tagNonHumanDarkness Calling Ch. 03

Darkness Calling Ch. 03


Selene set down her bags and began to sort through the herbs. A level one witch might not be able to snap their fingers and conjure anything, but Selene knew secrets of the old ways. A tiny bit of magic and the right combination of herbs and Selene could bring down the sky.

The first thing she cooked up was a protection spell, using most of her mint, when she was done it fit inside a locket. When it cooled she put it around her neck and took a deep breath. Next came a spell for clarity of thought, another for swiftness of purpose, and lastly some good old fashioned saltpeter in case he got any…ideas from those dreams.

She had half an hour leftover and so Selene decided to shower. She warmed up the water and stripped down to her locket and bare skin before stepping in. She set the shower radio to a classic rock station and began to shampoo her hair. Halfway through bellowing out the chorus to "Hair Of the Dog" she began to feel it. Someone was watching her.

She rinsed out the conditioner and opened her eyes. No one was there, but she felt it. From a cup resting on the shower door she grabbed a handful of rosemary and other herbs and blew it into the room. Shadows fuzzed and came into being, and Soren Nightraven was standing there, blushing.

"Get out!" Selene screeched. She watched as he attempted to go invisible but her herbs blocked it, so he turned and ran into her bedroom.

Blushing Selene shut off the water, grabbed a towel, and her robe. When she was mostly dry the towel wrapped around her, the robe over it. She didn't want to feel exposed, vulnerable. She especially didn't want to see him bush like an awkward boy or she'd lose her mind, and she had no idea why.

"I'm in the hall," he announced beyond her closed door. Hurriedly she threw on jeans and a black Henley from her wardrobe. Dressed she combed her hair back and hoped she looked fierce.

"What the hell were you doing?" Selene yelled by way of greeting.

He looked up from her futon where he'd been playing with her bobble-heads and stood politely. "I'm sorry, I was early. The spell takes me to wherever the person is when I speak their name."

"My name?" She felt the blood drain from her face.

"Selene. Now that I know your name it makes sense. You were raised amongst the humans, yes?"

She snatched back her Ace Freely bobble head and slammed it down on the coffee table. "My life is none of your concern." When she straightened Selene realized they were standing close enough to feel one another's body heat. For an endless moment she found herself trapped in those eyes.

"You know next to nothing of witch culture, do you?" He stood and motioned around her small apartment. "I see human guitar gods, human movie posters, human books on the shelves. I saw you in the shower, no heraldry tattoo. And I see this." He grabbed her left arm before she could stop him and pushed up her sleeve, revealing the small tattoo that proclaimed her an orphan.

"Go to Hades," Selene grumbled and shoved away from him, embarrassed to the depths of her core. She knew little of witches other than rich, privileged, powerful witches thought she was dirt beneath their feet.

"Selene you've been cheated of an existence. You've been robbed of the most basic knowledge."

"I'm a grad student, top of my class at the best damn magic school this side of the Atlantic. I'm no dummy."

Without an invitation he sat on the futon again. "Selene you're not a level one."

Of all the things he could have said that was the last she'd expect. In shock she threw her head back and laughed until her sides ached. "That was a good one."

"You called the storms today. When you ran out it was sunny. You called the storms. That's at least a level six. You invaded my dreams despite my every block. You hid your identity from me. That's at least a level nine."

She slumped down onto a butterfly chair and dug her bare feet into the plush carpeting. "I'm a level one. I can heal paper cuts and tummy aches, that's all."

He scooted forward earnestly. "If you were tested in a COM run orphanage more than ten years ago the test may have been administered improperly. If you'd been living with witches you would have received an order to be retested."

His face had changed into something beauteous with his passion. She found herself watching the way his hands moved with his words, sure and strong. Despite the utter insanity of her life that afternoon she found herself bespelled by his beauty.

"Selene, are you even listening to me?"

"Hunh?" She shook herself. "Sorry. What were you saying?"

