tagIncest/TabooCousin Jenny

Cousin Jenny


Dust swirled around Jim as the bus took leave. He hated the long journey in the hot bus and now he is left in a one-horse-town, hundreds of miles from civilization. The main street looked deserted but for an elderly couple climbing into an old Buick. “Probably the only car they ever bought” Jim thought. The old car coughed and wheezed into life sending clouds of blue smoke drifting in the light breeze towards him. The old lady crashed gears and pulled off. Now Jim stood alone.

He dragged his bag towards the building where the old couple got out. It was the general store.

“Hi young fella!” Cried the store keeper. “You must be new around here. Looking for someone?”

Jim looked around. A typical store in no-man’s land. A store keeper behind a long glass-top counter and a pure mechanical till dating from who knows when. A clock against the wall said quarter past 3. He got on the bus at 9 Shit, Jim thought, what did I do to deserve this? He was sort of forced into this vacation by his parents who went on a cruise. He composed himself, looked at the store keeper.

“Yes Sir, I’m visiting for the summer. I’ve got relatives here”

“Well, who’re they? I’ll ring and tell them you’re here!”

Mighty kind of him, Jim thought, glad he did not snarl out at him. He hated talking to strangers. He is going to visit strangers. Jim has not seen his cousin Jenifer for twelve years. They were both 6 at the time and all he could remember of her last visit, was that she punched him on the nose. What for, he could not remember.

“Creegan, Sir”

“Oh, the Creegans. That nice farm people. So Jenny’s your cousin? Boy you are a lucky guy! Very nice girl. Mighty pretty too.”

He picked up the receiver and cranked the telephone into life.

“Creegan farm please...Not there?... Oh?...Left already?...When?...OK...Thanks”

“What was that all about?” Jim was now worried.

“Naw, operator told me the Creegans have gone away on some business trip, but

Jenny’s there and already on her way to pick you up.” He glanced at his watch “She’d be here...no more than 10 minutes. Thoughtful of her to let the switchboard know. Told you they are swell people!”

Jim sighed with relief. At least he was not stranded. There was no regular bus service to this place. He wiped the sweat from his brow. He looked outside at the heat dancing off the street.

“Got some cold drinks, Sir?”

“Sure boy. Coke and as cold as can be! 75c per tin.”

Jim fished out some coins and pushed them over the counter. The store opened a small refrigerator under the counter and pulled out a tin. Jim nearly grabbed it from him. He pulled the tin and gulped down half its content.

“Hell, you must be thirsty after that trip!” Jim just nodded as he drained the tin. He handed it back to the store keeper.

An old jeep skidded to a halt in front of the shop. The dust flew by and then his jaw dropped. If that was Jenny, then he would be in for a treat. He watched the girl as she jumped from the jeep. Black hair, very pretty face, well rounded figure. She wore a short, tight, well worn T-shirt that only barely covered her breasts and as tight a denims of which the pants were cut off just below the crotch. Jim looked questioningly at the store keeper. He nodded. She burst into the shop.

“Hiya Mr Cramer! Did anyb... Hey, there handsome! Are you the cousin I’m supposed to pick up?”

Jim stood frozen. He nodded.

“Got a name big guy?” she chirped.

“J...Jim’s the name, you Jenny?”

“Yeah, well come, grab you bag, it’s one hell of a road to the farm.”

Jim picked up his stuff, waved good bye to the store keeper and followed Jenny to the jeep. He tossed his stuff in the back and jumped in. The seat scorched him as he sat down. Jenny started the jeep and pulled off like a rocket. He looked at her. She looked like a girl from Playboy. He estimated her to be at least a 36C. She was sweating heavily and most of her T-shirt was caked in sweat and dust. So much so that her nipples were also clearly defined. Her T-shirt was also so short that as the road bumped her breasts bounced and he could get a partial view of them.

“Close your mouth, Jimmy! You might catch a fly!”

“Sorry! I did not mean to stare.”

“OK, but thanks for the compliment!”

“What compliment?”

“Your pants, luv”

Jim looked down and indeed his pants stood like a tent. He went beet-red

“Hey, I think it is the nicest complement for a girl if a guy get that exited by looking at her. You know, you are one hell of a looker Jim? Ya workin’ out?”

“Yea, I play football, so I got to keep in shape.”

“Remember last time we met?”

“Yes, you punched me!”

“Remember why?”

