tagNonHumanDarkness Calling Ch. 08

Darkness Calling Ch. 08


She was back in the mist, but this time her eyes saw the outlines of stones, doorways, and realized she was in a great hall. "Is this a dream?" she wondered aloud.

"Selene," a deep voice said from a keyhole doorway.

She turned and saw her father. Gone were the purple priestly robes, instead his broad shoulders stretched an old white shirt, his legs encased in ancient jeans. He looked like just a haggard man.

"Yes, it is a dream. The only way I could reach you. I felt your heartache. Child, tell me what has rendered you so?"

He spoke oddly but she knew he was old. He was old, he was powerful, and he was reclusive. That's all anyone knew about Bram Darkwind though rumors ran wild and free.

"It shouldn't concern you," Selene sniffled. She was sick of crying, sick of being helpless.

"Fa- Bram, there are things I need to know."

"Such as?"

"I've been told you kept a- a harem of women, that my mother was one of many."

He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, a move she had made herself thousands of times. "Why don't you come into my study?"

She followed him in, the mists followed but stayed low. His study was small and dark housing a desk, two chairs, and several shelves. Every surface that would support it sported books.

He removed a few stacks and pulled out a chair for her.

"Thank you." Selene sat with her hands folded, staring. A bird perched inside a golden cage suspended from one corner, a yellow napped Amazon watching her with a wide eye.

Bram sat down and watched her with what appeared to be genuine fatherly concern. "A harem, of course they would say that. You were conceived at a time when in this country humans were having many problems with what they called cults.

"I had begun to grow disillusioned with the Dark Religion. These lines between light and dark were drawn in a time long before any witch alive existed, save myself. I argued against some of the prophecies and was told I was a fool. Now I am the last of them.

"I called forth a mix of white and dark witches. I wanted the most powerful but the nines and tens were difficult. At the time there were many female witches at those levels who did not work outside the home, married to men who did. So when the call went out, that is who came."

"My mother was one?"

He smiled, a light in his eyes softening them from pure black to something almost luminescent. "Your mother was the one. When she entered the room it was as if everything fell away. I never understood what people said when they spoke of it, I had lived far too long alone. She was sweet, she was smart, she was determined to build a new religion with me.

"Our work was designed to eliminate the lines, the barriers between light and dark, male and female. It was progressive, dangerous work. Many left the program, many stayed. There were people who didn't want our work to progress, people who wanted to shut us down.

"I abandoned it when your mother disappeared. I forbade the teachings in the church when those who had answered the call were slain."

"Why have I been told you've started again?"

He smoothed his dark hair back. "I had a vision, a vision the time was upon us. I put out the call once more and have gathered those who responded."

"'The Time'?"

He nodded. "Selene, I had a vision my child would be returned to me."

She felt a chill. "What have I got to do with anything?"

"They laughed at me. It's rare one finds their soul mate with a different alignment, and those who do always have one partner who converts. Their offspring are born of the conversion. In the old texts this was deemed natural and true, the basis of separation, the basis of our bizarre yin and yang. You my dear are the key to the future."


"It is growing late and I am weary. Your soul mate is...a most insistent man. I must leave your dreams now but I wish- I wish to-"

"Yes?" she asked nervously.

"I wish to hug you."

Stiffly she stood as did he and met him halfway. He held her tight and a strange sense of belonging washed over her, a feeling weaker than what she shared with Soren, yet more alluring.

"I'm sorry about before. I've lost so much time with you, Selene, so much time. And now that I've found you, you are married to the one man who hates me more than anyone. I was desperate and I'm sorry."

"It's all right," she pulled back and smiled, "dad."

The dream swirled, her father's voice mixing with another, until Selene jerked awake. Worry made Soren's eyes glow bright, the only light in the room, and he was staring intently at her.

"Darkwind was in your dreams, he was keeping me out."

"What?" She yawned. "No."

"Selene, you are not to talk to that man, he's dangerous, very dangerous. Now tell me, was he in your dreams?"

She shook her head, lying.

"Don't lie to me, Selene."

She needed to distract him and her mind, to escape this line of questioning. So she did the only thing she could.

Sifting through her memories she thought of the fantasy Soren had projected time and again and she played it out, with herself in the starring role.

"Goddess," he said and she knew he was lost.


There were no more thoughts of secrets or the past, there was only dark anticipation in Selene's veins.

