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Damn This Jogging Class


"Like hell I don't want to be here right now." I complained as I threw my backpack down on the track. "It's 8:00 in the morning, Monday morning in fact, and I'd rather be sleeping.

"Tell me about it, I can't think of one good reason why I'm standing here right now besides this bullshit attendance policy. More than two absences and you fail. And if I'm dying? Are they gonna fail a dying man? Because I'm telling you that warm up alone last week coulda killed me. Oof, scratch that I said earlier though. I forgot the one thing that does make this class a bit worth while mate." Colin said.

"Yeah what's that?" I said as I fumbled with my phone.

"All these fine ass women walking around in those short ass shorts." He said. I could practically feel his eyes goggling some girls without even looking at him.

"Can't argue with that." I replied.

"Especially that brunette coming 'round. What's her name? Jennifer?" He asked.

My head perked up and I saw Jenny walking onto the track. We hadn't spoken since last Wednesday. Didn't exchange numbers and coincidentally didn't run into her once on campus. She was with her roommate. Funny I didn't even notice she was in this class too. I had almost forgotten about hooking up with her on Wednesday. Who am I kidding? I had actually thought about it and masturbated to it every day since.

"You know what though, fancy the blonde even more. Think I'm developing this thing for blondes." Colin continued.

Yeah, you go ahead with the blonde Colin. I think the brunette is a little preoccupied. He walked over to Jenny and her roommate and I could hear him ask her a question about our logs from last week. Jenny had started walking towards me now but her roommate didn't seem to be bothered that she had left her alone with a stud like Colin.

"Your friend says you guys didn't record the right times for your logs last week." She stated in an accusing tone.

"You smelt the bullshit didn't you? Think It'll be a good enough pick up line?" I asked.

"I think his accent and arms are a pick up line enough." She said. This wasn't nearly as awkward as I thought it would be. My phone went off but a quick glance revealed it was just some spam.

"Someone texting you about another amazing orgasm?" she asked.

"I doubt it, the only person I've given one too as of lately doesn't have my number." I quickly responded.

She smiled and grabbed my phone out of my hand. The contact of her skin on mine was enough to give me little goosebumps even though it was like 100 degrees outside. When she returned it to me I saw her name with some hearts next to it had been added to my contacts. Before I could give her mine our wanna-be- personal-trainer TA blew the whistle for attendance. After everyone was accounted for we began stretching as he explained our activities for today.

"Alright, if we're all following along with the syllabus then we know today is our first Cooper test. You get 12 minutes. See how far you can run. Partner up with someone who will record your distance for you and decide who's gonna go first. Don't worry about turning it, just attach it to your logs." He said monotonously.

I walked over to my backpack to get my log out and saw Jenny walking towards me when I looked up.

"Partners?" She asked in more of a statement.

"Seems like I don't have a choice really. Ladies first though." I said. She scowled at me slightly and walked away to take her place at the starting line. Colin who seemed to have luckily paired up with Jenny's roommate took a seat next to me.

"How'd that go?" I asked.

"Not that well. Seems like she went out with this British guy last year who was a totally wanker. Oh well though, you stole her partner and I'll have changed her mind by the end of the hour. You lesbians are the ultimate wingman you know that? Though this whole friendship would be a lot better if we could shag AND you'd help me get shagged." He asked.

"You're the wanker. That is NEVER happening." I laughed.

"Whatever. This wanker managed to snag her digits anyways yeah?" he defended himself, waving a piece of paper with a phone number scribbled across it in my face.

The first half of the class got ready to run and the rest of us took a seat on the benches to count their laps. I had seen Jenny running in class a few times before but this time it was my objective to follow her with my eyes around the track. Now I couldn't help but notice the way her breasts bounced and how her butt cheeks stuck out a little when her shorts would start to ride up. She did about as many laps as some of the serious female athletes in our class and then came running over to me. That slightly toned appearance her whole body had to come from some work at the gym though so I wasn't entirely surprised. I looked down at my notebook and realized I had stopped tallying laps after the second one. After making sure Jenny's roommate wasn't too far behind or ahead of Jenny I looked over at Colin's notebook and saw that he had drawn 5 tallies. Five it is,

"How many did I do?" Jenny asked slightly panting.

