tagToys & MasturbationCindy's Awakening - Sybian Ch. 02

Cindy's Awakening - Sybian Ch. 02


Cindy and Dan had shared their innermost fantasies with each other, in order to decide what to role play when they had performed at one of Barbara's sex parties. Since then, Dan constantly tried to get Cindy to give him more details, but she was uncomfortable talking about her fantasies to him. When he pressed her enough, or when she was aroused enough, she would give him some details. They had role played several of her fantasies, such as exhibiting her body in skimpy outfits in front of strangers at bars. They had also role played her "ravishment" fantasy, allowing multiple men to fondle her nude body at one of Barbara's sex parties while she was blindfolded. They had even done some "soft swinging", involving other couples in flirting and teasing. These simulations were controlled, and there had been no penetration. Dan was constantly trying to get her to keep experimenting, as these role plays had really spiced up their sex life.

One of Dan's big fantasies was to see Cindy get so aroused she would take another man while Dan was watching. She had admitted that it was one of her fantasies as well, but she was always quick to tell him, "I don't want it to actually happen in real life. Fantasies are just that; fantasies. We can't help what gets us aroused." Truth was, Dan didn't really want her to go all the way, but he was always trying to think of a way to simulate it. Even if it never happened, he got horny just talking about it with her.

"Honey, who do you fantasize about sleeping with?" he asked her for the jillionth time. "Is it someone I know?"

"I don't fantasize about that. Not really. Sometimes a naughty thought creeps in my head, but it's no one person in particular."

"If you did it, would you want it to be a stranger, or someone I pick? Or would you want it to be someone you were attracted to and picked yourself?"

"Dan, I don't want to have sex with anybody else. I want to be married to you, and I don't want to have someone else."

"Yeah, but if you did...."

This conversation, or some variation of it seemed to occur weekly. Cindy didn't understand how horny Dan got talking and thinking about it. If she would have just indulged him and participated in some dirty talk, he probably would have been satisfied. Cindy complained about it to her friends, like Jane and Sherry.

"Do you think he really wants you to have sex with another man?" Jane asked, astonished.

"I have no idea," Cindy said. "But he talks about it all the time. I've never given him any reason to think that I would be unfaithful to him." Then she had a sheepish grin, and added, "Well.... Other than the fact that you and I shared a few rides together on the Sybian. But he doesn't know about that. And anyway, that's not cheating, is it? After all, you're not a guy."

Jane looked down and said, "Well, I guess technically, that probably is cheating, since you didn't tell him." That was a hard thing for Jane to say, because she loved sharing the Sybian with Cindy, and didn't want to stop. She didn't have anybody intimate in her life, and sharing intimacy with Cindy on the Sybian was as good as having a man. She would have loved to have both, but she really didn't want to give up Cindy. On the other hand, she didn't like to lie, and that's what it felt like. She had never even met Dan yet.

Cindy didn't say anything. She had felt terrible ever since Jane and her had started riding the Sybian together. She should have told Dan from the start. He probably wouldn't have been angry; in fact, he'd probably pester her to let him watch. But now, it just felt like lying.

"Jane, it's time you met Dan. Afterward, I'll tell him about us. I don't like lying."

Cindy invited Jane over for dinner one night. She told Dan ahead of time that Jane was one of the ladies that rented their Sybian, and that they had become friends. Of course, Dan asked her for details, such as how often she rented it, if she rode it alone or if she had a man, and other such questions. He was such a horn dog.

Jane arrived, and she and Dan hit it off. Dan was on his best behavior and was charming. At the end of the evening, he hugged her as she left. Cindy gave her a hug and told her she'd call tomorrow. Then she had a talk with Dan.

"How did you like Jane?" Cindy asked.

"I like her a lot. I can't believe she's not dating, she's really cute. I'll keep on the lookout for someone to introduce her to. She's really got it going on."

Cindy was glad to hear that. She liked Jane a lot. Still, it didn't make the next part much easier.

"Dan, there's something I have to tell you. I haven't been honest with you."

"What is it, babe?" Dan said, as he came to her side and put his arms around Cindy.

Cindy took his hands and pushed his arms away from her, then looked him in the eyes and said, "Jane and I have ridden the Sybian together. I'm sorry I lied to you." Her lip started to quiver, and she had a tear in her eye.

Dan was momentarily speechless, then he started laughing. "Cindy, that's so hot. What did you lie to me about?"

"I made out with someone behind your back, without telling you. Don't you care?"