He sat back, smiling, and unbuttoned his coat. "This must seem insane to you. Please understand I've been curious about you for some time. I remember the first time I heard you. You were crying, scared, alone. Someone had hurt you deeply. I felt you out there, like you were calling to me. You needed a place to go. I thought of the McPherson's. Did you ever find them?"

Her heart slowed, her blood like ice. After she'd tested at level one she'd been cast out amongst the humans. Put into the foster care system she'd survived a series of homes filled with groping husbands, abusive kids, and slave-driving wives. The last one had been the worst and at sixteen Selene had been cast out onto the streets alone.

Something had guided her to McPherson nursery on the north side of the city. June and Michael were humans who knew of the witch world and they'd taken her in. They'd fostered her love of plants and continued her education in their archaic uses, becoming surrogate parents. She wrote to them every week but Selene had never told anyone about them. Not Marcus, not professor Whitebloom, no one.

She smelled cinnamon and realized he was in her head, listening to her thoughts. She grabbed the locket in her fist and called forth the protection spell. It didn't keep him out, in fact, it opened the pathways wider.

"What are you doing?" she whispered.

"What's in the locket?"

"It's an old protection spell. It's supposed to keep you out."

He leaned forward and reached across the table covering her hands with his. The spark jumped again between them and her brain was awash with lust. "Selene," he said her name with a purr. "You can never keep me out. I won't let you."

The world shimmered and disappeared and she found herself in his mind. She was in the dream they'd shared the night before but this time he was not shadow and she was not light. He was bare-chested and the sight of his body held her captive. He was magnificent, far stronger than any witch she'd ever seen, his body slim but deeply defined by muscle.

He reached for her and she realized she was naked. She gasped, wanting to hide her body from him but he was there. She was trapped in his arms, staring up into his swirling eyes awash with power.

"I knew the first moment our minds touched that you understood. It doesn't matter who we are, how we were raised. You can feel my pain and I can feel yours. We can alleviate it, we can share joy to wash the pain away. Let me in, please, let me in."

With that he kissed her and the jolt of desire was too powerful to resist. Her lips parted and he sank in, pressing their bodies tightly together. She felt the heat of him, the sizzle of his power and she wanted to feel both inside her, desperately.

Her mind flashed over every erotic scene she'd ever seen him share with another woman, only this time she imagined herself in their roles. She imagined what it would feel like to have that magnificent man inside her, to submit to him, to feel as if, for a moment in time, she belonged somewhere.

He broke away from the kiss and she felt the hard bulge of his erection pressing between her hips. "Let me in, that's all I ask."

Struggling she broke the connection and found she was sprawled on his lap, straddling his powerful thighs. They were still fully clothed and she definitely felt his erection bulging out from his trousers.

She was terrified but the serenity she'd felt in the mind link had been the most powerful pull she'd ever experienced. "Yes," she said simply, terribly unsure of herself.

In the blink of an eye she found them naked on her bed, the taste of his magic already fading. She squeaked and wrestled with the sheets to cover herself but he ripped them away. She was left naked, exposed to his hungry gaze.

"You have no idea how long I've dreamt of this moment."

She snorted, all too well aware of his dreams. He cupped her chin and forced her silver eyes to meet his. "Selene, I won't lie. I know next to nothing about you. I do know you're a strong, intelligent woman. I know you're a fighter, you're loyal, and you have a good heart. I know you have many demons you run from. I know you've seen all of mine and you could have, but you did't run from me."

She couldn't form a coherent reply and too scared by his words to respond she grabbed the back of his head and brought his lips to hers. This time it was Selene who traced the seam of his lips until he let her in. She had just a moment to take control before he won it back.

He rolled her onto her back and slipped his body between her legs, pressing the firm ridges of his abdomen into her, grinding against her pussy while his tongue teased her. Selene buried a hand in Soren's hair and slid the other over his shoulders, reveling in the play of muscle beneath her fingertips. He moved his hips in a smooth oscillation that left her gasping.

