Darkness Calling Ch. 09


Selene returned his hug and felt a deep truth in his words. "Dad, I have so many questions."

"Shh, I know what they are, and it breaks my heart, but it is not my story to tell, not the journey I will guide you on. Come and tell me what you know of human magic, of plants and nature, and I will share my secrets of the ancients."


Soren opened his eyes to the dark, and immediately the blue-green of his power bounced around. A small spell returned the room to moonlight, and he looked down at Selene still curled in his arms.

It amazed him how short a time they'd known each other, but then again, they'd shared minds for years. She was so brave, strong, and giving, that her physical beauty, well immense, was secondary.

He traced the curve of her cheek and she shifted and moaned. He probed her thoughts but felt the wall there. She thought he didn't know, but he recognized the taste of Bram Darkwind's magic.

His muscles tightened in the instinctive need to fight his ancient enemy, even with that mans daughter in his arms. Still he rebelled against his father's teachings, and thought of what Selene had taught him the first night their minds touched; that love was more powerful than any other force.

A simple spell cleansed their breath and he kissed her, pouring all he felt into that kiss, and hoping she, like Princess Aurora, would awaken to love.

Selene felt the tug and the dream faded to her father's groan of disappointment. She awoke bathed in the heat of Soren's skin, the taste of his kiss, the feel of his magic calling to hers.

Her hands slid into his cool hair and she pulled him close, eager for the tentative hold between them, the reaffirmation of life and love.

His hands stroked across her shoulders, one down to cup a breast. When he plucked the nipple with a rough thumb she arched into it and moaned his name. Feeling bold her own hands sought to cup the firm muscle of his ass and wrap around his cock.

"Selene," he growled, "don't rush tonight."

"Don't make me," she whispered against his lips.

But with a smile, he did, and Soren could only hope that whatever seeds Bram was planting in his wife's mind wouldn't take root. Worse, in the deepest corner of his soul, Soren prayed they would.

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