"Five." I answered.

"Sweet, try topping that." She challenged.

Colin and I left to line up with the other half of the class. This seemed so much easier from the benches perspective. I don't know how Jenny managed to look so graceful let alone hot doing this. I was sweating my nonexistent balls off and felt like I was going a mile an hour. After my first lap it felt like ten minutes had gone by already and I refused to let Jenny outrun me so I picked up the pace. When we finally finished my notebook was closed and sitting on top of my backpack.

"Alright, that's it for today. Do your cool down stretches on your own." The ta said, simultaneously dismissing us.

"Five and a half but we're equally useless." She said, referencing the fact that six laps was considered an average fitness level. "I'll see you next week."

I was out of breath from trying to outrun her and nodded as I figured that was all I could manage to get out. Before I knew it she was already walking off the track with her roommate again. That was it? I grabbed my notebook and flipped through the pages to make sure both our laps were recorded. Under my name and my laps in someone's cute girly handwriting it read "let me know when you want to come over and fuck me with your tongue again, you have my number now." Now that was IT. I shut the notebook quickly and shoved it in my backpack just as I saw Jenny looking over her shoulder back at me.

"You got it easy with these lesbians you know. These straight girls, you gotta put so much work into it." He complained. "Plus I think it'd be easier if I was allowed to take my shirt off."

That night I couldn't wait to find a good time to text her. As soon as I got out of Anatomy I made my way to my car. When I sat down in the driver's seat I hesitated before starting the car. If I drove home and texted her and she wanted to hook up tonight it'd be a shame to have to drive back. A waste of gas that was definitely worth it, but a waste of gas nonetheless. I pulled out my phone and saw that I had received two texts from Colin.

"Having Viv over for dinner at my place tonight."

"Not half bad eh?" with a picture attached of an attempt at a home cooked meal.

So the dorm would be all ours tonight then. And her name was Viv? I responded back to Colin and then started to type out a text to Jenny.

"Heard your dorm is empty tonight." Too creepy and all knowing.

"Are you free tonight?" Too desperate.

"Hey Jenny." Just fucking lame.

"For fuck's sake." I sighed as I typed out and deleted about five other messages.

"Want to get tongue fucked tonight?"

Before I could even begin to think of how crass that was I hit send. Crass? Who was I kidding anyways? She was the one that started this in my notebook. I pulled it out of my backpack to take a look at it again. There was no way I had imagined it. After flipping a few pages there it was. Let me know when you want to come over and fuck me with your tongue again. Well, I'm letting you know Jenny. Tonight I would like to fuck the shit out of you with my tongue, among other things too actually. Now I was starting to get horny. I looked around the parking garage and saw I was sandwiched between two empty jeeps and facing a concrete wall in front of me.

"Oh what the hell." I said as I unzipped my pants.

I stuck my hand in my underwear and started rubbing my clit. It had only been like what, twelve hours maybe since the last time I had masturbated but it still felt so good. This is what this girl was doing to me, driving me sexually insane. I couldn't get enough of thinking about her and that's exactly what I did as I touched myself. I was replicated everything that happened on Wednesday. I thought about how sexy her body in a dimly lit room. How soft her thighs were as I laid hands on them while giving her head. How sexy her moaning was when she was just about to orgasm. How wet her little pussy was just at the thought of me licking her clit.

Then my thoughts began to wander into territory we hadn't each reached yet. The way her hot little tongue would feel on my clit. The way she would moan and beg for more when I finger fucked her the way no guy would ever have the knowledge to. The way her tits would bounce when I just outright fucked her. I could feel the orgasm coming now as I began to think of us both naked grinding our pussies together. The orgasm was building up inside of me now and I started rubbing a little faster. Jenny was just getting finished saying "Fuck me harder" when I began to pulsate. I let the orgasm finish and then pulled my hand out of my pants and zipped back up.

