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Cindy's Awakening - Sybian


READER'S NOTE: The characters in this story are from a previous series entitled "Private Sex Party". In the original series, Cindy blossomed from an extremely shy, demure housewife into a sensual creature, partially due to a number of private parties she attended, where the attendees took turns having sex for all to watch.

Ever since Cindy had used Barbara's Sybian, she couldn't get it out of her mind. The mind-blowing orgasms that machine caused were unlike anything she had ever experienced. Dan and Cindy immediately googled on "Sybian" the day after the party where she had first seen one. There were lots of videos posted on-line of girls using them to have orgasms. When Cindy watched them, she became aroused, thinking about her incredible experience. She badly wanted to get her hands on one of her own, but the sticker price was too steep. By the time all was said and done, with shipping and taxes, it would be around $1500. They just couldn't justify that much money for a sex toy, so Cindy resigned herself to doing without.

One night after dinner when Cindy was surfing the internet, Dan came up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. "Cindy, I've been thinking. The website said that the Sybian has a forty five day satisfaction guarantee. If we decided to send it back after that time, we'd only be out the $120 reconditioning fee, plus the shipping charge."

"Yeah, well there's not much question about whether I'll be satisfied with it. But $150 or so seems like a lot to just rent it for forty five days."

"Hear me out. What I've been thinking about is that there must be lots of girls out there in the same boat as you are; wanting to get a Sybian, but unable or unwilling to come up with that much cash."


"So we could rent it out, and it would pay for itself. Then, it would be ours forever. I've been playing with some numbers, and I believe we could get enough money in one year to easily pay for itself. If, after forty five days, it doesn't look like a good business proposition, we can send it back."

"How can we make sure that it doesn't get broken or stolen?"

"I don't know. I guess we would insist on a big security deposit, but in the end it's a risk. Unless we only rent it out to people we know."

"Well, I guess we could probably start with the people we know from Barbara's parties. There was no shortage of women wanting to try it the night she brought it out. Even if it took a little longer to break even, it might be worth it not to have to deal with strangers."

So it was agreed, and they sent an email to Barbara, explaining their plan and asking if she would mind sending an email to her list of contacts to let them know about their little business. By the time the machine arrived a couple of weeks later, they already had several reservations booked. They ordered extra accessories and sold them, so that each woman would have their own and wouldn't have to put a used attachment inside them. They let people use it overnight for $25 a day during the week and $50 a day on weekends, just to help even out the demand. The price was very reasonable, and the women appreciated being able to use it in the privacy of their own home. Of course, there were plenty of times when it wasn't being used, so Cindy was kept well satisfied. When Dan delivered it, or loaded it people's cars, he couldn't help but get aroused as he undressed his clients in his mind and visualized them riding the machine. He had seen a few of them do so at Barbara's house that night.

One night, as they were ordering more attachments for their expanding client list, he said, "Babe, I've been thinking. What do you think about adding another option to our business, for people who want a quick ride at a discount. We could let them use the machine in one of our spare rooms for thirty minutes, and just charge them $15. Thirty minutes is longer than most women will use it in a sitting anyway. At the reduced price, we might get two or three customers in a given evening."

"Hmm, are you sure you want people coming to our house?"

"Horny women? Uh, yeah, that'd be ok. Besides, if it got to be a hassle we could discontinue it.

So they decided to announce it through their email list. Just talking about it, and ordering the new accessories got Cindy thinking about it, and she decided she wanted to take a ride. Every time it came back from a rental, as she sanitized the machine, she admired the soft leather and the craftsmanship, and it was all she could do to ever put it away. Just looking at it made her pussy wet.

Dan set up the freshly sanitized machine in their bedroom. Then he took off his clothes, and approached Cindy. He came up behind her and cupped her breasts through her shirt, kissing her on the neck and ears. He helped her out of her top. She wasn't wearing a bra, and he gently kneaded her tits. He unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down. She stepped out of them. He did the same with her panties. She turned and they embraced, kissing. He led her to the machine.