"Well, if it makes you feel better, next time you and Jane can do it in front of me. Would that make it better?" he asked, laughing.

Cindy was furious. Dan treated their relationship like it wasn't important. Of course, Cindy was the one who cheated, so it was hard to lay too much of it on Dan, but he sure wasn't very understanding. She just went into her room, fuming. Dan knew something was wrong, but couldn't understand it. He thought about it, trying to figure out what Cindy wanted. So she had masturbated with another girl. So what? Dan thought it was funny and sexy at the same time. "Prim little Cindy getting it on with another girl. And she's mad at me?" he thought.

It had been over a week since Cindy last saw Jane. When they spoke by phone, it was awkward. Cindy missed her friend badly. Jane missed Cindy even worse. At least Cindy had the Sybian, and Dan. Jane lost her new best friends. Finally, Cindy decided to get over it and ask Jane to lunch, even if it was uncomfortable for them.

When they had been seated, Jane asked, "Well, are things better with you and Dan?"

"They're fine. He's a jerk, but I'll get over it."

"Cindy, I feel like I'm to blame for this. I feel horrible."

"You're not to blame, Dan's always been a jerk. And it was my fault, not yours, remember? I'm the one that invited you over to use the Sybian. I knew what I was doing, and I knew it was wrong. If I'd told Dan first, it wouldn't have been wrong."

"And Dan just laughed it off? He didn't get angry?"

"No. He laughs everything off. Everything's a joke to him. Even our marriage."

Jane didn't say anything. She had desperately wanted to see Cindy again, but it wasn't turning out to be a pleasant reunion.

"I'm sorry," was all Jane could offer.

A couple of weeks later, Dan said to Cindy, "Hey babe, I've been thinking about Jane."

Cindy braced herself. They hadn't discussed Jane since she had come over for dinner.

"What about Kevin? He's only a couple of years older than Jane, and he's not a troll. You want to get them together?"

Kevin was one of the managers at Dan's company. Cindy didn't know him well, but she had never been much impressed with him. He had married in his twenties and divorced soon after, and had been a confirmed bachelor since, but at forty two the confirmed bachelor thing wears thin, like his hair.

"I don't know," Cindy said.

"Look, they might hit it off. If they don't, it's nothing lost, just one evening."

The dinner was a complete disaster. Kevin was a bore, and talked too much; mostly about himself. It was obvious even to him that it hadn't gone well, so thankfully he excused himself at the earliest opportunity. When he left, Jane was really embarrassed. She didn't care to see Kevin again, but it was awkward in front of Dan and Cindy, who had set up the evening.

As Jane helped Cindy with the kitchen mess, she avoided eye contact with them. She wanted to figure out a way to disappear. Dan started chuckling, then laughing out loud. The girls looked up at him.

"What's funny," Cindy said, a little upset.

"We are, that's what," Dan said. "The guys a jerk, I shouldn't have set up this evening. I'm sorry, Jane. But what are we walking around on egg shells for? The guy's comical."

The girls lightened up a little, and even started laughing about how poorly it had gone. When they had finished the kitchen, Jane started to gather her things and say her goodbyes.

"Hey, not so fast," Dan said. "You can't leave yet."

"Why not," Jane said.

"Because you girls have been acting weird ever since Cindy told me about your Sybian ride, and I'm ready for you to get back to normal. What's it gonna take?"

"Dan?" said Cindy, with that glare that told him he's in trouble.

"No, I'm serious. Maybe I'm not Mr. Sensitive, but it's time for you guys to let it go. Okay, so you didn't tell me about your playtime. Shame on you. Does that mean you're never going to be friends again? I was hoping that inviting Jane over would help patch things up."

Cindy looked at Jane and said, "He's right, Jane." She gave Jane a hug.

"Okay, does this mean we can use the Sybian now?" Dan asked. Cindy gave him a scowl, but he just shrugged his shoulders. "Why not?"

Cindy thought about it and said, "I'd love to. Jane?"

"Are you okay with that, Cindy? It's your husband."

"He's been dying for this day, to get to see you naked. If you don't mind, I don't mind.

Dan went to set the Sybian up in their bedroom as the girls went to the bathroom to clean up and get ready. He put the machine in the middle of the floor, on top of a large beach towel to catch any oil or sperm. He put the extra stool in front of the machine, and put some music on. He lit a few candles and turned off the overhead lights. One bedside lamp was lit, dimly.

