Computer Geek Ch. 10

byAda Stuart©

"You shouldn't complain. At least he's trying his best to give you pleasure."

"Yes," Kate nodded.

She was aware of that and it scared the hell out of her. He was up to something and he wasn't playing fair either. Already, he was trying to make her succumb to his wishes and give him the relationship he had wanted to start with. Just this morning, she had awoken up with a stiff pole between her legs and a husband that had his hands beneath her pyjama pants, working on her clit.

She had still been so dazed she had angled her body against his cock and was almost begging for him to take her deep and hard. Just then, he had asked her if she had changed her mind, and she had finally remembered her conditions and the reason why she would never allow him inside of her again.

She had practically run from the bed and thrown herself into a cold shower to make her body calm down again. He was not playing fair, she had decided. Instead, he played on her weaknesses and tried to find a hole in her armour.

She suddenly realised Laura was waving her hand in front of her eyes again.

"Why don't you go home and fuck that husband of yours? You only have a week off work so you had better make the most of it."

"No, I need to do some shopping first."

"You just go ahead. I'll have to return to work as soon as I finish this coffee," Laura stated.

Kate gave her a hug and gathered her stuff. "I'll see you soon."

"Have fun," Laura said cheekily.

Kate knew it wasn't the shopping she was referring to.


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by Anonymous

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by verbicide07/22/14


She sets conditions, then lets him bully her into sexual relations anyway? Not even the horniest woman I know does that once scorned and how much more scorned could she be? She should never have agreedmore...

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by kinkykayekaye07/07/14


Anon. No need to leave unkind comments. This is very easy to fix. Volunteer to be an editor!!!!!!

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