The Sybian was ever patient. It just sat there waiting until it was needed. The sleek saddle was shaped perfectly for a lady's soft thighs to wrap around it. The wide array of available attachments ensured that it was a perfect match for any lady's lovely pussy lips. Some women couldn't abide the larger attachments inside their pussy. For them, the flattop was perfect, vibrating only against the sensitive opening to their inner delights. Others appreciated the attachments that rubbed against their G-spot, that elusive zone that only the Sybian knew how to find. Still, as smooth and soft as those lady's thighs were, as fragrant and moist her pussy, as arousing as it was to hear her sob in ecstasy as she writhed on the saddle, it was never in a hurry. It would wait until she was ready. Then, at the flick of a switch it would take her places she couldn't go alone, or even with her man alone. The Sybian knew its power, yet never used it for evil. It was thoroughly good.

Cindy had already attached the G-Max, an attachment that resembled a knob. It didn't penetrate deeply, but was big enough around to make her feel full, and it was just the right depth to rub against her G spot. She straddled the back of the saddle and generously applied lubricant to the attachment and to the nubbed rubber pad that her clit would rest on. She was impatient to feel it inside her, to feel it vibrating against her pussy. Just rubbing lotion on the machine made her as aroused as she was with a man. Sharing the moment with her man made it even better. She had used the machine alone more than once, and it was very nice. But it was far better when Dan held her as she rode. The first few times she had felt a little self-conscious, but no more.

The Sybian included another smaller saddle, shaped like a footstool. It was designed for the lady to lean against when riding solo, or with her man behind her. Tonight Dan used it to sit on, facing her. She rose up off the saddle and moved forward, positioning her vagina against the G Max, and slid her lips back and forth on it, slowly working it deeper into the folds of her inner lips. She turned the rotation and the vibrations on low. The knob began slowly rotating inside her pussy, stretching and rubbing her pussy. As she worked it fully inside her, she was able to rest her pussy on the pad, which vibrated slowly. She leaned forward, putting more pressure against her clit and rested her head and upper body against Dan.

Dan took her face in his hands and gently kissed her all over. Then he caressed her small breasts. Soon, she turned the controls just a bit higher. She had only been on for a few minutes and she knew that she wouldn't last much longer. She rocked back and forth, putting her clit directly against the vibrating pad with its rubber nubs, then leaning back and taking it off the pad. The cock inside her was driving her wild. Her nipples were stiff and long, and Dan pulled them gently as he kissed her passionately on the lips. She turned up the machine even higher. Her ears were ringing as she felt the pressure of her mounting orgasm. It crested over her and she thrashed on the machine, panting and whimpering.

Dan moved over to the saddle, sitting behind her, and she leaned back against him. He knew that when Cindy had her orgasm, her clit became sensitive and it was painful for it to be on the pad. Leaning against him was better, and allowed him to explore her body with his hands while he hugged her and enjoyed the smell of her hair. She turned off the vibrations and left the rotation on, turning it lower. The attachment continued rotating slowly inside her. You could see the movements as it stretched her pussy this way, then that. Her heart rate began to return to normal, and she got her bearings back again.

Sometimes she used the Sybian for quick relief, but not often. She only used it a couple of times a week, but when she did she liked to stay on it for more than one quick orgasm. She didn't always have a second orgasm in the same evening, but it still felt incredible. After the first orgasm, there was no urgency, no goal in mind. If she had a second orgasm, that was great, but if not, she didn't care. Dan never tired of watching her on it and playing with her. He tried as hard as he could to wait, so he could enjoy every minute. But quite often, he was unable to wait, spilling his seed onto her back or butt if he was behind her, or spurting it onto her legs or pussy if he was in front of her. She always used towels under and around the machine when Dan was around.

Tonight she wanted to take her time and enjoy the machine. She leaned back against Dan and closed her eyes as he wrapped his arms around her. The knob continued working her pussy. The Sybian was the most patient lover in the world. After about five minutes, she turned the vibrations back on, allowing the knob to vibrate against the inside of her pussy as it made its rounds.

"Are you doing alright?" she murmured to Dan.

"I'm fine, take your time and enjoy yourself as long as you want."

