tagNonHumanDarkness Calling Ch. 06

Darkness Calling Ch. 06


She was the perfect slut. He stood in the shadows watching her in the professor's house, imagining her chained to his bed. Her limbs were long, her body slender, on his dark sheets she'd glow like a silver flame.

He'd take his time, move slowly, leave red marks in a pattern of true beauty over her. With his teeth, nails, and the tools of his trade he'd turn her into a true beauty, a prize. She'd bleed for him, beg and scream, and now he knew she could take it. Anywhere he could imagine his cock in her, Selene could take it.

Because she was a Darkwind, and Darkwinds never died.


Selene stepped out of the Whitebloom house with a shiver in the fall air surrounding her. She felt eyes on her as if she was being watched, but that was only the fear, she knew.

Her soul felt torn. She had a father, an actual father, but she could never let him know. If Bram Darkwind knew of her existence he would no doubt demand her allegiance or kill her.

A small part of wondered if the Whiteblooms truly knew that for a fact, if Darkwind didn't have some piece of his heart reserved for her. Had he ever given up the search? Was it him that killed her mother and the man she always assumed was her father?

She couldn't face Soren just yet, not with the turmoil inside.

In twenty four hours her life had turned upside down, and she needed something to hold on to. Marcus, she needed Marcus. Selene turned around and headed back towards campus, to the dorm where Marcus dwelled amidst Gothrock posters and Cheetos bags.

She turned a corner and stopped dead. Standing outside the apothecary amidst a cloud of smoke and green dust was Rhiannon and her hangers-on. She tried to sneak quietly back but the bottle blonde caught sight of her.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the worst witch, Looney Luna, Silly Selene." Rhiannon sneered at her, blowing smoke through her nose like a stupid looking dragon.

Rhiannon's best friend Amanda picked up the attitude with ease. "Who conjured those clothes up for you? Professor Whitebloom feeling sorry for you?"

Selene took a deep breath and turned around, determined to ignore them.

"Wonder what she does for Whitebloom anyways," Rhiannon's boyfriend, of the moment, Kurt said snidely. The sounds he made were obscene and sexual and Selene felt her face burn. She sped up but so did they.

"Careful guys, she might heal some weeds and throw them at us!" Amanda's boyfriend Justin said with a laugh.

"She can't even levitate," Rhiannon said and Selene's purse slipped off her shoulder and began to float. Selene was forced to stop or lose it, and followed it, turning around.

Behind the four taunting were the other members of Rhiannon's click; Hugh and Lauren. Lauren was quiet, a wallflower, and she was blushing about as much as Selene. Hugh always looked like a marble statue; seeing everything but participating in none of it.

"Stop it, Rhiannon," Selene said.

"Ooooohhh!" The four chorused. Her purse flew straight up into the sky, out of sight.

As Selene's eyes followed it she noticed the storm clouds gathering, and wondered if what Soren had said was true. Was she calling them?

Lightning arced cloud to cloud and the thunderclap made Lauren jump and squeak. "All right, who called the storm?" Rhiannon said impatiently. "Hugh, I'm looking at you. If you get rain on my new suede jacket I'm gonna kill you."

A fat drop of rain hit Rhiannon's jacket and she threw her hands to the sky, determined to push the clouds away.

Selene sucked in her breath and called to the sky, felt the clouds within herself. The scent of jasmine rose and the clouds roiled larger, closer, the wind howling. "Give me my purse back," Selene said in a low voice.

"Kurt?" Rhiannon whined.

Laughing the level eight witch drew back his fist and punched it into the air towards her. The green shot of power came too fast and Selene couldn't duck in time. It hit her in the shoulder and she flew back, landing on her butt on the sidewalk. Her bones ached with it and she tasted his power like caramel on her tongue.

Shaken and dizzy, out of breath, Selene gasped while they just laughed. She felt wetness on her upper lip and touched it, her fingers coming back with blood.

Selene struggled to her feet as Amanda powered up the same way, the other witch a level nine, and Selene knew this hit could break bones. She called on her rage and felt the jasmine power tingle up. She threw out both hands and her power was like a shield. It hit the group and knocked them all back, flying several feet, landing in a heap.

