Author's Note: This story is a complete work of fiction and all characters involved in any sexual activity are of the consenting age of 18 and over. Enjoy!


He slipped into my room, closing the door silently behind him. I opened my mouth to scream at him, to tell him to get out, to go away and leave me alone, but the words seized up in my throat. I knew that I must remain silent, but my eyes pleaded for a reprieve from these nightly visits. I wanted him gone. I would have ordered him from my sight, or willed him away had I the power, but I had no control over him.

I lay naked and shivering as he crossed the room to my bed. I swallowed a painful lump in my throat as I reluctantly raised my eyes to gaze upon him, mentally renouncing the awe I held for his male beauty. He was fully aroused and excited; his well defined chest rose and fell rapidly in anticipation of what would come. His huge, distended cock—so deliciously thick and long—had risen above his boxers in unmistakable enthusiasm for its nocturnal delights. I squeezed my eyes tightly in despair, hoping he'd be gone when I opened them yet knowing he'd still be there. I want him to disappear. Why won't he disappear? Why can't he leave me alone? Why does he continue to do this to me? Why me?

"Lily..." his deep, husky voice held a command, the command—the one I know I cannot ignore, though I continue to try.

I opened my eyes, beseeching him to end this, to leave my room like he'd never been, but his intensely hungry gaze burning a trail down my trembling body held no mercy, as I knew they wouldn't. I moved restlessly under his inspection, unwillingly aroused by the force of gaze.

I was a petite woman, everything about me was small. My breasts were about the size of an orange, I had a tiny waist and slim hips. There was not much to me at all—yet here he was, again, looking at me like I was the most desirable woman he's ever seen.

I stiffened as he sat down beside me; his lustful eyes were glued to my breasts. I knew it was coming before he touched me, yet I gasped when his big hands covered me, kneading my small globes roughly, pinching and rolling my nipples to aching peaks. His breathing became faster as my nipples poked into the palms of his hands.

I forced myself—a herculean effort on my part—to lie still while he thoroughly explored my body. His rough hands slid over my quivering stomach, up and down my trembling thighs then back up to my heaving chest. The leisurely exploration of my body signaled his intent to go slowly tonight. Although he did not utter a word, his harsh and rapid breathing spoke volumes... He would take no pity on me this night; he will have all of me. I wasn't sure I could bear it. I turned my head into my pillow, wishing my bitter thoughts of hate were really true.

He stood up and quickly removed his boxers. The moonlight was strong in my room tonight. I could see his nakedness very clearly as he stood proudly before me, his engorged cock throbbed against his stomach; precum soaked his large knob. I bit my lip on a soft moan and quickly looked away. I am constantly plagued by the wicked temptation to taste, to lick and suck his juicy knob dry.

I am mystified as to why he was here and why he returned again and again. What am I compared to him? I am nothing. He is magnificent and so totally beyond me. He has kept himself in excellent shape. He's tall, superbly muscled, and unbelievably handsome. He could have any woman he wanted, I should not be one of them. I don't want to be one of them. I didn't ask him here. I've never asked him here. And I don't want him here... I don't!

He got to his knees beside my bed and waited... I whimpered softly—though not with anticipation but with a disquieting surety of my capitulation. My ears rang as I slowly positioned myself horizontally across the bed. I know what he expects of me, but I rebelled against him and I clamped my knees tightly together. His eyes commanded me to do his will. I turned away from his imposing gaze, choosing not to obey him. I can't... he would see how wet my pussy had become.

He made an impatient sound, put his hands on my knees and forced my thighs wide open, exposing my hunger and my shame. He drew in a hissing gasp, breathing harshly as he gaped at my glistening pussy. I stuffed a fist in my mouth to keep from crying out when he slid a thick finger into my sodden curls, circling around my slick folds then sliding it in. Quiet moans escaped me as he repeatedly dipped in and out of my hole, building up my need for more. He withdrew a cum laden finger and stuck it in his mouth, growling hungrily while he sucked it all off. I watched him helplessly aroused, and was mortified by the avalanche of juices gushing from my pussy by his sensuous act. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and immediately buried his face into my pussy. He inhaled deeply, breathing me in while he kissed and licked my drenched mound.

