tagGay MaleConfronting His Lies Ch. 04

Confronting His Lies Ch. 04


"This is definitely not over, Ward. Now, get on your knees! You're gonna suck my cock until I cum down your throat!" Peter announced, adding, "Then you might get to cum, after I spank your naughty butt and fuck it again! It's going to be a well-used ass this weekend! I will make sure that your ass remembers this weekend, even if your brain doesn't. In addition, no, I don't mean the brain on your shoulders. I mean the one between your legs, which you used last night. It clearly did the thinking for you!"

Ward began to see Peter in a new light. He had taken their relationship for granted. Peter had been there during all the rough times. He had looked out for Ward since elementary school, protecting him from bullies and helping him with some difficult homework. He had even seen him through his mother's premature death from undiagnosed heart disease when he was 15. (Ward still wished his mom hadn't feared going to doctors, as they would have caught her problem in time to save her life.)

They had also made a pact not to bring any women home and he had broken that. They didn't mention men, because they simply understood that they would keep the male aspect of it between them. Neither of them had any real intent to have sex with other men. He knew that he should have gone to her place and told her about their rule. Then again, he should have told her about his relationship with Peter. Hell, he wasn't ready to admit fully to himself that there even was a relationship with Peter! He tended not to think about the emotional side of their partnership, although he had a feeling that this was going to change soon.

"I'm sorry, Peter. I was wrong and shouldn't have made any excuses for my behavior. I guess that I took you for granted, which was wrong after how you have always been there for me. I'll accept my punishment and not complain any more about it. But where in the hell did you get that butt plug?" Ward said apologetically.

"I accept your apology, but there are still consequences for your actions last night. You won't keep breaking the rules and taking me for granted. You will not show the kind of disrespect that you did, treating me like a mere roommate instead of as your lover. You will start being more open and honest with others about us, especially Selene, if you intend to continue that friendship. We may even have to talk about all of those little affairs of yours. Yes, I know that I have had my own flings in the past, but you may not know that I haven't slept with anyone else in a couple of years. And about the butt-plug, I bought that and a few other items over the past few months to move our relationship to a new level," Peter warned him as he pushed him down onto his knees.

Peter started forcing his cock down Ward's throat, fucking his face angrily. The next time that he had to punish him, he would not be as easy on him. He had all kinds of nasty plans and new toys to deal with any further misconduct on his boyfriend's part. In the meantime, however, he prepared to whip Ward's ass with a paddle until it was bright red. That jerk would have a difficult time sitting down for a couple of days!

Ward silently cussed as he felt that monster butt-plug in his sore ass. He just hoped that Peter had no more plans for that tender part of his anatomy, though he feared that he intended exactly that. He was just glad that they didn't own any whips or floggers. Then again, he wasn't so sure of that anymore, since Peter informed him of the "new toys." Something about those toys didn't sound like fun to Ward.

Ward groaned with growing excitement as his dick swelled from the act of sucking Peter, though he wished that his pissed-off lover wouldn't shove his fat cock so roughly down his throat. He rubbed Peter's ass as he sucked him. God, he loved Peter's ass! He wondered how long he would have to wait until Peter let him fuck it again. Something told him that not being able to would also be part of the punishment (that and the fact that Peter might not want to give Ward a chance to retaliate).

"Oh, yeah, that feels wonderful! Finger my ass! You will swallow every drop! Damn, I love how your mouth feels on my cock! I may just have to keep it there a lot this weekend!" Peter replied with escalating tension.

Ward submitted to Peter's orders, gently inserting his finger into Peter's ass. He could tell that he kept getting a lot closer to his release. This knowledge prompted Ward to thrust more vigorously with his finger into Peter's asshole. After a couple of minutes, he even added another digit alongside the first one.

Peter moaned as he felt himself get closer to cumming, preparing to shoot his load into Ward's mouth. He was determined to have his way with Ward in any way that he deemed fit today. He would have mercy and allow him to cum after he came down Ward's throat. Then he would whip him with the paddle. That was far from the end of his plans. Ward would service him a lot today.

