tagIncest/TabooCrave: The End

Crave: The End


Author's Note: Crave, the original story, was supposed to be a stand alone submission but since I have received many requests for a continuance. I have written two more parts to this story. This is the ending to Crave (You might want to read Crave before you read this segment of Lily and her father's story). Hope you enjoy. And as always, this story is a complete work of fiction and all characters are over the consenting age of 18.

I didn't know our months of secret liaisons would come to this. I know I am guilty for my part in the destruction of our family but... I didn't wish for this.

What can I do? What can I say? Should I apologize for fucking her husband, should I tell her I hate what he does to me? Will I sound believable? I'm not sure I'd be very convincing; surely she'd see the lie on my eyes.

"Mother," I said softly. "I, uh..."

"Your father's a bastard." She said bitterly as she moved angrily around the room stuffing her very expensive things in her bags. "I thought we were doing okay. I mean... yes, I may have made a few mistakes but I thought we were trying to get past them. Why is he doing this now?"

"Uh, I-I don't know—" But I do know. I am the cause of my mother's distress. I am the reason he wants her to leave. I am the reason he's not in her bed at night... I am the reason he never fucks her. And I was sorry and ashamed of wanting him even in the face of my mother's misery. I've betrayed her on so many levels and I know it's hard to believe considering my actions, but I love my mother and I can't hurt her with the truth.

"Lily," She held out her hand to me and I took it and I, again, as I had many times in the past, marveled at my smallness compared to her. We were complete opposites. I was small and very slender and she was tall, blonde, curvaceous and incredibly beautiful. She looked down into my eyes, "do you think he has another woman?"

"Uh..." Yes, I thought as I stared at her. Me!

She shook her head as she answered her own question. "No,no, he wouldn't, not your father." she said as she caught her image in the mirror, she frowned when she noticed a loc of hair out of place. "Besides, I would know if he was fucking someone else wouldn't I." she said as she primped in the mirror.

Yes, mother you should know. I thought silently. I often wondered why she never complained of his absence at night or voiced suspicions of him fucking other woman. How could she fail to notice what was happening in her own home? My bedroom is only a few doors down from hers. Has she never heard our cries of passion when pleasure overwhelms us and we forget ourselves?

I was deep in thought when my mother suddenly turned towards me with a calculating look on her face. "Lily, be a dear and pack a bag. We're going to visit my parents in Florida."


"A few days without any contact between us will bring your father to his senses. He'll come running to Florida to collect us and everything will be just as it was before."

"Mother, I can't... I-I have an interview tomorrow." I was relieved that this at least was true.

"Well, reschedule it, dear."

"I- I can't. " The thought of leaving my father—of not feeling his cock sliding in and out of my pussy made me anxious and unwilling to aid her. "I have to go. I want this job. I—"

"Lily," she cut in, firmly, "my plan will only work if you come with me. You know how your father feels about you. Do this for me, dear."

"I wish I could, mother, but I-I can't."

"You mean you won't." she folded her arms under her breasts and gave me a cold stare. "Do I have to beg, Lily? Is that what you want?"

"No, of course not, mother but--"

"Why can't you ever do something for me without a fight? This is important to me.""

"I'm not—I don't want to fight, mother. It's just... I-I had a hard time getting this interview and—"

"There'll be other interviews, Lily—" my mother said coldly

"But this is a great opportunity—"

She stared at me for a second. "Oh, I see... I understand... you're too damn busy to save our family."

"No, no, I want to, it's just..." I trailed off as she turned her back on me.

"Never mind, Lily, saving my marriage is obviously unimportant to you." She said stiffly.

"Mother, I—" I hung my head. I was torn between guilt and gut- wrenching need.

While she packed in stony silence, I recalled the passionate words my father whispered to me as he fucked me the night before; they burned me and made me ache for him and this morning I'd thought to stay with him, but I now realized that I have an opportunity to get away from the madness that claims me when he touches me... when he whispers my name in his deep husky voice... when his big strong hands roam all over my heated body... when his heavy cock thrusts in and out, in and—oh god... I breathed. Those kind of thoughts were not helping. I wiped my sweaty hands on my jeans and drew in deep breaths to calm the aching hunger rising within me.

Although my heart and body rebelled greatly against my leaving him, I had to go. I had to get away from my insane need for him.