"Don't—" I protested, weakly. I wanted to shout at him, to tell him to stop, to not do this to me again, but there was no stopping him—there never is. He will have his way with me, as always.

His hot mouth covered my pussy, sliding and curling his tongue around my clit, sucking pussy juice from my plump lips. I tried desperately not to move, not to give in to the mounting hunger. I didn't want him to believe I needed him to do this for me, but my hips moved against my will, I crushed my pussy into his face, begging him to take more.

Pleased by my natural response, he gripped my ass firmly and greedily feasted on my pussy. His bold, ravenous mouth achieved its objective. I blew apart, my hands stifling my screams as my pussy clasped at his tongue. He grunted, approvingly, drinking down the fountain of juice I released, deeply shoveling his tongue inside to scoop it out. I was still on fire, coming once more under his practiced tongue.

Once he'd had his fill, he got onto the bed, lifted me up in his arms and latched onto my aching nubs. He licked and sucked my nipples, nipping and biting, and squeezing my breasts in his big hands. I could not prevent my body's reaction to this new assault. His soft laughter was triumphant as another orgasm ripped through me. Unmindful and uncaring at that point, I clung to him, my body quaking in his tight embrace.

He kissed my lips oh so gently, and then laid me down on the bed. I knew what would come next and I dreaded—yet wanted this most of all. He placed my legs across his thighs, then pressed his dripping bulb at my moist center—I despised the moan that slipped past my lips, but I could not keep silent. I derived great pleasure from the sleek, hard form pressed up against the apex of my need. He teased me with it, pushing his mushroom in and out of my drenched opening, repeatedly. The urge to grab his dick, and shove it all the way in was crushing. His blazing green eyes gazed into mine, willing me to maintain contact, and I did. I was positive he read wild need in mine, but I couldn't look away.

Pleased with the honesty of my gaze, he grasped my hips and plunged into my aching pussy. He rammed into me violently giving no quarter for the delicacy of my frame. I arched high off the bed in reckless abandon, mutely imploring him to take me—take me and never stop. His grip was painful, his fingers dug into my pliant flesh while he sank into me again and again. I relished the pain as well as the staggering pleasure of his enormous dick touching my cervix. His greedy, animalistic growls mirrored my hunger, pushing me over the edge. I bucked uncontrollably under him as my pussy spasmodically clamped down on his cock. He tensed and shuddered violently, muffling his cries into my pillow while he injected warm semen into my womb.

The pleasure had been incredible, but oh so wrong... so very, very wrong. Mortified that I had enjoyed him so intensely, I silently wept in despair while he held me against his shuddering body—wondering, always wondering, why he does this to me? I remained unmoving in his arms, waiting for him to gain control, hoping he'd had enough and would now leave me. But he didn't, and he won't. As I said in the beginning, he would show no mercy tonight.

He slid his dick from my gushing pussy, and then covered me with his hard, sweaty body. He looked into my eyes, and then he kissed me, passionately, demandingly, dominating my senses with the masterful strokes of his tongue, the gratifying touch of his hands, and the unyielding firmness of his cock.

When he finally tore his lips from mine, he'd awakened a new hunger within me. I turned away from him, embarrassed to feel such things for him. But he was delighted, I felt it in the smile he planted against my hot, damp cheek; my face burned hotter at this. I knew he had claimed victory, and why not when I prove he has again and again.

He kissed my ear, whispering softly, "I won't ever stop, Lily. Never think that I will." He reached down between us and covered my mound possessively. "Your pussy belongs to me... you belong to me." He said in a fervent tone. My pussy clenched hungrily, as if to prove that this was so. But I shook my head in denial. It's not true! It's not! I won't allow it be true. I protested mutely.

His eyes narrowed, and he snarled angrily, capturing my jaw in his hand. Even in the limited light of the moon, I could see steely determination in his beautiful gaze.

"You're mine," he hissed vehemently, daring me to reject his claim, "and I will never allow you leave me. Never!" He took my lips cruelly, and to emphasize his steely resolve he plunged his pulsating cock into my pussy again, demonstrating his power over me, easily. I cursed myself for instantly responding to him, for wanting him inside me. He thrusts were calculatingly deep and powerful, and, god help me, I needed it that way, I wanted it that way. He gazed into my tormented eyes, his burned with promise. "Someday, my love, you will have my children." He vowed thickly.