How on earth some girls thought masturbating was a "guy's thing" blew my mind. My phone buzzed and I quickly picked it up with the hope that it was Jenny but it was just Colin again.

"Success mate. She'll be staying at chez-colin tonight." Attached to a picture he snagged of Viv in a towel walking towards the bathroom.

Well I'll be damned. I congratulated Colin and then checked to see if I had missed any other messages while my mind was elsewhere but there was nothing. Nothing at all. I looked at the clock in my car and it read 8:27. Almost half an hour had passed by since I had texted her. Why wasn't she texting me back? Was she having second thoughts? I waited around another half hour before I decided it was time to leave. If she texted me later I would just have to make the drive back, if anything with Viv out of the place maybe she'd invite me over to the stay the night.

A few more hours passed by the time I got home and I was getting tired. I still hadn't received one text from Jenny but continued to get updates on Colin's progress. It was almost one o'clock in the morning now and I had to get up at 6:30 tomorrow. Feeling pretty disappointed and a little pissed, I decided to set an alarm and call it a night. Just as I made that resolution my phone buzzed and I expected another update from Colin but it wasn't.

"Yes, come over now."

I was really pissed now to be honest. She has the nerve to text me back now in the middle of the night. Not once did I think there might have been some justifiable reason for her delayed answer. I was just assuming she was waiting until it was convenient for her. And two minutes before I was about to go to bed was not a convenient time for me. But hell, how could I pass her up. Plus, I knew going into this I was nothing but a booty call for her. When she wanted an orgasm I was her living sex toy, disposable whenever she needed me. So twenty minutes later I was at her door.

I knocked twice and she answered it swiftly. As soon as she shut the door behind me I was pressed up against it. I think it might have actually been my back that made the slamming sound instead of the door. Her lips were locked against mine in a kiss with so much passion that was completely void the other night. She was in nothing but a bra and underwear and my hands automatically started touching every inch of her skin. I was getting lightheaded from all the chemicals that were shooting all over the place in my body now. If I didn't pull away now I would have passed out from the wooziness, and there was something else that was bothering me.

"Wait stop." I said as I turned my cheek to her lips. She gave me a soft kiss on the cheek and then a few more when I didn't say anything else.

"Why?" she asked in between kisses.

"Well for one I was about to overdose or something, and two why did it take you so long to text me back?" I asked.

The kisses stopped. She pulled away and sat down on the couch.

"Overdose on what?" she asked, avoiding my question but I went along with it.

"I don't think you understand how fucking hot you are, or how bad I want you." I tried to explain. "If you kiss me like that it literally feels like I'm on some insane euphoric drug."

"Yeah, you really know what that's like huh you drug addict? How bad do you really want me?" she continued.

"Okay no, I probably don't know what that's like, but I do know I want you really fucking bad. I think about you like every damn day Jenny. I masturbate to you like every day. Just thinking about you today ended up in me masturbating in my car in parking garage 1." I confessed.

She laughed and I saw down next to her on the couch. She put her head on my shoulder and asked me what I thought about. I began to tell her but before I could get to into it she started kissing my neck.

"Why did it take you so long to text me?" I asked again.

Her lips were on my lips again and it felt so good I didn't want to pull away to ask again. Her hand was sliding up the back of my shirt now. I loved the feel of a girl's hands on my back while we were making out. She was leaning into me to get me to lay down on the couch but I pushed back.

"Alright come on Jenny. What the hell? Why did it take you so long?" I asked yet again. "I really don't like being messed with so if there's something going on or something you're hiding...Or let's just talk about what this is gonna be. I don't mind being your fuck buddy but I need to get some sleep on school nights you know?"

"Really? You wouldn't tolerate being messed around with if it meant getting to mess around with me?" she asked.

"Okay, no I probably would tolerate it. But I'm gonna try to avoid it at first. We need some rules and shit." I answered.

"No guy has ever given me an orgasm before. And all I wanted to do was use you for sex." She admitted, but it somehow sounded unfinished.