I forced my trembling lips into smile and said what I knew she waited to hear. "Alright, mother, I'll go with you." The moment I uttered those words, my body and mind went to battle; they were at fierce odds, each striving to win the ultimate war.


I was rummaging through my chest of drawers, not really caring what I took with me. My indecisiveness had nothing to do with what clothing to take. No... I was in full blown heat. As soon as I entered my room I smelled him. I could feel him. My nipples were tight and aching with the memory of his hot mouth, my pussy oozed and pulsated with the phantom feel of his throbbing cock stretching me... fucking me.

I was sweaty and trembling with the effort it took to control myself and shut out those thoughts. I tried to remember that I was doing the right thing. Hadn't I thought of getting out of here? Leaving was the right thing to do. I continued to tell myself that as I regained some semblance of control. After taking several deep breaths I continued to rifle through my things.

I was staring blankly at a couple of shirts in my hands, not sure which one I wanted to take with me when I unmistakably felt his presence.

Chills moved down my spine, my nipples hardened and my pussy gushed in eager readiness for him. Our eyes met in the mirror. His green gaze glittered possessively.

My heart pounded loudly in my ears as we continued to stare at each other. He was so beautiful, so strong and sooo deliciously sexy.

"Lily," his voice was low and intense, "what are you doing?"

I was warm and anxious as burning lust took the place of blood in my veins. I nervously cleared my throat. "I-I'm going to Florida with mother."

"No, baby," he said thickly, "you're not."

I could barely draw breath as our eyes remained lock. "I—" I swallowed and tore my gaze from his. "I-I'm going. I am, a-and..." I gathered an arm full of contents in the drawer and threw them in the bag on my bed, "you can't stop me."

He came into the room to stand behind me; I became lightheaded and overwhelmingly hot as he towered over me. His heat and wonderful male scent surrounded me, feeding my desire.

""Lily," he murmured thickly as he picked me up. "I'm not letting you go," and then his mouth covered mine, and, god help me, I kissed him back, I had no choice, I wanted him, I needed him.

Our tongues met in feverish greed. I pushed my unbearably hard nipples into his chest. He let out a deep throaty growl and ripped my shirt open. He slid his hard hands over my hungry flesh, squeezing my breasts, pinching and twisting my turgid nipples. I welcomed his familiar touch, arching into his hands, begging for more.

I vaguely heard my mother calling my name. "M-Mother.." I gasped between kisses.

He captured my lips for another deep kiss. "I don't give a fuck about your mother," he rasped huskily, "this is about us... you and me, Lily"

He pushed my bag to the floor, threw me on the bed, tugged off my jeans, opened his fly and plunged his huge, dripping dick into my grasping pussy. I sobbed in rapturous relief as I came on his first thrust; my pussy clamped and clenched his dick, gluttonously thirsting for his seed.

"Did you think I'd let you go when you give me this, Lily. Never, baby." he rasped thickly. "Never."

I continued to squeeze him, bathing his cock in hot pussy juice, enticing him, imploring him to join me, but he clenched his teeth and continued thrusting into me.

"Please.." I whimpered softly. I had to have more of him. "Please."

"Ahh...Lily...." He moaned into my ear as he enfolded me in his arms and pumped harder, his thick dick sliding deeply into my pussy. He held my hips as he fiercely plunged into me; he was so hot and heavy,

We stared into each other eyes as he fucked me. There was no doubt or mercy in his eyes—only love, lust and... triumph. You see, he knew that I was his now, his in every respect, totally and completely his.

His lips called to me and this time, I didn't fight the impulse, I pulled his head toward me and captured them for my own.

"Lily," he gasped in surprise as this was the first time I had ever initiated a kiss between us. I slid my tongue along his lips and then I was welcomed inside. Our tongues met in a slow sensuous dance. My heart was full to bursting and I could not help but revel in it and in him as I abandoned myself to my craving. My hips met his eagerly we fucked fast, deep and, oh god, so hard....

"Please, please... I-I need you...." I said as I struggled for breath between kisses. "I'm going to fill you up, darling...." he moaned thickly against my lips.