He slipped her hands free and dragged them lover her head, pinning her wrists with one of his hands. "Slow down," he whispered when she arched against him and moaned.

His hand left her then but a spell kept her pinned, helpless as he trailed his tongue along her jaw, down her neck, across her clavicle. His hands cupped the hefty weight of her breasts, massaging gently. Selene closed her eyes to drink in the sensation and hide from the reality but she could feel him in her mind.

"Open your eyes, Selene. Look at me."

Helpless to disobey she did. His skin was golden, his presence magnetic. Soren seemed to fill up her tiny bedroom like a dark god, a golden idol, all in one. For a brief moment panic flared. What was she doing? She had known him for exactly thirty minutes sum total and here she was, ready to beg him to fuck her.

"Shh," he said as if she'd spoken aloud. "I've known you for years, you've known me. Relax, Selene, and let me pleasure you."

She moaned, unsure, and braced herself for a spell. Instead he lowered his head and drew a taut nipple deep into his mouth. He suckled fiercely, swirling his tongue about the nub. Sensation shot through her, her muscles loosening and tightening simultaneously, her pussy growing wetter. His clever fingers pulled and plucked at the free nipple until her mind sank beneath consciousness and into pleasure.

She heard herself moan, heard his answering rumble. Arching to meet him her body cried out for more. He was relentless, grinding his body into hers, pulling and biting her nipples, one hand caressing her legs gently in contrast to the brutal pleasure.

"Please," she whimpered and he chuckled under his breath.

"Please what? Tell me what you want."

"More," she whispered, her eyes still locked to his as commanded. They were turbulent like the sea and a storm raged in them. Again she was struck by his beauty, the sheer perfection of him. He smiled and she blushed anew, remembering he could hear her thoughts.

And you mine, she heard from him. I want to taste you, he purred into her mind.

She could only watch breathlessly as he slid down, his eyes still on hers as his hands gently parted her folds and probed. Softly he teased her clit, earning a gasp, slowly he stroked the length of her.

"More what? Selene, ask and I'll give you whatever you want."

He kept gently teasing her, driving her wild with need. "Lick me," she whispered.


"Lick me!"

He chuckled but did as she commanded and Selene spiraled out of control. He lapped at her in short strokes, carefully avoiding her clit until she was cursing in frustration. Then he began long sweeping licks, dipping his tongue inside her, deeper with every pass.

"Please!" She cried out, her body shimmering on the edge of a powerful orgasm.

"Please what?"

She thrashed her head side to side grunting in frustration. No other lover had ever demanded this from her, but not other lover had ever fueled her excitement that far. "Soren!"

He took pity on her as if his name was a secret code. His mouth enveloped her pussy and he sucked. The instant pressure washed over her and she felt the spell. Ghostly fingers pulled at her nipples and it was too much. She came, screaming, arching and bucking, almost unseating him.

Selene felt her muscles flutter and pulse, the pleasure radiating out in waves. The orgasm seemed to go on forever, her voice breaking with the hoarse cries forced out of her.

When she came down she felt him poised at her entrance. His face was at hers, his eyes shining like neon down onto her. Selene smelled the salty tang of her own juices on his lips and her heart skipped a beat.

"Say you want me, Selene Rainn. Say it's me you want."

Confused but drugged with pleasure her sluggish brain struggled to comply. The spells still kept her pinned, kept her breasts pleasured and her mind struggled to move past it. "I want you."

"Say my name, say it's me you want," he said gruffly, almost pleading.

"I want you…Soren Nightraven."

"And I want you Selene Rainn." With that he slammed into her with brutal force. He was huge, bigger than even his fantasies and dreams had led her to believe. The tip of him touched her womb and the girth stretched her aching pussy wide.

She gasped at the sensation and something more, like a lock clicking into place. The strange sensation slipped from her mind as he began to move. He drove into her with near violence and her body responded to it like a primitive animal discovering its mate. Soren held nothing back and Selene reveled in it.

