tagGroup SexConfronting His Lies Ch. 03

Confronting His Lies Ch. 03


This is a story written by myself and Amasterfound. Thank you for helping me write this story, my love!


"Wow, aren't we getting a little frisky here? Was it something in the tea, or are you just excited about fulfilling an old crush?"

"Well, if it was something in my tea, you must have put it there!" She winked at him.

"Since we've eliminated that possibility, I'd say that you are pleased with yourself for having fulfilled a crush." He teased her back.

"I don't remember fulfilling that crush yet!" She retorted.

"We're just gonna have to do something about that, aren't we?" Ward answered, touching her hand as it rested on his thigh.

"Yes, we are!" She replied.

Selene moved closer to Ward, her hand sliding further to the left, near his crotch. He found it more difficult to focus on his driving, but he still managed to get back to his apartment safely. They rode in a comfortable silence, listening to the soft rock station's nightly segment for love songs. This set a romantic mood for what was to come.

Arriving at Ward's small 2-story townhouse, Selene started to open the door to his Mustang, but he stopped her.

"Let me open that door for you, please." He asked.

"Why, thank you. You're being quite the gentleman tonight." She pointed out.

"That's the way I believe a lady should be treated." He grinned.

After Ward helped Selene out of the car, she followed him to the townhouse door. It took little effort for him to unlock the front door and let her inside what struck her as a rather well kept bachelor pad. He hadn't been lying earlier that evening when he said that their "bachelor pad" was cleaner than most, she thought.

"Would you care for a nightcap?" He nervously asked her.

"Yes, but only if you share one with me. I don't want to drink by myself." She responded.

"Very well, but only one, 'cause I have to work tomorrow." Ward remarked while preparing to check his messages. The message indicator was flashing, telling him that someone had left him a message.

"Ward, our special shipment that was due tomorrow has been delayed, so you don't have to come in until Monday at 10. Have a good weekend." His boss's voice informed him.

"Well, it looks like you don't have to work tomorrow after all. No one would be worried if I didn't come home tonight, so you don't have to worry about driving me back after drinking." She commented with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

"Since I don't have any excuses left, I might as well have a few drinks with you." Ward remarked, secretly fearful of revealing too much information in a less-than-sober state.

"As the host here, and since you're such a gentleman, don't you think that you should pour the drinks?" She teased him.

"How about some Seagram's 7 with some 7 Up?" He asked.

"Otherwise known as Seagram's 7 and 7? It's one of my favorites!" She reacted.

After pouring the drinks, Ward asked, "Why don't I show you our place while we drink?"

"I would love to see the rest of your townhouse." Selene responded.

He showed her the nice-sized kitchen and then the dining area. He then led her upstairs to show her the bedrooms and the full-sized bathroom in his bedroom. He pointed to Peter's room, with the door being open, and Selene noticed that the room looked like it was either unused or kept by an anal-retentive man, for it appeared that no one stayed in there.

"For a man in his mid-20s, Peter has an immaculately clean room." Selene commented.

"That's just Peter. He tends to be 'anal' about some things." Ward remarked, thinking to himself with some pleasure at the hidden pun in his explanation.

Ward then showed Selene his own bedroom, which contained the full-sized bathroom. She could tell that it was definitely "lived-in". They walked into the room and she noticed a pair of shoes that were too large to fit Ward's feet in the corner, along with some clothes lying there. Ward quickly picked up the clothes and tossed them into the hamper.

"Peter was taking a shower earlier, as the only bath is in this room, so he left his clothes and shoes here." He anxiously pointed out.

Selene personally thought it was strange for a supposedly 'anal' man to leave his clothes lying in another man's bedroom. There was also the odd act of taking off his clothes in the room to begin with, instead of undressing in his own room, but she dismissed these minor issues. She became aware of a peculiar smell in the bedroom that was not in the rest of the house.

She sniffed the air and asked Ward "What is that smell? I can't quite place it. It seems like I've smelt it before."

"I lit some incense earlier tonight that is called 'Sex' or something like that. It's supposed to make the room smell good." He quickly explained.

"Uh huh! I have heard of incense called that. Maybe that is it." She replied, somewhat skeptical of his claim.

She moved over to sit on the bed, taking her drink with her. She sipped it and winked at Ward, getting bolder by the minute. She was quite ready to get the night's main activity in motion!

