tagNonHumanDarkness Calling Ch. 05

Darkness Calling Ch. 05


Jonathon paced in his bedroom, fists clenched, his own magic roiling. His sweet little wife had activated the girl, and the release of dark magic was a sirens call to a white witch. Particularly Sigrid, born to a family of dark witches she had switched allegiance and religion for him. The touch of old magic had inflamed her senses, and thanks to their linked minds he knew exactly what she was thinking.

"Sigrid, no," he said when he caught her last thought. She was thinking of his ass, and he actually felt himself blush until he'd seen her vision of her sweet little mouth working along his cock.

"She's Darkwind's daughter, do you know what this means?"

She pulled off her robe to reveal a slinky nightgown, the baby blue shade matching her eyes perfectly. Her nipples were hard points against the silk and when she caught him looking she stroked them through the material. "We can talk about this...after."

She slipped a strap off and bared a pert breast. His mouth watered and his hands itched, but he had long ago mastered his will. With a thought he cooled her ardor and thereby his own.

Sigrid pouted but pulled the strap up. "She's been his daughter for twenty six years, one more night won't matter."

He sat on the high bed, careful to keep away from her body or his control would shred. "You activated her tonight. I know you had no idea, but you activated her tonight. Every level nine or ten in the tri-state area felt it. There is no way that Blackfoot did not feel the ascension of a level ten black witch."

She smiled. "You're thinking like a politician, try thinking like a teacher. If everything works the way it should a witch reaches their ascension at age thirteen. Darkwind knows he has a bastard child out there but he assumes she is dead. What everyone felt tonight will be interpreted as a pubescent witch coming of age. Now fuck me."

He couldn't formulate a response. His wife was many things, but vulgar was never one, and hearing the coarse words on her soft lips inflamed him. "Damn you, woman, you always get the better of me."

He reached for her and the shields slipped. The ardor burst over her, arching her back and making her gasp, and his cock sprang to life.

"Now, Jon, now!" she cried and with a burst of magic they were naked.

He grabbed her, hauling her to the center of the bed and flipping her onto her stomach. She struggled slightly, unused to his roughness, and he trailed a finger down her spine leaving magic in its wake. "Don't make me restrain you."

"Fuck me, Jonathon, I need to feel you inside me."

For a moment he blessed the goddess, then slipped his legs between hers. "As my lady commands."

He thrust into her without any reparation, and the warm wetness of her pussy almost undid him. She gripped him like a glove, pulling at him. Beneath him her body was tight, her startled cry melted into a low moan that rumbled like a purr.

The call of darkness he felt was what he had experienced the first time he touched her, and the memories of those old, furious couplings made him swell against her. Jonathon began to move, his hips thrusting violently, and Sigrid reached out and grabbed the bars of the headboard, mewling.

He was close, too damn close, his balls tight against his body, and he knew his wife wasn't as close. The spell was barely more than a breath for him and when she felt his ghostly mouth on her clit he knew it.

Her pussy tightened around him, squeezing his cock as she came. Her hands clawed at the sheets and she screamed his name out on a long wail. Knowing they weren't alone in the house he cast a spell shrouding their room in silence as her peak was followed quickly by another. When her pussy rippled along his cock he couldn't bear it anymore and squeezed her hips tightly, thrusting deep enough he felt her cervix meet the head of his cock.

He came, his entire body aching with the sweet release. His shout was wild and guttural, his hips moving automatically until the very end. When it was over he was too spent to hold himself up, instead he collapsed onto her back, slick with sweat.

"So I'll tell her in the morning," Sigrid said.

"Sounds good to me." He turned her face and kissed her deeply, still buried inside, and in his heart knew their love couldn't be any more perfect.


"Selene?" Sigrid asked, leaning over her with a cup of something steaming and delicious-smelling.

Coming awake from the dream Selene stretched the fog of sleep away. "Yes? What happened?"

"You passed out and we let you sleep. It's morning, early yet, you're in my guest room."

"Oh, So- er, my soul mate must be worried."

Sigrid smiled. "He's linked with you, now that you've found each other he will always know if you are all right, or sense the moment you're in danger."

