tagGay MaleConfronting His Lies Ch. 01

Confronting His Lies Ch. 01


This story is a collaboration between my slave Dora, and myself. The original idea was hers, but I have been writing it with her. She wanted me to post it for both of us.

Peter and Ward had been friends since grade school. They had just been out of college about 3 years at this point. They had been lovers, off and on, since their freshman year as roommates. They were both bisexual, rather than gay. Admittedly, Peter was a bit more comfortable with their relationship than Ward, which was a major tension between them.

At the moment, they were supposedly not partners, but that did not keep Peter from finding his way into Ward's bedroom that night- the night that Ward was supposed to be preparing for his date with Selene, an college friend of his, who had caught up with him and expressed interest in a reunion of sorts.

Ward was 5'11'' and weighed 180 pounds, with sandy hair and brown eyes. Peter, on the other hand, was 6'1'', at 200 pounds, and had blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Man, we can't keep doin' this!" exclaimed Ward, with some exasperation.

"Come on, man- you've been sayin' that ever since we graduated!" Peter replied.

"Seriously, dude, you know how homophobic society still is- guys are still getting killed over their love for other guys!" responded Ward.

"Yes, but it is becoming more acceptable every day- just look at the number of states considering making it legal for gays and lesbians to marry each other." Peter pointed out.

"But, we're bi, not gay!" said Ward.

"Exactly! We have had girlfriends in the past. So, why are you fighting our feelings for each other?" Peter asked with some frustration.

"Because, even so, people will just assume that we are closet gays, or tell us to 'pick a team'; people just don't get bisexuality the way they do homosexuality." Ward replied.

"So, what do we do- live out our lives in frustration, seeing each other, but unable to have each other?"

"That's the only way to avoid being exposed. Now, I have a date with Selene. You remember her, from the dining hall at college?"

"Yeah, I can remember her well. She's gorgeous! Friendly too. Hey, buddy, why don't we just share her, and each other?" Peter asked, somewhat jokingly. He already knew how Ward would respond.

"Oh, yes, I am sure that will go over very well with her!" Ward answered him sarcastically.

Ward got out of bed, and started to put on his briefs. Peter, still reclining in bed, looked intently and lustfully at his ass.

"Man, do you know much your ass turns me on?"

"Come on, man, go back to your own room, even if you only use it to store your clothes!"

"That's just because I like sleepin' with ya, babe!"

"It's not the 'sleeping' part you enjoy so much- it's my ass and mouth that you want!"

"Which leads me back to my comment about your ass! So, exactly what time is your hot date?"

"In about 3 hours, according to the clock here."

"Gives me enough time to jump your bones again!" Peter says, leering at Ward. He walks over, and pulls down the briefs that Ward has been trying to wear.

"Man, haven't you gotten enough of my ass yet?"

"Babe, I will never get enough of your ass, or your mouth, for that matter. Now, come back to bed, before I have to drag you over here."

He rubs his hard cock against Ward's ass. "You know you want more, don't ya, babe?"

"Okay, this once, but no more after the date, and you have to lick it clean."

"Since when has that ever been a problem for me? You know, that's the 2nd best thing about fucking ass: rimming it afterward!"

Ward blushed, because the dirty talk between them was getting more intense, and Peter, as usual, was instigating it.

"That's why I don't mind you riding me bareback; otherwise, you would have to wear a condom."

Peter applied the lube to Ward's butt, preparing it for his cock, and fingering it to open it up for the penetration. He got into position, and grunted as he entered Ward from behind. Slowly, inch by inch, all 7 fat inches of Peter's dick were buried in Ward's rectum. Ward groaned, as he adjusted to the extra weight and pressure on his anus, and his sphincter adapted to the force and sudden fullness created by Peter's manhood.

Peter thrust steadily, in an accelerating momentum, buggering Ward, making his buddy's cock stiff as he rode him, causing Ward to buck his hips against him, and thus letting both of them feel the energy of the romp. Ward stroked himself, thinking ahead to his release, which would follow Peter's.

"Oh, God, fucking go deeper!" Ward cried out to Peter.

Peter complied with his lover's request, filling him with all 7 fat inches of his cock, and hitting his prostate, which brought Ward closer to orgasm.

Peter's balls swelled as he prepared to cum, which caused Ward's ass to tighten around it, increasing the pressure.

"Cum in my fucking ass, for God's sake!" Ward shouted, which prompted to Peter to finally unleash his seed, filling Ward with his semen.

Ward's own balls now sent his sperm to his urethra, shooting it out onto the bed. His load spent, along with Peter's, they both lay sweatily on their stomachs, with Peter on top of Ward, to rest up for a while.

Peter licked his lips, anticipating the joy of eating his cum out of Ward's ass...

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