tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCold Ancient Barriers Ch. 04

Cold Ancient Barriers Ch. 04


A story twist! Yay!

Quick Teaser, because it's a long process to the suspense--

****"He was merely a step away from the doorway when everything burst into flames around him, and the pressure from the explosion forced him onto his stomach, gasping for breath as scolding heat enveloped his body."*****

Hope you all enjoy this, I had five different versions for this chapter and found this one entertaining ( to myself) heh, and I'm taking the story to extremes. My mind comes up with crazy scenarios that make no sense whatsoever. I never thought this would happen in my story but okay. Oh, and for the few people who are following the story, I'll let you in on the master's personal story, why he's so reserved, in the next chapter, I promise. It makes no sense right now and that's the goal. And, there's no sex in this one, I know right. Eventually, we'll get there. This story is slow and steady and I'll get to the lubbin' in the next chapter, or the chapter after. De rien, bonne journée!


Cold Ancient Barriers Ch.04

"Are you afraid, Gina?" As he stared at her with icy malice, his eyes drowned into irises that took on a white hue, and the pupils, they were now a creamy burgundy.

Anyone with a lick of sense would know to be afraid. She knew what was coming next, she'd seen it before.

His skin lost all its color, though there wasn't much to begin with, leaving him with a dead, eery shade. She squeezed her eyes shut and clenched the sheets beneath her, awaiting her fate. It was unfolding just as she'd pictured. He'd probably give her the whipping of seventy five he had in store, or worse, completely isolate her, leaving her alone in that dungeon. And if he was insane enough, he'd just kill her. This unnerved her, but she struggled not to react.

Yet, he didn't seem as convincible in terms of being her worst nightmare, now that she'd read some of his writings, so an emotional strength she never thought she'd carry unveiled itself. Something in her core believed it could break his feigned demeanor.

Rebel against him, it's the only way.

"I asked you a question."

"I don't care." She gritted back.

"Tell me why you're not obeying me, and don't test my patience." He ordered. He was hiding his surprise, thinking a fearful "I'm sorry master!" would have escaped her lips, rather than that. "You're being quite defiant." He observed.

"Could you get off me?" She asked.

"Yes, I could, but I won't." His emotionless words mocked her, suggesting that she should've phrased her questions more carefully if she was going to try taking his place of being in charge here.

"Your answer?"

Instead of answering him, she tried to put up a fight. Her fist met his abdomen but bounced right off, emitting a chuckle from him. Plan number two, she thought, and acted on it in an instant. When he least expected it, she thrust her leg into the air, trying to bury her knee between his legs to weaken him, but he reversed her plan and dug his knee into her thigh, making her cry out in unexpected pain. "Stop!" She gave a pained expression.

Gina gave up when his thigh made its way between her legs, blocking her from getting him in the sweet spot. Frustrated, she finally let go of him and concentrated on breathing.

She wasn't going to get anywhere like this.

Her ribs expanded against him as she inhaled convulsively and tried to separate her mind from the fact that he was harder than granite on her leg. She wasn't quite prepared for whatever he was plotting for her, though steam was building up between her thighs, and he was very well aware of it.

"Do you know the punishment for what you just did?" No, she thought. She wasn't aware of what she'd done wrong, and even if she had an idea, she didn't know the consequences.

This added a layer of apprehension to her ruminations.

"You never attack the Master, you'll bear defeat anyways." With nothing but sheer menace in his words, he brought his face closer to hers. "Especially a girl like you. I need you to start obeying me again. I guarantee that the outcome of your disobedience won't come with mercy from my side." He cocked his head and gave her a slight grin, admiring the determination in her scowl. "Ador-able."

"O-kay." She mocked.

"What were you doing? Who let you in there, perusing my book like you owned it. And who said you could trespass into my room without my permission?" He spoke faster now, barely containing his rage. "It's a shame I'm asking the questions all the time."

"Get off me and I'll tell you."

"No. I specifically ordered you to answer my question."

"Get off me or I'll claw you."

"Go ahead." With a smile in his voice, he responded leisurely, and tilted his head to the side. "Have a go at it, I won't do a thing." His Adam's apple was prone to her razor sharp claws, but she couldn't bring herself to attack him.