His words were the catalyst for the explosion to come. His mouth smothered my scream as my pussy convulsed around. He groaned and deepened the kiss, holding me tighter still as his rigid dick jerked and twitched in my pussy, jetting thick, hot, seed into my womb. I cried in ecstasy as I felt the warm stickiness overflowing to the bed beneath me.

We held on to each other, trembling violently in the aftermath. And still, we kissed and caressed one another, his whispered words of love and lust into my ears ignited me once more and we began to fuck again.

At some point, my mother entered my room; I vaguely heard her cries of horror and outrage but her histrionics barely penetrated the lustful haze I was caught up in, the intense pleasure of his fat, slick, dick driving into my starving pussy had, at this moment, become my whole existence because I'd finally let my mind accept what my body had long ago accepted, and I gave into what I needed most—what I wanted most. We were solely focused on one another. I held him as if I'd never let him go while he thrust into me again and again and again. We never heard her harsh words of shock and outrage.


When at last we were both spent, but not wholly satiated, he kissed me tenderly while he whispered my name over and over again; it was a litany of love stoking my desire. My pussy clenched hungrily at the sound of his husky voice, I needed him again. I molded myself against him as he planted kisses on my neck and shoulders.

"Again..." I moaned softly, then I opened my eyes only to have them ensnared by my mother's furious gaze. "Ohmygod!" I had forgotten her—forgotten that she was in the house and I was supposed to be leaving with her. I became stiff in my father's arms as I recognized the enormity of what she had just witnessed. "Oh god."

He lifted his head to look at me. "Lily, what is it?" He asked concernedly. Then he followed by line of vision and his expression changed, it became hard as stone as he looked up at my mother. "Out," he ordered coldly.

"Out?! Out?! I catch you fucking my daughter and you tell me to get out! You freaking bastard—" she screeched numerous insults down upon us.

"I said get out." he said harshly.

"—bastard, fucking my daughter in my fucking house, you perverted sonofabitch—"

"Get the fuck out, Justine! Now!" He snarled in low dangerous voice.

Even in the midst of her tirade, Justine heard the warning in his voice. She clamped her mouth shut and stood there for a moment, her fury apparent by her face's rainbow of changing colors; she went from white to red to purple in secession and back again. Her mouth opened and closed a few times, obviously wanting to deliver a few more foul insults, but she ground her teeth, clenched her fist and stalked out of my room.

I buried my very hot, very embarrassed face into his neck.

"Lily, baby..." He turned my face to his and leisurely kissed me, lovingly drawing guilt and shame from me with his gentle lips. "Are you alright, baby?"

I nodded.

He smiled and nipped my lips once more before he grudgingly withdrew his hard cock from my heat. "I'll be right back, darling," he murmured as he kissed and licked my stiff nipples, "I haven't had enough of you and... I never will" his intense gaze ensnared mine, "You understand now, don't you, Lily?"

"Y-Yes, I do." I whispered truthfully. "I do." We kissed again, long and deep. I wanted him so much, I resented the time he would be away from me.

"I love you, Lily." He said, and then he stood up, tucked in his rigid dick and fastened his pants. "I'm going to talk to you mother." He said in a clipped tone. Then he left me.

I didn't understand the animosity he had for my mother, but I did understand hers toward me, however, it made no difference to me now because I no longer cared about her feelings. I needed him.

If I had gone to Florida with my mother I would not have stayed away long. I wouldn't have waited for him to come for us—for me. I would have run back to him eager for his kiss, his warm embrace... his cock. I know now that I cannot be without him and I don't want to be.


I believe my father would have wanted to keep his conversation with my mother from me but I had to hear what was said between them. I threw on a robe and followed him down the steps. I went as far into the room as I could without being seen by either of them to listen in.

"You were fucking—you were fucking her! Are you out of your fucking mind, Ethan, she's your freaking daughter for god sakes!"

"And she's mine," Ethan said. "All mine."

"You can't do this, Ethan, it isn't right."

"But I do... every night."

Justine paced in front of him. "There's got to be a way to...to stop this, this... to stop you!"

"It's done, Justine." He said calmly. "I'm the only man who's ever fucked her and I'm the only man she'll ever fuck."

Justine shook her head. "No, no, I'll call the police, you bastard, I'll tell them you raped her."

Ethan's brow lifted skeptically. "Did it look like rape to you?"