“No, refresh my memory?”

“I wanted to look at your willy, you would not let me, so I socked you...”

Jim went red again. He vaguely remembered the incident. They were arguing about where babies came from. She wanted him to make her one to prove she was right.

“Must I sock you again or are you going to show me what is making that tent?”

Jenny threw a mock punch at him.

“Here, take the wheel.”

Jim reached over and grabbed the wheel. Without ceremony Jenny pulled her T-shirt over her head and threw it into the back with Jim’s bag. Jim nearly rolled the jeep in astonishment. Jenny grabbed the wheel by Jim and straightened them.

“OK, Jim! Fair’s fair, so take off your shirt.”

Jim hesitated as he pulled his hand to the top button of his shirt. He looked at her chest. She had no tan mark on her breasts. Obviously she goes topless a lot. He unbuttoned the top button and pulled off his shirt. Jenny slowed down and looked at his well-defined muscles. Jenny’s mind was quite busy taking in what she saw next to her.

“What a piece of meat... Not much hair on his chest, but that’s a minor. Major is the thing causing that bulge for real?”

Suddenly she pulled the jeep to a halt.

“Jim, you see the road turning off here?”


“Now as from here, you are now on our property. We have only one rule here, and that is, no clothes at all are allowed to be worn at all times on the farm, unless by prior arrangement.”

With this, she undid the button on her denim’s. She slowly pulled the zipper down to reveal her shaven pussy. Jim’s eyes bulged out of their sockets as he watched this totally naked, gorgeous looking, suntanned girl. Jenny stepped out of her denim and also tossed it into the back.

“Jim, you made no prior arrangements with us, so you must take your pants off now.”

Jim unbuckled his belt. He knew he had no option. If he had, he would still have stripped. He let his pants drop with his belt. His cock now pressed heavily against his cotton briefs. Jenny reached in and took his throbbing cock out of its confines. Then she took the elastic band and pulled his briefs down to his ankles. Jim stepped out of them and Jenny tossed them with their other discarded clothing. She reached up and lovingly stroked his cock. Jim felt he could explode. She kissed his tip and whispered to it.

“I’ll take good care of you this summer” Barely audible over the drone of the idling engine.

“It’s still quite a bit to the house, so we better get moving. In the cubby there’s sun tan lotion, you’d better give yourself a good coating while we drive.”

Jim opened the cubby-hole and found not only sun tan lotion, but three sealed packets of condoms. He followed her instructions and applied a liberal coating over his genitals. He was aching to grab his cock and jack-off like crazy, but the condoms in the cubby-hole made him stop. Maybe he could lose his virginity! Jim’s cock stayed hard. Every time he looked at Jenny driving, a bead of pre-cum oozed out. All his fears about this vacation have gone. What did this stunning creature have in store for him?

The rest of the journey was agony. Jim, could not keep his eyes off Jenny. Her nipples were hard as his cock. She also glanced a lot to his side, shifting uncomfortably on her seat. He could see she was wet. She left wet streaks on the seat each time she shifted position. Jim could not fight his curiosity any longer and blurted out

“Jenny, is your whole family like this? Shit! I never thought... Wow!”

Jenny smiled at him and told him their family story.

“Ever since I knew, I never wore clothes. Only when we go out did we put something on. Mom told me that our skin is the best clothing in the world. She’s right you know! She and Dad showed me from when I was small not to be ashamed of anything sex- related as most folks do. They included me in their lovemaking ever since I could remember. Sucking and licking, putting on lubricant, that kinda stuff. When puberty took hold, they initiated me into the world of sex. Mom took me to a clinic where the doctor removed my hymen and said I was ready for sex, as long as the guy takes it very easy. The doctor also put me on birth control pills. On my 10th birthday, Dad took my virginity. He was so gentle with me. Oooohh! I can still remember how I tried to take all of him! My little cunt was stretched so tight around him and when he finally came inside me, he filled me so much that his seed was pumping past my tight seal on his cock. They gave the most wonderful array of sex toys as I grew old enough to use them. You see, Dad is a heavyweight in the porn business. He owns two mags and chains of sex stores, so me and Mom get to sample all the new toys on the market. He met Mom at a porn conference, which is where they are now. Both of them started out as models. Mom’s still active, you know, but she uses her maiden name for the pics. Mom did a few movies as well. I happened along and Dad settled here. Daddy promised he will do a shoot of me for his mags when I’m 18. Well, the only thing was that I have to get myself a partner, and I was kinda hoping you would be it. Will you be my partner? Would you? Please?”

