ken rubbed the lotion all over her body, letting his fingers stray inside the fabric of her swimsuit. Meanwhile Julie had taken Dan in their bedroom and was letting him rub lotion on her body. While Ken rubbed Cindy with one hand, he began unbuttoning his shirt with the other and took it off. Next he removed his shorts and boxers in one motion. Now he could dedicate both hands to Cindy. As he rubbed lotion into her back, he slipped his hands under the straps of her top, then unhooked it. His hands rubbed the sides of her breasts, then worked their way under her top to her nipples.

He got up on the bed with Cindy, straddling her bottom, his groin against her butt as he rubbed her nipples. Cindy moaned softly. He rolled off her, lying beside her, and turned her over onto her back. She gasped when she saw his bare cock. Her unclasped top now lay limply on her chest, barely covering her nudity. He lay with his face close to hers, kissing her on her ears and neck as he moved the small top out of the way and rubbed her exposed nipples. He leaned over and sucked one into his mouth as he reached into her bottoms. Cindy closed her eyes and felt his finger rubbing her moist slit. She was breathing hard. She wanted something to fill the aching need in her pussy.

Dan's face was nestled in Julie's breasts as he alternated licking one, then the other. The tip of his hard dick poked her bikini bottom again and again through the fabric of his swimsuit. Her hands were wrapped around him, kneading the muscles of his buttocks, driving his groin into her. Suddenly she got up, unable to trust herself any longer. Opening the connecting door to Ken's room, she walked in and said, "Having fun?"

Ken reluctantly rolled off of Cindy. Dan couldn't believe his eyes. His heart sank as he had seen Ken humping his wife with his bare dick. Both girls had their tops completely off. "I don't think we can trust you guys," Julie said. "Maybe we should forget switching for the weekend." Nobody said anything. "Tell you what, let's have a drink and cool down a bit. Come on Cindy, let's let the boys fix us a drink."

Cindy and Julie sat at the table, clad only in their bikini bottoms. Julie had perfect breasts, firm with large nipples. Cindy was self-conscious of her small breasts, but it didn't seem the right time to cover them. She sat nervously, alternating between crossing her arms over them and putting her arms down. Ken put his shorts back on and they all sat down with a drink.

"We had ground rules, but I don't think you guys intended on honoring them," Julie said. "If we can't trust you, we can't have any fun together. We have to be able to trust you." Once again, the guys sat silently.

Finally Ken said, "Well, I could say I'm sorry. But that wouldn't be true," he said with a smile.

Julie got up and sat in Dan's lap. She put her arms around his neck and said, "What are we going to do with you naughty boys," she said.

"Well, I guess you could take my pants off and give me a spanking," Dan said, smiling.

"That's a good idea," Julie said. Pull 'em off, both of you." They both removed their shorts.

"Now, this time, maybe you should rub the lotion on us while we're in the same room. That's the only way we can trust you."

The girls both lay on the bed on their tummies as the men straddled them and rubbed the lotion onto their backs. Their hands slipped down under their breasts and they played with their nipples. Within minutes the boys had rolled them over and were sucking their titties again as they started fingering their pussies. Ken eased Cindy's bottoms off of her. Julie saw this, and removed her bottoms, giving Dan access to her now sopping pussy. He put one, then two fingers in her. She needed a dick in her.

She grabbed Ken and pulled him to her. Dan went to Cindy. The men mounted their wives and began humping them. Ken had his eyes on Cindy's little body as Dan thrust his hard dick over and over into her tight little pussy. Dan was looking at Julie's breasts as he stroked Cindy's pussy. He could feel Cindy's tight pussy pulling the cum out of his balls, which were tingling with every stroke.

The men groaned as they squirted huge loads into their girls. They lay in a heap for a while, then got up and wiped off. "Too bad, Cindy. I guess you guys get both wet spots tonight. Maybe my place tomorrow. Now, you think you boys can stay true to your spouse tonight?" With that, she picked up her swimsuit and went to her bathroom to get ready for bed, while Cindy went to her bathroom. When she came out in her nightie, Ken was lying in bed nude, waiting for her. She slipped into bed and he enveloped her in his arms. He felt fantastic. They cuddled and whispered together for over an hour. It was very erotic. Finally, he went to sleep and Cindy did the same.