Selene gasped at what she'd done. She was a healer, sworn never to hurt, and the witches before her were struggling to sit up, covered in cuts and bruises. She reached out her hand to heal them when Hugh rose up and drew back his hand.

He was a level ten and she knew in that moment he was going to kill her.

Suddenly Soren was there and she felt his magic scream into the air. All the other witches disappeared and he whipped around, gathering her in his arms.

"Are you all right?"

Shaken beyond measure Selene fell into his arms and began to sob. He pulled her close until she felt protected. "He was going to kill me!" she cried out.

She felt his magic rise again and then her purse landed gently on the ground beside them. "Selene, the level ten will be dealt with. I will report him and the others who attacked you."

When she opened her eyes they were back in her apartment, in her bedroom. Soren laid her on the bed and let her cry until his shirt was soaked. She ached for everything, for her parents, for her life, for what had just happened, for the fear she felt with Soren now, the worry that she was trapping him, endangering him.

When her tears dried he used magic to clean them both and kissed the top of her head. "Selene, I can sense so much has happened, but thanks to...Professor Whitebloom I have not been linked to your exact thoughts. Are you ready to tell me what was said to you last night and this morning?"

She didn't want to think about it anymore. "It's nothing, well, nothing we didn't discover already. I am a more powerful witch, apparently."

He nodded as if expecting that. "You have a lot of training to catch up on."

"And what if I don't want to train?"

He cupped her cheek and drew her face close to his. "Selene...you must. Trust me on that."

"But I'm a white witch, a healer, an herbalist. I can't turn my back on that!"

"No one says you have to, but you have to learn how to protect yourself from attack and control your power. You're a level ten and if you'd tapped your full power when you blasted those...Neanderthals, you would have killed them all."

She shuddered at that. "And how am I supposed to learn? Enroll in primary school again, train with teenagers?"

"Selene, you are my wife. You have access to a level ten dark witch and everything at my disposal. Just come with me to the city, to my home, and let me show you."

"No, no I can't. Soren, you tricked me. I didn't want to marry you."

His face looked stricken and he let her go, watching her as she pulled back. "We've felt each other for years, shared so much. How can you so easily deny us, deny me?"

She felt him then, in her heart and her head. All the women he'd had, all the adventures he'd known, and the great Soren Nightraven had never felt he belonged anywhere.

Selene was torn. The urge to heal his wounds was strong, but the need to heal hers was more imperative. And what would he think if he knew she was the daughter of his sworn enemy? Would he want her then?

"Soren, the next time I go into the city it will be for an annulment."

His face shuttered closed. "You have two weeks of vacation. I will take the same. Give me this time, Selene."

"I won't change my mind."

"I won't ask you to. I only want you to see who I am, I want to know who you are. I want to help you learn to use your power. Two weeks, Selene, that's all I ask of you, my soul mate."

Torn she bit her lip. "I don't know."

"Then let me convince you."


His power was incredible. Unlike the Americans who surrounded them, their society was very much a caste system, and Selene had spent precious little time in the company of a level ten.

When he showed her tricks his beautiful face turned into that of a pleased little boy, and she found it hard to resist him. He conjured up a startled bunny rabbit and she laughed as it nuzzled her.

"It's hungry, can you conjure up a carrot?"

He smiled and with the barest hint of his power produced a carrot. She fed the bunny, petting it, sitting cross-legged on her bed. Soren, leaning against the doorway, closed his eyes and moaned low in his throat. At the purr she looked up. "What?"

His sea colored eyes opened slowly. "Even dark witches are bound by laws. I can't conjure up an actual creature, that is the power of the goddess and is forbidden. This rabbit is merely an illusion, my power. When you stroke it I feel it."

He still intimidated her, but with that little-boy look on his face she felt bold, and slowly stroked the bunny. She moved her fingertips over it, the soft fur moving gently against her sensitive fingers, and beneath it she sensed the magic.