I thought my heart would leap out of my chest. "No-no, I-I won't."

"Yes, you will..." he told me fiercely.

Tears rolled down my flushed face and I closed my eyes to shut out his beloved face. I wondered how he could say these things to me—to me of all people. How could he possibly mean it? He couldn't... not really. But my heart knew he did. His words are never empty. He would see me swell with his child. If I were to look deep inside myself—into a place I dared not look—I know I would hear the joyful cries of my soul anticipating the birth of our child.

But it's not right! There has to be a way to get away from him. I have to leave him before he fulfils his goals.

Unperturbed by my silence, he licked my tears tenderly, holding me snugly against him as he continued to thrust into me. And, I, being the pitiful wretch that I am, could not prevent myself from rising to meet him, over and over again. He is an expert cocksman, and he uses his entire arsenal against an indefensible foe. I have come to seriously hunger after the indescribable pleasure he gives me—even as I despised it. But...does hatred feel like your very life would end if you did not have him inside you? I wondered as we climaxed—his twitching cock, my pulsating pussy... our juices becoming one. Does hate feel like this?

"Lily... oh god, baby, I love you..." he breathed, kissing my eyes, my ears, my neck and shoulders; he rained kisses down the length of my quivering body, and then he raised my legs over his shoulders and sank his face into my soaking pussy. He hummed and groaned as he lapped up our combined juices, licking and sucking my clit, thrusting his tongue into my hot hole until I rewarded him with more. He licked me clean, and then gently placed me back on the bed, wrapping my shaking frame possessively in his arms. "Have you any idea how much I need you? No one will ever take you away from me, Lily—not even you. You were made for me," he whispered roughly, "only me."

My body quickened at his words, it was ready to concede, ready to surrender its all to him, but I resisted. I will fight it. I had to.

He sat up in the bed and pulled me with him, resting my back against his chest. He clasped me tightly in his arms, kissing and nibbling my neck. His hot breath sent delicious chills throughout my body. His big hands encircled the whole of my small breasts; he squeezed and kneaded them, rubbed and pinched my sensitive nipples. His heavy dick throbbed against my ass.

I couldn't breathe. My heart pounded so painfully in my chest, I was sure I would pass out. My nipples tightened into stiff, painful peaks. I knew what he would do next...I knew. I became rigid in his arms, wanting it...not wanting it... needing it...needing it so badly.

He smiled, taking pleasure in the rapid pulse under his fingers; goose bumps covered my quaking body and I waited... I waited with bated breath for him to give me the ultimate pleasure.

He kissed along my spine, and I trembled all the more in anticipation. He placed a finger between my ass cheeks, slowly, slowly slid it into my slick anus. We groaned as he shoved his finger in and out of my ass. I shivered uncontrollably, my ass quivered impatiently for his dick.

He would not make me wait. He understood, better than I, what I hungered for—what I would not ask for. He cock replaced his finger as he plunged fully into my hole. He began to thrust vigorously into my anus. I lived for his strong, rapid heartbeat against my back and his vice like grip welding us together. I involuntarily cried out at the thick, hard feel of him. My pussy pulsated anxiously for fulfillment. I whimpered for more...I had to have more.

Ever ready to satisfy my unspoken requests, he slid two long, thick fingers inside my saturated hole and began to fuck me. I was in paradise. His fingers and cock played me perfectly, in and out, in and out. I was lightheaded from sublime pleasure and I knew it would not be long now.

My mouth parted on a silent scream as I came violently on his hand, my ass squeezed his dick. He wrapped his strong arms around me and continued his powerful thrusts, pounding and pounding into me. In that moment, I relished his possession of me and I gripped his thighs when his cock jerked violently within me. He held me closely in his quaking form while his seed flooded my ass. Utterly replete and boneless, I rested in his arms, unable to think of anything in that moment.