Cindy came in wearing nothing but a short robe. Jane still had on her clothes. Dan stripped off his clothes. It had been months since Jane had been with a man, and her breath caught as she saw Dan's body. He stepped behind Jane and wrapped his arms around her, fondling her belly through her shirt. He put his face in her hair and breathed in her aroma. Jane closed her eyes and luxuriated in the feeling of being held and caressed by a naked man. He pulled her hair away from her neck and kissed the back of her neck gently as he started tugging her shirt off. He was hard, and she could feel his manhood against her bottom.

Cindy watched Dan undress her. She stepped out of her robe and hugged Dan from behind as he hugged Jane from behind. She slipped her hand down between them and grabbed his dick, giving it a little squeeze. When Jane stepped out of her panties, Dan spun her around facing him and pressed his lips against hers. They kissed ardently, exploring each other's tongue. When they broke their kiss, he turned around to Cindy and looked her in the eyes.

"Okay?" he said.

"Yes," Cindy answered quietly.

Dan sat behind Jane on the machine and held her tightly as she rocked her way toward her climax. He enjoyed fondling her full breasts. Cindy sat on the stool in front of her and held her face, kissing her on the lips and all over her face. Jane was filled with the large dildo attachment, which was vibrating and rotating inside her pussy, while the vibrating pad was tickling her clit. At the same time, a naked man was holding her tightly, licking her neck, playing with her tits and pressing his hard dick against her while her girlfriend was kissing her face and lips. She didn't last very long, climaxing intensely less than five minutes after starting. Dan helped her up, and Cindy replaced her on the saddle.

He hungrily suckled on his wife's neck as she writhed on the machine. Jane was still a little lethargic after her intense orgasm, so she didn't do much other than watch as Cindy humped the saddle for all she was worth. She hadn't used the Sybian in over a week, since she had been angry at Dan, and she was making up for lost time. Dan kneaded her titties, gently pulling her sensitive nipples as she moaned her way through her orgasm. "Wanta go again?" Dan asked Jane.

"Sure," she said, replacing Cindy on the saddle.

Before she was able to sit, Dan held her arm and said, "hey."

She stopped and looked in his eyes. "Yeah?"

"I'm glad you came over. Thanks." He kissed her gently on the lips.

She sat on the saddle, this time with Cindy behind her. Cindy caressed her body. Her smooth, hairless body felt so good. Different than Dan's, but good. She couldn't believe how much she enjoyed fondling Jane. She never would have believed that she would enjoy the feel of another woman so much. Even though Cindy had just climaxed, her needs were as great, if not greater. She was so aroused, rubbing Jane's body. She let the weight of Jane's breasts lie in her hands, gently lifting them and letting them fall in her palms, playing with the large nipples. She leaned against her and inhaled her smell deeply. Her smell was a mixture of her hair, her perfume, her sweat. Her smell was Jane. Cindy spread her legs and rested her pussy on the soft leather of the saddle, waiting her turn to climb back on the attachment. She could just feel the vibrations on her pussy, even though she wasn't sitting on the pad.

Dan sat on the stool in front of Jane. He put her arms over his shoulders to support her and made out with her. Since her most urgent needs had been met already, she was able to relax and just enjoy the ride. Like Cindy, she didn't necessarily expect more than one orgasm. The machine guaranteed her one, but after that, sometimes it just felt good to ride. Very good.

The rotating attachment inside her rubbed against the walls of her vagina and felt delicious. The caressing she was getting from in front, and behind was heavenly. She had hands and lips all over her body, and the vibrations in and on her pussy were beginning to take their toll. Suddenly, she felt an overpowering urge to pee. She felt so good, she hated to get up, but she had to. She tried to hold off, not wanting to leave the caress of her partners. Suddenly, just as abruptly, the urge went away, replaced by a strange sensation. It was like the feeling of an impending orgasm, but much stronger. Her mind felt numbed, and she felt an overpowering warmth in her groin as she exploded with an unbelievable orgasm. It felt like no orgasm she'd ever had. The pleasure was the same sensation she felt when she had to pee really badly for a long time, then finally was able to relieve herself, except that it was a hundred times more pleasurable. She thrashed and moaned, loudly, for what seemed forever.

Her entire body quivered. She was shaking uncontrollably. Cindy turned off the controls and Jane leaned back against Cindy, her eyes closed. She was shivering.

"Help me off," she whispered in a dry, raspy voice.

Cindy and Dan stood, helping her off the machine. Liquid ran down her leg. They looked down and there was a clear fluid on the saddle, dripping down. Jane's face turned bright red and tears ran down her face. Dan got a towel and dried Jane's leg and put the towel between her legs as Cindy hugged and consoled her.