Cindy intended to do just that. She leaned back against Dan, allowing the machine to play with her pussy for ten minutes, then fifteen, before she finally decided to test the machine against her clit. The vibrations were low, and it felt good. She leaned forward and braced herself with her hands on the stool in front of her to control the amount of pressure on the pad. She turned up the vibrations but still kept her clit just off the pad, just barely allowing it to tickle her sensitive bud. Dan was moaning behind her. She could feel his hard dick rubbing against her butt, and fully expected him to cum on her at any time. She imagined it was his long, hard dick that was stretching her pussy. All she could think about was his hard dick, driving into her and stretching her, rubbing against the spot that felt so good.

Cindy was on the verge of a tremendous orgasm, and she became disoriented. A fog of lust and desire clouded her senses. She was moaning loudly, without even being aware of it. Her head rolled on her shoulders and she panted. Her whole world was the dick inside her and the vibrations that insistently lapped at her inner lips. She leaned forward and let her clit rest on the pad. Her orgasm had seemed to start a long time ago, yet she was still riding the crest of it, not going over the edge yet.

Dan hadn't seen her like this since that night at Barbara's party when she first experienced the Sybian. She was very noisy, and obviously unaware of it. Her head drooped and her hair covered her face. Perspiration glistened between her breasts. She was grinding her pussy against the machine, urging it to penetrate her more deeply. He had never seen anything so deliciously obscene in his life, and he desperately tried to wait until she was finished, so he could enter her.

It sounded like she was sobbing. Her loud whimpering came in starts, as she panted. With a raspy growl, she grunted out her climax. "Ummm, Ummm, Ummm, Aaah, Aaww, Unggh." He had tried to wait, but seeing her like this made waiting impossible. He sprayed Cindy's butt, leaning against her for support as she leaned against the stool for support. It was a minute or two before either of them could move or talk. Cindy didn't feel like doing anything but lying in bed, so Dan snuggled with her.

They were beginning to build a large email list of clients, and those client referred other people. It appeared they would break even on the machine in six months. They had paid the original credit card bill out of their savings, and were steadily replacing those savings, so they were in no hurry to build their clientele, but news of their rental business seemed to spread. More and more often, women were emailing, saying they had heard about them from a friend. Their new pricing drew even more women. Though most people preferred the comfort and privacy of their own house, sometimes one of their clients just had to have a ride right then, and would call or email to see if it was available that day. For the most part, it was women coming alone. Couples tended to want to take it to their house and incorporate it into their lovemaking, and there wasn't a bed in the spare room where the Sybian was set up.

Cindy began to fantasize about getting to watch her clients as they played on the machine. One day she got an email from a lady who she didn't know, who had gotten her email from a friend. She gave the lady their price schedule, and made a reservation for the following night. As usual with a new customer, she made Dan wait in the other room when the lady arrived, so she wouldn't be embarrassed by a man during such an intimate transaction.

"Hello Cindy, I'm Jane."

"Come on in," Cindy said as she led her to the Sybian. "Tell me how you got my email address."

"My friend Marcia told me about it. She said that she used one of these machines once, and described how wonderful it is. I've been single for the last three years, and I could use a little company now and then," she said with a laugh.

Cindy liked Jane. She looked to be about forty, but was still very fit. She had dark hair and skin, and nice breasts. She was the opposite of Cindy, who had fair features and was small framed. Cindy took the Sybian out of its case and showed Jane the various attachments. Jane purchased two of them, since she really didn't know which ones would feel best. After she paid, Cindy helped her get it into her car. It was heavy, but she decided against calling Dan, not wanting to make Jane feel uncomfortable.

The next day, Jane returned the machine before Dan got home, so they had a chance to talk.

"What did you think?" Cindy said.

"It was completely insane," Jane said. I'd buy one myself, except I'm afraid I'd never leave my apartment again."

Cindy laughed. "I know what you mean, it is kind of addictive."

"I have to get it from you again sometime. I've never felt anything like it. I spent the entire night on the floor, either straddling that thing or recovering from straddling it."

They had a nice long chat. Cindy told her about Dan, and Jane told her about her relationships. By the time she left, they promised to get together sometime.