Ward felt Peter's cock swell and twitch, indicating that Peter would blast Ward with his load. He was not disappointed, either. Within a minute or so, his mouth was filled with Peter's sperm. He swallowed every delicious drop, as he loved the taste of Peter's cum. Peter withdrew his cock from Ward's mouth, giving him a chance to speak.

"May I please cum? My cock is so hard it hurts, and I have blue balls. I swear that I won't be able to walk for 3 days if I don't! I promise that I will never bring anyone home again," Ward pleaded.

"Okay, let's make a new pact: no one over unless you get my permission. The next time that you break it, your ass will not fare as well as it will today! Yes, you may cum. However, you will have to get yourself off this time. I will watch you masturbate, not helping you at all. You have 4 minutes to cum. If you miss your chance, you will have to wait until after I spank you and fuck your ass again to cum. That time, you will only get 2 minutes to cum," Peter laughed wickedly.

"I need your permission, why not both of us? I know that you haven't had any girls for a while, but it still sounds like a double standard," Ward whined.

"I have a double standard? You're joking, aren't you? You are the one who has broken the rules whenever you think that you can get away with it! Besides that, I am the one who has been exclusive, while you have had your share of flings! I give you respect and honesty, but I get none! I don't try to hide our relationship: you do! I'm honest with others and myself about my sexuality. You are not!

"If anyone is setting up a double standard, it's you, buddy! After all, the last time that I spent the night with another girl, you whined and complained about me not 'coming home'! I think that you have a lot of nerve to talk to me about double standards!" Peter thundered. "But it still sounds kind of bossy. I guess that I exaggerated a bit, but why 'your' permission?" Ward now spoke more timidly.

"Bossy, huh; hello, girlfriend, I am the boss! I have said it before, and I will say it again: who wears the pants in this relationship? The next time that you see Selene, you will tell her the truth about our relationship, not this 'close friends' bullshit! If you don't, I will make this weekend's punishment look like a fucking cakewalk!

"Oh, and if you think that I won't be able to get hard again for a while, you are sadly mistaken! I have bought some Cialis. I'm sure that a pharmacist like you can appreciate nice pills like that. In fact, your friend Jackie sold it to me at the drugstore the other day," Peter announced.

"Did you have to get the pills from Jackie? She already thinks I'm gay, because I won't date her! Why would you need that kind of drug, anyway? My ass needs a rest, after all. From the way it's going, both my ass and my 'brain', as you called it, are already remembering this weekend quite well! I don't think anything can make this weekend look like a cakewalk!" Ward complained.

"Due to this conversation, your time is up! I guess you will have to try to cum during your 2-minute window of opportunity! Maybe you should try jacking off during your allotted time, instead of running your mouth and being a smart-ass! You sure have a lot of attitude for a guy who's in trouble as it is, and is about to get a brand-new paddle broken in over his ass! If you keep up the sassiness, I may have to use the new gag I bought on your mouth today!

"Face it, for this weekend, at the very least, you're my bitch! It may be longer, if I have anything to do with it. Given some of the stuff that I have seen on your computer, you wouldn't exactly do more than put up a protest, I suspect. It might be fun to show up at a leather club for the first time with a slave of my own! I know a special club that I have checked out a few times. I promised to show them my slut soon. I guess they won't have to wait much longer, after all. From the looks of your cock, the idea is not so appalling to you! As a matter of fact, quite the opposite," Peter smirked.

"Wait a second, buddy! I didn't agree to be anyone's 'boy-toy', 'slut', 'bitch', and definitely not 'slave'! Who died and made you my Master? Now, I'll admit that I need to start being more honest about our relationship, but you're trying to take this partnership to a new level, where I'm not going! And I damn sure ain't going to no 'leather club' and that is my final answer! I'm not exactly into that scene! Now back to my time being up, you didn't tell me when the clock started ticking! I need to cum! I'm horny now, thanks to you!" Ward finally showed some balls, albeit at the wrong time.

"Try? Who said anything about trying? I am taking it to a new level! You seem to forget that you admitted that I am the boss. I have decided that I am dissatisfied with our current arrangement and making a few changes to the deal. This weekend is about more than just punishment. Things are not going back to the way that they were before today, Ward. Too much has happened to prove that I am more responsible than you are and must assume more control of things.