"See little one? Flaring those tiny nostrils, having tears running down your face, and being a foot below my level will not threaten me. I find it adorable, actually." He adjusted his position and relaxed. "But the fact is, you don't order me around in this home and get away with it, or did you forget? Also, remember to address me by what I am."

"Get, off, me," she spat one by one, "and I assure you I will cooperate, master."

"Ask like a woman."

"Please master, will you get off me?" She asked softly, feeling a slight downfall in her chest that he'd referred to her as being childish. Her eyes were downcast and Gina was aware of his scolding, slightly sullen expression.


"At least let go of me master, please?"

"I don't like the attitude, and what difference will it make, Gina."

"I'll be more damn comfortable, master," she emphasized her words and saw her effect. "So let go of me, master."

Giving up with her childish defiance, he let go of her neck and hand, but rested his elbows on both sides of her head. "I suppose it's more comfortable for you to have my damn chest in your face. Now answer me, because this is the farthest I'll go." He mocked with his lips curling back, a somewhat menacing dimple appearing.

"What's your question, master?"

"The code, how. Not who, what, when, or where, but why and how. You're a High Machiavellian, so you can answer me and that's for sure, because there's an answer to a question before it is asked, or there is no question at all."

"Your tattoo, master." She finally admitted. "I figured you'd come up with a code that has an emotional attachment to you, and the roman numerals on your back were bolder than the rest of the tattoo. I knew you were proud of those numbers so. . ." She shrugged and he regarded her. Her nonverbal behavior proved she was being nothing but honest, no rises in the pitch of her voice, no pauses, and no lack of eye contact. He let his eyes dwell on her for a few seconds longer, then confirmed that he believed her outrageous explanation.

"Look at me when you're talking to me, or it seems as if you're talking through me, and I don't like that."

She was smarter than she presented herself, perhaps she had a trick or two up her sleeve waiting for him. He'd have to scare her into disposing of her bag of tricks.

"I don't have to." She responded.

"You know what? I'd love to whip you right now, but I solely promised not to. I can flip my rules though."

"The whip?" Her fraudulent form of bravery was gone, replaced with fear she'd felt from the first time he'd punished her. She perceived that she didn't have a way out, and gave her spine a break, staring up at him as he held her chin with his thumb and index finger. He turned her head to one side, then another, observing the soft, dull, plains of her face, before instructing her to tilt it back. "Someone, has been depriving themselves of sleep, am I right?

"Are you going to whip me, master?"

He rolled his eyes. "What's with the sudden politeness?"

She closed her eyes and shook her head.

"Tell me what you learned from the book." He ran a finger down the breakable area of her throat, as she gathered the information in her mind. "Everything, tell me everything."

Before she could reply again, an ear piercing siren went off, setting alarms off in Gina's body as well. The siren pulsated from loud, to quiet, and a red glow surrounded the windows. Her heart was racing out of her chest.

"What's happening!?"

He groaned irately when she jumped against him. "Don't worry about it. You're not going anywhere, remember that." He carelessly pressed her further down into the sheets, and rolled off the bed to retrieve his mobile from where he'd launched it earlier.

To his avail, as he discreetly stooped down to pick up the device, it began ringing. It was so much easier when the work was done for him. He closed his eyes and tapped the screen.


The caller was Calvin, who spoke in an alarmed voice.

"Armando, we're in trouble."

"I was going to ask why the sirens are going off. Tell me what's going on, or maybe it's a mistake." He grumbled. False alarms irritated him, and if this was one, he'd have an interesting confrontation with the head of his security. It was a shrilling sound and he greatly despised it.

"Get her out of there, out! We need her!"

Now Armando was concerned. What possible danger could there be to his endangered mate- oh. He understood now, but he still hadn't got the information he desired.

"Answer my damn-"

"Look Armando, It's hard to interpret this to you clearly, but Abel's gone." He let out an exaggerated groan, before continuing. "Chester and his men came and, god damn it. They have him at gun point- gas grenades, and are saying it's an eye for an eye situation. They'll take her for him. They believe you took what was theirs, but he's in a damn room full of gas-based explosives. You know an ancient can only be killed from suffocation, the air would be overpowered with smoke and he'd look like a walking corpse after the explosives go off. He's your brother man, I don't know what to say. Save him. They shouldn't know you're aware of this." Calvin sighed. "When it comes to bullets, knives, poison, you noteworthy ancients are indestructible, but suffocation? I still don't understand." He let out another handful of curses, then brought the call to an end.