Meanwhile, Julie was nestled into Dan, her back to him, as he continued to fondle her breasts. She was afraid that the orgasm he'd had wasn't enough, and that she was going to be seduced by him. She was still very horny, and he didn't seem to be satisfied. He was infatuated with her breasts, and she was getting even hornier as he played with them. She couldn't help herself; she had to touch herself. When Dan realized what she was doing, he reached into her panties and put first one, then two fingers inside her. She was burning up. She turned her head and locked her lips on his as she erupted in orgasm.

The next morning, Cindy got up and quietly started the coffeepot. She took care of her business in the bathroom and poured herself a cup. Ken was already out on the patio sipping a cup of coffee, staring at the ocean and leaning on the railing. He gave Cindy a big bear hug and kiss. She felt small, yet protected, wrapped in his arms and held against his powerful chest.

They chatted as they stood together sipping their coffee. He was wearing only boxers, she had only her nightie and panties, but there was nobody that could see them.

While Ken took his turn in the bathroom, Cindy went downstairs for the free buffet breakfast. Julie texted her to see where she was, and came down to meet her in the breakfast area.

"Well, are your marriage vows still intact?" Julie asked.

"Yeah, barely. If you hadn't come in our room when you did, I don't know if they would be. What about yours?"

"I think so, though your husband was still rubbing himself on me and poking me deep into the night. I don't think he got much sleep," she said with a smile. "He sure is horny."

"Welcome to my world," Cindy said. "We have sex three or four nights a week, there's no telling how often he masturbates, and yet I still wake up with cum on my night clothes every once in a while.

"Well, I'm going to take him shopping today, just to see how worked up I can get him. Then I'll bring him back to you."

"What are you looking for?" Cindy asked.

"Oh, anything skimpy, just to tease the shit out of him." The girls shared a laugh over that. Cindy loved Julie, she was so cute and funny and pleasant to be around.

"Seriously, though, what are we going to do about the guys?" Cindy asked. "I love you guys, I'd hate to see things get out of hand."

This weekend had already seen several firsts. Like, the first time that they had been totally nude in front of each other. Sure, they had taken off their suits in the hot tub at Julie's, and even allowed the boys to play with their titties once, but this time they had been totally exposed. Also, this was the first time they had had an orgasm in front of each other, the first time they had screwed their mates in the same bed, the first time they had spent the night with each other's mate in the same bed. It was the first time they had touched the other spouse's privates, other than a quick feel perhaps. And the weekend had just begun. Cindy was afraid things were moving too fast.

"Just don't let yourself be alone with Ken until I get back, O.K.? Then we'll take care of our husbands. And if he does get you alone, you have to be strong. He's very assertive, but if you put your foot down, he'll respect your limits."

When they got back upstairs, Cindy put on her jogging clothes and pinned her hair up. She pushed open the connecting door to the bedrooms. Dan was awake, but still in bed. Cindy gave him a kiss and said she was going for a run. She asked the others if they wanted to go, but nobody else was up for it yet. As she jogged a couple of miles down the beach, she could think of nothing but Ken's long dick. She had kind of seen it before when he got in or out of the hot tub at their house, but never like last night, when it was on full display. Never had she felt it against her bare skin, or held it in her hand. When he touched her pussy last night while playing with her titties, she needed a dick so badly she didn't know what would have happened if Julie hadn't come in the room just then. Thinking about how close she had come to being taken by Ken made Cindy very aroused, and by the time she got back to the hotel she was in bad need of attention.

Nobody was in the room, and Cindy decided to put on her swimsuit. She pulled off her top and washed under her arms at the sink. Then she went to get her swimsuit. Just then Ken came in.

"Well, hello, beautiful," he said.

"Oh, hi," Cindy said, a little startled. She grabbed her top and put it on.

"What's up?"

"I don't know. I figured I'd get my suit on. What do you feel like doing?"

"Seriously?" Ken asked.

"Other than that," Cindy said, smiling.

"I don't know. You want to go to the pool or the beach, or hang out on the balcony?"

"Let's go down to the beach," Cindy said, not trusting herself, or Ken, to stay alone in the room.

"Where are the others?"

"Julie wanted to go shopping, and Dan went along."

"What is she shopping for?"

"I think she wanted to look at swimsuits."

Ken planted an umbrella in the sand and put his beach chair in the shade. Cindy grabbed one of the hotel's chaise loungers and put it in the sun next to Ken. She put a towel on the chair and put her bag on it.

"I'm going to go in the water and cool off," Cindy said, as she set off for the surf.