"I have allowed you too much leeway in terms of denying the truth to yourself and others. Wake up and smell the fucking roses! You are bi and you have a fucking boyfriend! This isn't some fucking 'friendship with benefits' anymore; no matter how much you evade the issue. You're in a same-sex relationship! Now, bend over the bed and take your paddling like a good boy, instead of the naughty one you're being right now! You're lucky that I don't make you stand in the corner, with your briefs around your ankles!" Peter barked at Ward.

"I'm not standing in some fucking corner like a 'naughty boy'!" Ward protested, before he could stop himself.

"If you don't shut up and bend over, you will be standing in the corner, with a pair of lacy panties and a red ass! In fact, since you're so mouthy, I have changed my mind on how you're getting your paddling. It will now be a good, old-fashioned OTK, bare-assed, of course!" Peter said sternly, while getting the paddle and sitting on the bed.

Ward decided at this point not to try Peter's patience anymore. He definitely didn't want to take any chances that Peter might carry out his threat of making him stand in the corner with lacy panties! Judging from the throbbing vein on Peter's neck, he had pushed Peter too far. The last time that vein had throbbed like that, he knocked the guy unconscious for 10 minutes. The guy made a big mistake in calling Ward a sissy, which had gotten Peter seeing red. It took several hours to calm Peter down that time, during which Peter was determined to make sure that the guy never opened his mouth again. The man had to have his jaw wired together: it had been broken in three places.

Damn, was it just him, or was Peter turning a bit kinky? Then he thought about the precum leaking from his own cock, and wondered if maybe he was kinky. Hell, he could have sworn that he got an inch bigger each way, just thinking about being Peter's bitch in a leather club! Of course, the stupid Internet history log had to betray his curiosity about such things (and it was just curiosity, right?)! Anyway, he complied with Peter's command, shivering as he mentally prepared himself for the first bare-assed, OTK spanking he had since he was 10. He didn't want to give Peter any more reason to be pissed than he already had! Something told him that this one was going to hurt like hell! It would make his mom's spankings look like child's play by comparison.

Peter grinned with some sadistic pleasure as he saw Ward bending over his lap, showing him his round, tight ass again. He would love spanking Ward's bottom until it turned a nice shade of crimson, especially while he listened to his boyfriend begging for mercy (and he will plead for mercy, Peter thought). He reached for the remote control that Ward overlooked. It was the control for the butt-plug in Ward's asshole. A few adjustments should have the desired impact, Peter thought.

"To add to the humiliation, I want you to count each swat, thank me, and beg me for the next one! I will let you wonder if I grant your 'wish' for the next one or not. Now, let's begin," Peter, declared.

"May I PLEASE have the first swat?" Ward pleaded with him.

"Is that the best that you can do? I don't think that you're sincere! You need to convince me that you crave your discipline before I can start it!" Peter deliberately dragged out the torture.

"PLEEEEEASSSEE, I need you to spank my ass, like the naughty boy that I am!" Ward begged, wanting to finish the spanking.

"Well, that's better, but you still sound like you are trying to get it over with. We'll have to add a few extra swats for that!" Peter taunted Ward.

Oh, God, why does he have to do that? I am just trying to get my punishment, take my butt fucking, and finally cum! My balls are swollen. I am so desperate that I will do anything right now! Just get this done with and let me cum, please, Ward thought to himself.

Peter now began spanking Ward. After 5 swats, Ward's ass was nice and pink, and he whimpered. He then turned on the butt-plug, surprising Ward. After 10, it was a light red color, and Ward was in tears, but not enough to satisfy Peter. At 15, he turned up the butt-plug a notch. He intended to make Ward beg him for leniency! By the 20th swat, Ward's ass flamed red. He had a difficult time asking for the next one, because he was busy sobbing. At 25, he turned the plug to its highest setting.

At 30, his ass was the nice "crimson" shade that Peter wanted. Ward finally, sincerely pleaded for forgiveness. Peter decided to add 10 more swats, just to make sure that he drove his point home. By now, Peter's arm got a little sore, despite his muscular build from regular workouts. He would have to skip tomorrow's session at the gym for sure.

"40! Thank you! May I please have another one?" Ward sobbed, as he asked for another one.