Jim just sat on his seat dumbstruck. This he never dreamed in his wildest of dreams could be happening in his family. Him, related to a porn king, his family practising incest, his cousin wanting to screw him, have pictures taken of the event and publish it in her dad’s mags!

Jim could not help it. Her story and request made him shoot his load all over the jeep, leaving him gasping for air.

“J...J...Jen...Jenny...I...WOW..” He stammered.

Jenny slammed the brakes. Clouds of dust flew over them. She jumped onto his lap. She kissed him on his mouth, chest, everywhere. Her wet pussy grinding against his still spurting cock.

“I take that as a definite YES! Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou” She cried as she continued her assault of kisses. “I promise I’ll be your best lay EVER!”

“Shit, Jenny!” Jim found his tongue. He grabbed her by her arms and held her. “I’ve never even have had sex yet and you want to fuck me for a magazine shoot?”

“WHAT?” Jenny shrieked. “You mean to tell me, no girl has ridden this flagpole of yours?”


“You mean to tell me you never got intimate with girls before?”

“No, I had a girl last term, but we broke up before anything serious happened.”

“Shit, I don’t believe it. She must have been mad! Your body and no sex? Jim, you are a porn-stud love. You have figure and cock to complement it. Dad would love you! Mom and I will probably fight over you. You are one fucking hunk of a guy!”

“Jenny, please, I’m confused. I’ve never been naked outside a house even, now I sit with a hard-on in a jeep with you. Of course I would love to have sex with you. My body was in agony ever since you took off your clothes. Just don’t pressure me into this filming business. I’m not used to it.”

Jenny saw the terror in his eyes. She gently took his cock in her hand, squeezing it softly. She spoke in a motherly tone.

“Sorry Jim. I had no idea you were a virgin with your body and this monster. I won’t put pressure on you to pose. I’ll talk to Dad about it, he’ll be disappointed. Mom too, but she’ll understand. I wanted this so much to make my porn debut. Dad will have to find someone else instead.”

Jenny hugged him, pressing her hard nipples against his chest. Her pussy grinding against his erection. She gave him a passionate kiss on the mouth. When she spoke, her voice quivered with desire.

“You will not deny me the honour of taking your virginity now, would you?”

Jim felt himself getting harder. He could muster only a hoarse whisper


Jenny repositioned herself on his lap. Jim held his cock aimed at her slit. Her juice was flowing down her leg, making a muddy streak. She dipped two fingers into her slit, coating them with her lubricant. Jenny smeared the tip of his cock with it and slowly slid forward until his tip touched her.

Jenny made a circular movement with her hips to coat him some more and then pressed forward. Jim felt how his dick disappeared into her hot cavern. Soon his pubic hair pressed against her hairless body. She smiled at him

“Are you ready for action, big boy?”


“Ok then.”

Jenny moved her hips back in a straight line and slammed them forward. She grunted as she continuously slammed herself onto him, each time taking the whole length of his shaft. Jim was on another planet! Jenny rammed back and forth on his meat. He moved forward with each thrust to meet. They were sweating like crazy. Jenny started making moaning sounds, but kept her rhythm. Jim also neared his climax. His thrusts became more urgent. He grabbed her buttocks, pulling her onto him. Jim has been jerking himself for 6 years, but never has he felt this intense. His breathing became more erratic, Jenny’s too. Jenny sensed he was close. She put on some extra effort, trying to clamp his cock inside her.

“Jen,...I...I’m...going to...”

“Yes! Oh, Jim! Yes! Cum in me!”


Jenny felt his first jet slam deep into her insides. Her pussy clamped him like a vice. She felt the powerful organ inside her pulse a second time. She grabbed his shoulders, slamming herself against him once more. She let loose a long moaning groan as her orgasm started. Her juice pumped out of her, coating his hair and balls, flowing down in a big puddle on the seat, mixing with his own juice flowing from her overfilled love- hole.

Jim grew limp inside her before she got off. She kissed him deeply on the mouth, then his chest, then lastly his wet, limp cock. Jenny looked Jim in the face. In an uncertain voice she broke the silence.

“That was wonderful, Jim, thanks.”

“Jenny, I... I...”

“SHH Baby, I think I know what you want to say, and you are welcome.”

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