"Yeah, okay and like I said I have no problem with that because you might just be the hottest girl on campus. But that doesn't really answer my question. What happened? I texted you at like 8 and you took five hours to get back to me?" I explained.

"I was freaking out. I want more. And it's kinda scaring the shit out of me. I've never liked a girl Kris and I've never kissed someone the way I'm kissing you now. And it's not just you that feels like a drug addict right now, I just didn't want to sound like an idiot explaining it." She admitted.

"So you're saying I sounded like an idiot a minute ago?" I asked.

"Yes. And stop being an ass and address everything else I said." She pleaded.

"Look, you don't have to be scared. I gave you the best head of your life and now you're confused and think you like girls. It happens all the time. It's lust and you're just confused." I stated.

"Oh fuck you, god you're cocky." She sighed.

"Actually that's my point exactly. All you gotta remember is that I actually don't have a cock. Anyone can kiss you, play with your tits, and give you head Jenny. But I don't have a cock so what are you gonna do with me?"

"All those things you were fantasizing about. I want all those things." She said.

"Oh yeah?" I asked.

I took her hand and put it down my underwear and put her other hand on my chest.

"Really?" I asked.

She began to kiss me again while rubbing my clit and playing with my nipples. I didn't even bother saying anything now. Confused or not this girl was almost as precise as I was with my fingers and if I was getting high just off her kisses earlier I was beyond myself now getting felt up by her. I was NOT about to stop her. She would slide her hand in between my lips a few times to spread the wetness around and then continue stroking my clit. She pulled my shirt off over my head and unhooked my bra with one hand. She could probably feel my smirk on her lips as I did the same to hers, but then as if saying she had plenty of more where that came from I felt her fingers slip inside me and I let out a moan.

"Fuck." I mumbled.

"Is that okay?" she asked.

"No, it's fucking amazing." I answered.

She repositioned herself and pulled my underwear off so she could get better leverage as she began to finger me harder. I was so wet now her fingers were sliding in and out of me so easily, allowing her to go even faster. A few seconds later she had established a steady pattern and I laid my head back so I could sit back and enjoy being finger fucked by this beautiful half naked girl. I loved the way she felt inside me. It was beautiful the way she was filling me up, but at the same time so dirty when she would suddenly start to ram my pussy so fucking hard.

"Fuck me harder Jenny." I would encourage her.

"Harder?" she would tease.

"Yes, harder please." I would beg her and would oblige, shoving her fingers into me even harder than she already was. I would look down at what she was doing every now and then, being able to watch her fingers slip in and out of me was such a turn on. It was during on the brief moments my eyes were to the ceiling that I felt her tongue brush the tip of my clit.

"Ohhh, fuck." I moaned.

She started to lick my clit and I slid down so I could lay down into the couch a little more. I looked down at one of the hottest sights I've ever seen in my life, a girl kneeling down below me with her head in between my legs eating me out. She continued to lick circles around my clit while fingering me. She knew what she had to do to keep me on edge but I couldn't take it anymore.

"Make me come Jenny." I pleaded, and she willingly began to lick my clit until I came a few short seconds later. She pulled out fingers and kisses my thighs as I caught my breath and sat back up on the couch. She got up off the floor and sat down in between my still open legs wrapping her arms around my neck.

"I like you." She said softly in my ear.

"I like you too." I said.

"You're just saying that cause I just gave you an orgasm." She accused.

I thought of the pang of jealousy I felt when Colin was checking her out, and the relief that hit me short after when he decided to go for Viv instead. I thought of the way it felt when she had kisses me when I first walked in and the way it had just felt seconds ago when she was inside me

"No, I really do like you Jenny." I reassured her.

"I want you to show me everything." She said.

I nodded and took her hand, leading her back into her bedroom.

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Made me orgasm!

LOVED IT! Can't wait to read the third part. It's SOOO hot! As I rubbed my pussy I thought about these girls rubbing it and licking my clit! I orgasmed three times during the series! Keep it up!

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