The spells still held her, but on her breasts the fingers changed to twin mouths. She gasped, a broken sound, and felt him swell inside her, close. Soren slipped a hand between them resting the thick pad of a thumb against her clit, letting the motion of his body and hers work it.

Suddenly Selene realized she could feel him in her mind. Feel how her soft body pleased him, how her tight cunt milked him, her mewls of pleasure sung sweetly to his ears. She wondered if he could feel her own pleasure, the beauty of him, the feeling of surrender, the way his cock filled her. He grunted at that and a shiver of pleasure tore through them both.

The orgasm welled up on her, surging from deep inside, her muscles tightening, milking his cock. When Selene exploded Soren was right behind her, howling his pleasure. For a blissful moment, Selene felt complete and whole.

He surged into her for the last time and collapsed gracefully, keeping most of his weight off of her.

Reason returned and Selene began to struggle. "Oh, God, what did we just do? How could I be so stupid? Release me, Soren. Now."

The spells on her breasts stopped but the magical bonds on her wrists were as strong as ever. "Selene you need to listen to me." He rolled out of and away from her and another spell left her clean of any mess.

"What?" she finally said.

"Selene, just how much of witches do you know?" Noticing her discomfort he pulled the sheet up to cover her, but sighed regretfully.

"What do you mean?"

"Tell me about your life."

Panic flared in her breast and with her scant magic she reached out for the protection amulet. Instead of quieting him it calmed her and she found herself responding.

"My parents died when I was a baby. Don't ask how I know, I just do. I was dumped at an orphanage at age two with no identification, no tattoo. I have a birthmark on my shoulder that looks like a full moon, and I was found in a rainstorm. The orphanage cook who found me named me Selene Rainn.

"I lived in squalor and chaos, the only light in my life was Maggie the cook. Half human herself as a level one she had studied old ways around the world. She introduced me to plants and herbs, and helped me believe in myself.

"Then when I was thirteen I took the exam. I knew something was wrong when they sent Maggie on vacation. The next day they told me I was a level one and COM would no longer pay for my housing. I was allowed to take one suitcase and they brought me to the city.

"I went into the human foster care system. It was…hard. I left on my own when I was sixteen. I found the McPhersons but I had no idea how. I worked for them and got my GED. I stayed on and did two years of community college before transferring to a human school for my bachelors.

"The McPhersons continued what Maggie had been teaching me. From them I learned all I know about plants and herbs, what magic they possess. That's the only reason I was accepted here, because of my archaic knowledge."

He smoothed her hair and lifted the spell from her wrists. She turned away on her side, feeling exposed, vulnerable. He shifted behind her, wrapping her into his arms. "You know next to nothing of witches then."

"I know I'll never belong. I know as a level one I'm nearly human. I know I have no soul mate. I know I'll never fight any duels. I know it will always be hard work and knowledge that clears my path."

He kissed her temple. "You're amazing, Selene, astounding. Ten years I've dreamt of you, and to think you were only sixteen when it began. If I'd known I would have felt like a dirty sleaze."

"How old were you?"

"I was twenty three, in my last year of graduate studies. My parents sent me away to boarding school when I was only five. I was in Switzerland, my brother in England, my sister in France. When I was ten my brother was killed in a duel. I vowed to avenge him and I bided my time, working to gain strength. I challenged my brother's killer, and the night you called to me he'd been discovered dead. Suicide.

"I'd called my parents but they didn't understand. My sister tried but even she didn't understand. I thought my soul was shattering, and then I felt you. You showed me light when all I felt was darkness."

Selene didn't know what to say to that at first and so they lapsed into a comfortable silence. Finally she gathered the courage to ask "Can we stop this…whatever it is?"

His hand dropped from where it had been toying with her hair. "Selene, you truly don't know?"

"Know what?"

"Selene we'll always be able to link our minds. We're soul mates, and by the oldest rituals of our people you are my wife."

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