"You have an hour to get Gina to wherever they are, but he wants me to bring her. He's going to give me directions, and this is insane. You don't want to lose another brother, do you? So calm down and do this with a clear mind, but think to protect Gina too. I'll be waiting in the sports, you have thirty minutes to get out here. They need to get the idea that you don't care for her, so they won't be unsure about you showing up. We'll make sure they don't take Gina."

". . . .Abel?" Armando was shocked.

"Yes Armando. Hurry! And I've given the property a public announcement that the Master will not be on the grounds for a few hours, see you outside."

Gina staggered off to where he was standing, though the worst thing to do was approach her captor when she had the open opportunity to run away. She'd come because it had caught her off guard when he'd brought his cold hands to his face, and dropped to his knees.

The moonlight glinted on the double ring he wore, and she spotted a Satanic symbol. She'd seen it in the center of his ancient symbol, and she had yet to decipher what it meant.

"Master, what's happening?" The alarm died out, and she watched the muscles of his back ripple as he silently fought to control himself.

When he finally looked up at her, she saw the tears sliding down his cheeks and was taken aback. In what world had this man developed such raw emotions? She thought back to the book, and took back her rude mental comment. Maybe it was the beads of sweat marring his forehead?

No, he was crying.

She winced at the crunch as the phone was crushed in his hand.

"Are you okay, master?"

"One hour."

"Master?" She asked again. "What happened?"

He had the saddest eyes she'd ever seen, and it broke her heart. It broke her heart because they were mates and she couldn't help but feel sorry for him, it was in their magnetic pull.

"No. No, I'm not okay. Why does it concern you? You are not supposed to be looking after my wellbeing."

"I'm sorry master, but why are the sirens going off?" She couldn't discern the meaning of them, she'd been too isolated in her cabin in the woods.

"An ancient from the household is in grave danger."

"But . . . the only ancients are you, me, Abel. . ." Her eyes widened. Abel was her only friend here! "Abel's in danger?"

An impatient honk was heard outside.

"Shut up, shut up. You obviously know if we both are the only Ancients in here, then Abel's in trouble. Why do you always throw in questions that nobody should bother answering? It's not rocket science, stop asking things you already know through common sense. It's foolish. Just stop talking so I can figure out what's going on."

"Oh. Master, I'm sorry-"

"Shut up, I told you to shut up!" He roared. He still had her planted to the ground with his verbal outrage, and she was not daring to move from where she was standing, even though his weak emotions were painted across his face.

"Get lost."

Gina nodded softly and turned to go to her side of the room, her eyes filled to the brim, when his hand wrapped around her wrist. She wondered how he'd went from one side of the room to hers in a split second, and tried to pull her wrist away. The only reason she couldn't bring out her disobedient side when he'd told her to "shut up", and "go away", was because he was hurting. The vampire inside her said "forgive him", and she understood he was mad.

"Damn it don't cry now Gina, I'm sorry. I'm upset right now."

He wrenched her into himself and held her, wishing he wouldn't have to do this to her.

"Why are you so mean?" She whimpered.

"I'm sorry for saying that. Gina, I want you to hear me out, okay? I have to tell you what the book is about. But, not right now."

"Master?" She shivered against his chest as his heartbeat sped up rapidly. He wiped his forehead which was wet from the frustration he was trying to let out through deep breaths.

Compose yourself Armando, do it.

He let out a strained, vocal breath and placed a hand gently on the back of her head, rocking her back and forth as he spoke.

"Listen to me. I forgive you for whatever you were doing but it hurts me knowing you've found my Achilles heel. You can use what you read against me but for now, I need you to work with me. I know you weren't obeying me because you know I'm very mentally unstable most of the time, and that's my weakness you've discovered. Gina, I don't want to do this to you. I really don't. Will you work with me?"

"Do . . . what?"

"Will you work with me?" He repeated.

"Yes master."

"Good. Abel is an hour away from death. His captors want you in return for him. Chester has him."

"No!" He was amazed as her profanity skills took off, but held her tightly to himself as he tried to explain more thoroughly. "I hate him, I hate him."

