tagNonHumanDarkness Calling Ch. 04

Darkness Calling Ch. 04


Selene snuck out like a coward while he was in the shower. Heading for Marcus' apartment she met him outside her door. "Marcus there are things I need to ask you. Please, promise me you won't laugh at my ignorance."

He hugged her tightly. "Come on love, let's go to my place for hot cocoa and pizza and we'll talk."


Selene felt ill. Ten years. For ten years she'd had the key! And she'd been too stupid, too ignorant to know what to do. She had a soul mate which meant she was at least a level two. She'd hidden herself from the probing mind of a level ten. There was no telling what her actual power was, nor why it was suppressed.

She had a soul mate who had forced her to bond with him without telling her any of this beforehand. She had no idea what to do, and found herself walking towards Professor Whitebloom's house.

Selene, where are you? Soren asked her in her head. She tried to shut him out but it was like not blinking, she just couldn't do it. Go away, Soren, she responded and felt his worry.

Don't run from me, Selene. I couldn't handle it. I've finally found you, and I won't let you go. Why can't I see where you are? At Soren's words in her mind she flinched. Marcus had used all of his power to conceal her, the best he could do. She needed time to digest this all.

Good, you're close. You will come to me, Selene. We belong together.

She stopped in front of Sigrid Whitebloom's house and sighed. There was a light on. With everything she had she shut the connection until she knew he was in her mind sensing only emotions, nothing else.

Selene took a deep breath and pulled out the charm. It was a cotton ball soaked in essential oils and with the freethrow she'd developed tosses the ball at the window with a light.

She took the oils, sharp and bitter, and wiped it on her bottom lip. "Sigrid?" she said and the magic of the oils carried her voice up to the window.

It opened quickly and Professor Whitebloom blinked down at her. "How on earth did you do that?"

"Plants, I'll give you the recipe. Pro- Sigrid, can we talk? I need some advice."

"Come in," Sigrid said and with the flavor of ginger the front door opened by magic. At the scent of ginger, Selene strangely felt Soren leave her mind.


"So let me get this straight. You've found your soul mate, you refuse to tell me who, and he says you have the power of a level nine witch? Is that correct?"

Selene waited for Sigrid to pour another cup of Earl Grey before responding. Looking around the room she was surprised. They were in Sigrid's office and everywhere Selene looked she saw plants. Plants in potters, in paintings, in books and photographs. Recipes written in Selene's own hand were tacked onto one wall, the bench beneath it set up for spell casting with plants and herbs.

"That's correct. Something he said concerns me; I was tested thirteen years ago and he told me that ten years ago they discovered many of the COM public assistance tests were improper. Had I been living with witches I would have been required to take it again. Is that true?"

"Very. Soren Nightraven himself enacted the recall after he personally witness improper testing. The man changed the lives of hundreds of witches."

Selene swallowed. "But he would have been so young then."

"His first job. They gave him the task of overseeing public assistance tests and look what it got them. Now the important question; Selene why are you asking me this and not your soul mate?"

"It's complicated, I can't really explain it. How do I go about being retested?"

Sigrid smiled and smoothed her blonde hair back from the humidity induced frizz it had become. "As it happens I'm a certified examiner. We can test you tonight, what do you say?"

Selene bit her lip. "I don't know. How could I be any more than a level one? No additional powers have manifested themselves."

The professor wrinkled her nose. "That's a god question, but let's take it one thing at a time. Come on, follow me to the garden."

In her backyard Selene discovered the Whiteblooms had an English garden crammed full of flowers and herbs. She gasped in pleasure at the variety of roses, organized into groups by magical purpose. "Oh, it's amazing."

"Inspired by you, my dear. Have a seat." She motioned to a long padded bench at the center. Selene sat and kept her back ramrod straight, chewing her lip nervously.

The first time she'd taken the test had been brutal, an invasion of her mind like rape. The teacher that had commenced it had never been kind or gentle but Selene had always feared the test itself was painful.

Sigrid stood behind her and placed her cool hands on Selene's temple, gently. The wind stirred around them and Selene heard the whisper of voices. Suddenly Sigrid was in her mind, almost as gentle as Soren had been.

"We are not alone, Selene. It seems your soul mate is keeping a close watch on you. I need to kick him out for this, do I have your permission?"

"Yes!" Selene nearly shouted and Sigrid chuckled but cast Soren out.

"All right, now try as hard as you can to relax and let your mind go blank. Breathe deep breaths, use your belly, and concentrate solely on the breathing. Okay?"

"I think I can do that."

"Do not be alarmed by what you see," Sigrid said softly and Selene began to take deep breaths.

At first there was the sensation of wind blowing through a library, opening books and blowing through their pages. Then she began to spill through her life, backwards. With great embarrassment she saw the last orgasm with Soren, the storm from the afternoon, a weekend trip with Marcus to the city with his boyfriend, her college graduation. Back they went, back, back, back, through her teenage years, past the McPhersons, past the foster families, past the orphanage. Sigrid lingered on Maggie the cook and a lesson in daffodils, and moved back further.

Selene almost fought the image of her parents, and Sigrid pushed through, going back. Blackness exploded in Selene's head and an electrical hum began. It grew to nearly a throb and just when she thought her head would explode, Sigrid left her and the cool night air soothed her.

"Goddess!" Sigrid said and promptly passed out.


"She's waking up," Jonathon Whitebloom said. The magic conjured in his backyard had woken Sigrid's husband and he'd been outside just in time to catch her in her faint.