Ward took the hint and started to slowly undress, kicking off his shoes, and then removing his shirt. The whole time, he was watching for her reaction, hoping that he wasn't misreading her intentions.

"Oh, boy, I love a good striptease!" She encouraged him.

"So do I!" He taunted her.

"Oh, I'll give you one, as soon as I finish getting mine!" She slyly responded.

Ward then removed his belt, unzipped his pants, and slowly dropped them, which left him totally nude.

"Ah, so you go commando, huh? I like!" She said with excitement.

"Well, I don't like feeling constricted down there!" He retorted.

"I can understand. I feel the same way about wearing under-wire bras." Selene empathized, while she observed his hardening cock. "You have nice-sized equipment there!"

"Thank you!" Ward blushed. "Now, where is MY striptease?"

Selene stood up and motioned for him to sit down where she had been sitting on the bed. She started the striptease, slipping off her designer leather sandals. Then she unbuttoned her sleeveless blouse, slowly slid it down her arms, and let it drop to the floor. She unbuttoned and unzipped her knee-length, blue jean skirt, letting it drop to the floor. She stood there in her silk, red thong and matching bra.

"Very nice! I definitely like what I see!" He complimented her.

"Why, thank you!" She reddened.

Selene turned around, presenting her back to him. She reached behind herself and unclasped the clip to her bra, then removed it. She hooked her thumb into the sides of her thong, slowly sliding it over her ass. She let it drop of its own accord to the floor. She turned her head and smiled teasingly at him.

"Are you just going to stand there and tease me, or are you going to turn around and show me the rest of you?" He complained half-seriously.

"Yes, I was just giving you a strip TEASE act! That is what you asked for, isn't it?" She told him coyly, while she turned around and let him see the rest of her.

"Well, now that you've teased me, perhaps you'd like to come over here." He said as he stood up and folded down the sheet and bedspread, noticing that Peter had not changed the sheets from earlier that day. He hoped that there was no telltale evidence. Thankfully, he didn't see any obvious stains.

Ward climbed into the king-sized bed, gesturing for Selene to join him there. She sat on the bed, sliding over next to him, lying down beside him. Ward then lightly kissed Selene, running his hands over her body. He cupped her ass, squeezing it lightly, and then he moved his hands over the front of her body, starting at her breasts. He lightly fondled them, and then continued down to her near flat stomach, to the juncture between her legs and what was hidden there.

"I love how smooth your skin is, Selene. Very pleasing to the touch." He remarked. "You've got something of a classic hourglass figure, just not the 'model-thin' look."

"Yeah, I like to eat too much to starve myself to death like some models do." She snorted.

She moved her hands down his back and stopped at his derriere. She grasped his cheeks, pulling him closer toward herself. She started pressing her body against him, allowing him to feel her breasts against his chest and her womanhood against his manhood. She leaned her head onto his shoulder and took in a deep whiff of his scent, her nose pressed into his neck.

"You have a refreshing masculine smell. I love it. I need you, now!" She stated.

Ward, sensing the mounting urgency expressed in her words, and feeling his own lust, slid his hand down to her lips, preparing her for his entry. He fingered her pussy, moving back and forth between her nub and her entrance.

"I'm ready now, Ward! Please, take me!" She moaned.

Ward turned her onto her back, eagerly thrusting his cock into her very wet opening, while Selene grabbed his shoulder blades from underneath his arms, as if holding on for dear life. She met him, thrust for thrust, as it had been a long time since she last had made love with someone- too long!

"You're so tight! You weren't lying about it being so long! Damn, it's so warm and wet there!" He exclaimed.

Ward was ramming in and out of her, harder and harder, noticing her quickening in breath, and the tightening of her pussy, as she approached her climax.

"Oh, God, Ward, I'm about to cum!" She cried out.

"Yeah, Selene, cum on my cock! Let me feel it on my dick!" He answered.

The orgasm hit Selene with a massive force that took her breath away. It had been way too long since the last time she came while making love.

"Wow, you're getting even tighter on my spear!" He groaned.

As her breathing returned to normal, he whispered for her to turn over into the "doggie" position.

"I want to go deeper in you!" Ward asked her.

