Cynthia's Many Lovers - Wild


The evening that followed, as Cynthia shaved her legs in the bathtub, she had another naughty idea. She'd never before shaved her pubic hair completely, only trimmed it down on occasion, and since she knew her father would never spy on her while she was in the bathroom, she went ahead and did it. Wouldn't he be surprised later? She thought devilishly.

When she tried to step into the master bedroom that night, dressed in her clingy while lingerie, she discovered that something invisible was barring the doorway. It was her father's ghost, and he was trying to keep her from spending the night on his former bed.

She knew that he would try to stop her at some point, because that's what he would have done if he were still alive, and her reaction was to strip down right there in the hallway. Fully nude, Cynthia stepped forward, and knowing full well that her father's ghost would rather shrink back than come in contact with the flesh of his naked daughter. He moved away quickly, and she imagined her father being both stunned and angry as she waltzed into the bedroom, pushed the covers aside and lay down on the bed.

The ghost was indeed angry, and wondering if perhaps Cynthia was trying to drive him out of his own house with her explicit actions. He found himself in a frenzy of confusion, and darted about the house that night, from the living room to the garage, over to the bedroom, and back again.

The ghost paused at the edge of the bed a few times while Cynthia slept, wondering if he should do something drastic to get her to leave his bed, such as scaring her or jolting her awake. It just didn't feel right for her to be lying there in the nude, on what used to be his bed!

In frustration, the ghost reached out and yanked the covers back, but instantly regretted doing so, for in the thin glow from the nightlight, he could see his daughter's naked and voluptuous body on the bed. Her back and butt showed soft tan lines, and she groggily rolled over and absently reached for the covers, giving him yet another look at her pert breasts and shockingly, a glimpse of her clean-shaven mound. The ghost took several steps back in shame.

"I know you're there, I can feel you." Cynthia's eyes fluttered open. "And I know that you're looking at me."

The ghost of her father started away, thinking, surely his daughter was trying to get rid of him. Why else would she be doing the things she was doing to him? It had to be because he was scaring away all of her boyfriends!

"Dad, come back." Cynthia called out.

The ghost turned back, as he sensed a gentle plea in the young woman's voice.

"I have to tell you something." She insisted. "But I don't want to yell it across the room."

Full of doubt and uncertainty, the ghost stepped back. As he approached the bed, he snatched up the covers and tossed them over Cynthia's legs.

His daughter made no attempt to cover herself up further. "Dad, I've been looking for Mr. Right all this time, and I finally found him. You're my Mr. Right. I love you, just like I did before, but I love you in a different way now, too."

She waited for some kind of response from him, expected it, really, but when nothing fell over in the room and startled her, she brazenly continued. "I know you can touch things if you really want to, and I want you to touch me. I know you're probably not ready to hear this, but I want you to make love to me. I want this more than anything I've wanted before in my entire life. I can wait... until you're ready. I'll be right here on this bed waiting for you."

The ghost fled.

Days passed by. Then weeks.

Cynthia kept sleeping in the master bedroom in the nude, and every once in a while she asked out loud if her father's ghost was still in the house, as she hadn't heard a peep from him ever since that fateful night.

The ghost went to her side, deep into one night. It watched over Cynthia's sleeping form for several hours, and considered how the young woman was no longer the cute little girl he envisioned in the past, and had somehow blossomed into the beautiful and sensuous creature lying before him.

And the ghost was lonely as well, as he was seemingly stuck in this dimension, with no one to talk to, and no way to figure out what was to come next in his bizarre existence. All that remained were hazy and fleeting memories of the past, and the one solid thing in his mind, the one tangible thing that was keeping him from losing his thoughts altogether, was protecting Cynthia.

"I know you're standing there." Cynthia shifted around to face him.

She tossed the covers aside, and underneath, she was nude as usual.

"If I could touch you first, I would." She grinned. "But I can't even see where you are." She patted her thigh. "Touch me here."

The ghost looked over the daughter's form. She was on her side, with one arm propping up her head, her full breasts dangling, and in the waning light, the ghost could see the deep contour where her waist ended and her hips began.

"I won't bite you." She joked.