"O.K., but bring your Sybian," Jane said, jokingly.

Jane rented it occasionally over the next several weeks, and they had nice long talks and got to know each other. One weekend Cindy wanted to see a chick flick that Dan would never agree to, so she invited Jane. The following Friday, Jane emailed to ask if the machine would be available the next day, but Cindy didn't see her email until late Saturday afternoon. She called her and apologized.

"Why don't you come over here tomorrow after lunch and use it. Dan will be playing golf, so we'll have the place to ourselves."

Jane noticed that Cindy used the word "ourselves", rather than "yourself." Jane had never been with a girl before, and didn't figure Cindy for the type either.

"Okay, I'll come over after lunch."

Cindy was excited when Jane got there. Whenever a lady used the Sybian, even with the door shut and Cindy on the other side of the house, she couldn't help but get aroused, knowing that only a few yards away, a nude female was humping her machine and having an intense orgasm. She led Jane into her bedroom, where she had set up the Sybian. They sat there looking at it together, not saying a word. They were both nervous.

"Are you going to use it, too?" Jane asked.

"I don't know. You want me to? Or do you want to be alone?"

"I'm alone all the time, remember?"

"You want to go first?" Cindy asked.


Jane got her favorite attachment out of her bag and tried to put it on the machine. Her hands were shaking and she was blushing. Cindy put her hand on Jane's, and said, "This is silly. We're friends. There's nothing to be embarrassed about, is there?"


"Here, let me do that," Cindy said, as she took the attachment from Jane and put it on the Sybian. She knelt over the machine, lubricating the attachment. Then, still on her knees, she started unbuttoning Jane's jeans. She pulled down her jeans and Jane stepped out of them, then her panties. Cindy stood and embraced Jane from behind. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. Jane raised her arms, allowing her to pull it off. She then unclasped Jane's bra and Jane shook out of it, allowing it to fall to the floor. She was totally nude now, and Cindy was still in her sundress. Cindy hugged her and rubbed her hands all over her body. She felt so good. She loved the feel of her hard man, but there was something special about a soft, smooth woman as well. She had never felt anything like the feel of a woman's body. Jane had long, luxurious hair. Cindy had longed to run her hands through her hair and caress her ample breasts, and she did so now.

Jane turned and lifted Cindy's dress, pulling it over her head and dropping it on the floor. Cindy wore only panties, and Jane stripped them off, blushing furiously. Cindy took her hand and guided her to the saddle. Jane sat on it, and Cindy sat behind her, wrapping her arms around her and playing with her breasts. As Jane worked the attachment into her opening, Cindy reveled in every one of her senses. The smell of Jane, the way she felt, the way she looked, the sounds she made as she began to respond to the stimulation of the Sybian. She grabbed Jane's breasts and leaned her back, supporting her with her body. She buried her face in her hair and kissed her cheeks and neck.

It had been a long time since Jane had been fondled and caressed. As Cindy worshiped her body, the Sybian pounded her senses with unrelenting vibrations against her clit. She couldn't take much more, and her body shook violently as she came hard. She was chattering, "uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh," as she shivered. Cindy hugged her tightly as she calmed. When the waves had finally subsided, Cindy helped her off the attachment and took her place on it. Now it was Jane's turn to explore Cindy's body. She was tentative at first, touching her gently. But as Cindy started to approach her climax and become more boisterous, Jane started to get into it. She squeezed her small tits, playing with her nipples, and nipped at her earlobes as Cindy exploded into a violent climax.

After Cindy regained her bearings, she traded places with Jane. They tried various attachments, pleasuring themselves until they were spent. They trembled as they finally climbed off the machine and lay in each others arms on the bed. They embraced and kissed each other tenderly, then lay still, simply enjoying the warmth they shared.

"I've never been with a woman before," Jane said.

"I haven't either," Cindy said.

"Are you serious?"


They lay together for a long time, hugging.

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Would love LOVE LOVE to have a Sybian... I've told my husband it's one of the first things I'd buy with life insurance if something ever happens to him. (Does that sound cold?)

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