Her skin was soft and pale. Her hips a flowing curve upwards, her waist narrow -- a natural resting place for enquiring hands to rest -- and her breasts were nothing short of idealised perfection: small mounds that rose imperiously over her prostrate form, commanding the exploring hand up and over their pliable abundance until it rested with casual warmth against the nipple. They were just slightly more than a handful, her breasts. Enough to lose yourself in, but not so much that you didn't find your way back again. She was, all in all, exquisite. And as she lay before him on the long mahogany table, skin trembling at his touch, eyes wide, lips slightly parted in a tremulous whisper of lust, naked and utterly exposed, she seemed to radiate a beauty of great fragility and transcendence.

'She will do.'

His voice was cold, seemingly unmoved by the naked woman under his gaze and touch. He ignored her and spoke instead to a tall woman. A blonde with sharp features -- cheek bones to die for and a razor smile. She wore a suit, like him, though instead of trousers she wore a skirt that accentuated her seemingly endless legs. She carried a clipboard and she made quick notes with an old fashioned fountain pen held delicately between long, slender fingers. The pen matched the room, as did the polished mahogany table that ran the length of it. It was a grand room, with a high ceiling, tall Georgian bay windows, oak panelling, and oil paintings of former owners hanging on the walls.

He did not speak again, but left without another look at his new acquisition who lay breathless, silent and flushed in a soft rose glow, on the table.

'You've passed. Congratulations.' The blonde woman looked down at the girl on the table with a wry smile. 'Barely more than nineteen? He'll have fun with you.' She placed the clipboard on the table next to the girl's head, which rested on a small cushion. Her dark hair contrasted against the vivid red silk. Her breasts rose and fell in deep, plunging breaths, and a glow had spread across her. Whether from embarrassment or arousal, the blonde did not know.

The girl didn't reply, either from nervousness or just not knowing what to say.

'You signed the paperwork, of course. But do you fully understand everything that is required of you?' The blonde sat down on a chair. The girl was laying at the very end of the table, her toes curling slightly over the edge, and the woman's line of vision ran down her entire length, with an excellent view of that carefully shaved young pussy.

The girl nodded in reply, causing her breasts to bounce comically. The blonde smiled and unfastened her hair from its tight bun, letting it fall free down her back in long spirals.

'And you understand that, whilst this is his coterie, and that you now belong to him, there are no rules to prevent senior members from enjoying you also?'

The young breasts bounced comically once more. The blonde leaned forward, grabbing the girl by the hips and slid her gently along the table, lifting her legs to rest on her shoulders as she did so. The girl's pussy was inches from her face and she could see the soft beads of excitement that had formed so quickly under the master's touch. It was a deep flush of pink and glistened invitingly.

'Then I'd like to offer my own welcome, if I may.' The blonde woman's voice was slightly hoarse as she gazed longingly at this divine specimen of young feminine beauty.

The girl gasped slightly and her hands reached down her body and tangled themselves in that gorgeous blonde hair. There were no more words from the blonde woman. Her tongue was too busy delving deep into the girl's delicious pussy, teasing out its hidden pleasures with experienced artistry and delight.

By the time her back arched off the polished wood, the girl had long since forgotten even her own name, and she came in a series of great crashing waves ushered enthusiastically along by the blonde's muffled groans. The blonde was enraptured and the girl had to pull her away with trembling hands to get her to stop. There was a brief, breathless pause whilst the blonde gazed down the length of the girls' body, fighting to regain control of herself in the face of such a delectable treat, the girl's juices wet on her lips and chin. For a second the girl thought the older woman would give in to her lust entirely. But then, suddenly, she stood, tying her hair back up. And everything was prim and proper once more and those heels clicked along the hardwood floor and the blonde pony tail swayed in rhythm and the girl was left to dazedly stand upright and stumble back to her new lodgings. She was now a junior member of his coterie, and that night she smiled as she drifted off to sleep, dreaming about the places he would take her and the things he would do.

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