He surrounded me as we lay quietly on the bed. His arms and legs entrapped me. I stared into his face and marveled at how truly beautiful his green eyes were. They remind me of the grasses of Ireland, uncompromisingly green. I'd thought to go there someday... with him, possibly. He smiled, well pleased with himself, brushing a strand of hair from my moist forehead. "There is no part of you I have not known, Lily... every inch of you belongs to me."

I lowered my lashes, avoiding his eyes. No. I thought silently. I'm don't.

Suddenly, as if he was aware of what I'd been thinking, he let out an angry hiss. He grabbed a hand full of my hair, yanking it painfully as he forced my head back. His furious eyes captured mine. "Stop denying what's between us, Lily, you only harm yourself. You are mine, and I will keep you."

The fierceness of his gaze frightened me, and, yet... it also thrilled me—it thrilled me to the core. My pulses went on overdrive as I gazed helplessly into his eyes. My nipples instantaneously pebbled, stabbing his chest and my hips moved slightly in invitation. He drew in a short breath at the revealing signs of my desire. Hot lust swiftly clouded his eyes. "You consume me," he rasped hoarsely, and, because he wished to punish me for my quiet resistance of a moment before, he took my lips in a brutally demanding kiss, drawing a little blood as he bit into my tender flesh. I gasped at the sting of the small injury—though I was neither hurt nor alarmed by it. Tasting blood from the hurt he inflicted upon me, he sighed remorsefully, softening the kiss, licking the pain away with the soothing strokes of his tongue. I could not help myself; I licked and sucked his in return, loving the sensuous fullness of his lips on mine.

Groaning, he pulled me under him, still kissing me, sucking and nipping my lips, then delving deeply into my mouth, kissing me thoroughly, easily mastering me. And then, when his passion overwhelmed him and he could no longer wait, he nudged my thighs apart and drove his insatiable meat into my pulsing walls. I hung on to him, secretly rejoicing at our matching heartbeats, feverishly meeting thrust for in to my need for him, again.

My pussy seized his cock, clamping him with hard milking contractions, triggering his explosion. "Oh, god, Lily..." he whispered hoarsely against my lips. He hammered wildly into me while he unleashed copious jets of semen. His seed filled my womb to overflowing, our hot juices oozed around his twitching dick, gushing out of my pussy, soaking the bed.

With his cock still buried in my pussy, he lifted me up in his arms so that we were chest to chest, our breathing was still harsh and fast. I inhaled his sweet breath and became hot with desire once more. I couldn't comprehend how this could be. How can I want him again so quickly?

He looked deeply into my eyes. "Do you understand, Lily? Do you understand why this has to be—why this is forever? I will never stop fucking you." He whispered intensely, and then he closed his mouth over mine, holding me securely in his powerful embrace. He kissed me and stroked me, and licked me, and sucked me, and fucked me...and fucked me and...oh god, fucked me again...


In the early hours of the morning, he was sated enough to leave me. He put his boxers on, and then bent down to lovingly kiss my stomach, and then he sat down beside me and cupped my face in his hands, lowering his until his lips were just a hairsbreadth above mine. "I'm divorcing your mother, Lily," he whispered, thickly. "And after she's gone, I will not only make love to you during the night, I will fuck you in the full light of day—everyday, in every room. This entire house will know your sweet cries... and—" he breathed, licking my puffy lips, "we will have babies, Lily... our babies." He gathered me in his arms again and kissed me, taking his time to enjoy this last one until he came to me again. After a few minutes, he gently laid me down, covered me with a sheet and quietly left my room.

I was absolutely stunned. Divorce mother? I had not seen this coming? I thought he would grow bored with me and cease this madness between us. What can I do?

I lay for hours staring at the ceiling, trying to seek a way out of my predicament, but I knew, as I wiped tears from my eyes, that there was no way to escape him. I've been hopelessly bound to him from the very first moment he touched me—trapped by the needs of my treacherous body.

He'll get what he wants as he always does. I don't have the will, or, maybe, I don't truly desire the will to thwart him. He is my father, after all, and I love him. I love him so much it hurts. It may not be possible to leave or reject him because (I wept anew as I finally admitted the truth to myself) he is like an addictive drug to me and... I craved him.


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