No it hadn't. Lily had welcomed and encouraged every stroke of her father's cock. Justine recalled the lust and love in their faces and jealous rage gripped her as the vision of her husband's huge dick sliding in and out of their daughter's pussy popped in her head. In all the years they were married, Ethan had never fucked her like that—as if he'd never get enough. Ethan fucked Lily like a man who believed she would give succor to a dying man—the thieving little whore.

Justine's eyes narrowed shrewdly. "You want this divorce because of Lily, don't you? You want me gone so you can to continue to fuck her! Damn you! Damn you, Ethan, I'm not going to let you set up house with your own fucking daughter! I'm your wife, goddammit!" she shouted angrily.

"How are you going to stop me?" Ethan asked evenly. "And you and I both know you haven't been my wife for years, Justine. I have an aversion to sloppy seconds," he looked at her up and down, his disgust obvious, "or is it in the dozens now? I lost count."

"Ethan, I'm your wife and I love you." Justine said, ignoring his questions. "I love you."

"Did you "love" me while you were fucking your coworkers, our neighbors...my former assistant?"

"I've apologized for all of that, Ethan, many, many times."

"Were you sorry when I found you fucking my brother in my bed?"

Justin blushed. "I told you, I was drunk that night and Jeff took advantage of me. He overpowered—" Ethan's cold eyes dared her to say more. They both knew she lied. "I—you can't have her, Ethan. I won't let you"

Ethan gave her a contented smile. "Again, how are you going to stop me? Lily is an adult; she's able to fuck anyone she chooses. I happen to be her choice."

Justine turned red. "Fucking bastard, you can't—you can't—she's... " she sputtered helplessly, words escaped her for a moment.

Ethan glanced at his watch. "I'm done talking—"

"She can never be your real wife," she burst out desperately, "you know that, Ethan. I'm your—"

"Enough!" Ethan said coldly. "Nothing you say will change my mind. I want you out of my house, Justine. Now."

"W-What? Now? You can't do this—no, no; I want to speak to Lily. I want to speak to her now! Do you hear me, you bastard! She's my daughter too, Ethan. She's—"

He walked to the entrance door and opened it. "Goodbye, Justine." He said coolly. "Lock the door on your way out." He left it wide open.

"Ethan! " she screamed as he turned his back on her. "Ethan! Goddamn you, Ethan, I'm not done talking to you! Ethan!" He left her standing alone in the foyer surrounded by her expensive luggage.


I sank to the floor as the true nature of my mother was revealed to me. I could not believe she'd slept with Uncle Jeff, here, in our house, in my father's bed. Now I understood my uncle's skittish behavior whenever he came around my father. And she's had others besides him, I didn't want to know how many. I felt the betrayed one now for I had not known my mother at all. She'd always shown me a different face—a devoted and loyal face concerning my father.


I looked up into his strong, beautiful face and felt despair and disillusionment leave me. He picked me up in his arms and carried me to his bedroom. As he placed me on his bed, I heard the loud slam of the front door signaling my mother's furious departure.

I watched him disrobe. His huge, sexy body sent my senses reeling. I was free to enjoy him, to touch him, and let my eyes soak in his magnificent cock as it grew bigger, fatter and wetter with each passing moment.

My eyes remained glued to his dick. I decided to do the one thing I'd wanted to do the first night I became his.

"Can I taste you?" I whispered huskily.

His indulgent smile was my answer. I blushed because it was the same smile he'd given me that night. I remembered my thoughts from many months past, and my staunch resolve to never suck his cock. But now, as I lowered my head and breathed in his warm, musky scent, I wondered how I'd ever thought this would never be.

"Take your time, baby." He said thickly as he caressed my hair.

He moaned as I took his large cock into my hands. I rubbed my face against it, loving the smooth, hard, heat of him. I rained gentle kisses up and down its length, kissing and gently sucking his heavy balls during my exploration. His breathing became short and choppy as I took his cock into my mouth. I hungrily sucked his helmet clean of its lovely juice. He groaned and clutched my head in his hands as I licked and sucked his slit, coaxing more seed into my mouth. I loved the taste of him, but it wasn't enough, I needed more.

I stuffed as much of his cock as I could into my mouth; but I was only able to get a few inches past my lips and I whimpered in frustration, disappointed that I could not swallow more of him. He understood.

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