"Okay." She responded as she turned over onto her knees and elbows, her sensitive breasts touching the bed. He mounted her from behind. Ward thrust forcefully into Selene's gaping hole, making her moan even more.

After a dozen or so minutes of doing "The Old In-And-Out", Ward yelled, "I can't go much longer without cumming soon!"

"Nor can I. I'm about to cum again!" Selene shouted.

At this time, Peter, unaware that Ward was upstairs with Selene, had returned home, and walked up the carpeted stairway toward the bedroom. Just as he neared the room, he heard Ward and Selene exclaiming their excitement and need to cum. Intrigued; he went to the open door and watched what was happening.

Ward was drilling Selene from behind. Peter could see her breasts firmly pressed to the bed while she took it "doggie-style", which caused his one-eyed giant to engorge with blood to a painful extent. He freed his cock and started to polish "the purple people pleaser", while watching the live sex act in front of him.

At this point, Ward started to swell more. He felt the familiar twitch that signaled that his "love-juice" was traveling up his "love pump". The feeling of his swelling cock caused Selene to cum, which tightened up her pussy muscles. The tightening of her honey pot milked the cum out of his wand. They collapsed on the bed, unaware that Peter was watching them.

Feeling slighted at being left out, Peter walked over to the bedroom that he never needed to use before, and slammed the door.

Hearing the noise, Ward and Selene jumped.

"That must be Peter. Guess he came home earlier than I thought. From the sound of it, I'd say his parents pissed him off again." Ward remarked, turning over to embrace Selene.

"You don't think he saw us, do you? I mean, we did leave the door open." Selene asked nervously.

"I doubt it. He was probably too furious to pay us any attention." Ward lied, thinking to himself that he was in serious trouble the next morning. Peter had obviously seen enough to anger him. The idea of spending the night alone and taking care of himself would infuriate Peter to no end. He had only hoped that he could calm him down before his lover wanted a piece of ass, which would be as soon as Selene was gone.

Peter heard Ward's blatant deception, which enraged him even more. Ward would pay for this tomorrow. Peter thought of all the different ways that he could punish Ward for his callousness and deceit. They had both agreed that they would not bring their flings into the townhouse. They could only screw other girls elsewhere. Now, Ward was breaking this agreement. He would have to suffer the consequences.

Still needing relief, Peter began doing some angry fist action, thinking of all the rough things that he would be doing to Ward the next day. After a while of these fantasies, he screamed out his release. Ward shivered in bed upon hearing the sound of Peter taking care of himself. He would really pay for this, Ward knew. He had broken their understanding, and there would be hell to pay.

Selene, after snuggling with Ward for several minutes, noticed that he was as hard again as she was wet. They were both ready for one more round.

"Hmm...you seem to be ready for another round. How about some 'plowing the back field'? Are you into it?" Selene whispered.

"Wait a second- you're into that? You're not exactly beating around the bush about this, are you?" Ward inquired, taken by surprise.

"I believe in cutting to the chase. You never get anything in life, waiting for others to offer things. To quote the old saying, 'carpe diem', meaning 'seize the day'." Selene stated.

"Well, since we're using clichés, I don't believe in 'looking a gift horse in the mouth'. I'm not about to turn down such a delightful offer from a beautiful lady. I've got some lube in the nightstand." Ward responded, while reaching for the lube.

Selene turned over onto her belly, getting into position. Ward applied the lube to both her ass and his cock, making sure that there was plenty of it on both places. He spread her cheeks and then eased his anal intruder into her back door. After giving her time to adjust, he started moving slowly, gradually increasing the rhythm. Both of their breathing and heartbeats increased as he took her ass. They both knew that they would not last long.

"Oh, God, your ass is really hot and tight!" Ward exclaimed to Selene.

"Damn, your cock is big in my ass! I won't be able to last long!" Selene said while "playing with the Man in the Boat".

Ward finally spilled his jism deep in her ass, as Selene helped get herself off. They fell to the bed and turned onto their sides, so Ward could spoon her. They drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile, Peter, fuming at having to listen, hoped that Ward had used plenty of lube, because he wouldn't be using much on the morrow. Peter intended to make Ward's butt rather sore as a penalty for having done this to him. He went into a fitful sleep, dreaming of revenge against Ward.