If he were in the flesh, he would have undoubtedly refused. But he was no longer a man, or at least a living one, at any rate, and as far as he could recall, there were no guidelines prohibiting the disembodied from engaging in amorous activities with the bodied. Or maybe a ghost just didn't have the same inhibitions that a living person did? If a ghost could sigh, he was sighing now, and with more than a small amount of trepidation, he reached out and slid his hand across his daughter's thigh.

Cynthia gasped, and the ghost pulled its hand away as if it had done her harm.

"I felt it." She said. "I felt your fingers there, and they were cold and warm at the same time. And it left tingles all over me." She shifted around on the bed, lying on her back, and as the ghost watched, she turned her legs toward him and spread them wide. "I can't wait any more. I want to feel you inside of me."

The ghost of her father could only stare at the seductive vision before him. He became aroused, in a way that he'd never imagined a ghost could feel, and he looked down at his ghostly clothing, which resembled the way he usually dressed when he'd been incarnate and about to go to work. He wondered if ghosts could even take their clothes off, when he imagined himself naked, and he suddenly noticed that his clothing had all vanished. He was now nude, and the erection he saw jutting out from his abdomen was as strong and firm as those he'd had when he was encased in flesh.

And as badly as his daughter wanted him, he realized that he now wanted her.

He slipped onto the bed, nervously, grasping and producing shivers from Cynthia as his hands touched both her knees. The ghost might have even been holding his breath, as he allowed his hands to slip down the young woman's inner thighs, but he stopped himself just short of her blossoming middle. With an attentive care, he leaned forward and softly, gently, invaded her moist insides.

Cynthia sharply cried out, her body erupting into tiny, delicious spasms at the ghostly contact, yet she made no attempt to break their strange union. And her father's ghost, feeling and craving the grip her solid body around him, shuddered in a ghostly way as well. As their lovemaking began in earnest, and Cynthia's pleasing breasts swayed back and forth from her father's steady rocking, she uttered those moans and squeals that no father should hear escaping the mouth of his own offspring, and the former man was surprised that for a young woman whom he'd always thought of as being timid and humble, Cynthia's groans were deep and guttural, fierce and full of lust.

Cynthia's climax was as grand and spectacular as the movement of a mountain by a man, and as she convulsed in the deepest throes of her excitement, her sensuality and responsiveness may have penetrated the veil between the living and the non-living, for the ghost of her father found himself infected by her wanton cries, and having a ghostly orgasm as well.

When their bonding was complete and exhausting, the ghost pulled away, only to have Cynthia sit up and plead for his return. "Please don't go. I want you to lie down on the bed, so that I can sleep next to you." She lowered her head in regret. "It will make me feel as if you never left me."

The ghost walked over to the opposite side of the bed, and although he didn't think he needed sleep, as he never recalled having slept as a ghost before, he nevertheless lay down. Cynthia fell asleep some time later, and the ghost, wide awake as he always was, caringly placed his hand over hers, and relished the heat emanating from her warm body. He too, was reminded of the time when he was still alive.

You might suspect that the next night would have proved awkward for either Cynthia, or for the ghost, but this was not so. Cynthia stepped into the master bedroom wearing only a deep red bra and panties, and after sensing that the ghost was near, she made her way directly onto the bed. She positioned herself on her hands and knees, with her meaty rump held high in the air, and salaciously invited the ghost to join her.

If there was any hesitation from the ghost's end, we shall never know, as the phantom exhibited no apparent misgivings, nor really, could he, as he took his place on the bed behind her. The ghost's erection was stiff and ready, and while his instincts clamored for him to give in to his sensation of lust, the ghost forced these feelings away and placed his hands on the great swells of Cynthia's butt.

Cynthia shuddered from his touch.

This only emboldened the ghost further, as he circled his hands over her fleshy globes, and sometimes squeezed them, before he gazed over at his daughter's lean back, and the thin red fabric of her bra. He was enticed by her seductive form in a way that he never would have allowed himself to feel, if he were still a living, breathing man, and he brought his hands up to caress the small of her back, and the sides of her rib cage, and finally, he cupped Cynthia's covered breasts.