"What'd he do to you, I mean, you're still a virgin right? You didn't lie?"

She curled herself against him and nodded that she was, her eyes shutting at the vivid memories as she refused to respond to his first question. He was trading her away to her enemy?

"It's okay, never mind Gina. You don't have to tell me, but we'll talk about that later and I promise I'll help you with that. You know what they want, I know what they want. I don't like that they're preying upon you, and Chester knows I can kill him and his crew with my bare hands. So, I want you to uh. . ." He sighed softly, and leaned down to get on her level.

"Want me to do what?" She asked as he tucked a long, loose strand of light caramel hair behind her ear. "I can't believe . . . I can't believe you're trading me away! This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't kidnapped me! I hate-"

"No! We're not trading you for him!" He fumed in disgust. "I'll take you there, Calvin will take you to the men. You'll have to appear as if I really enslaved you. . .bound and naked, so they'll assume I don't care about you emotionally when I do-" he paused, registering he'd admitted something to her, and how idiotic his plan sounded. "Don't let them touch you though, I'll act fast on it. All we need is a quick exchange, Abel and you. The second Abel is dismissed out of the room, I'll save you Gina. I promise this won't hurt you. It may offend you and mortify you, but please Gina. It really hurts because Abel's an idiot who won't kill anyone even though he has the strength to do so, and I'll tell you why I can't lose another brother. It sounds like a bad, stupid plan but we have no time and feelings are taking over my intellect."

Her sob of anger slobbered all over his neck, but he was relieved when she gave in and nodded. "Can I take a blanket or something, to cover me till we get there? I don't want to be nude the whole time."

"You can take all the blankets in the world Gina."

She could only stare at him as he pulled away, his eyes a thousand miles distant.

She decided it was time to let him in on why the last person she wanted to see was Chester.

"When I was still untrained, I hadn't hit age, so he tried to torture me until my virginity was. . .accessible to anyone other than you, my mate. I was tortured for three years, and a week away from hitting age. I saved myself, killed fifty guardians on my own, for you. At that time I didn't know you were my mate."

He eased her over to the bed. "Sit Gina." He gestured, pulling aside the drapes as she climbed up the small side stairs of the bed. He waited till she was seated comfortably, then placed himself next to her. "We'll talk about that later because there's no time in our hands, but I'm proud you fought and I will make sure nobody takes that sense of pride away from you."

"I have a question."


"You've lost a brother before?"

"Yes." He mournfully moaned, and it astounded her. She'd never thought for one second that someone like him could feel such heartache. Gina couldn't believe the vampire inside her wanted to comfort her mate, but at the same time, she agreed with her beast that it was something they both wished to do.

"My mother killed him." He was shaking against her.

"Why? I mean, how?"

"Do you think I know!? There's absolutely no excuse, no reason for a mother to kill life she brought into the world!"

She yelped when he abruptly ripped away from her side and sped to the nearest breakable object. He cursed and his fist flew through the gigantic window that had been installed onto the curved wall. His fist flying through the glass and destroying it was just another way of showing her what his mother had done to him, but she wouldn't get it. It came and went, like her. The sound of glass shattering filled their ears but nothing more. Her ears were ringing, but she tried her best to keep her complaints to herself.

Gina studied his body language for a bit, and saw that he was trying not to change into his vampire's form, most likely for her sake.


He turned his head with an eyebrow raised, his square-like eyes trailing over every single one of her features, looking her over closely. She didn't finish her question, so he turned back to study the damage he'd done. There wasn't a single shard of glass left in the marble railing, the glass was completely gone. He, himself, was once completely gone, and now, saving Abel and Gina would make him stronger.

"Could you grab the Grand Master Cloak? It's in the safety as well."

She nodded and scurried to the hidden door, pulled out a black, silky, cape-like cloak that had a gold chain locket to secure the cloth around his shoulders. Two clips that consisted of the same metal, were hanging loosely in the front to hold the whole thing together. The hood was large and on top of it was the same, triangular ancient symbol she'd seen on his back, with the symbol from his ring in the center. Gina was beginning to think he was up to some secret sort of practice she wasn't aware of, for this was a supposed evil symbol, and no ancient had ever had a symbol like this. On the bright side, she'd never thought she'd ever in a million years, be able to hold a priceless, rarity like this one.

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