The next morning, after they took turns freshening up, Ward and Selene walked downstairs. At the kitchen table, they found Peter drinking a cup of coffee. Ward knew that the only time Peter drank coffee was when he got little sleep the night before. He could also tell Peter was still angry with him for having brought Selene over the previous night. Selene, for her part, sensed that something was wrong between Peter and Ward, not knowing what bothered them.

"Good morning. You're Peter, right? I'm Selene. Ward told me that you and he are good friends. I remember you from college." Selene greeted him.

"Did he now? Yeah, we're rather 'close' friends. Nice to meet you." Peter replied, ignoring Ward.

"Would you like something for breakfast? As you can see, we have coffee, and there are English muffins and bagels. There's even orange juice in the fridge." Ward asked Selene.

"No, thank you. I'm not really hungry when I first wake up. I have some errands to run." Selene answered.

"Do you need a ride? I can drive you home." Ward offered.

"No, I don't really need to go home. I can just take the bus to run my errands. I'm going downtown and it's easier to use the bus than my car. Will you walk me to the bus stop?" Selene responded.

"Sure. I'll be back shortly, Peter." Ward said, noting Peter's look of displeasure.

"That's fine." Peter said through his teeth. "I hope to see you again soon, Selene."

"Thank you, Peter. That would be nice." Selene replied, as they walked outside.

Ward kissed Selene goodbye at the bus stop, and let her know that he would like to take her out again, possibly Monday night. She told him that was a date.

Ward nervously headed back home, well aware that Peter would be waiting for him.

As soon as Ward entered the front door and closed him behind him, Peter said, "We have some UNFINISHED business to TAKE CARE of, Ward!"

"I'm sorry about what happened, Peter. I thought you would stay overnight at your parents, as you have in the past. I didn't know you'd come back last night." Ward apologized.

"Well, I got back, all right, and I 'came', no thanks to you! Our agreement was NO girls at the townhouse, not just when one of us is here and the other is gone." Peter reminded him sternly.

"I didn't think you'd mind if you were gone." Ward excused himself.

"You know there is always the chance that one of us will come home early, which is why that agreement has no such exception. Don't try pathetic excuses with me! You have to pay with your assets!" Peter stated, while standing up and removing his bathrobe. This revealed that he had no clothes underneath, but DID have a hard, angry-looking cock.

Peter walked around the table, catching a terrified Ward and leading him to the bedroom- THEIR bedroom.

"Thanks to you, Casanova, I got very little sleep last night. I had to take matters in hand, and that still didn't cover all of my needs. You're gonna take care of me! It's a good thing that you don't have to work today, because you'll be otherwise engaged. Your ass is mine!" Peter spoke angrily.

"How do you know that I have today off?" Ward asked with surprise.

"I listened to the answering machine this morning. Seems you'll have plenty of time to make things up to me this weekend. You seem to forget who wears the pants in this relationship! It's time to remind you, again. You can't break a rule, rub my nose in it, keep denying our relationship, and not expect to be punished for that. Now, REMOVE your clothes, before I tear them off of you!" Peter ordered Ward.

Ward quickly shed his clothes, hoping to pacify Peter by not saying anything that might provoke him further.

"Bend over the bed and don't move." Peter instructed Ward.

Ward complied, afraid of what Peter might have in mind. He hoped that Peter would use some lube and not be too harsh on him. He couldn't be sure of just how severe Peter might be at this point.

Peter grabbed the lube that Ward had left out on the nightstand, put a small amount on his cock, and then got behind Ward. Without any warning, Peter plowed into Ward's ass, stretching it wide open, which made Ward wince in pain. He had expected that this would happen, but had hoped for slightly more preparation.

Peter sodomized Ward ruthlessly for quite some time, clearly not in a hurry to end it, nor too concerned with Ward's comfort. Despite the pain, Ward still got hard, and started to play with his dick, when Peter stopped him.

"You're not cumming until I've had my way with your ass! This is about my pleasure, not yours. You had your pleasure last night, so now it's time to take your punishment like a man." Peter said as he pulled Ward's hand, holding it behind Ward's back.

Peter released his load, filling Ward's ass. Ward hoped that this meant he would get to cum, but Peter dashed his hopes by taking out a large butt-plug and shoving it deep into Ward's ass.

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