Cynthia moaned out loud, as her phantom lover groped her from behind, and she yanked away at her bra until her breasts spilled out like small, juicy cantaloupes. The ghostly hands soon returned to massage her swells, tingling at her aroused nipples and hot areola, until her own inflamed passion took over. She straightened up so quickly, she was surprised she didn't bump her father right off the bed, and in a frenzy, she pulled her panties down to her knees. After, she went back to her hands and knees.

In a similar wanton state, the ghost pressed in close to her backside, and guided his erection firmly in place. Ghostly hands traversed the divide between Cynthia's meaty rear, and her swaying breasts, and again Cynthia's heavy moans echoed off the bedroom walls. As after their previous encounter, both former man and current woman found themselves well satisfied after the erotic coupling took place.

The next evening, Cynthia was asked to work late. By the time she arrived home, she was too exhausted to do more than take a shower, and curl up on the bed. "Sorry, dad." She yawned. "I've got to go in early tomorrow morning, too. But we can still cuddle, if you want."

The ghost kept a respectful distance from his daughter that night, and although it felt a certain stirring within its loins at lying next to Cynthia's voluptuous and lingerie clad body, it did nothing more than keep her in a loose embrace.

When Cynthia got home the next afternoon, she took a quick shower and changed into a dark blue bikini. Over this, she put on a loose blouse and a pair of gray cotton shorts, and once she'd stepped into her sandals, she went out to the backyard. She was planning on lounging on one of the pool chairs to get some sun later, but first, she wanted to water her flowers a bit.

Her father had watched her arrival with more than a mild interest. He'd watched her change into her swimwear, and had followed Cynthia outside to observe, when his growing arousal threatened to take him over. He felt playful and alive, and even a little real, after the two sexual encounters, and as a result he felt like goofing around with his daughter.

The ghost turned off the water hose, much to Cynthia's annoyance. After this, the ghost would tussle his daughter's hair, or unexpectedly smack her on the bottom.

"What's gotten into you?" Cynthia smirked, as she'd never witnessed the phantom being so animated before.

The ghost stepped up right behind her, reaching around her sides and cupping both of Cynthia's perfect breasts. She quivered at the tingling touch, and felt herself getting excited as the roaming hands went further down on her body, and groped her through her clothes. This went on for several minutes, until she was standing there panting with her own want.

She felt a tug on her blouse, pulling her in the direction of the house. "I'm not going inside yet." She denied the ghost's desire. "I've still got to pull all these weeds out before they mess up my flower bed. You're just going to have to wait."

After shutting the water off, she surveyed her flowers and found the spot where the weeds were at their worst. She crouched down, and just as she did so, she felt the ghost pummel into her side. She fell over on her side, and felt the ghost's form climbing on top of hers.

"What do you think you're doing?" She asked.

Her reply came in the form of a cold breath coming down on her face, and a moment later, ghostly lips pressed against hers. This was the first time her father had dared to kiss her, and his desire and passion was so strong, that Cynthia gave in and allowed him to have his moment.

Her arms went up around an invisible waist, and she found the torso to be firm and tangible, as if she was holding a real person, and out of curiosity, she reached between their two forms. She found the ghostly erection, as real as the rest of the phantom, and that was the moment she realized that the ghost meant to take her right there in the backyard.

No sooner had she wondered if any of the neighbors were home, than she felt her legs drawn up and into the air. Her cotton shorts were rolled up, around her knees, and her bikini strings were pulled on both sides, and a second later, the flimsy fabric was gone from between her legs.

She braced herself for what was about to happen to her, and barely stifled a moan as she felt herself bring penetrated. As if her father had gone berserk with lust, she felt his manly hips grinding and smashing into her softly curved ones, and it took all of her effort just to keep her mouth closed and not cry out in a way that might send the occupants of the neighboring residences outside to take a look. What would they have seen, she asked herself, but a young woman lying on her back, in the grass and with her legs high in the air and her mouth clamped shut as she was being ravaged by something that could not be seen.