Selene wrung her hands. "I'm sorry, it's my fault. She was...looking at my power."

Jonathon gave her a cool assessing look. "And she passed out?" Selene nodded. "And you're a white witch?" Selene nodded again and Jonathon frowned.

"I'm sorry about that," Sigrid said, coming awake. "Oh, sweetheart, sorry we woke you."

He stroked her cheek with deep love and kissed the tip of her nose. "Love, it's not bother. Are you all right?"

She sat up and smiled. "Fine."

Jonathon stood and smoothed his long brown hair back. "Sorry it was this way, but I'm glad to meet you, Selene."

He held out his hand and she took it. He was warm and his power was a full mantle, tasting like the air after a spring rain. He tested her like a little shock, his aura against hers, then let go of her hand with a raised eyebrow, his handsome face puzzled.

"Selene, how did no one ever pick up you're not a level one?"

Her throat was dry, her mouth cottony wondering what was going on. "How did you figure it out?"

He smiled and sat by his wife. "I'm a level ten, but anyone above a seven could tell with a simple handshake. You're a level ten, Selene."

She gasped and shook her head. "Look, this is the most of my naked power." She backed up until she found a drooping rose and with all the strength of her spirit she brought it back to perfect health as if the sun shone down in full, not the clouded moon.

"See? This is all."

"Selene, have a seat, please." Sigrid motioned to the bench opposite. "Selene, you're not a level ten white witch, you're a level one white and a level ten black."

Selene sank to the bench and laughed. "I've seen my parents, in visions. They were both white witches. There is no way I'm a dark witch, don't be fooled by my coloring. Not you, Sigrid, a blonde born as a black witch."

"Selene, how did you get your name?" Jonathon asked quietly, exchanging a look with his wife.

Looking back and forth between them Selene bit her lip. "A birthmark on my shoulder. It looks like the moon."

"A full moon?" He asked.

She nodded and Sigrid put her hand on his shoulder. "Jonathon, please turn around. Selene, would you please show me the mark?"

Waiting for Jonathon to turn Selene did the same and slipped her shirt and bra strap down. Sigirid's hands touched her and the mark, a healer's hands, soothing, and suddenly the mark flared to life.

"Hades!" Sigird said and stumbled back. "Jonathon, look at this. Please, let him, Selene."

Selene did and felt his hands on her, rough hands which made her shiver though she held no desire for him. "By the Goddes! It's Blackhawk's mark!"

For Selene, the world went black.


She came into awareness confused. The bed she was in didn't feel like hers, and there were hands on her body. Without opening her eyes she arched into the caress and moaned "Soren."

"Selene, my Selene," his voice responded.

Her eyes flying open she saw they were in a bedroom she'd seen before. In his dreams, it was his. Soren wasn't naked, he was fully dressed in the same suit he'd worn that day. She, on the other hand, was naked on the black satin sheets.

"What's going on?"

"You're asleep, and I'm determined to show you something different. Last time I was too rushed, too rough, I needed you too much."

It had been perfect but before she could tell him that much he was buried between her thighs. His mouth was magic, licking, sucking, pulling and teasing her flesh. Her mind couldn't grasp anything beyond that it felt good. Better than good, it felt incredible.

She built but hit a wall, and he seemed determined to keep her there. When she wanted her clit sucked his tongue delved inside; when she wanted to feel him lick her long and slow he sucked feverishly. Her voice broke from the pleas and Soren was merciless.

Just when she thought her orgasm was upon her, his mouth left her achingly hollow. Groaning with his own need Soren captured the peak of a breast in his mouth and gave it the same lavish treatment. When Selene closed her eyes she saw colorbursts and she begged for his tongue, his fingers, his cock; anything in her pussy but he gave her no quarter.

He left her nipple achingly hard and for a victorious moment she thought he'd finish it Soren teased her other nipple. Selene cursed in every language she knew and was gifted with a meaty finger deep in her pussy.

"More!" She cried and he responded with a chuckle.

Her hips bucked to no effect and her hands tried to pull him, push him, but it was like tilting at a boulder. "Please!"

He sank another finger into her but didn't move and she felt frenzied, desperate. With all her might she conjured every drop of magic she could and tried to move him. Instead she felt a wave of lust in foreign magic, the scent of jasmine slid over them and he jerked against her.

"Damn it, woman, I'm trying to be giving here."

She grabbed his head, purely a creature of need. "So give!"

Groaning, strained to point she saw a vein his forehead pumping, He dipped his mouth to her breast once more, pushed his thumb against her clit, and curled his fingers forward onto her g-spot.

Selene screamed for all she was worth as the orgasm of her life washed over her, out of her like energy. Her muscles spasmed and the color bursts turned to fireworks as he kept moving, driving her deeper into dark pleasure.

When it was over she moaned softly and he left her for a moment before pulling her into his arms. His erection felt like steel between her buttocks and she barely resist the urge to run against it.

"Do it and you'll kill me."

Facing away from him she felt brave. "Let me return the favor, please."

He kissed her temple. "There's time for that but for now you need to know how much your pleasure means to me. I won't ever use you, I won't ever abandon you. I'm earning your trust."

She started to argue and he cupped her cheek, turning her face back. "You're in a safe place and tonight you are learning things, important things. Tomorrow I will find you and whatever it is you must face, we'll face it together."

"Wait!" She cried but he was gone, severing the connection.

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