Ken followed her, and they waded far out, until they were in the water up to their chests. They frolicked in the water for a while, splashing and playfully wrestling, then waded back out. Cindy lay on her stomach and untied her top behind her neck, then unclasped it in the middle of her back and moved the straps out of the way, so she could get a strapless tan.

"Do my back, please," she said, holding up the sunscreen for Ken.

Ken rubbed the lotion all over her back as he studied her sexy body. She had absolutely flawless skin. There wasn't a single imperfection on her entire body. She didn't have an ounce of flab visible. He had never seen anything so sexy. He adjusted his swimsuit, so his erection wasn't poking straight out. Finally, he returned to his chair and sat enjoying the balmy weather and nice breeze. Cindy reveled in the mild, early June weather. The sun would be hot later in the day, but it was perfect at 11:00 A.M. There was a light breeze and the sky was perfectly clear. She lay motionless for twenty minutes, then she grabbed her top and held it to her chest as she turn over on her belly. She laid the small triangles of fabric over each nipple and let the straps hang loose.

"Can you do my front, now?" she asked Ken.

Ken wiped the sand off his hands and rubbed the sunscreen on her front. He started on her legs, rubbing all the way up to her crotch. Then he worked on her perfectly flat belly, and finally up to her chest and shoulders. The fabric of her top barely covered her nipples. The top wasn't padded, so the material was very thin. The light breeze moved the cups ever so slightly, teasing Ken with the movement. He stared at the top, willing it to move just half an inch. He had never wanted a piece of pussy so badly in his life as he wanted Cindy now. She was so beautiful and sexy. As he stared at her, he imagined himself driving his dick in her. He pictured her climbing on top of him, as he lay on his back. She threw one leg over him and straddled him, placing the opening to her cunt on the tip of his dick, then pushing down until it entered her.

"What you thinking about," Ken said to her.

"You really want to know?" Cindy said.


"I've been thinking about sex. I always get horny when I lay in the sun. I don't know why."

"Describe it to me," Ken said, as he got off his chair and sat on the sand next to Cindy's chaise.

"Last night when you took off my bottoms, I was so horny I wouldn't have been able to stop you if you'd entered me. I've been thinking about that ever since. That's scary. I don't want to ruin our relationship."

"Would that ruin it?" Ken said.

"Yeah, I'm afraid it would. We can't do that.

It's too much fun just doing what we're doing. Once it goes too far, I'm afraid it would ruin everything."

"Tell me what would have happened if Julie hadn't come in," Ken said.

"I didn't know you had taken off your shorts," Cindy said. "When you were rubbing the lotion on me, I got so horny. When you turned me on my back and I saw you naked, it scared me. I didn't think I could say no. Then, when you put your hand in my bottoms, I knew that you were going to take them off, and I wasn't going to be able to do anything about it."

"And what would have happened then?" ken asked.

"I'm afraid of what would have happened. I like things as they are."

Ken was getting really aroused listening to Cindy talk about sex. As she was talking, he started rubbing more lotion on her. He was letting his hands wander under the fabric of her suit. His cock was straining against the fabric of his suit. Cindy knew the effect she was having on him. She intended to keep him revved up until Julie came back to take care of him.

Dan picked out the skimpiest swimsuits he could find in Julie's size and took them to the dressing room, where she was already trying on some that she had selected. Each time she put one on that she liked, she came out and modeled it for Dan. She came out once wearing a very short crop top without anything underneath it. The bottoms of her breasts were visible, and when she raised her arms, the top lifted until her nipples were almost exposed. Dan was going crazy. He wanted to grab her and take her right there.

When she saw his reaction, she said, "So this one is a keeper?"

Dan just nodded. Julie took the suits that Dan had picked out and went into the dressing room. He followed her in. She turned her back to Dan and took off the crop top, then put on one of the tops he had picked out. Before she had a chance to put it on, he grabbed her from behind and cupped her tits in his hands. She turned around and kissed him deeply on the lips. She turned and they embraced. She could feel his hard dick between them. Breaking the embrace, she continued to try on the skimpy outfits that he had brought her. By the time they decided to go for lunch, Dan had been worked up into a frenzy. By that time, Julie had bought the crop top and a new swimsuit. Dan had purchased a new vibrator for Cindy, since they hated going to the adult video store in their home town, where they were afraid of being seen by acquaintances.

Cindy and Ken went to the poolside bar and ordered a hamburger to split. They sat in the shade, eating and talking. This was the best weekend getaway that Cindy had ever had. She was really glad that they had met Ken and Julie. She had never felt sexier. She had never felt the power over men that she felt these days.

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