Soren had dreamt of this, she had seen it hundreds of times. She could feel in his mind the excited rush of his blood, the yearning of his body, and fear and disbelief of the reality.

She herself was trembling. Letting him bind her hands behind her back had been hard, but the blindfold had nearly been impossible. She felt vulnerable, acutely aware of her naked body, the large room, and the greater strength of him as he guided her onto the plush carpet.

Sinking down to her knees she wished she could see his nude body. Thinking of it made a soft moan escape her lips. She could feel Soren's excitement but he didn't move for a long breathless moment. Then she felt his fingertips on her scalp, moving through her hair.

It was so soothing that she relaxed, curved into the touch, moaned softly.

And then she felt his cock on her lips.

Selene had been expecting it, but she didn't expect to be so aroused. All the times she'd seen the fantasy, she had never known why it turned her on but now she did; Selene wanted to submit to him.

He tasted like salt and heat, the very essence of his magic was there too like cinnamon. He slid in along her tongue. She expected him to stop but he kept going and she had to suppress a brief flare of panic as he filled her.

She wanted him to pull out, she needed to breathe, but Selene reminded herself that this was his fantasy, this was for Soren.

He pulled out then and she gasped on the sudden rush of cool air, only to feel him return.

"Lick me," he said low in his throat and grabbed her head. She felt her hair wind around a fist and did as he asked.

The head of his cock was bulbous, the skin soft on her tongue like velvet wrapped around steel. He tasted like cinnamon and the ocean, a salty tang with spice. Without her eyes and hands free all she could do was taste.

She swirled her tongue around and tried to suck in more of his cock but all he gave her was the head. She growled and was rewarded with a pinched nipple. Selene scraped her teeth over his sensitive skin and heard a sharp intake of breath above him.

She consoled him by flicking her tongue back and forth across the underside, feeling him swell against her lips. Above her his breaths were shallow and fast, the grip he had on her head tightened.

She moaned, losing herself to the pathway between them, the feel of his pleasure, the taste of his skin. She held his pleasure on her tongue and she had never felt so powerful, so helpless, so enthralled and desperate for more.

"Selene!" he cried and slid in, his need cascading over her. His hips slammed back and forth and she greedily swallowed his cock. Her hands strained at her ties, desperate to feel his thighs, to grip his butt as he moved, to feel the leashed power of Soren, but she was his captive.

He pushed harder and deeper than she'd ever gone and she struggled to keep up. In the end there was little she could do but suck as he moved, and quickly his body tightened, his grip almost painful.

"Se-LENE!" he shouted and she moaned. The orgasm shook his entire body and his hot cum shot down her throat. Mindful of her, somehow, in the midst of his pleasure he pulled back. She swallowed without choking, his salty essence mixing with his magic leaving the taste of magic on her lips.

They remained frozen, panting, their minds nervously racing, wondering about the other one.

She felt his love then; true deep love washed over her. Selene pulled back and licked her lips, not sure what to do. She was too scared to love him, too scared to let any part of her into someone else. All her life she'd been alone, and she'd been safest and happiest that way. Now two men seemed to love her, but they hated each other.

"Selene," Soren said, and fell to his knees in front of her. The blindfold came off first and then he leaned to untie her hands. When they were loose he wrapped his arms around her and held tight.

She felt her soul and her body lock up, and his mind went blank. Soren picked her up in his arms and carried Selene to the bed, settling her in the soft pillows. Slipping in behind her he kept the sheets off and sent a small spell to cool their sweaty bodies.

"Selene, don't say anything. Please, listen to me."

She managed to nod, and he kissed the back of her neck. For a moment, nothing had ever felt so good.

"I'm the loneliest man."


"No, it's true. Work, that's all it's ever been for me. My father was born a white witch, that's where my coloring comes from. He knew the moment he met my mother she was his soul mate, but at first she rejected him. He took her by force, not rape, but without asking. I realize that's what I've done with you, and I don't want to end up like them.

"My mother and my father don't really love each other. They're partners in business, that's about it, and they tolerate each other. My father has worked hard to rise up in the world, and when my brother was born, my father made sure he would rise up as well.

"My sister and I were leftovers, inconveniences, spares. My brother was raised at home but as soon as my sister and I could walk, we were sent away. I'm not much older than you, but just enough to know things between dark and light are better now than ever before, but still not good. Before my power showed...you've seen. It was like that every day.