A shiver rolled down him and she decided to show him a trick of her own. "Wait here," she said and hopped down, breezing past him for the kitchen. Quickly she opened jars of rosemary and yarrow, bound them with dragon's blood, and created a small paste. Spreading the mixture on her lips she checked her reflection in a pot and saw it looked like lipstick. She took the opportunity to straighten her hair, and turned to find the bunny had followed her.

"Naughty boy, not spying, are you?" she cooed and scooped him up.

Carrying him back she found Soren on her bed, smiling. Returning the grin she bent down and kissed him. It was meant to be a chaste kiss but he grabbed her head and took it deeper.

The bunny wriggled from between them as his tongue traced her lips and Selene gasped. The mixture would intensify sensation, but she'd meant it more for him. Still the feel of his lips, the scent of him was overwhelming and she found herself sprawled across his lap.

"What is that?" he pulled away, licking his own now-red lips. "It tastes...sweet and spicy, like you."

She pulled off him and found the bunny, watching them curiously. Pulling it into her lap once more she began to stroke its fur, massage the muscles beneath. Soren cried out, and she watched the pleasure flow over him.

"What was that?"

"A spell, one our ancients knew and humans still use today. It can have many purposes but this one, well..."

She discovered a spot below one ear the bunny liked and Soren too. She scratched and his breath came out in short pants, his fingers twisting her sheets. Gearing up for a long session of teasing Selene moved her fingers down towards the bunny's belly, and it wriggled free.

As she watched, astounded, it hopped furiously towards Soren, the last hop was a collision course. She gasped it the bunny became translucent and disappeared into his chest. "How..."

He smiled a siren's smile. "A spell, one every level ten knows."

The pathway between them opened, and it was a floodgate. She gasped anew as she felt his feelings, the intense passion, the yearning, the pleasure of her touch. She felt the aching hardness of him, the desire for the yielding softness inside her, and she grew wet with anticipation.


His magic washed over her and when she opened her eyes she was naked, beneath him. "Witch," he growled, and she almost smiled at the human insult. He pinned her wrists down, and driven by pure need parted her legs and slammed inside.

Alone she wasn't ready but his pleasure echoed through her, by his magic and his growl, and she felt the need blossom. She wanted, needed more, but he didn't move.

"Please," she whimpered, only to be met by a chuckle. "You're not the only one who can tease." He nipped behind her ear and she arched against him.

His cock was hard, buried deep, but she needed to feel him move. She wanted, desperately, to feel him fuck her hard, but she was too shy to find the words.

"I know what you need, Selene, better than you do," he whispered, and transferred her wrists to one of his hands. His free hand moved gently down to a breast, and in the middle of her sigh he captured a nipple and pinched it hard.

Her cry was a broken plea, and with the shock of her pleasure rolling inside him, Soren could resist no more. His taut body moved back and he slammed inside, filling her, sliding easily, bumping into her cervix.

She fought him without thinking, her body hungry and desperate, bucking as their pleasure filled one another. Her dazed mind was caught in a whorl, she knew his was, and they fought against each other, desperate for fulfillment. It happened to fast, she thought, and the peak crashed over them, resonating in deep waves of pleasure. When it came, she cried out hoarsely, and when Soren grunted, the floor began to shake.

His power lashed out around them, and when her body slowed to mere rapid pulses, she saw a pearlescent shield around them.

"What is that?"

He smiled, and leaned down to kiss her. It was searing, complete, and she felt his mind open wider between them, felt his pleasure and a sense of pride at once inherently male and yet almost strangely paternal.


"Selene, we awoke your full power."

As he pulled back, softening inside of her, she leaned up on her elbows. "What are you talking about?"

"Honey," he laughed, "you made the earth move."

She blushed and fell back against the pillows, blushing and groaning with her eyes closed.

He kissed her nose and pulled out, rolling off her. She sat up, rubbing her wrists where he'd left small bruises, and with the more familiar side of her power she healed the marks and cleaned them. "I'm not a level ten, am I?"


"You most certainly are," a new voice said, and a threatening scent of jojoba filled the room.

"Get down!" Soren ordered as the room filled with dark smoke. She felt a blast of his pure power whip past her, and Selene screamed.

She heard his cry of pain, and then the world went black.

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