Selene sat back against the pillows and smoothed her messy hair back. With the healing power she knew well her breath turned sweet and the night's sweat was wiped from her body. "Thank you. I remember you and your husband said I was...a dark witch. That can't be right."

"Why don't you join us for breakfast, and we'll all talk about it?" Sigrid waved her hand and with the barest hint of green dust the spell washed over Selene. Her clothes were different, black slacks and a black shirt with a low neck and an empire waist lined in thin white stripes. Her hair was neatly arranged and her face felt clean. Touching her skin she felt moisturizer and sun block on it.

"Thank you."

"It's nothing. Come on, Jonathon made blueberry muffins."

Selene followed Sigrid down the stairs where her nose found the heavenly scent of coffee and muffins. "I think I love you," she said to her professor who just laughed.

Once they were all seated with a muffin and coffee in front of them Selene looked back and forth between the Whiteblooms. They looked nervous and she could tell they were speaking in their minds, having some sort of argument.

"Would you just tell me what's going on?" Anxiety made her impatient.

Jonathon's hand enveloped his wife's, and he cleared his throat. "Selene, what do you know about Bram Darkwind?"

"The high priest?"

Jonathon nodded.

"Not much. He's a confirmed level ten who's studied the ancients, rumors abound that he may even be approaching a level eleven. He's rumored to be a purist, one who believes we should make our presence known to humans, and that white witches are inferior. I believe that was in his campaign literature when he ran against Blackfoot for the Head of the Council On Magic."

"You know as much as the average witch then. What I tell you now must be kept in the strictest confidence."

Selene's eyes flicked over to Sigrid who nodded. "I swear on my power I shall not reveal what is spoken." The oath was a whisper of power around her, binding her to uphold it.

Jonathon took a deep breath and pushed his glasses back. "Darkwind is an elder, but not just an elder, he is an ancient. We speak now of level elevens, twelves, thirteens even, though he is the only soul left alive from that time."

"But how?" Selene gasped. "That would make him over two thousand years old!"

Sigrid leaned forward, nodding. "The rumors that he is the most powerful witch alive are more than rumors, they are truth. The secret of immortality rests solely with Darkwind."

"He has tried to use it to extort the COM," Jonathon added. "When he ran for the head seat privately, amongst the Council of Tens, he swore he would divulge the secret only if we swore allegiance to his brand of 'new religion' and declared war on the humans."

Selene gaped. Bram Darkwind was the equivalent of...she tried to equate him, and the closest human she came to was the Pope, but only as the papacy functioned in the middle ages. "War on the humans? But they outnumber us three hundred to one!"

The Whiteblooms nodded as one. "I was there, I sit on the Council of Tens. I am but a small minority of level ten white witches, and we led the protest, but over half of the dark witches agreed. Soren Nightraven was their leader, and earned Darkwind as an enemy for life."

Something in her chest tightened at that, anxious to hear of her...soul mate in any danger. Bram Darkwind would be the worst enemy anyone could dream of.

"In the last two years we have reasonable intelligence that Darkwind has been turning his high priests and priestesses into a cult, and is planning war."

"War on humans?"

Sigrid shook her head. "War amongst us, the witches."

Selene felt ill, her head spinning. When she spoke her voice was a whisper. "So what does this have to do with me?"

Sigrid stood and came around the table to sit next to her. Her touch was light, the energy flowing was soothing, claming. "Only one other witch alive has ever been shown to naturally possess both the dark and the light."

"Bram Darkwind," Selene whispered.

Jonathon nodded. "Selene, Bram made noises years ago about establishing his own community, the first inkling of converting his highest followers. He had a grand vision, one forbidden to priests and priestesses. He violated his celibacy and seduced a veritable harem of witches, all young, all easily spelled by the ancient.

"No one has ever known for sure if any children resulted from this union, but twenty five years ago a group of witches were slaughtered by magic near the city. The Council of Tens has long suspected Darkwind was behind it, and that he was searching for something. Most of those killed were women of his harem and their soul mates.""

Selene felt her muffin threatening to revisit. "This can't be true."

Sigrid's magic eased the nausea but not even magic could slow the younger witch's heartbeat. "Selene, you're Darkwind's daughter."

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