"I used to phone my mother and father and beg to come home. My father would just hang up, wouldn't even say a word. My mother told me to hurt them, get stronger, take revenge.

"I tried to please her. Like a human I worked out, I tried to get stronger. I aligned myself to the stronger witches, Jonathon was one, and I worked hard. Revenge consumed me, it drove me. I thought for the longest time that my mother would love me if I was more like her, like my father. I idolized my brother, he was perfect, according to them.

"I saw him and my sister maybe two weeks a year, and I treasured those times. My brother was flattered by my attention, but underneath it he loved me. My sister was open, giving, sweet, but she was beautiful and popular, had her own life.

"When my brother was killed...I thought a part of me had died. I called home, no one would say anything other than I was to come home at once. I refused, having shown my power my schoolmates feared me. They feared me, and I liked it.

"My parents buried my brother before my sister and I could come home. Then we had no one but each other, at first, until life pulled us apart. I learned how he'd been killed from a stranger, that he'd been dueling. It wasn't in his nature to duel, not to the death, but he and the other boy had spoken oaths. When he was killed there was no legal repercussion.

"I wanted to kill him, I wanted to avenge my brother's death, I told my mother. She called my father who came to see me, and told me I wasn't strong enough. Before that time, I'd wanted to be a teacher. I wanted nothing more, but he made me change to studying politics. He told me to get stronger, and when the time came, he'd help me get vengeance.

"I thought I could make him love me, I thought if I did exactly as he said it would work. I went to the college he wanted, I went into the work he wanted, I dated the women he wanted. And the time never seemed to come, it was always 'Later Soren, later' and nothing more.

"When I was twenty three I summoned my brother's killer for the duel. My father lost his mind, and let me feel the full weight of his power. It was staggering. I fought back but I couldn't beat him with magic, I hit him with my fist. I hit, and hit, and hit, and my mother found us. She knocked me out with a spell, and when I woke told me I was no longer welcome in their house except by invitation. My father told me not to come back until I proved I was a true man.

"I left, I went to London, and I was the one that found Brandon Long dead. Suicide. Suicide! I'd changed the course of my life for two people who didn't love me, for revenge I'd never have, living my life to kill a man who couldn't forgive himself any more than I could forgive him.

"That night my soul split, and I thought I might die. I thought about ending it, escaping. And then I felt a girl, a woman in my head. I felt her light, her sorrow, and the weight of it was ten times what I knew."

Selene felt her eyes burn, her throat tighten, remembering that night. She too had thought of ending it all, had thought in desperation that she belonged in no world, with no one. Then she had felt him, an enveloping presence, and all such thoughts had flown.

"I knew she hadn't laughed in years, she had no friends, she didn't know anything about her purpose in life. I knew she needed someone to help her amongst the humans, and so I thought of the best humans I knew. I stayed with her until I knew she was safe, I forgot about myself and watched over her, unable to see just where she was or who."

Tears fell now and Selene forced herself to be quiet, listening to his smooth, deep voice as he told his tragic tale.

"From that moment I lived for her. I knew she was my soul mate, and I lived for her. I took a much more public role than my job demanded so I could let her see me. I found as many women as I could to see if she was the one. I let her see inside my heart, inside my mind, inside my soul.

"And when I found you I swore I'd never let you go. I've seen inside you as well, Selene, and I know without each other we have nothing in this life. Together we can achieve whatever we want, have whatever we need.

"Selene you are my mirror in so many things. Do you see? I always feared I was weak and worked to become the strongest I could. You always feared you had no knowledge and so you've studied more than any other witch in history. We've been running from our demons for so long, we don't have to run any more.

"Deep in your heart you know this, you know what I feel for you, and still you want to leave. You want to be alone, you want to end our marriage. Selene, I understand you, why can't you understand me?"

He turned from her then and she'd never felt so cold in life. She felt hollow and aching and wounded, cut off from him as the connection narrowed between their minds.

Without a word she slipped from the bed, grabbed a pillow, and laid down on the couch. There were so many things to fix she didn't know where to start, but in the end she knew she'd have to fix what lay between her and Soren.

She'd just have to figure out how to earn a second chance and never let him discover that she'd granted one to her father, her husband's enemy.

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