"No! I think that you've had enough of that 'pleasure' for the time being!" Peter teased, "Besides, my cock wants its turn at your scrumptious ass! You're due a proper ass fucking before you can try to cum! I want your asshole ready for those nice men at the leather club, after all."

"Lie on your back this time. I want to look at your face while I fuck your ass and keep an eye on your naughty cock! Can't have you playing with yourself without my permission, can we?" Peter ordered.

Ward obeyed Peter, but he was very uncomfortable as he lay there. His red ass felt as if it was on fire! He raised his legs at Peter's signal, while his boyfriend removed the butt-plug. He didn't know how much longer he could take that vibrating plug up his ass. He had no way of knowing that the spanking would be that erotic! He had almost shot his load several times!

Peter started to lube up his cock, not using as much because of Ward's preparation from the butt-plug. Damn, he loved that gaping hole! He looked forward to the sight of it after the leather men at the club had their turns at it. Ward wouldn't be able to recline or sit in any posture for the rest of the day! Of course, he planned to keep Ward's mouth just as busy as his asshole! He wondered if Ward would be able to swallow the 12-inch cock that he had seen there. That should test his gag reflex a bit!

Hell, he might even try out a tail or two there himself! Several of the guys had nice male slaves whom others offered to him, and Peter was due a fresh piece of ass, after a couple of years of his self-imposed sacrifice of other partners to move the relationship forward. He really looked forward to this afternoon's activities! Somehow, however, he suspected that he would enjoy them more than Ward would.

Peter told Ward to put his feet up on his shoulders, and then entered his ass quickly, not being too easy on him. He felt Ward flinch at his roughness. He also saw Ward's cock jump, which told him that his talk of not being interested in anything kinky was all BS. Hell, Ward had a steady stream of precum leaking from his dick, the first time that Peter had ever seen that happen! He thought that perhaps he had hit on the biggest of Ward's fetishes. Peter intended to use it to his advantage!

Peter started slamming his asshole for a while, stopping to play with Ward's cock and balls now and then. Ward begged for permission to cum. Peter denied it each time, of course, though he did not know how Ward was able to hold off. He was amazed at his boyfriend's willpower (or was that fear).

Ward alternated between pain and fear, as he felt Peter's hard shaft ramming his ravaged ass. Part of his agony was due to the cock buried in him, but the other was because of his stiff cock and blue balls. It was pure fear that kept him from cumming too soon. Willpower had left him long ago. He just didn't want to piss Peter off even more.

He had no idea what was up that man's sleeve, and didn't want to find out (but feared that he would soon). At least he wouldn't make it worse by his further disobedience. How in the hell did he end up agreeing to be Peter's slut? He worried that this kind of drastic new arrangement would be permanent and irrevocable.

How would this affect his relationship with Selene? Somehow, he got the idea that Selene would not be into this kind of lifestyle. She didn't seem like she would be interested in bondage. Even if she was open-minded, she didn't seem to enjoy this kind of kink. Hell, he had trouble coming to terms with the idea of liking bondage himself, let alone telling her that he was a man's bitch.

Speaking of being a bitch, his ass felt the pain of Peter's cock plundering him. His efforts to think of something else didn't work. He wasn't distracted from either pleasure or pain for very long. He had no idea of how long Peter could keep it up with that medicine. He could possibly sodomize Ward for hours at a time, if he wished. That thought scared Ward shitless!

Peter continued fucking Ward's butt for a while longer, before he finally showed mercy on him and came in his ass. Peter refused to clean his ass afterward this time, and in fact simply shoved the butt-plug back inside him. He was determined to make Ward suffer one of his pet peeves: cum filling his sphincter and leaking from it. He still couldn't understand why it bothered Ward so much to have cum in his ass, as he rather liked it himself.

Ward's asshole would be full of cum by the end of the day, even up to the point of going to sleep that way, Peter thought to himself. He also intended to cuff Ward's hands in front of him, so that he couldn't remove the butt-plug. The dear boy was going to have a rather full ass this weekend! He started contemplating all of the things that he might do to Ward tomorrow. The list was endless.

"Okay, now you can jack off, but you have to cum before I say 'times up, slut'! Otherwise, you're out of luck until much later!" Peter informed him.

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