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Cusps Of Vespers


This story is entirely fictional. Names have been changed out of respect and the wishes to all that were involved. I hope that those who read the story will vote and leave comments. I would like to thank Jeannie for giving me the impetus for the idea to write a story based on sensual fantasy.

An email that was sent by an online lover after I asked her to write down her favourite fantasy and send it to me.

* * * * *

Hi Gavin... I'm writing this as I sit here remembering what just happened... how hard you made me cum...

I never have allowed myself to fantasize much... not sure why... but here goes.

I would imagine you and I are in front of a fire... the heat on our faces... kissing softly... just teasing each other, then me taking your hand smiling into your eyes, leading you into the bathroom... dimly lit with candles everywhere, light flickering on each others faces as we look at one another, moving closer to you my hands moving around your waist, helping you take your shirt off. Kissing your chest, gently running my tongue over your nipples, my fingers moving around your waist...

... Undoing your pants, sliding them down, feeling your hands in my hair as I move my tongue over your chest, hearing your heartbeat. You are standing naked before me, your hardness pressed against my belly... slowly backing away from you and taking my shirt off... pulling it over my head, letting it fall to the floor... reaching back and undoing my hair shaking it out, letting it fall over my shoulders... my breasts... then sliding my bra off my arms... freeing my breasts, my nipples hard.

Looking at you seeing the hunger in your eyes... then turning my back to you as I slide my pants down, bending over as I step out of them, then sliding my panties down, then running my hands up my legs as I straighten and move to start the shower... returning to you... feeling your arms go around me. Your lips on mine... the steam rising up from the shower as I step in, pulling you in after me... standing there... feeling the water rush over us.

Your cock hard, throbbing against my belly as I slowly move against you... the wetness spreading between my legs, my hands moving over your body... your hands reaching to cup my breasts, rolling my nipples between your fingers... my moans starting to fill the shower, our bodies melting together as I pull you down to kiss you, my tongue sliding over your lips into your warm mouth teasing your tongue with mine sucking it into my mouth... pressing my breasts into your hands as I reach for your wet cock... hearing you gasp as I start to tease the head with my fingertips.

My heart racing my breath catching, wanting you so badly... pulling you with me as I press my back into the wall of the shower and curling my leg around your waist, feeling you bend a bit... the head of your cock, swollen, throbbing against my wet slit... my juices coating you... looking into your eyes as I tell you how badly I want your cock inside of me... almost pleading... whimpering as I feel you enter my tightness... wrapping my other leg around your waist as your arms move around me to pick me up and slide me up and down against the wall.

My breasts crushed against your body... my fingers moving through your hair... my back arched as I feel your thrusts... my body on fire as you make love to me... eyes closed... our sounds mingling... filling the room... ecstasy... pleasure... our mind bodies totally consumed by our act... water flowing over us... your thick shaft moving in and out, my juices flowing down... mixing with the water as it flows down... my pussy hot, tight and wet around you, sucking gripping squeezing your cock... biting your lip hard.

God Gavin.

... My body so tight as I cling to you, my legs tight around you as I grind up and down... my clit rubbing against your belly, swelling throbbing so hard... my muscles clenching around your cock... whispering "God Gavin," so good as I nip at the outside of your earlobe my nails digging into your skin your arms holding me... thrusting down my small body impaled on your cock... yes... God... feeling you twitch and swell inside of me the warmth of my orgasm spreading through my body so close... so close... knowing you are ready.

Looking deeply into your eyes and thrusting down hard onto your shaft, your growls making me move faster, harder, crying out as my orgasm rips through my body... "Fuck yes Gavin," my muscles squeezing your cock... whispering as I cum... "Cum with me Gavin," feeling your body stiffen... then your groans as you explode inside of me... your hot cum splashing out coating my walls my body convulsing against yours,,,nails tearing your skin almost screaming as I cum... kissing you hard my lips crushed against yours as you buck up into me... both of us spent as we stare into each others eyes... amazed at the intensity of feelings.

... Overwhelmed... feeling you slowly slide your cock out as you lower me back down... turning off the water, leading you to the bed. More candles, flames reflecting on the ceiling... pulling you into bed with me, rolling so my back faces you. Pulling your arms tightly around me as I close my eyes... feeling your heart beating against my back, drifting off... the feel of your body pressed securely against me...


Hope you enjoyed it Gavin.

From your lover, Issabella.

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