Cynthia grunted and ripped out two great bunches of grass, as her climax spilled out all over her body, but the ghost kept up its relentless pace further, until she began pushing him away. As if understanding this, the ghost withdrew, but only for a second, as he brought Cynthia's legs together and pulled her shorts completely off. He split her legs open, and leaned over her prone form. After, he again embedded himself into his daughter, but this time, he wasn't in the hurry he was in before. Gently, the ghost lay on her, holding her by the shoulders and kissing her, as he took up a much calmer pace.

Cynthia shivered from the cold of the ghost's lips, and later, from the tingles of his needy tongue. Finally, she felt him convulsing into his own distinctive climax. He still held her, for a long moment after this, until he rolled away and was gone from her senses.

The following day, while she was at work, Cynthia had a wicked thought, and many of her store's regular customers noticed and commented on her sly grin. Did she have a new boyfriend? Some of the more daring of her regulars asked, and while she was on her breaks and lunch, she found herself humming happy tunes and smiling. Even her boss was pleased to see that Cynthia was no longer the unhappy girl she'd been just a few years in the past, when Cynthia had very nearly been terminated, and when she'd been having so much trouble with all of the young men.

That night, Cynthia went to into the master bedroom wearing a black bra and thong, and she made a great display of taking the lingerie off, as soon as she sensed that her father had come into the room. She wanted to get him as excited as possible, so she could carry out the mischievous notion she'd had while she was at work.

Once she was fully nude, she slipped the bed covers away, lay down, and waited until she felt the ghostly form slide in beside her. She reached over, finding and feeling her father's cool form on the mattress, and caressed the taut muscles of his chest. The only difference between the ghost's body, and the body of a living, breathing man, was that she couldn't see the person lying next to her. Other than that, her father felt completely real.

"It's because of me, isn't it?" Cynthia asked. "The more that you think of me, the more that you want me, the more real you become. I have a surprise for you, but you have to close your eyes first. Squeeze my hand when your eyes are closed."

Wondering what was about to happen, but sensing nothing but happy thoughts from his daughter, the ghost readily complied. He shut his eyes, and squeezed Cynthia's hand. While the ghost had no real idea of what to expect, other than it might have been carnal and explicit, he was extremely shocked as he felt Cynthia's body quickly scrambling over his. The ghost opened his eyes to see one of Cynthia's thick thighs stretch out over his chest, and her meaty rear end centered itself right near his face. When his daughter's intentions became clear a second later, the ghost balked, and he reached up to grasp her by the waist to throw her aside...

But it was too late. Her hand had already steadied his erection, and her lips quickly went down and snared it into her mouth. While receiving oral sex from his daughter had been the furthest thing on the ghost's mind, for we must remember that the phantom was as conservative as he'd been while he was alive, he soon discovered that the warmth from Cynthia's mouth was extremely pleasing to him. The ghost was not repelled or disgusted, as he should have been, but instead began to relish and delight in the sensuous experience.

A few minutes later, Cynthia paused from her bobbing, to wiggle her delicious butt back and forth a few seconds. After this, she went back to her task.

To the ghost, what she wanted was perfectly clear. But still, he couldn't bring himself to act.

Deciding to prod her father even further, Cynthia slid her body back, until her rump was only an inch or two away from his face. Her pleasing curves were close enough that a ghost without a physical olfactory system could still manage to catch a whiff of her fragrant and flowery body wash, mixed in with the sweet smell of her sex.

The ghost caught his breath, as he brought up his hands to either side of her butt, and felt his daughter shudder from his cool touch. And then, tossing away his inhibitions as his daughter seemed to have done much earlier than him, he brought his head up closer, and began giving attention to her private confines in a similar manner to what Cynthia was doing to him on the other end.

She went through a climax of course, as the ghostly tongue probed at her, as it tasted and savored the delicious honey her body exuded. And she went through a second climax just a few minutes later, when the ghost reached around her fleshy thighs and forced his hands between the tightly pressed flesh of her breasts and his lower torso. Cynthia was nearly screaming, as the phantom hands cupped her breasts and groped at them, while his mouth delighted her from behind, both acts exhibiting an abandon she never would have imagined from her father. She became so enthralled that she nearly forgot her own naughty, experimental exercise.

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