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Coffeshop Lover


The freezing wind gave James one last blast as he pulled open the heavy, wooden door to the coffee shop. He quickly stepped inside and was instantly relieved by the warm air inside. The warmth was created by a cheerful blaze crackling away in a large fireplace. The hiss of the noisy espresso machine and the rich smells it produced, the cheerful jazz music that played constantly, and the boisterous chatter of the other patrons all filled his head as he removed layer after layer of winter clothing. The coffee shop was James' favorite place to study. It was a few blocks off campus, which removed some of the student crowd. A few students came here to get away, but most of the patrons were local folks from in town. The diverse crowd made for excellent people watching, and James was always enjoyed the cheerful bustle of the place. There were always cute girls here. James liked to sit facing the door, so he could watch as they walked in. The typical coffee shop girl was well dressed in brand name clothes. She wore tight fitting jeans, often low-riders that showed off a nice round, but not fat butt. She usually also wore a tight fitting shirt that accented round, perky tits.

After unloading his books and coat on a table near the fire, James strolled up to the counter and ordered a peppermint mocha. James was from a rural area where anything other than black coffee raised eyebrows. Before coming to college, James had always been a black coffee kind of guy. But after being surrounded by the fancy coffee culture for two years, some of the mixed coffee drinks had grown on him.

The cute barista behind the counter handed him his drink, and he made his way back to his seat. Within minutes, books and papers were spread across the table and the bustle slowly faded into the background as he focused on his organic chemistry homework.

As the time passed and the hour grew late, people began to leave one by one. Gradually, the shop emptied. When James finally looked up from his homework, there were only a few people left. The cheerful jazz music was still playing. The barista had added another log to the fire, so it was still crackling away cheerfully. The few people left were scattered around the room, each in their own little world.

As James scanned the room, his eye fell on a cute blonde girl sitting by herself in the corner. She was not what you would call a bombshell, but she was definitely worth a second look. James leaned back in his chair and studied her for a while.

Even though she was sitting, James could see that she was shorter, probably about 5 feet tall. She had shoulder length blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. She was not fat, but had nice curves. She wore a tight sweater that accented her plump breasts, and tight jeans that hugged her curvaceous hips and round butt. Every time she shifted in her seat, her breasts jiggled a bit. James continued to stare, and with every movement, he grew more excited. He began to daydream about her stripping for him, slowly peeling off those pants, and pulling that shirt up over those voluptuous globes. He was undressing her with his eyes when she looked up and caught him in mid-stare. James' face turned beet red. She gave him a brief smile as he looked back down at his books.

A few minutes later he heard her sigh. He looked up to see her pulling off the sweater. His mouth gaped as she revealed a tight baby-t underneath. When her arms were upstretched, pulling the sweater up over her head, those plump, round breasts strained at the fabric of the shirt. James could see two tiny points on the front of the shirt where her large nipples poked out, unrestrained by any bra.

James could not break his stare in time, and was again caught. She didn't seem to be at all angered by the attention, and gave him another smile, this time with a little wink. James didn't know what to do. He looked down at his homework and focused hard on drinking the rest of his coffee. He heard her get up and walk to the bathrooms in the back. He was starting to feel the effects of the coffee, and followed her down the short hallway. When he came back out of the bathroom, he scanned the room, but didn't see her. All of a sudden, he felt someone embracing him from behind. He turned to find her standing there with a devilish grin on her face. She put her finger to her lips in a shushing motion, then grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the back room. He hadn't explored the entire coffee shop and was unaware that there was another sitting room in the back. This one was small and deserted. It had couches and a coffee table in the middle, with a fireplace at the far wall. She pulled him into the room, holding his hand against the exposed skin at the small of her back. She had soft, warm skin, and James was starting to get excited. He felt his erection beginning to press against the front of his jeans.

They sat on the couch together. Immediately, she wrapped her arms around his neck, and pulled him into a deep kiss. He returned the embrace, and pulled her warm body to him, pressing her ample breasts against his chest. He felt her lips part, and he followed suit. Their tongues danced to the soft jazz music that drifted in from the other room.

He felt her hands drop to his waist and begin to pull up his shirt. He sat back and allowed himself to be disrobed. He followed her lead, slipping the baby-t up, exposing two rather large, very perky breasts. Her nipples were huge, and his lips were on them instantly, sucking away like a baby. She let out a soft moan of approval, and her hands dropped to his belt. She released his growing member, and began to delicately massage it.

James was suddenly in heaven as she skillfully worked his erection, giving him the best hand-job of his life. He struggled to focus and managed to strip off her painted-on jeans. His hands slid over her butt, enjoying the feel of her soft skin. She needed no foreplay as her pussy was already dripping. His lips brushed against hers in a quick peck as he pulled her hips towards him. She let out a gasp as he entered her tight, wet pussy, working his shaft in to the hilt. He fucked her slowly, every thrust firm, yet gentle.

James felt the climax building deep in his loins. He could see it in her eyes as well. Every thrust her moans grew a little louder, and her grip on his shoulder a little tighter. They made love on the couch for several minutes until she opened her mouth and cried out. Their eyes made contact for a split second, then he gave one last thrust and pulled her to him in a tight embrace as he shot his load deep into her.

They lay there for several minutes before she got up. He watched her dress, pulling on the tight jeans, and then pulling on the baby-t, hiding those beautiful orbs from view. She leaned over him, gave him a long kiss, then left.

He suddenly snapped back to reality and realized where he was. He dressed quickly and dashed out to the front room, but she was gone. He gathered his books, and put on his coat.

"Thank you!" called the barista as he stepped outside and was immediately hit with a blast of cold air from the northwestern front. He looked up and down the street, but saw no sign of his coffeeshop lover.

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