"Shhh, it's alright," she murmured in Jane's ear.

Dan turned down the covers of their bed, and lifted Jane into it. He laid next to her and snuggled against her. Cindy took a towel and wiped off the fluid from the saddle before it could run onto the carpeting. She then joined Dan and Jane in bed.

"That was beautiful," Cindy said.

"Beautiful?" Jane cried. "I lost control of my bladder."

"No you didn't," Cindy said. "You had a G-Spot orgasm. It's happened to me twice, though I didn't squirt any liquid out. But the feeling was unmistakable. I've never felt anything like it."

"But what was that liquid?"

"I don't know, but you can't pee and orgasm at the same time. That was female ejaculate of some sort. I wiped it up, and it definitely wasn't urine. You can tell the smell of urine, and that wasn't it."

That made Jane feel better. They lay together with Jane in the middle, cuddling.

Dan said, "That was a spectacular show. I guess everybody's satisfied now, right?"

"Poor baby," Cindy said. "You didn't get to squirt? I guess we can take care of you somehow."

Cindy came over to Dan's side of the bed and lay against him, her head on his shoulder. Jane put her head on his other shoulder. They both reached down and touched Dan's dick. He was fully aroused.

"Watch it, ladies. It spits," he said. The girls laughed.

Cindy straddled him and worked his cock into her. She put her hands on Dan's chest and started pumping his cock, in and out. Jane pressed her lips against his. He had one hand on Jane's breasts and the other played with Cindy's. He exploded in no time. When he had stopped bucking, Cindy lay on top of him.

They convinced Jane to spend the night; it was late. The next morning, Dan got up and fixed coffee. Jane came into the kitchen, wearing only one of his button-up shirts and a pair of panties.

"Sorry, I didn't have a house robe. Hope you don't mind."

Taking her in his arms, he said, "I think women look sexy in a man's shirt. I think you look sexy in anything." They hugged tightly, as Cindy came padding into the room in her slippers and robe. "Hello, Gorgeous," Dan said, giving her a hug.

They sat and had a cup of coffee and chatted, then Dan said, "I'm gonna take a shower. Who wants to join me?" Nobody said anything, so Dan said, "Hmm, so I guess it's my choice? How about both of you." He herded them into the master bathroom and started the shower. After he stripped off his clothes, he started unbuttoning Jane's shirt and removed her panties. By then, Cindy had stepped out of her clothes, and they got into their large, walk in shower. The hot water felt good. The room became steamy as they lathered each other up and explored each other's bodies.

Jane would never tire of the attention she was getting from both Dan and Cindy, and they would never tire of giving her that attention. Cindy still couldn't believe how much she loved rubbing her body against Jane's. It wasn't better or worse than a man's body, just different. Jane had her arms around Cindy and was rubbing her belly and breasts. Dan was behind Jane. He lathered her pussy and worked first one, then two fingers into her. His dick was hard, and when Jane began to become aroused, he began working it into her pussy. She spread her legs and jutted out her butt, leaning forward at the waist slightly and holding Cindy tightly.

Dan was very excited and it was all he could do to be gentle. After he'd worked it all the way in, he began taking long, slow strokes, pushing it in and out. Each time he withdrew, he could feel her pussy trying to drag the cum out of his balls. They were tingling with every stroke. The hot water washed over them and steam billowed out of the shower. The mirrors and shower walls were coated with condensation.

Jane had worked her fingers inside Cindy's pussy and was nibbling on her neck as she leaned against her for support. Cindy's upper body leaned against the shower wall for support as she humped Jane's hand. Jane had one arm wrapped around Cindy's body, playing with her long, stiff nipples. Jane took her fingers out of Cindy and ran the bar of soap up and down Cindy's slit. The soap glided smoothly over Cindy's slippery slit. Jane put the soap down and used her thumb to fill Cindy's pussy as she rubbed her clit with her knuckles. Cindy raised and lowered her hips to meet the attention of Jane's hand.

Dan couldn't last much longer. This was the first time he'd had sex with another woman since he married, and Jane's body was incredible. Her tight pussy felt like it was squeezing the cum out of his balls. He was frantic with desire and actually drooled. His eyelids fluttered as he teetered on the edge of an orgasm. Each stroke felt like it would be the last straw that broke the floodgates. He drove his dick deeply into her. In this position, behind her, he could penetrate deeply. He withdrew until only the head was inside, then plunged into her again.

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